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SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Steve » 2010-09-11 11:54pm

For people to post a list of their plotline entries with links to the individual posts.

As for my own:

The Sisters of the Silver Moon, featuring specific members of the Order (these posts typically set up potential plotlines) and past connections
Written by: Steve

Prologue 1 - Defending Sayman's Township
Prologue 2 - Shayera remembers love, Rana completes her Trials; Rana becomes a full Sister and Zara gains her Knighthood
Post 1 - Yuna and Ashe travel to Hanson, Divija dines with Jason, Hilda considers Zara's scars
Post 2 - Sparring among Apprentices, Cassandra flirts with Shayera
Post 3 - Amber and Danielle learn that using a set of £5,000 window curtains for bondage playtime doesn't work out very well; Shayera yearns for her old love; Hilda gets a call from home; King Charles and Chancellor Kasan speak of dark secrets
Post 4 - Hilda begs for an indulgence from Master Long; Zaria shows Druni a new trick and gets some casual sex as her reward
Post 5 - Druni's Rite of Judgement, Shayera seeks out Cassandra, and Danielle Duchess of Galicia gets a fateful dinner invitation
Post 6 - Hilda and Reina talk, Druni leaves the Cloister
Post 7 - The Raid at Creston bears fruit, Zara gets a new mission, and knowing what may happen she writes to Hilda
Post 8 - Sara and Rana are married, Druni decides to see a concert, and fate plans to reintroduce two souls to one another after 20 years
Post 9 - The Reunion of Danielle and Shayera, and what results from it
Post 10 - The Sisters and various other characters celebrate the Day of Renewal in their own ways (Common Post with Shroom Fighter Storyline)

Old Friends, featuring characters to be crucial in the future of the Galaxy
Written by: Steve, with contributions from Siege

Prologue 1 - The Hermit of Toutaine
Prologue 2 - Yamia learns the Hermit's name
Prologue 3 - Tragedy begets Truth
Prologue 4 - Nisa confronts the Hermit and demands to be trained. The Hermit conveys Sadik's last words to Kimiya and Nisa.
Post 1 - Nisa shows the results of hard training and a trip to al-Yasuj is arranged
Post 2 - A visit to the Capital bears fruit but also danger
Post 3 - Sidney considers the message
Post 4 - Transport is arranged while Jabin plots
Post 5 - The plight of the Sand People is revealed while Prince Jabin's plan is set in motion
Post 6 - Introducing Lionel Parkhurst and Dr. Grace as they debate the ethics of destroying a native sentient race's habitat
Post 7 - Jason and Phani talk about the darkness in their pasts, Vanrya and Quinn consider the character of the Strahl's crew
Post 8 - The attack on the Tari Homestead and the Hermit's true power revealed.
Post 9 - The Strahl finds Stephen and Nisa; the fate of the Tari Homestead
Post 10 - Yamia is brought before Prince Jabin; the Strahl crew makes plans and enacts the rescue attempt
Post 11 - Nisa learns the wages of indiscriminate rage, Jabin and Pakalîn earn their just reward
Post 12 - The Strahl arrives at Villa Straylight and a long overdue reunion is had; Stephen begins telling Sidney his story
Post 13 - The Story continues and an ancient legacy rears its head
Post 14 - The past is discussed and an ancient disagreement revisited
Post 15 - Nisa learns more about the mysterious Mr. Hank (posted by Siege)
Post 16 - A reunion years in the making occurs, a perk of being the Leading Man
Post 17 - Another friend is found (Bridges with Shroom Fighter Storyline)
Post 18 - Stephen arrives at Lochley to seek out allies
Post 19 - Syrandi and Stephen speak further; CEID asks Stephen to leave Solaris, but they're being nice about it
Post 20 - Stephen meets the Order Council and appeals for aid
Post 21 - Stephen and Sidney discuss their findings, Syrandi makes a fateful choice
Post 22 - Stephen picks up the new ship.
Post 23 - Rendezvous in the Outback; Syrandi's Gambit
Post 24 - The Tournament Resumes, Nisa talks to Vincent
Post 25 - Stephen and Vincent meet, Zara faces Shroomka

Nisa's Solarian Adventure!, featuring Nisa and the denizens of Solaris
Written by: Siege and Steve

Post 1 - Nisa visits Ozone Heights and learns, firsthand, about how seriously Solarians take their movies
Post 2 - Nisa meets the CEID and learns how to party, Zigonian style

Shroom Fighter!, featuring Zara Delmar, Shroomka, "Toph", and the evil R. JULIA
Written by: Steve

Post 1 - Druni meets Sarisa again and Zara arrives in Maynilad
Post 2 - Druni shows progress in her training; Zara witnesses the injustice of the Feelipeens and aids an innocent, unaware of growing danger around her
Post 3 - Pito leads Zara to Shroom Fighter, where they've been expecting her.
Post 4 - Zara meets R. Julia and gets an offer she is free to refuse, then is shown what refusal entails
Post 5 - Zara and the others are introduced to Sadat, R. Julia's right hand man, who wants to see what they can do
Post 6 - Zara experiences behavior modification and the tender, non-existant mercy of Sadat
Post 7 - Zara is taken to her cell and meets some of the fighters (Common Post with the Sisters' Day of Renewal)
Post 8 - Zara's First Fight
Post 9 - R. Julia postpones Shroom Fighter to hold the final rounds in Wild Space; Zara reaches out to Shroomka
Post 10 - Zara continues to try and reach into Shroomka's mind
Post 11 - Someone important watches Shroom Fighter and recognizes Shroomka (Bridges with Old Friends Storyline)

Pendleton Storyline, featuring Sara Pontcaire, Rana Shaheen, and the Crew of the Strahl (Complete)
Written by: Steve, with contributions from PeZook and Shinn

Prologue - The Seizing of the Tantalizer
Post 1 - Sara meets the Sisters of the Silver Moon
Post 2 - Pendleton seeks protection by the Collectors
Post 3 - Sara and Rana have breakfast, Kara of the Ebon Blade begins her plans
Post 4 - The Strahl lands at Lochley, Governor-General Tarkington arrives, and Kara sets things in motion
Post 5 - The Collectors' payment for protection
Post 6 - The Haruhii send a gift to Pendleton
Post 7 - Sara and the Sisters attend Governor Tarkington's reception party; Kara finds her target
Post 8 - Rana and Sara are captured by the pirates, Kara gets away with Katherine
Post 9 - Syrandi advises Rana, Rana and Sara come together
Post 10 - Balthier and crew conceive of a plan, Sara and Rana spend their first day together
Post 11 - The Strahl departs Lochley for Pendleton and Kara reveals her intentions
Post 12 - Oliver Gill finds out about his brother's death by the Haruhiists and is assigned to lead the BOSS liaison team
Post 13 - The BOSS team is introduced
Post 14 - Balthier and Sara talk; Kara walks into the trap
Post 15 - Gill and the team talk, Unit 7 arrives on Pendleton
Post 16 - The Strahl crew and passengers make their plans
Post 17 - Katherine returns home; Kara is tortured by Lady Delilah; the secrets of Walter de la Poer are revealed
Post 18 - Danton is approached; The Coalition Fleet departs Lochley
Post 19 - The Pendletonians and Collectors make strategy; Gill's team leaves Pendleton
Post 20 - The Pendletonians suspect betrayal
Post 21 - The Fleet enters Bannerman Gap; Danton is taken captive; Katherine confronts Delilah; the Strahl crew plans the assault on de la Poer Estate
Post 22 - The Attack on De La Poer Estate; Kara's Revenge
Post 23 - Gill and his team arrive on the Collector Monolith
Post 24 - Sara confronts Katherine; Quinn and the Sisters survive in the Wilderness; Kara lays further plans; The Strahl detects the Monolith
Post 25 - The Monolith prepares to intercept Strahl
Post 26 - The Strahl is captured; Fisher and the Fleet discuss Balthier's warning transmission
Post 27 - The Pendletonians prepare for war; Gill's team make their preparations
Post 28 - Quinn and Maria talk theology; Kara's plans for survival are laid out
Post 29 - Sara enters the Catalogue; the Strahl crew have their weapons returned; the Fleet arrives at Pendleton; the Catalogue examines Sara's life and memories; Battle commences
Post 30 - The Collectors ravage the Fleet; Balthier bides his time; Katherine experiences the Catalogue
Post 31 - The Collectors change their minds; Gill's team makes their move; Opportunity knocks for the Strahl crew; Unit 7 rampages on Pendleton; Katherine stays behind while Gill and the BOSS team take Sara and Rana hostage
Interlude - Kara sends out her decoy and hunkers down for the invasion
Post 32 - The Hostage Situation comes to a successful end; Eli the BOSS cyborg learns to never shoot a Bragulan where it will survive; the Strahl escapes the Monolith; Fisher reigns in trigger-happy Shepistanis; Balthier heads back for Quinn, Maria, and Rydia
Post 33 - Balthier finds the Pontcaires and has to deal with a rather unpleasant Pendletonian slaver; Pontcaire Family Reunion and how such things are in the job description for a Leading Man
Post 34 - Pendleton surrenders
Epilogue 1 - Unit 7's rampage revealed
Epilogue 2 - The Strahl returns to Lochley; Tarkington departs for Pendleton; the Sisters are debriefed by Syrandi
Epilogue 3 - A Father/Son outing (Common Epilogue with Hanson Storyline)
Epilogue 4 - Tarkington relieves Fisher; Rana and Sara decide to take the next step together; Balthier and Fisher come to terms

Hanson Storyline, featuring Yuna, Ashe, Ezria, and Hecate (Complete)
Written by: Steve
Post 1 - Yuna and Ashe arrive on Hanson
Post 2 - The Sisters meet the survivor; Dr. Moon interrogates Ezria; Yuna and Ashe are captured
Post 3 - Ashe meets Dr. Moon; the Sisters are rescued by an unexpected ally
Post 4 - The Sisters meet Hecate and a female CI named Bob; Hecate goes to recover the package and things quickly go downhill from there
Post 5 - Escaping the ambush with a clever stratagem; A sinister conspiracy is discovered
Epilogue 1 - Hecate drops the Sisters off at Darnis; the Order Council decides to approach Anglian Intelligence with the evidence; Hecate meets her employers
Epilogue 2 - Master Violet meets Sir James Bronson (Common epilogue with Pendleton Storyline)

Sector X-13 Storyline, featuring Princess Hilda, Zara, Druni, and the Schweizer Sisters of Tyconia, among others
Written by: Steve

Post 1 - Arrival at Fynn
Post 2 - The Sisters of Tyconia
Post 3 - The Tyconians arrive at Fynn, a dinner is held
Post 4 - Reina speaks with King Charles, the real power in Tyconia is demonstrated
Post 5 - Sarisa trains while Druni watches
Post 6 - Zara and Druni are ordered back home; assassins prepare to strike
Post 7 - Druni tries pyro and gets in trouble; Hilda gives the Chamberlain a tongue-lashing
Post 8 - The Assassins Strike and Druni goes after them
Post 9 - The Aftermath on Fynn; Plots within Plots are displayed
Post 10 - Druni and Zara talk of the future; Hilda's sorrow grows; The Plan is discussed
Post 11 - Reina and Anthony say Goodbye, Kasan tells Hilda a terrible thing...
Post 12 - Druni meets Sarisa again and Zara arrives in Maynilad (Common with Shroom Fighter Storyline)
Post 13 - Lady Tabitha's Investigations lead her to the Asimovians
Post 14 - Reina and Sarisa discuss Druni's stay and Druni meets Master Maroh
Post 15 - Druni shows progress in her training; Zara witnesses the injustice of the Feelipeens and aids an innocent, unaware of growing danger around her (Common with Shroom Fighter Storyline)
Post 16 - Tabitha infiltrates the servers of the Asimovians, Kara does her part on Pendleton (Common with Kara Storyline)
Post 17 - Princess Sara is informed of Tabitha's Findings, the Planners realize their actions have been detected
Post 18 - Plans for Vacation are made, Lady Tabitha's plot is formed
Post 19 - Nika's motivations are revealed, the Kelly-Martinez sisters meet with their girlfriends to begin their getaway to a tropical paradise
Post 20 - Vacations are rudely interrupted by nationalist fanatics as conflicting plots in Sector X-13 collide.
Post 21 - Druni, Nika, Dani, and Amber fight back against the hostage-takers
Post 22 - Druni, Dani, and Amber join forces while Lady Tabitha's true mission comes into play
Post 23 - The Schweizer Sisters are rescued and Yong is thwarted; Lady Tabitha, however, is not
Post 24 - Dani and Amber enjoy the last day of their vacation, Druni is honored while Nika meets her boss, Tabitha informs Sara of her findings.

Kara Storyline, featuring Lady Kara, formerly of the Ebon Blade, living in exile on Pendleton
Written by: Steve

Post 1 - Tabitha infiltrates the servers of the Asimovians, Kara does her part on Pendleton (Common with Sector X-13 Storyline)
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Simon_Jester » 2010-09-12 03:31am

Here's mine.

Pirates of Zebes: (with Force Lord; minor contributions from others)
Chapter One: The Pirate Menace (By FL)
Call for Allies (By FL)
Chapter Two: The Pirates of Zebes (By FL)
Interlude: Atlantis against the Q'Blort (By Zor)
Chapter Three: The Umerians Assemble
Chapter Four: The Use of Weapons
Chapter Five: Central Planning (By FL)
Interlude: The Centralists Poised (By FL)
Chapter Six: Helmuth, Speaking For Boskone!
(Battle of Hawk's Nest takes place; see below)
Chapter Seven: Weavel Takes Stock (By FL)
Chapter Eight: Boskone Takes Stock
Chapter Nine, Part One: The Centralists Take Stock (By FL)
Chapter Nine, Part Two: Hazarika Reports Back
Chapter Ten, Part One: Coalition Reinforcements (By FL)
Chapter Ten, Part Two: Centralist Reinforcements Arrive (by FL)
Interlude: The Pirates Counterattack
Chapter Eleven: Attack on USS Nantucket
Chapter Twelve: Last Stand
Chapter Thirteen: Umerian Reinforcements
Chapter Fourteen: Courtesy Call and Tech Support.
(Battle of Zebes storyline; see below)

Pirates of Zebes: Battle of Zebes
Chapter One: The Prussians Assemble
Chapter Two: A Problem Occurs
Chapter Three: Von Musel's Discontent
Chapter Four: War On A Shoestring
Chapter Five: Creative Scrounging
Chapter Six: Reconnaissance in Force
Chapter Seven: "We're Gonna Be In Trouble..."
Chapter Eight, Part One: Pause For Breath
Chapter Eight, Part Two: Weavel Digs In
Chapter Nine, Part One: Evil Monologue
Chapter Nine, Part Two: The Coalition Departs
Chapter Ten: The Prussians Arrive
Chapter Eleven: Preliminary Skirmishing
Chapter Twelve: Frugus Strikes
Chapter Thirteen: Frugus is Abandoned
Chapter Fourteen: Weavel Braces For Attack
Chapter Fifteen: The Prussians Bombard
Chapter Sixteen: Disturbing Rumbles
Chapter Seventeen: First Stand of the Grand Canal
Chapter Eighteen: "Sir, I Think Ve Are Screwed..."
Chapter Nineteen, Part One: The Cavalry Is Coming
Chapter Nineteen, Part Two: The Boskonians Close In
Chapter Twenty: The Prussians Are Attacked
Chapter Twenty-One: The Cavalry Is Attacked, Too!
Chapter Twenty-Two: First, Command Thyself
Chapter Twenty-Three: Search For An Opening
Chapter Twenty-Four: Warp Strafing
Chapter Twenty-Five: Reinhard Schemes
Chapter Twenty-Six: Reinhard Charges
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Reinhard Retreats
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Breaking the Trap
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part One: The Frod Repaired!
Chapter Twenty-Nine, Part Two: Cosmog Kills a Battleship
Chapter Thirty: "Lights Out"
Chapter Thirty-One: Cosmog Offers Quarter
Chapter Thirty-Two: "One Of Us Is In Deep Trouble"
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Cavalry Arrives!
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Cavalry Attacks!
Chapter Thirty-Five: Who Knew?
Chapter Thirty-Six: Rear Guard Action
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Hot Pursuit
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Contact Broken

Director's Cut Content I: Nugak and Kavoolites

Pirates of Zebes: Battle of Hawk's Nest
Chapter One: Opening Exchange
Chapter Two: Caught in the Crossfire
Chapter Three: The Situation Develops
Chapter Four: Broadside Fire
Chapter Five: Gunship Attack
Chapter Six: Fall of a Warlord
Chapter Seven: Death Ride of the Pirates
Chapter Eight: Reducing the Forts
Chapter Nine: Defense Suppression
Chapter Ten: Board and Storm

Chapter One: Auroras Conceived

Collectors in the Shoals (with PeZook)
Chapter One: Obtaining a Ship
Chapter Two: Divided Consciousness
Chapter Three: Flight of the Heffalump
Chapter Four: Gamma Responds (by PeZook)
Chapter Five: Geppetto Offers to Trade (with PeZook)
Chapter Six: The Collectors Accept (with PeZook)
Chapter Seven: Discussions on Research Ethics
Chapter Eight: Two Strong Minds
Chapter Nine: Sudden Departure
Chapter Ten: Retribution
Chapter Eleven: Suicide Space Police

Missile Gap
Chapter One: Lack of Firepower
Chapter Two: Special Delivery!
Chapter Three: Mad Science
Chapter Four: Research and Development
Epilogue: Field Testing Ahoy!

Ride of the Battlecruisers
Chapter One: A Demonstration to Rimward
Chapter Two Noncanon: Pulp SCIENCE! Fiction
Chapter Two Canon: A Beautiful Dream
Chapter Three: When in Rome
Chapter Four: Mission Accomplished!
Interlude: Distress Call

Doctor Susie

Set c. 3375, chronicling the experiences of Shepistani emigré Dr. Susan Islington Warren-Marshall, future Second Technarch for Ecology.
Chapter One: Why I Decided To Leave Shepistan And Never Ever Come Back
Chapter Two: The Biggest Day of My Life
Chapter Three: To The UmerNet!
Chapter Four: This Is My Brain Off Stupid
Chapter Five: Fire Is A Lady's Only Friend
Chapter Six: Learning To Love My Country
Epilogue One: Shouldn't We Fix This?
Epilogue Two: Revenge Is A Warm Feeling

The Continuing Adventures of Doctor Susie

Set in the present day:
Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature
"No. Just NO."

Council of Technarchs

Covering meetings of one or more of the Council of Technarchs, set in 3400.

Review of the FY 3400 naval construction scheme; it is not a productive meeting. This is what a bad Council meeting looks like, and there are quite a few bad ones.
Jan. 8, 3400 meeting

Feb. 3, 3400: Council meets to discuss developments in January.
Feb. 3, 3400 meeting, Chapter One:
Feb. 3, 3400 meeting, Chapter Two
Feb. 3, 3400 meeting, Chapter Three
Feb. 3, 3400 meeting, Chapter Four
Effects of Feb. 3, 3400 meeting

Interactions between the Technarchs and Chancellor Hoffman of the Prussian League (with LoC9)
Chapter One: Olive Branch of Peace
Chapter Two: Expectations Met
Chapter Three: Forebearance Is Called For
Chapter Four: Two Heads of State
Chapter Five: Well Earned Contempt
Chapter Six: Deutschland Wachte Auf
Chapter Seven: A Worthy Sendoff

Routine interaction between the Ministries:
Technocrat Games

Battle of Bannerman

Covering the "Battle of Bannerman," a series of small interception actions in the Bannerman Gap designed to catch Pendleton ships fleeing the Anglian invasion fleet.

Chapter One: Umerians Arrive
Chapter Two: Aggressive Navigation
Chapter Three: Stand and Deliver!
Chapter Four: Proceeding to Intercept
Chapter Five: Into the Fire
Chapter Six: Run Through Hell
Battle of Bannerman, Through Shinra Eyes: Simultaneous with Chapter Five, by RogueIce.
Battle of Bannerman, Through Imperial Eyes: Simultaneous with Chapter Six, by Shinn Langley Soryu.


Chronicling the misadventures of a small group of Big Damn Heroes in the battered freighter Tranquility as they try to cope with the consequences of a salvage run that didn't go smooth.
Scene One:
Scene Two:
Scene Three:
Scene Four:
Scene Five:
Scene Six:
Airstrip Migwazza Simultaneous with Scene Six, Migwazza handles a disciplinary problem, then scrambles to intercept Tranquility.
Scene Seven:
Scene Eight:
Scene Nine:
Scene Ten:
Scene Eleven: Epilogue Aftermath of the unequal duel between Migwazza and Captain Tamrin, from Migwazza's perspective.


Commence Primary Ignition!
Testing of a prototype ion cannon slated for the Union of Four Stars' home system defense monitor, c. 3391
Agent Rose
Experiences of a Umerian agent in Shepistan, demonstrating the use of psychic abilities against the world's only esper-proof society.
Boss Migwazza, A Biography
An account of the early life of this leader among the Orkish Kult of Speed.
A Sheltered Life?
A Umerian schoolteacher contemplates the Umerian civil defense shelter system, and the ever-present threat that drove its construction.
An excerpt from the 3311 Encyclopedia Umericana entry on this exotic and extremely dangerous self-replicating mineral.
Waterville Academy
Brief scene from a day in the life of Dora Lakatos, highly talented young Umerian esper, at the Waterville Academy for the Gifted on Sichuan.
Does That Seem Right To You?
Former Operative Jubal Early escapes from Covert Operations Branch headquarters to go freelance.

Umerian embassy reacts to the CRAB BATTLE! Featuring Dr. Sivana and his struggle against the Bragulan Brainpecker!
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Siege » 2010-09-12 09:47am

Reform Rumble (Welcome to the Sovereignty) -- COMPLETE
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

Interesting Times (on Majella Three) -- COMPLETE
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Four and a Half (by Shroom)
Chapter Five
Chapter Five anda Half (by Shroom)
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven (by Shroom)
Chapter Eight (by Shroom)
Chapter Nine (by Shroom)
Chapter Ten (by Shroom)
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve (with Shroom)
Unreal-Time Interlude: Nacht der Untoten (by Shinn Langley Soryu)
Epilogue: Gamma Sigma

Snapshots of the Sovereignty (Glimpses of Everyday Life)
One (Ozone Heights, Solaris)
Two (Jayakarta, Midway)
Three (Baxter City, Eta Bootis)
Four (Redwood Forest, Kimanjano)
Five (Ziggietown, Solaris)
Six (Hyperspace)
Seven (Shell Beach, Solaris)

Who's In Charge Here? (Matters of Government)
The War Room
Easily Irritated
Planning a Bragsnatch

Long Time Coming (The Many Lives of Sidney Hank)
The Letter
Grid Works (Part One)
Grid Works (Part Two)
Who Collects the Collectors? (with PeZook)
Old Friend, Take A Look At Me Now (with Shady)
Release The Hounds
Another Letter
Sitdown with Stephen (with Steve)
Sitdown with Stephen, Pt. 2 (with Steve)
Sitdown with Stephen, Pt. 3 (with Steve)
Cards on the table (with Steve)
Finding Vincent
A Message from the Monoliths
Mr. Vincent Arrowny
Grid Works (Redux)

Futures Past Cycle
Meet the Monoliths (with PeZook)
Meet the Monoliths (2) (with PeZook)
The Once and Future King
The Once and Future King (Cont.)
Pale Lazarus

Out of Commission (Intrigue in the Outlander Commissions)
Wherein the Loyal Opposition asks Sidney for a favour
Wherein Sidney shoots his old pal Decius a line
Wherein Decius invites Sidney to drop by (by Fin)
Wherein Sidney visits Holy Terra for a chat with Decius
Wherein robots intervene in the bloodshed
Wherein Third Protocol doesn't take shit from nobody
A word, from the great Silent Star state
A hostile response
Duking it out

The Taking of Thyiiluue


Flight of the Wild Geese (Of Soldiers and Fortune)
Meeting Balthier (with Steve)
En-Route to Toutaine
I: Pirates
II: Pirates (Reap Their Reward)
Night of the Cyberninja
New Somalia: One, Two, Three

Tombstoner (The Perilous Circumstances of the Duke of Death)
Barroom Brawl
Shanghai Noon
Once Upon A Time in Wild Space (by Shroom)
A Man of Notoriously Vicious and Intemperate Disposition
Koprulu Zone Rules (by Shroom)
The Duke of Deathmatch - Prologue
The Man in the Long Black Coat

Old Blue Eyes (The Life and Times of Isabella Noguiera)
A Man of Notoriously Vicious and Intemperate Disposition
Do They Know It's The End of the World?

Never Say Die... Twice (The Stories of Liberty Kincaid & CEID)
LEGION cycle -- COMPLETE; for the full LEGION story see here.
Never Say Die... Twice
The Hyperspace Rarity
From Solaris with Love
Tripping Bait
Exigent Circumstances

Apexaia cycle
Prologue: The Property of an Apexai
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Misc. Insanity
A Wolf and His Girl
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SDN World 2: The North Frequesuan Trust
SDN World 3: The Sultanate of Egypt
SDN World 4: The United Solarian Sovereignty
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Shroom Man 777 » 2010-09-16 10:55am

The Bragulan Identity, a story of Bragulan and Shepistani secret circumstances in the Pendleton Storyline. Featuring Agents Spozavik and Bragga, Commander Hushy, STARFUCK, FAPOLLO and Battlestar Annapolis.
Written with: MKSheppard and Steve

Mighty Bragule, the broadcast, and the news
Megalith, the Space Marshals, and the Bragulan Fleet
The Bragulan Embassy, the IBGV, and Agent Spozavik
Telescreen Gryznk, a meeting, and the message to Pendleton
Eel, IBGV operations, and Human Intelligence
SHITS! The hideout, and Agent Bragga's rage
Bragga takes his exercise
Full courtesies to the Bragulian representative, and nice Bragulian spirits for uh, retirement purposes (by MKSheppard)
Rain, sushi store, and Agent Spozavik's new mission
Lochley's Retreat, the rendezvous, and meeting the Shepistanis
Wakeup call, Cardovan Murderhawk, and the Shepistanis' brave retreat (by MKSheppard)
Planning the operation, Intermission, and the Monolith
Tarsus, Pavlik, and Diet Coke
The Monolith withdraws, the Coalition attacks, and the Pendletons get STARFUCKED
Space mop up, Bragga's secret cover, and 'the efficiency of Shepistani danger close fire support'
The Emerald Guard prepare, the PIE men attack, and the chase begins
Brown thunder, STARFUCK and FAPOLLO, and final approach to ELEMENT YOSEMITE
"Ninety ambulances, three hundred police cars, five thousand civilian cars, thirty school buses and one clown car" (by MKSheppard)
Anglians, Admiral Fisher, and "What the bloody hell?!" (by Steve)
Hushy x Gayeta, Skittles, TOP SHEP, and lovers' kiss (by MKSheppard)
DIET COKE, FRIED BALUT and premature ejaculation (by MKSheppard)
Bragga's nightmare, the radio cassette, and mirror's reflection
Post-nuclear apocalypse, Hushy's final report, and "fucking Anglicians" (by MKSheppard)
A huddling family, a procession of flagellants, and the end of the world
"FUCK YOU GUYS!", Koprulu Fried Chicken, and the blood of STARFUCK
A puppet show, devils and dust, and a proposal
Vowels, Agent Vsvlgyrod Spozavik, and Bragception

Coming to Umeria, the Bragulan diplomatic mission to Umeria. Featuring Agent Spozavik, Dr. Maxim Chernov, and introducing the lovely Gryza Grbychyov!
Written with: Simon_Jester

Spozavik, Gryza, and Xenu Spacelines
Bronto-Burgers, Arrival, and Dr. Chernov (by Simon_Jester)
Journos, Chrome Age, and an efficient arrangement (with Simon_Jester)
Preliminaries, the Three Seashells, and Byzon's Youth (with Simon_Jester)
Sunset Reis, A Picture with Gryza, and dinner with Chernov (with Simon_Jester)

Welcome to the Feelipeens, the times of the Feelipeeni Republic. Featuring President of the Feelipeens Ferdinand Shroomarcis, his wife Imelda, and also guest-starring General Sheppard.

Introductions, Firefight at Farmville, and Mount Marcos
Sinoluge, Salvador Niñyo, and Dog Meat
Shroomdorf Asstoria, Shroomarcos meets Sheppard, and Imelda's Dress
Countdown, Launch of the Niñyo, and Picking Umerian Pockets
The Last Voyage of the Doña Spaz
Excited chatters, Dolphinoids, and Fucking laughing (by MKSheppard)
No survivors, Riots, and 'Kill them all!'
Long Kiss Goodnight
The Maynilad Bulletin
Ronnie Raygun and the Centralites

Fighter Mafia, where STARFUCK and FAPOLLO enter the prestigious Shepistani Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program - a.k.a. TOP SHEP - and discover that it is really a front for a criminal syndicate of fighter pilot aces.

The Mob Never Forgets
Graveyard Duty
Protection Rocket

Bears versus Nazis, where the crew of the gunskimmer Grand Thug engage saucer disks of the strangely ubiquitous Volkslander Fourth Reich.

Die Umerianen Raumschiffbahnpolizei (by Simon_Jester)
Erste Blut
Heute ist Bragstag

Schlock & Awe, the various sociocultural depravities of the United Solarian Sovereignty, be it movies and film directors, or food and drugs.

The one, the only: Cesar Jorge Motonow by Peregrin Toker
C.J. MOTONOW's STAR WARS by Peregrin Toker
Wesley Prefect Birkin by Peregrin Toker
Katarzyna Granzowa announces mindfucking vanity project movie, the Gods be with us! by Peregrin Toker


The Paleohistologies, the ancient mythological histories of Elysium.

Heracules: The Legendary Journeys
Heracules' Labours of Love
Maximus the Savior of Elysium


Move Forward!, a prologue chronicling the barbarian wars waged by Elysium against the foul barbarian hordes in the years immediately before the 35th century.

Move Forward!
Take Cover!

Hail Elysium Victorious!, the life and times of the Elysian Pantheon.

Enter Elysium!
The Prophecy! this is what going mad looks like... (with Simon_Jester)
Stronggo and Elysium: At the Edge of the Known and Unknown Universe
Are you not entertained?!
Attilicus Finch: A Story of Manhood (by Dark Hellion)
IN THE NAUTIKON (by Simon_Jester)
TO ARMS! AND TENTACLES! (by Simon_Jester)

Cat Ears and Bear Tails, the Chamarran Hierarchy's diplomatic mission to Bragule, and assorted inter-species interactions
Written with: Darkevilme

A Whisper to Bragule (by Darkevilme)
Nyah! The Felines from the Fargate (with Darkevilme)
Discouragement (with Darkevilme)
Dinner Date (with Darkevilme)
Herding Cats (by Darkevilme)
Bragnum PI
Detox Hangover Nyah! (with Darkevilme)
Chamarran-chan! (=^_________^=)
Chamarran Charms (by Darkevilme)
Planet Kitty Litter Exercises
A Brain Is A Precious Thing To Waste
This is CNN (by Darkevilme)
Navy Nyah Part 1 (by Darkevilme, Simon_Jester and Shroom Man 777)
Navy Nyah Part 2 (by Darkevilme, Simon_Jester and Shroom Man 777)
Navy Nyah Part 3 (by Darkevilme, Simon_Jester and Shroom Man 777)
Positively Catty (Bragulans are crazy, you know that) (by darkevilme)
Milkshakes Bring All The Bears To The Yard

GEOSTIGMA, tales of the Byzantine and Bragulan conflict on the forsaken planet of Jenova.
Written with: Fingolfin_Noldor

Mother's World
Torpedo Tubes
Mount Mortor

The Amplitur Agenda, a terrorist attack by a psyker craboid sends the Shepistani SIS on the hunt.
Written with: Force Lord, MKSheppard, and Simon_Jester

The Amplitur Agenda (by MKSheppard)
The Centrality Embassy Standoff
Mayhem Murder and Massacre (by MKSheppard)
The Aftermath: Back at the Centrality (by Force Lord)
General Sheppard's Address (by MKSheppard)
Interlude: The Bragulan Brainpecker
Interlude: Umerian SCIENCE! Strikes Back! (by Simon_Jester)
Hillery Clitnone Rebuilds the Centrality Embassy
The Invasion of the Tiny Enemy Crabs
The Slave
Twenty Four Hours

The Power of Christ Compels You! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Yiff, Young Bragulan Yivgny Chamski is kidnapped by crazed fundamentalists from the Old Dominion, and Bragulan authorities must work with Dominion agents to rescue him before it's too late!
Written with: Lonestar

Dominion Defense News:Bizarre rantings by subhuman Moreaus (by Lonestar)
Jellystone is in the Bag (by Lonestar)
Jerry (by Lonestar)
Thrusting Piston (by Lonestar)
Did we kidnap this goddamn Furry? (by Lonestar)
Hellbender (by Lonestar)
Brother Bear
Control your animal (by Lonestar)
Very bad Shagfellow! Making us look bad in front of these Dominionoids!
The Road to Damascus (by Lonestar)
The Jump to Damascus (by Lonestar)
What is inside the log cabin? (by Lonestar)
Cobnobble! Nooooo! (by Lonestar)
They will get all the recognition they deserve, as befitting friends of Bragule.

Reef Star Rumble, the innocuous Reef Star Realm is in for some interesting times as military coups, Emerald Guard commandos and space pirates clash head on in Wild Space.

Deacon Saito
Royal Rumblings (by Mayabird)

The Promised Land, the tale of the war-torn worlds of Cananaan as Byzantine Orthodox crusaders and Klavostani Saracen jihadists war with one another, while cultists and Cananaanites are caught in between.
Written with: Shinn Langley Soryu and Fingolfin_Noldor

The Worlds of Milk and Honey
Universal Galactopedia > Places > Cananaan
The Cruel Angel's Thesis (by Shinn Langley Soryu)
Holy Guillotine of the God Emperor (by Fingolfin_Noldor)
Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Heretics (by Shinn Langley Soryu)
Our Duty for the God Emperor (by Fingolfin_Noldor)
God-Emperor wills it!
I have a Crusade to launch (by Fingolfin_Noldor)
Amidst the Ashes (by Shinn Langley Soryu)

Azamat Bragatov at the Esper Olympics, an IBGV operative Bragulan diplomatic personnel visit the Centrality to marvel at its sights and watch the Esper Tournament.
Written with: Force Lord

The Tri-Wizard Tournament
The Doctor from Manhattan
"Great Gatsby's gadolinium guts!"
We have something planned (by Force Lord)
The Prestige
We are interested. Tell us more about your plan.

Cool Cat, the stories of Orthii gunslinger cat Tourff Risto at the fringes of Wild Space.
Written by: Crazedwraith

The Three Mistakes

The New Adventures of Nah Oslo

She'll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself.
The Bannerman Run in Twelve Parsecs
The Alison Lusankya
The Pendleton Proliferation
The Pendleton Penultimatum
The Pendleton Paradigm
Tarkington (by Steve)
The Hero of Can'ton
A Faustian Deal
Ich bin der größte!
The Space Special (by Mayabird)

BEEEF Burgers, the Bragulan Economic Exposition Extravaganza of Friendship, October-December 3400

The Jetson (by Simon_Jester)
MADNESS (by Ryan Thunder)
The finest goods from the Centrality! (by Force Lord)
One could find many things in the BEEEF, both great and small. Like Saras Palindrome.
Attending Ascendants Arriving Alright (by Master_Baerne)
Fireworks Show
Imperator Prime desu! Nyah! (by Darkevilme)
The Crystal Palace (by Siege)
Shawarma: Klavostan at the BEEEF (by KlavoHunter)
C'Tan Consumer Products (by PeZook)
Chamarran-chans and Karlack Cakes
Vladimir's Fats (by Dark Hellion)
Fenrisian Bears (by Fingolfin_Noldor)
Battlestar Bears, Car Shows, and Nuke-Offs - The Greatest Show Off Earth
The Refuge's Avian Ambassadors Tweet the BEEEF (by Mayabird)
JACK TURDNER and the Eighth Wonder of the Galaxy
Shitbears and Shitmonkeys (by Ryan Thunder)
The Stupendous Story of Fearless Fulcrum and Daring Dash (by Mayabird)
Fear and Loathing at BEEEF Vegas: Thompson S. Hunter at the BEEEF (by Akhlut)
Behold the 'World's Deadliest Being' Nyah! (by Dark Hellion)
The Lost Found the BEEEF (by fgalkin)
Girder's Glasses (by Force Lord)
The Furry Fate of the Fenrisians Revealed
Fulcrum's Finder's Fee (by Mayabird)
Where's the BEEEF? A Report on the Bragulans for the PuffHo Picayune (by Akhlut)
Check Out Al-Turbani's Moves (by KlavoHunter)
A Taste of Brag Medicine
Wordsworth's Beefs (by fgalkin)
DollDusted (by Zor)
Marvel at the Comic Adventures of the Astonishing Bulk! (by Simon_Jester)
Beefs with Mushrooms (by fgalkin)
The most reliable interstellar package service in the galaxy. Based in the Nova Atlantean Commonwealth.
Infested Alyxia at the BEEEF
Dancing in September (by Mayabird)
The Return of the King
Command and Bunker: Firestorm (by Siege)
My Only Friend, The End
Or is it?!

After the King

Post Mortem (by PeZook)
A Beautiful Friendship (by fgalkin)
Dash's Decorations (by Mayabird)
Girder's Gone
The Worst Bodyguard (by Mayabird and fgalkin)
Penetrate THIS! (by Shinn Langley Soryu)
Slaanesh Salesgirl Shroom
Diplomatic Devil Deals (with Fingolfin_Noldor)
BEEEF Byzonist Brag-Book Bonanza
Tsvagna Time (by fgalkin)
Numb Negotiations
Fulcrum's Foot in the Door (by Mayabird)
They are so fat! (by Mayabird)
Wordsworth's Journal, Part Tres (by fgalkin)
Comrade Zygrv! (by fgalkin)
Oh My Orgones.
Radical! Duuuude! (by Mayabird)
The Inhumanist League
Hello Schuhart (by fgalkin)
The Second-Worst Bodyguard (by Siege and fgalkin)
Umertubulated (by Simon_Jester)
Roger Roger! (by Force Lord)

Brag Business As Usual, Bragule begins trade with faraway nations and sends shipments - which encounter piracy problems.

Course Set
Piracy Problems Solved

Nova Genoa, an epic engagement over at the Byzantine fringe, with the Solarians and Byzantines on one side, and the Karlacks and Bragulans on the other.
Written with: Fin, Siege, Shroom and Shady

Kosmoflot Oktyabrsky Arrives
The Final (and Absolute Final) Conclusion to the Battle of Nova Genoa (Written by Fin, Siege, Shroom and Shady)

The Severnaya Standoff, the routine procedures of Derevnya Gadyukino System Substation get an unexpected disruption.
Written with: fgalkin and PeZook

The People's Department of Limited Foreign Interaction and Human Affairs Relay Substation for the Broadcasting of Bragulan Ideologically Correct Educational Materials to Severely Byzonism-Challenged Puny Humans and Collectoroid Robots of Wild Space (by fgalkin)
Rygyvld Zybynv's True Form
Robot Surprise (by PeZook)
Robot Surprise 2: Bragnum Force (with PeZook)
The greatest warrior Bragule has ever seen! (with PeZook)
The Battle for the Bragnum Force (with PeZook)
The Bragnum Blast (with PeZook)
Mines Are A Precious Thing To Waste

Da Grot, da Ork, an' da Fatty, the misadventures of Orks in and around MEH space.
Written with: Chaotic Neutral

Groxkilla Badspork
Twilight Toadstool and the Gargantantive IV
Well Lit Path
Da Life an' Times of Boss Badspork
Morbos McMehon Goes Down the Manhole
The Starwrath Speech
Dakkamera Flash Gitz

Spartafreedomurca! chaos engulfs the isolated planet Almera. Who will come to save it?
Written with: PeZook and Shinn Langley Soryu and Mayabird

The Algeiramerican Dream
This. Is. Murca! (with PeZook)
The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized (by Shinn Langley Soryu)
Apple pie. The only patriotic vegetarian meal (by PeZook)
Sissy Talk (by Mayabird)
Close Encounters With The Brag Kind (with PeZook)
Operation Ayraki Freedomurca (with PeZook)

Oh The Inhumanity, the diplomatic deals of non-human nations to work against the chitinous hordes of human hegemony.

The Inhumanist League
Ambassador Ailill (by Agent Sorchus)
Putyn's Paws
An Ant Asks (by Master_Baerne)
Free Formics
An Ant Answers Again (by Master_Baerne)
Fulcrum Formulates Furtively (by Mayabird)
The Ultimate (Vinaran) Warrior!
The Avian Agenda (by Mayabird)
Satia Speaks (by darkevilme)
An Avian Answer (by Mayabird)
Dash's Done for the Day (by Mayabird)
An Anachronistic Ant (by Master_Baerne)
Xylyxophone (by Dark Hellion)
Putyn Pravda

A Far Thing, the true atrocities of the MEH, and the liberation of the Farthing Worlds.

The Hunger Grows
A Feast Unknown
PIE in the Sky
MOO-MOO MEW (by darkevilme)
It's Never Lepus
The Last Ditch
Cat Snatch and Grab
A Whale of a Time
Stealth Fail 2: No Deposit, No Return
Ominous Tidings
Operation Inhuman Protector
Operation C Wall (with darkevilme)
Eoghan Exercises (by Agent Sorchus)

A Multiparadigmic Crypto-Analytico Assessment of the Traditional Values and Child-Rearing Stratagems of the Nuclear Family and their Relationship Pertaining to the Prevalence of Plural Pseudo-Psyker/Psionic Parapsychic Perfidiousities in the Republic of Shepistan (and the Grand Dominion to a Lesser Degree) - A BLAND Corporation Defense Analysis by Bart Blade

The Magic Brag Bus (with Master_Baerne)
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by KlavoHunter » 2010-09-26 02:52am

Twelfth Battle of Pendleton
- Klavostani Chapter - Wherein the mercenary Kilij engages the enemy.

The Battle of Kanazawa Shipyard

Fur Standing On End - The Klavostani-Chamarran Interlude
Chapter One - HUMINT Collection for fun and profit!
Chapter Two - Wherein the Chamarran Grand Fleet is tailed
Chapter Three - Da Red Barren Incident, which Eighth Fleet inadvertently brings an unexpected end to.
Chapter Four - HSF Fang and Claw is treated to the efficient hospitality of Eighth Fleest' fleet train.
Chapter Five - KSS Hashashin and the other stealths notice and report the Grand Fleet's reverse course.

Peak WAAAAAGH! - Orkz and the MEH
Shawarma: Klavostan at the BEEEF
Shroombad n' Da Deff Starr!
Migwazza, or How I Learned ta Stop Muckin' About and WAAAGH! Da Bomb. (By Simon_Jester)
Aces High; the beginning of the First Battle of Wolf 359
Da Foiyst Battle uv Wolf 359!
Da Sekkund Battle uv Wolf 359!
Da Great Eskape!

The Promised Land - Canaan, Crusade, and Jihad
Check out Al-Turbani's Moves
The Road Warriors of Cananaan - The Battle of Iram

MEH Delenda Est! - The end of the Multiuniversal Empire of Happiness
Stealth Fail IV: A New Fail!
Opening Moves
Double Haraam! - The Klavostani Farthing Worlds Intervention
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SDNW4: The Sultanate of Klavostan

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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Fingolfin_Noldor » 2010-09-28 10:31pm

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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Shroom Man 777 » 2010-09-29 02:37pm

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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Shinn Langley Soryu » 2010-10-05 02:13pm

The Gallian War

The story of a cold war gone hot on an unaligned planet. Basically Valkyria Chronicles IN SPACE! Now with 100% more Ace Combat, Nanoha, and Inglourious Basterds!

Chapter 1 - The War Goes Hot
Chapter 2 - The Defense of Emmeloord
Chapter 3 - The Talon of Ruin
Chapter 4 - Opposite Sides of the Same Coin
Chapter 5 - Company of Bastards

Santo Domingo Rogues

The story of two vigilantes and their quest to clean up an entire planet. Featuring Nicholas Angle, Denver Butterbean, Horatio Lame, and loads and loads of other characters!

Prologue - Here Come the Fuzz...
Chapter 1 - The End of Intolerance
Chapter 2 - The Last Castle
Chapter 3 - Plugging the Douchenozzle

Soramirez, Do Everything!

The story of a bug hunt on a colony world of the Holy Empire of Haruhi Suzumiya gone horribly wrong. Starring Kanata Sorami and James Ramirez!

Chapter 1 - Point Insertion
Chapter 2 - Ambush!
Chapter 3 - Meet Nathan Hale
Chapter 4 - Vasquez, Do Everything!

Judgment at Imperial Center

Empress Haruhi offers to mediate a diplomatic dispute between the United Solarian Sovereignty and the Chamarran Hierarchy, while the R'nish Aggregate decides to take the opportunity to learn from the experience...
Written with: Darkevilme, Ilya Muromets, and Siege

Chapter 1 - The Call Is Made
Chapter 2 - Tia Kithandra Departs (by Darkevilme)
Chapter 3 - Flash Stalin Departs (by Siege)
Chapter 4 - The Arrivals
Chapter 5 - The Aggregate Decides (by Ilya)
Chapter 6 - A Brief Look at Flash Stalin (by Siege)
Chapter 7 - Misfit Observers (by Ilya)
Chapter 8 - From One General to Another
Chapter 9 - Release the Drones! (by Ilya)
Chapter 10 - Tia and Flash, Face to Face (by Darkevilme)
Chapter 11 - Stalin's Opening Salvo (by Siege)
Chapter 12 - "Logistics Exercises" (by Darkevilme)
Chapter 13 - Does Flash Stalin Look Like a Fool? (by Siege)
Chapter 14 - Droning Along (by Ilya)
Chapter 15 - "A Computer Malfunction" (by Darkevilme)
Chapter 16 - No Agreement Until the Fleet Turns Around (by Siege)
Chapter 17 - Tia Asks: CIs and Loyalty (by Darkevilme)
Chapter 18 - Flash Stalin on the Nature of CIs (by Siege)
Chapter 19 - Tia's Questions Answered (by Darkevilme)

The Promised Land

From Shroom's summary: "[T]he tale of the war-torn worlds of Cananaan as Byzantine Orthodox crusaders and Klavostani Saracen jihadists war with one another, while cultists and Cananaanites are caught in between."
Written with: Fin and Shroom

The Cruel Angel's Thesis
Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Heretics
Amidst the Ashes
Quo Vadis, Lelouch Lamperouge?

The ESPer Olympics

Like quite a few other nations, the Holy Empire sent a team to the ESPer Olympics in the Centrality. These are their stories.
Written with: Shroom

A Certain Electric Army
General Sheppard Says "Lazy"
The Doctor from Manhattan (by Shroom Man 777)

Meetings, Briefings, and Other Stuff

Miscellaneous interactions between the various components of the Holy Empire's government.

14 August 3400: Status of diplomatic missions in Shepistan
24 August 3400: Multiversal Empire of Happiness threat appraisal

Miscellaneous stories

Don't Fuck with the Railgun [part of the Pendleton storyline]
Pendletonian slaver/smuggler Johannes Gill learns the hard way not to fuck with Mikoto Misaka.
At the Last Second... [part of the Battle of Bannerman]
The SOS Imperial Navy frigate HSS Rie Kugimiya makes a triumphant arrival...twenty-five minutes late.
Welcome to Katagalugan
Sergeant Yvette Nuñez would like you to know that you ain't in the Feelipeens.
Nacht der Untoten [part of Interesting Times]
Four guys and a zombie apocalypse. What more needs to be said?
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Mayabird » 2010-10-22 01:19am

Pre-Arrival History
Hubris, a Children's Tale
Escape, Scattering, and Arrival

Pre-Announcement Events
April 3390
October 3399 - Found
May 3400, Taking of Khe!Srri Homeworld
20 June 3400, Capture of Prajuk's Horizon

Human Refugee
July 3394 - An Interview
July 3394 - The Interview from the Refuge Point of View
July 3400 - Gone Native

Fooking Prawns
Part 1: Introducing the Characters
Part 2: Fires and Orange Agents
Part 3: Multi-Planetary United
Part 4: A Little Exposition
Part 5: A Lot More Exposition
Part 6: Drive to the Orphanarium
Part 7: More Talking and Plotting
Part 8: In Which More District 9 References are Made
Part 9: After this, the Captain had Oatmeal put on the collar with the jingly bells on it so he could say they had wedding bells.
Part 10: Poor Kees
Part 11: A Couple Short Flashbacks
- or -
Yes she's named that just so I could use that line.
Part 12: Finally There are Some Prawns. Also Ominous Forebodings.
Part 13: This Might Be Foreshadowing.
Part 14: It Starts Badly
Part 15: Things Fall Apart
Part 16: Meanwhile, Back on Orange

Other Stories
2 August 3400 - First Flight of Guardian of the Sanctum

First Contact

BYZON: Cultural Learnings of the Refuge for Make Benefit Glorious Bragulan Star Empire
Written with Shroomy
Part 1: Coming to Bragule
Part 2: Breakfast at Bragule's
Part 3: Just Desserts
Part 4: Drive-In Theater
Epilogue: Fulcrum's Thoughts

Meet the Sovereigns
Written with Siege
Part 1: Arrival
Part 2: Office Discussion

Centrality - currently unnamed
Written with Force Lord
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Lectures

Other One-Offs
Clans of Hiigara
Frogs and Birds at Dinner in Ranoidea.

Decision to Contact
A Response
Responding to the Response
Information from the Hiigarans
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by Agent Sorchus » 2010-11-10 12:51am

The shipyard affair.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

The Power Rangers Saga
Includes a brief preview at the end of the Conclusion and Epilogue to the Shipyard Arc along with other posts not contained (yet) in this Index.
Vilians visions of the past

An interlude during the Waagh vs the MeH. Stars one of the villains of the power rangers. ... 2#p3494122 ... 0#p3505290 ... 0#p3520650 ... 6#p3536666
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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by fgalkin » 2011-02-03 11:39pm

Whereupon the Lost Decide to Go Out Into the Galaxy and Make Friends.
The Lost Have an Empire Dropped on Them and Are Quite Miffed
The Lost Prepare For Contact and Discover the Galaxy's Worst-Kept Secret (common with Shroom & Wordsworth)
Resolution In The Face Of Danger Meets The Darkness That Comes Before (And Is Impressed)
Lost Justice
Contact! (common with C6)
Annoyed Sinclair is Annoyed (by Siege)
...Animals, the Lot of Them! (The Lost Analyze the Responses)
The Second Transmission
The Umerians Debate For Hours! (by Simon_Jester)
The Refuge Freaks Out (by Mayabird)
Tianguo Waits (by Beowulf)
The Daemons Find Unexpected Soulmates (common with Shroom & Wordsworth)

Little Furry Mongoosoids!
A Tale of the Lost's Dealings with the Eoghan United Commons
The Daemons Make Contact

Fatties In Your Anus
A Tale of the Lost's Dealings with the Multiversal Empire of Happiness
The Fat Clown Cometh
A Class I Situation

Spittin' Kitties
A Tale of the Lost's Dealings with the Chamarran Hierarchy
Making Better Dakka (by Darkevilme)

The Galaxy Is Not Enough
The Amazingly Audacious Adventures of Emissary Shroom and her Stalwart Imp Manservant Wordsworth
A Genius Is Introduced (common with Contact!)
Wordsworth's Wordsworth
On Daemons and BEEEFs
Shroom's TRUE FORM Revealed (common with Contact!)
Wordsworth's Beefs
Shroom's Driving Leaves Much To Be Desired
The King and His Queen (by Shroom Man 777)
Exit the King (by Shroom Man 777)
Exit the King (The TRUE version!) (by Shroom Man 777)
The Emissary's New Clothes
Worst Bodyguard Ever (by Mayabird)
Salesgirl Shroom
BEEEF Byzonist Brag-Book Bonanza (by Shroom Man 777)
Tremendous Telescreens and Tsvagna
Delightfully Drunken Diplomacy (by Shroom Man 777)
An Eagle Plays Chicken (by Mayabird)
Wordsworth's Revenge

Stealth Fail
A Tale of a Relay in Sector C-6
A Message Is Sent (common with Contact!)
The Kitties Are Curious (by Darkevilme)
The Datton Returns (by Force Lord)
A Daemonship Longs for Bears
The Datton Arrives (by Force Lord)
The Kitties Arrive (by Darkevilme)
Something Is Detected (by Force Lord)
It Might Even Be The Kitties! (by Darkevilme)
A Most Misfortunate Malfunction
The Centralites Courageously Continue (by Force Lord)
Behold the Mighty Strudel! (by Shroom Man 777)
The Kitties and the Strudel (by Darkevilme)
Of Probes and Men (by Force Lord)
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Strudel Surrenders (by Shroom Man 777)
The Galaxy's Most Precious Probe (by Force Lord)
The Kitties' Cunning Plans (by Darkevilme)
The Catnappers Make Their Escape (by Darkevilme)
The Datton Flees Corageously (by Force Lord)
The Chase Begins
The Chase Continues (by Darkevilme)
The Climactic Conclusion of the Cat Chase (with Darkevilme)
Shroomanian Fire Drill (by Simon_Jester)
...I AM THE GREATEST! (by Shroom Man 777)
The Kitties Slink Away (by Darkevilme)
Forg Ponders His Predicament (by Force Lord)
Daemonic Hospitality
The Monolith Arrives (by PeZook)
Attempts to Contact
The Datton Stays Put (by Force Lord)
The Umerians Get An Antenna Burnt Off (by Simon_Jester)
The Monolith Makes Contact (by PeZook)
The Council of the Lost

Epilogue One: Chamarrans (by Darkevilme)

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Re: SDNW4 Plotline Index

Post by PeZook » 2011-03-26 02:41pm

The Robot Mercenary
The story of a notorious ex-Collector commando turned Wild Space mercenary LEGION and his frequent and very, very violent run-ins with some really interesting people.

ACT 1: The Limpkin Job
Prelude: The Hit
Where we meet Legion for the first time as he performs a hit on SinTek's Director Of Colonial Development, Edward Limpkin

Boardroom Concerns
Where SinTek's Board of Directors learns about the hit, and discusses how it will impact their operations.

Corporate Morality
Where we find out who paid Legion for the hit, and just why you shouldn't trust the man.

Limpkin Identity
Where the reason for the hit is revealed, with Edward Limpkin receiving his instructions.

Limpkin Ultimatum
Where Edward Limpkin performs sabotage inside SinTek's HQ, allowing SchromKorp to outbid them for countless billions in contracts.

ACT 2: The Fall of SchromKorp

Von Neumann Sabotage
Where SchromKorp learns just why they should've just paid Legion.

Never say die...twice. (by Siege)
Where the CEID gets involved

The Hyperspace Rarity (by Siege)
Where Liberty Kincaid begins to trace the sabotage

Plots of a Machine Mind
Where Legion realizes his mistake, and begins to evacuate his secret hideout.

I Want My Fucking Money
Where Edgar Von Schrom begins to regret having screwed Legion over

Moonraker (by Siege)
Where Liberty Kinckaid concludes her investigation, mistakenly believing Legion to be a Collector agent. The USS retaliates against a Collector trade station.

ACT 3: The Tannhauser Tango

We Run, We Run Like Hell!
Legion evacuates his hideout and muses about the CEID attack on Collector Trade Station Epsilon Zeta

An Unfriendly Warning (by Siege)
Where the CEID warns Edgar Von Schrom that they would...dislike any attempts at paying off Legion

Start The Music, Start The Tango!
Where two Collector Monoliths barge into Solarian space in retaliation for Epsilon Zeta

We Should Send Someone Expendable
Where the USS decides to send Sidney Hank to negotiate with the Collectors in an attempt to avoid massive amounts of violence.

I Like Your Suit
Sidney Hank defuses the crisis and a proper hunt for Legion begins

ACT 4: The Hunt

True to Our Word
Where Collectors send a team that will cooperate with the CEID to hunt Legion

Meet And Greet
Where you meet a lovable team of hardened killers

Time To Go To Zubrich
Where CEID sets a trap for Legion, and learns where he is going to be.

Space Switzerland
The hunters arrive at Zubrich and immediately violate a number of interstellar agreements.

Time To Bring The Thunder
Where things deteriorate and begin exploding.

Ride of the Valkyries
The situation escalates, and Legion penetrates the bank, CEID hard on his tail.
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