In Memoriam: Michael Shannon / Terralthra

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In Memoriam: Michael Shannon / Terralthra

Post by Mr Flibble »

I bring sad news that Michael Shannon aka Terralthra has passed away, losing his battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed.

His sister posted this to his facebook timeline:
"There are only two people in the world that I have watched grow up from birth.
Today, one of them died.
My brother, Michael, passed away from complications from his cancer. We were all together when it happened. And it's ok.
I don't have words right now.
I don't understand being in a place where he isn't . . ."
and his Mom posted this:
With incredible sorrow, we (Mike Shannon & Trish) share with you that our beloved son, Michael Durr Shannon, has passed away. He was diagnosed with melanoma 14 months ago. He was treated by savvy and kind professionals at the Stanford Oncology Center and Hospital. They did everything they could. Everything. He faced the last 14 months with unwavering courage and utter honesty.

While raising him we had many adventures that included many of you. He was an interesting child to raise, and we were slow to realize the depth of his intelligence. When we went to the 1st parent- teacher conference at the Kindergarten at Sloan Elementary in Murrysville, PA. As we got to the front of the line, the teacher burst into tears. It seemed that he wanted to run the place, and we negotiated a deal that if he behaved, they would teach him to read. He accepted the deal and learned how to read the next day. His intellect was broad and deep, and we were continually astounded at how intelligent he was. During grade school, he got poor grades. What he did was read the textbooks the 1st week and then did not understand that he had to do all of the busy work to get the “A”. He was smarter than most of his teachers (and his dad). He was as passionate about science as he was about literature, and everything else.

Michael had a very rich life with multiple social circles—all of them will deeply miss him. His deepest passion was for teaching English composition, which he did at San Francisco State University and Contra Costa College. He was a Jedi, and in addition to knowing everything about Star Wars, he was a member of the Golden Gate Knights. The GGK trains and performs staged choreographies of light saber battles in full regalia. Michael was brilliant and ebullient. He moved through life with total panache. He was funny, with a very highly developed sense of irony. He loved word play. He was thoughtful. He was passionate. He was a loving brother to his sister Meredith, and a loving uncle to Regina. He will be deeply missed by his best friend, Sara. He was our beautiful boy who became the most amazing man.

If you are moved to remember Michael, please make a donation in his name to either the Stanford Cancer Institute ( ... -gift.html[/url]) to eradicate this pernicious disease, or to The Planetary Society, which is committed to space exploration and travel (
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Crazedwraith »

... damn.

Rest In Peace.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Raw Shark »

They ought to take all the money they give to professional athletes and give it to teachers. And on a somewhat personal note, the guy was a more talented and accomplished aficionado of the physical side of recreation than I'll ever be, and coming from me that is pure admiration. R.I.P.

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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Lord Revan »

Rest in peace
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Broomstick »

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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Edi »

Rest in peace

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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Enigma »


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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Dalton »

Rest In Peace.

This thread will be enshrined at a later date.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Iroscato »

I’m very sorry to hear that, he was a great contributor here. Condolences to his loved ones and as ever, fuck cancer.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Crossroads Inc. »

A deep sadness for his passing :< I remember fondly conversing and debating things with him over the years.
He will be sorely missed and remembered.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Jub »

Rest in Peace. This board has lost another great poster and the world a good man.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Simon_Jester »

Going to miss him.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by LaCroix »

The brightest candles burn the fastest.
Rest in peace.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by NecronLord »

Well looks like I was the last person he'd talked to on the forum, I really wish the conversation had been less inane. Rest in peace bud.

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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Ziggy Stardust »

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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Venator »

Rest in peace. Very sorry for the loss.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Rhadamantus »

Rest in Peace.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Thanas »

He was a very much respected poster on this board and seemed like a good guy.

May the earth be light upon him.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Flagg »

Sad. So damned young. :(
Hope his family does well.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by LadyTevar »

Condolences to his family, his friends, and to all of us for losing such a great guy from our lives.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Dark Hellion »

Rest in peace.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Batman »

Requiescat in pace, Terralthra

My condolences to those who miss him.
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Re: Terraltha passes away

Post by Napoleon the Clown »

RIP, Terralthra. Deepest sympathies to those who were close to him.
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Re: Terralthra passes away

Post by Mange »

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Re: Terralthra passes away

Post by mr friendly guy »

His contribution will be missed.

Rest in peace.
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