Authorities in California arrest veteran for planned terror attack.

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Authorities in California arrest veteran for planned terror attack.

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2019-04-29 07:51pm

Suspect is a veteran who converted to Islam, and was allegedly planning to bomb a Nazi rally in retaliation for the New Zealand mosque bombings. He had also discussed subsequent attacks on ports or a train.

The irony is that no Nazis actually showed up to the planned rally, just counter-protesters, so if he had succeeded in launching the attack, he'd have only killed anti-Nazis. ... -1.5115947
A terror plot by an army veteran who converted to Islam and planned to bomb a white supremacist rally in Southern California as retribution for the New Zealand mosque attacks was thwarted, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Mark Domingo, 26, an infantryman who served a combat stint in Afghanistan, was arrested by federal agents Friday while finalizing plans to plant a bomb at a Nazi rally that had been scheduled Sunday in Long Beach.

Domingo was arrested on a charge of providing material support to terrorists. A criminal complaint said he had been planning since March to "manufacture and use a weapon of mass destruction in order to commit mass murder."

Court papers show that Domingo discussed with an informant different types of attacks that included targeting Jews, churches and police officers.

Domingo allegedly said he wanted revenge for attacks on mosques in New Zealand that killed 50 people last month.

Domingo allegedly bought parts, including nails, for an improvised explosive device that would be remotely triggered, but in fact contained inert materials, FBI agent Tasha Coolidge said in an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

He is said to have also discussed making further attacks on the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles or on a train.

White nationalists never showed up to the event on Sunday, but a large group of counter protesters demonstrated.

A message left on a phone listed for Domingo was not immediately returned.
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