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Tables of Contents

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As was requested, I will assemble some tables of contents for the stories in here to remove the ridiculous amount of scrolling or searching otherwise. The format is a work in progress and will probably be altered frequently as better methods come up.

The links below will take you to the chapter listings.

Current chapterized list:
The Salvation War: Pantheocide - REMOVED
The Land of the Falling Wall
You Know My Name: A Tale of Gotham Nights
Hull no. 721 - a fanfic
Stargate: 1939
Thousand Shinji
The Open Door
[TGG] The Last Woman Standing
The Rift, Parts One and Two
The Rift, Parts Three through Five
Scars of Mustafar
[TGG] Frozen Phoenix/Jade Throne
Terran Empire: Reap the Whirlwind
Terran Empire: Unity
Star Trek: Timelines "The Widening Gyre"
Star Trek: Timelines "Conflicts"
Manifest Destiny
How Stravo Got His Groove Back
The Twilight War
Among the Naked Stars
[TGG] A War Like No Other: The Thundering of Guns
[TGG] The Decision
[TGG] The Sundered Dream

Rebirth - Free Federation
To Betray a Traitor
[TGG] The Wrath of Paradise
[TGG] The Devil to Pay
[TGG] One Small Step for Man...
[TGG] When Two Worlds Collide
Don't Wake Me When I'm Quiet
[TGG] The Cardinal Files: An Inside Job
[TGG] Anatomy of a War (5th Anniversary Edition)
All the little lost boys and girls
Aeon Natum Engel
Aeon Entelechy Evangelion
Proof Through the Night

Some stories have their own listings or tables of contents. They are listed below.

Unity (full series, outside link)
De Imperatoribus Galacticis

In addition Unnamed Porno Fanfic will not be chapterized. It would go against the spirit of the story. That, and I wouldn't know which posts to link to and which not to, or how or why. Also it's really long.

I will continue to run away screaming instead of chapterizing 55 Days in Kalunda.
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Re: Tables of Contents

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The Salvation War: Pantheocide

Removed. See Announcement.
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Re: Tables of Contents

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Re: Tables of Contents

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The Open Door

Prologue: The Open Door
Chapter One: Rematch
Chapter Two: Diplomacy
Chapter Three: Introductions
Chapter Four: Games
Chapter Five: Launch
Chapter Six: Visitations
Chapter Seven: First Contact
Chapter Eight: Turnabout
Chapter Nine: Temptation

Chapter Ten: Raid
Chapter Eleven: Unexpected
Chapter Twelve: Toil
Chapter Thirteen: Transplant
Chapter Fourteen: Throw Down
Chapter Fifteen: Aftermath
Chapter Sixteen: Further Aftermath
Chapter Seventeen: Kids
Chapter Eighteen: Conference
Chapter Nineteen: First Convergence

Chapter Twenty: Brawl
Chapter Twenty-One: Meanwhile
Chapter Twenty-Two: In Medias Res
Chapter Twenty-three: Lost
Chapter Twenty-four: Corruption
Chapter Twenty-five: Irritation
Chapter Twenty-six: Guest
Chapter Twenty-seven: New Syracuse
Chapter Twenty-eight: Damocles
Chapter Twenty-nine: Briar Patch

Chapter Thirty: Interrogation
Chapter Thirty-one: Heroics
Chapter Thirty-two: Dilemma
Chapter Thirty-three: Consolidation
Chapter Thirty-four: Pre-trial
Chapter Thirty-five: Ignorance
Chapter Thirty-six: Darkness
Chapter Thirty-seven: Capture
Chapter Thirty-eight: Menzoberranzan
Chapter Thirty-nine: Politics

Chapter Forty: Use of Weapons
Chapter Forty-one: Hawks and Flies
Chapter Forty-two: Brewing Trouble
Chapter Forty-three: Calm before the Storm
Chapter Forty-four: Siege
Chapter Forty-five: Departure and Arrival
Chapter Forty-six: Training
Chapter Forty-seven: Graduation
Chapter Forty-eight: In Concert
Chapter Forty-nine: Cornered

Chapter Fifty: Negotiations
Chapter Fifty-one: Truth and Machinations
Chapter Fifty-two: Visions of the Future
Chapter Fifty-three: A day beyond the open door
Chapter Fifty-four: Mask Dance
Chapter Fifty-five: Homecoming
Chapter Fifty-six: Strange Lessons
Chapter Fifty-seven: Learning to Foxtrot
Chapter Fifty-eight: Finding Charlie
Chapter Fifty-nine: Whiskey and Tango

Chapter Sixty: Foxtrot Uniforms, Bravo Alpha Romeo!
Chapter Sixty-one: Blackstone Waltz
Chapter Sixty-two: Dancing the Charlie Foxtrot
Chapter Sixty-three: Sierra November
Chapter Sixty-four: Schooled
Chapter Sixty-five: School
Chapter Sixty-six: Lesson
Chapter Sixty-seven: Self Study
Chapter Sixty-eight: Parallel Plans
Chapter Sixty-nine: Innocence Proves Nothing

Chapter Seventy: Tall Tales
Chapter Seventy-one: Ghosts
Chapter Seventy-two: Land of the Dead
Chapter Seventy-three: A New Realm

Currently incomplete, to be continued...maybe.
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Re: Tables of Contents

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Reap the Whirlwind

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
[End of story posted here. There was a link going to the rest of the story but it no longer works.]
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Re: Tables of Contents

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Terran Empire: Unity

Terran Empire Technology

Prologue – And Then There Was One…
Chapter Two – Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Chapter Three – The Valley Forge
Chapter Four – By the Prickling of my Thumbs…
Chapter Five – Phase Two
Chapter Six – Ambush
Chapter Seven – A Righteous Fire
Chapter Eight – Justice
Chapter Nine – Reunions

Chapter Ten – The Sleeping Dragon
Chapter Eleven – Volley and Thunder
[Chapter 12?]
Chapter Thirteen – Starbase 2000
Chapter Fourteen – Why You Don’t Mess With a Fury
Chapter Fifteen – Downtime
Chapter Sixteen – Consolidation
Chapter Seventeen – The Tip of The Lance
Chapter 18 – Lightning War
Chapter 19 – Weighed in the Balance…

Chapter 20 – Weighed in the Balance…
Chapter 21 – When the Bow Breaks
Chapter 22 – Recon In Force
Chapter 23 – Battle Lines
Chapter 24 – Safe Harbor
Chapter 25 – Thunderhead
Chapter 26: The Emissary Rises (Guest Chapter)
Chapter 26 Continued
Chapter 27 – Small Victories
Chapter 28 – Assassin
Chapter 29 – Assassin

Chapter 30 – Assassin
Chapter 31 - The Battle of Bajor
Chapter 32 – Assassin
Chapter 33 - Into the Valley of Death
Chapter 34 – Eye of the Storm
Chapter 35 - Extra Innings
Chapter 36 – In Death Ground
Chapter 37 – In Death Ground
Chapter 38 – In Death Ground
Chapter 39 – In Death Ground
Chapter 40 – In Death Ground
Chapter 41 – Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 42 – Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 43 – Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 44 – For the Honor of the Uniform
Chapter 45 – Battle on the Banks of the Lethe
Chapter 46 – Battle on the Banks of the Lethe
Chapter 47 – Hail the Conquering Hero
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Re: Tables of Contents

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Chapter 1: The Opening Gambit
Chapter 2: Strange Meetings
Chapter 3: By the Numbers
Chapter 4: Shadow Play
Chapter 5: Applications of Force
Chapter 6: The Best Laid Plans
Chapter 7: Message in a Bottle
Chapter 8: Command Decisions
Chapter 9: Vulcan’s Forge

Chapter 10: Fist of the Empire
Chapter 11: Terrible Swift Sword
Chapter 12: The Summons
Chapter 13: Revelations in the void
Chapter 14: A Pretty Lie
Chapter 15: Perchance to Dream
Chapter 16: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 17: Battle of Sector 001 Pt. 1
Chapter 18: Battle of Sector 001 pt. 2
Chapter 19: Escape and Confrontations

Chapter 20: Desolation
Chapter 21: Interludes
Chapter 22: Closing the Ranks
Chapter 23: Plans within plans
Chapter 24: Where Angels Fear Tread Part 1
Chapter 25: Where Angels Fear Tread part 2
Chapter 26: Interlude II
Chapter 27: Wounds
Chapter 28: Ghosts
Chapter 29: Marshalling Forces

Chapter 30: Operation Hermes
Chapter 31: Sleeping Giants
Chapter 32: Phoenix Rising
Chapter 33: Gods of War part 1
Chapter 34: Gods of War part. II
Chapter 35: Gods of War III
Chapter 36: Sound and the Fury
Chapter 37: Unholy Alliance
Chapter 38: To the Proud the Strong
Chapter 39: To the Coward the Weak

Chapter 40: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 1
Chapter 41: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Part 2
Chapter 42: Shadow Agendas
Chapter 43: Cloak and Dagger
Chapter 44: Walking Wounded
Chapter 45: Raw Deal
Chapter 46: Flight of Shadows
Chapter 47: Knife Fight
Chapter 48: Hard Choices
Chapter 49: Solitudes Part 1

Chapter 50: Confrontations
Chapter 51: Hunters and Hunted
Chapter 52: Distractions and misdirection
Chapter 53: Masks
Chapter 54: Ruminations
Chapter 55: Solitudes Pt 2
Chapter 56: Bounties of Light and Dark
Chapter 57: Damnation’s Defiance
Chapter 58: End Run
Chapter 59: A Murder of Crows

Chapter 60: Dreams of Light and Shadow
Chapter 61: The Abyss
Chapter 62: Moving into position
Chapter 63: Darkstar
Chapter 64: Gilded Cage
Chapter 65: A Book by its Cover
Chapter 66: We who are about to die
Chapter 67: A Fool’s Hope
Chapter 68: Reap the Whirlwind part 1
Chapter 69: Reaping the Whirlwind part II

Chapter 70: Unexpected Departures
Chapter 71: Reaping the Whirlwind Part III
Chapter 72: Reaping the Whirlwind IV
Chapter 73: Reaping the Whirlwind IV
Chapter 74: Brief Interludes
Chapter 75: Desperate Maneuvers
Chapter 76: Traitors and Traps
Chapter 77: The Fall of the House of Darkstar Part 1
Chapter 78: The Fall of the House of Darkstar part 2
Chapter 79: The Fall of the House of Darkstar Part 3

Chapter 80: Wicked Games
Chapter 81: Dance of the Pawns
Chapter 82: The Illusion of Independence
Chapter 83: The Iron Trinity
Chapter 84: The End?
Chapter 84: Homecomings
Chapter 85: Triumph of the Will
Chapter 86: Chains of Command
Chapter 87: I tan I Epi Tas*
Chapter 88: On the Precipice
Chapter 89: Battle of Andor Part 1

Chapter 90: Battle of Andor Part II
Chapter 91: Battle of Andor III
Chapter 92: Battle of Andor IV
Chapter 93: Battle of Andor V
Chapter 94: Battle of Andor VI
Chapter 95: Battle of Andor VII
Chapter 96: Battle of Andor VIII
Story currently in progress.
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Re: Tables of Contents

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How Stravo Got His Groove Back

PART 1: Attack of the Mages
PART 2: Breakfast Bites Back
PART 3: On the Hunt
PART 4: Good Food, Yes!
PART 5: Bribery Works
PART 6: Poor Kuja
PART 7: Mistaken Identity
PART 8: Rob Smash Rumble, Pt 1
PART 9: Rob Smash Rumble, Pt 2

INTERLUDE: Continuity? What's That?

Part 10: Adventures in Womanizing
Part 11: Grab the Nickel!
Part 13: Oh, not good
Part 14: Kuja Shouldn't Drink
Part 15: I Wanna Riot!
Part 16: Some People Really Are Cruel Bastards

INTERLUDE: Bloopers and Outtakes

Part 17: Confusion
Part 18: A Turn for the Insane
Part 19: Return of the son of the bride of the revenge of the ROB SMASH!
Part 20: Shit.
Part 21: Ph34r the half-baked plans of SEGNOR
Part 22: Stereotyping blond people
Part 23: Being popular isn't all it's cracked up to be
Part 24: SEGNOR Strikes Back

INTERLUDE 3: The Hunk of Man Meat Awards!

Part 25: Battle Beneath Manhattan! (isn't that an old movie?)
Part 26: No Nukes!
Part 27: Raves Are Cool
Part 28: My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is Troll-burning Berry
Part 29: I Couldn't Think of a Good Name So This Is All There Is
Part 30: Hard Hat Zone
Chapter 31: The Search Begins, Part One
Chapter 32: Flames and the Flaming Flamers Who Flame Them


Part 34: I'll Worm My Way Into Your Dreams
Part 35: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over!
Part 36: Chases and monologues...just like Shakespeare!

Sort of an Interlude But Not Really: The Chaos Friends!
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Re: Tables of Contents

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