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Norseman's Fics

Post by Norseman » 2005-11-15 11:21pm

Norseman's Fics

Since I am often in a position to show people my fics, but also have to make a new list each time I decided to make this collected list for convenience.

Independent Fiction

92 Days
A Science Fiction war story set in a universe of my own making. It is inspired by World War Two, and can be quite dark in places. It is however not a rerun of World War Two, and the various nations to not correspond directly to World War Two nations.
Work In Progress

Pendleton Fiction
The Pendleton stories are by far my favourite, certainly much superior to my other productions:

Allan Whitcomb Stories:

Pendleton Fic: A Brief Introduction to Pendleton
Essentially what it says, links to the complete description.

Allan Whitcombs' Adventures in Azhistan
Allan Whitcomb now reaches Azhistan and sets forth to explore. This is to my mind some of my best work, it's pulpish yes, but it has a great pace that I like with adventures in almost every chapter. Azhistan for your information is similar to 19th Century Afghanistan.
Finished story

Allan Whitcomb and the Mines of Comrade Suleyman
Allan Whitcomb has to return to Azhistan after an interlude, and after making a marriage proposal. He finds that the Mines of Comrade Suleyman have turned into a great menace to the Republic and must be destroyed! More slow paced and mature, but there's also a stronger plot here.
Finished story

A Very Pendle Christmas and a Happy New Year
Allan Whitcomb returns home for Christmas with his family, his fiancée, and her brother. A heart warming story suitable for all ages, suitable for 12 and up.
Finished story

Operation Golden Serpent
Only tangentally involves Allan Whitcomb. This is the story of Charles Patterson a cyborg mercenary hired by Pendleton to help on Azhistan. The story has a flavour quite different from the rest of the Pendleton stories, and some of the chapters have been written in an "Arabian Nights" style.
Finished story

Inspector Danton Stories:

Inspector Danton & The Red Menace
Inspector Danton comes across a rather peculiar incident when he studies illegal pamphlets brought in to the Bureau of State Security. Can he discover the Communist rabblerousers in time to prevent disaster?
Finished story

Inspector Danton & The Mystery of the Generals Son
Inspector Danton investigates a mysterious murder with bizarre circumstances, soon he finds that this is yet another Communist plot. Can he solve the murder and prevent the scandal from rocking the very foundations of Pendleton?
Finished story

Assorted Other Stories:

The Treasure of Rhys ap Trachmyr!
Professor de Alanville and Captain Huguelet find clues about a treasure left behind by a legendary mage; but its' not before Robert Greenborne, Gentleman Adventurer, makes a stunning discovery that they can truly begin their quest. Grand Adventure and a Treasure Hunt.
Finished story

Stories from Pendleton, Katherine de la Poer
Peculiar but popular story series about Katherine de la Poer, a young Lady from Pendleton, of a good family she also has some magical talent. The story tells of her quest to get into a good magic school, and her behaviour in regards to her parents, and her maid servant.
Work In Progress

Stories from Pendleton: Inspector Lebrija - Introduction
Inspector Lebrija has various experiences in Pendleton. The initial chapters are, I think, quite good and show you a lot of how Pendleton functions at many levels. Towards the end however the story trails off, and though I have finished it I don't think I'll write more Inspector Lebrija stories. Note however it is still worth reading.
Finished story

Collected Scenes from Pendleton
Short usually unrelated collected scenes from Pendleton, things that couldn't fit into any of the stories. I began this due to the incidents with the Inspector Lebrija story, which though good faltered since I tried to squeeze too much into one mans story. Quite short at this time.
Work In Progress

Free Republic of Pendleton (Background)
Essentially a written background on the Free Republic of Pendleton, includes some spoilers but also explains something of the background.

When it comes to DrakaFic there are two items that I find acceptable:

Mission to Moscow
A journalist travels to Moscow to write about the twentieth anniversary after the Communist take over, but there are many surprises on the route.
Finished story

Blood is Thicker Than Water
Guerilla warfare in the Caucasus.
Finished story

Two Stars over Astrakhan
The US and the Soviet Stars united in a life and death struggle against the Snake.
Work In Progress

There is also this one, though it is likely to remain unfinished and I am not too happy about it.
A Journey Through the Dominate
Soviet spy and her journey through the Dominate.
Work In Progress

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