A Very Cool YouTube Channel

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A Very Cool YouTube Channel

Post by Jub » 2017-08-10 11:49pm

I've recently started to watch a channel created by one Isaac Arthur, this self-titled channel covers topics such as the Fermi Paradox, survival around black holes long after even the dimmest stars have spent their energy, as well as some very large scale mega projects. He does have a speech impediment but every video is subtitled and personally, I find his manner of speech relaxing to listen to.

Here's an example video related to terraforming a planet and why there is no quick or easy way to do this with current known technology:

I enjoy his content and figured I would share.

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Re: A Very Cool YouTube Channel

Post by LaCroix » 2017-08-11 07:37am

Yeah, he ist quite entertaining. His section on launch loops and skyhooks is very nice, as is the one about space habitat construction.
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