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Grand 40K Sticky

Post by Ghost Rider » 2008-06-02 09:23am

Connor's Analysis:

Execution Hour

Shadow point

Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor

Fifteen hours

Caves of Ice bombardment calc (revised)

Ciaphas Cain CAves of Ice

Lasgun analysis

Gaunt's Ghosts, first and only

Horrid power of the las-pistol


Necromunda: Outlander

Necromunda: Salvation

Munitorum manual: online content

Infantryman's upliftign primer


Cyrene crust melting

Necromunda: Back from the dead

Storm of Iron

Fleet numbers thread

Munitorum manual

Bolter firepower

Misc numbers thread

Last chancers 13th legion

exterminatus analysis

Rogue Trader 1: Rogue Star

Rogue Trader 2: Star of Damocles

Last Chancers: Kill Team

3rd/4th edition analysis thread

Necromunda Junktion

Draco: Inquisition War 1 analysis

What YOU want covered in 40K analysis - Special thread

Space Marine Novel analysis thread

Short story involving blood ravens

40K spinoff analysis thread

Inquisition War: Harlequin analysis


Cobra destroyer in Trek

Tau good guys?

Tyranid power supply

Empire vs 40K.. again

Vong vs 40K

40K crunched numbers via heavy gear

IoM vs Asimov (again)

40K canon

IoM vs GE - big thread

Manticore vs Tau

GE vs IOM Mk 2

40K vs Empire questions

Empire in Warhammer 40K

40K vs asimov galactic empire

Eldar vs Clones

Sensei/Starchild theory

Stagnation in 40K


40K ship questions

40K Imperium military Q's

Tyranids vs Exterminatus

40K relative strengths

40K weapons numbers

Calcing the Leman Russ

40K speeds (Necronlord)

Old Imperial Armour 1-3 analysis

40K 1st/2nd edition analysis

Epic 40K analysis thread

40K 3rd/4th edition analysis

Necropolis analysis thread


Geneseed removal

40K psykers

a few WH40K questions

scouts and black carapace

Significance of geneseed

Great Crusade military organization

40K officio assasinorum information

40K 5th edition fluff

40K vampire/Zombie/Ghost analogs

Chaos corruption and its limits

TedC's BFG analysis idea

40K Drop pods

What if Leman Russ Returns

Obscenely huge 40K warship discussion (again)

40K space marine question

Q on 40K technological disparities

40K commissars

Killing a C'tan

yet another GE vs IoM thread, minus Chaos

Skynet on Imperial Earth

Melee in 40K

GE vs Orks

13th Black Crusade hypothetical

Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons

Size of 40K ships

How bad off are the Eldar

Chaos and machinery

orbital bombardment in 40K

Cadia in Stargate

Feral ork Question

Tau Logistics

Eldar guardian backpack knobs

Minor 40K ship query

Tau and commandeered Imperial warships

Chaos allegiance

Vraks earthshaker discussion

SW vs IoM in ST galaxy

IoM vs NR

5th Edition Space Marines

40K planetary/theater shields

hard sci fi inspired 40K idea

strange new sector

strange 40K crossover/force sub - don't ask me

Catachan Barking toads

40K ranks

40K coming Millenium

Dark Disciple (with discussion about Tech stagnation/lack thereof

tau technology

Tau in OR SW galaxy

Space Marine weapons question

SW vs 40K on another forum

Predator vs Leman Russ comparison

A few 40K related questions

40K power armour Question

Some (more) questions on 40K

SW force vs 40K Warp from Storytelling POV

Siege of Vraks earthshaker stats

Thanatos vs JMS debate

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