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On Feb 27th, Starglider was reported for transphobia. The commentary in question is shown below.

A PM was sent to Starglider, and copied to Dalton, asking Starglider to contact one of us to discuss this matter.
Starglider received the PM, but never responded.
As of March 10th, Starglider has been banned

Subject: New law will fine stores for separating toys by gender
Starglider wrote: ↑Sat Feb 27, 2021 5:39 am
Better ban 'Gi..rl toys' and 'bo..y toys' from autocompleting on Amazon.

Seriously this reminds me of a couple of times recently that lib arts departments tried to ban pronouns and have everyone called 'they/them'. The trans lobby objected furiously, because then how were you supposed to know who is trans and who isn't. Mermaids et al claim that one of the key identifiers of 'trans kids' is 'playing with toys for the other gender' (absolute silence from the libleft on that one). How on earth will they know who to inject with puberty blockers if everything is genderless? (The answer, of course, is to inject everyone, just to be safe)
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