Turbolaser bombardment of Mon Cala (the Mon Calamari homeworld)

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Turbolaser bombardment of Mon Cala (the Mon Calamari homeworld)

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18 BBY (canon source: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith issues 13-17)
Three star destroyers unleash a heavy turbolaser bombardment that quickly devastates the northern hemisphere and destroys several cities (made up of metal walled structures & skyscrapers). Billions died during the bombardment and the rest were forced to flee in a mass exodus from the planet; only a very few would remain.

In my opinion, this bombardment demonstrates the use of some kind of special turbolaser bombardment cannon that can retain yields sufficient to cause mass destruction over a distance of a few thousand kilometres, unlike anti-ship turbolasers which loose their yield after a few hundred kilometres. It may or may not be more powerful than the standard heavy turbolasers on the ship, but the difference is range. In one of the scans they are called "orbital cannons", because of their ability to cause mass destruction from orbit.
These guns might be great at destroying whole cities and at causing devastation over a larger landmass, but they might lack the shield & ground penetrating firepower of the Mandator IV (which might inject a larger amount of its energy deep under the planets surface). The bombardment of Mon Cala remains one of the most impressive feats I have seen under Disney (short of the superlasers that destroy planets).

https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP ... xYN3gxbXFR

As an aside, Tarkin at this point holds the rank of Moff. I think it is four years later that he is promoted to Grand Moff, a newly created posistion.

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Re: Turbolaser bombardment of Mon Cala (the Mon Calamari homeworld)

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We already discussed this at length in another thread.

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