Trying to eat better, but...

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Trying to eat better, but...

Post by SolarpunkFan » 2017-05-28 10:13am

I have a really bad sweet tooth, so I keep derailing myself every time I try to eat better.

So I figure that I have only one option left: get rid of all of the junk food in the house for 7-10 days.

But there's a problem with that: my dad is kind of big on keeping food around (because he "came from a big family and food was a gift", let it go, you last lived with them 30+ years ago!). So I need to convince him to toss what's here.

What should I do?
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Re: Trying to eat better, but...

Post by General Zod » 2017-05-28 01:45pm

Time to get your own place.
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