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Postby K. A. Pital » 2008-04-06 01:39pm

GAME THREAD: Ongoing political events

Posts in this thread should contain ONLY Editable Nation Information Summaries (or OOBs) and be ONLY made (or edited) by the said nation's Leader.

The first post contains the World Map and the rules, and is editable. It could also contain a small cleaned up historical events section in the future.

Nations Map (renewed, right-click "show picture" and then "shift+reload" to see the latest version if you have an old one stored in cache) || Complimentary Alliances Map >>

1. Rules of international war conduct:

- attacking another nation without a declaration of war (surprise attack post) is to be punished immediately by the relevant Military Treaty (generally most nations fall into one, so there's little issues here), if nation is not in any treaty, it should call it's neighbors for help
- attacking a nation should be done with a 1 real day private (PM) declaration of war to the Nation Leader, to give the opposing party the chance to respond - the maximum wait is 3 days, in case no reply, the nation's government is on hiatus for the game, possibly ;)
- after the private declaration matters have been settled between attacker and attacked, a formal war declaration is issued in the thread, and the war starts!

This is to avoid problems with attacking nations that are inactive, or worse yet attacking an active nation and writing fort a war history before the other party can respond.

NOTE 1: Rules of International War conduct do not apply to intelligence operations and acts of terrorism; however, for such acts a nation or it's leadership could be found responsible and become a target of a real large military operation (like it is in reality)

NOTE 1.1: The development, procurement, proliferation and use of biological weapons has been BANNED by the collective decision of the 1st Great Conference of Nations. Non-signatories to the BAN will still face consequences since SD Nations reserve the full right to protect this small world from biological threats by any means possible.

NOTE 1.2: We should really stick more with tested stuff, i.e. getting something from a real built - or at least attempted to get built - test bed that worked should be the first priority. Serial production types are the best choice.

Something purely off blueprints should be avoided, and is not allowed for the initial military/tech base procurement - you can construct this later on from scratch, but do not show this as "wonder tech", as untested it remains prone to failures, and several years of testbed evaluation are in order before you put that paper plane/ship/AFV into serial production and army supply.

2. Timeflow rules:

Proposed timeflow - 1 month = 1 year, 1 day thus equals 12 days.

Timeflow in effect for Game Year 2010 - the Third Game Year, will be evaluated afterwards.

3. Rules for economy:

Since everything's pretty close to real world, it's clear that large engineering projects which seriously drain the economy will lead to severe economic consequences if started by a nation that has a too small GDP. Cost evaluation should be done by the respective nation. If another nation notices that a nation undertakes a project too large for it's GDP - possibly by miscalculation - it should inform said nation that it observes draining effects on it's economy. If the constructing nation persists, it becomes bankrupt, or faces revolt. These events should be discussed with the Nation Leader via PMs.

The same relates to wars which can bankrupt a nation

Rough lines on what you could have:
1,5 trillion
Generally: 250-500 billion overall expense
Generally: 25-50 billion military expenditures
750 billion
Generally: 100-350 billion overall expense (up to 50% GDP)
Generally: 10-25 billion military expenditures
400 billion
Generally: 100-200 billion overall expense possible (up to 50% GDP)
Generally: 5-10 billion military expenditures
60 billion
Generally: 10-30 billion overall expense (up to 50% GDP)
Generally: 0,5-1 billion military expenditures
6 billion
Generally: 1-3 billion overall expense (up to 50% GDP)
Generally: 0,1-0,5 billion military expenditures

The more or less okay proportions for military spending, more or less, would have over 60% spend on maintenance/pay, while the other 30-40% is spent on production/aquisition of new weapons and R&D, the R&D being between 10 and 20% of overall military spending.

Some simple procurement guidelines for Navy assets - they are not built easily. Spain, which is what the larger nations of SDN are close to, took almost 10 years to comission a carrier, 4 years to launch from the point of where it was laid. Modern frigates take at least 2 years of construction. Everything else falls between the cheapest ships and the most badass expensive ship.

So be careful about the ships you got initially, build sane, don't spam fleets :)

Everything else is up for grabs! :) Since it's close to reality and XX century technology, we don't need too much rules and battle rules since contest outcomes could be determined by the posters common sense.

Bean's Rules of Narrative Flow
Rule number one
Q Created this world he however does not interfere in any major way but once a year normally right after new years day.

Rule number two
If it's not possible in old Earth, it's not possible in New Earth.

Rule number three
This world was created from nothing, it's people were created from nothing, their memories and lives are crafted by Q but did not in fact happen. This world has only one year of history so far.

Rule Four
Natural resources were also created by Q to go on this world, in roughly comparable amounts to what we have on earth, if in totally different locations.

Rule Five
This world has no unclaimed land, new land is Q'd into existence once someone joins the STGOD, if they leave the game their land remains. If they do leave, they should be kind enough to think up a reason they are leaving.
Example, Death by accident, killed by revolutionary's, overthrown by military ectra.

Zor's initial rules for entering the SD Nations World:
Zor wrote:Another thread on these lines.

Today, Q has decided to give the established members of Forum some power, but decides not to have it contested among other Humans, here each established (50+ posts and not banned) board member is given control of a human state on an earthlike planet somewhere far far away. You can bring twenty five humans with you as well as a house full of stuff, as well as a linkup

The planet in question is would be considered paradice by most people's standards. It has terran ecology transplanted onto it and differs from earth geographically, instead of continents, it is a complex maze of seas and islands, most of which are tropical to temperate due to ocean currents and such. Technology level is basically that of modern day earth, with plenty of fossil fuels. The planet is populated with humans, which are basically a good solid mix of ethnic groups from all over earth with religion being done with one quarter being worshipers of moderate versions of Earth Religions that get along well enough with the rest being either atheists or agnostics.

They assume the title of King/Tsar/Imperator/Ceaser/Whatever, a constitutional monarch. You get a nice Palace in a capital. There is a parliament, but that handles internal affairs. You also have connection to Earth to see how things are going, and for a vacation if so you desire, although only you and your 25 relocated people are allowed to go between worlds with only the cloths on their backs and a backpack worth of stuff.

The size and prowess of your nation is based on your status and postcount. All nations have water barriers.

50-1,000 posts (or having a negative custom title) -Dutchy
-An island between 7,500 Square KM
-Either 250,000 people at a first world level of income or 500,000 at a second world level
-A military of 1,000-2,500 personel (depending on US) and a basic fleet of a couple of Patrol boats and choppers for naval policing. You can de-militerize if so you desire, as is the case with every one of these nations.
-Able to meet local demands for basic foodstuffs, as well as having a single industry/resource export of note, GDP $6,250,000,000 USD per year

A "Duchy", at 7,500, is slightly smaller than the island of Crete, at 8,336 (50-1,000 posts [or having a negative custom title]). - Coyote addendum

1,001-2,500 posts-Principality
-An Island/Island chain with 35,000 square kilometers
-Population: 2.5 Million first world, 5 million second world
-A military with 15,000-30,000 personel with a couple of jet fighters, a dozen or so APCs and other light AFVs and a pair of Halifax-class frigate to go along with a fleet of patrol ships
-Able to meat local food demands, as well as having some local manufacuring of consumer goods and resource export, GDP $62,500,000,000 USD per year

A "Principality", at 35,000 sq. km, is slightly smaller that Switzerland, at 41,285 (1,001-2,500 posts). - Coyote addendum

2,501-5,000 Posts-Kingdom
-Total Land Area, 250,000 square kilometers
-Population: 15 million first world, 30 million second world
-Military, 100,000-200,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment to Royal Army, 150 Jet Fighters, 10 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 40 Halifax Class Frigates and 10 modern Diesel submarines
-Able to produce enough food for export, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and some shipbuilding, GPD-$375,000,000,000 USD per year

A "Kingdom", at 250,000 km, is about the size of Italy sans Sicily & Sardinia. (2,501-5,000 Posts). - Coyote addendum

5,001-20,000 regular posters, Senators and mods minimum-Tsardom
-Total Land Area, 500,000 square kilometers
-Population: 30 million first world
-Military, 400,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment to double the Royal Army, 300 Jet Fighters, 20 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 60 Halifax Class Frigates and 20 modern Diesel submarines
-Able to produce enough food for export, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and shipbuilding, GPD-$750,000,000,000 USD per year

A "Tsardom", with 500,000 sq. km. is about the size of Spain...504,030 (5,001 - 20,000 posts). - Coyote addendum

20,001+, Supermods and Administrators-Imperium
-Total Land Area, 1,000,000 square kilometers
-Population: 60 million first world
-Military, 800,000 personel, Comprable armored/motorized deployment comprable to that of the Russian Federation in scale, 600 Jet Fighters, 40 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 120 Halifax Class Frigates and 20 Virginia class Attack subs, one Nimitz class Carrier
-Major food exporter, with industry capable of producing largescale goods such as cars, modern arms industry and shipbuilding, GPD-$1,500,000,000,000 USD per year

For land area remember that an "Imperium", at 1,000,000 square kilometers, is a little bigger than Egypt, at 980,869 sq. km. (20,001+, Supermods and Administrators). - Coyote addendum

There are no other Humans in the star system beyond us and (sorry shep) none of these nations is as of yet has a nuclear arsenal. Each palace is also linked together with a central political web-forum thing for international diplomacy.


1-What do you do with your nation?
2-What happens to this world?


EDIT-On Request of RougeIce, you can modifiy your fleet acordingling...

2 Halifax FFGs Can be exchanged for a 1 Burke DDG
2 Burke DDGs can be exchanged for 1 Ticonderoga CG/Kirov CGN
2 Ticonderoga CGs/Kirov CGNs can be exchanged for 1 Nimitz CVN
2 Modern diesel submarines can be exchanged for 1 Virginia SSN

NOTE 2: military technology could use equivalents from your preferred nations (you could use french, russian, or british CVNs if you so desire, not just US ones) to reflect the different technological branches of the nations just as their different nationalities.
NOTE 3: areas and populations could vary, but the status (as detailed by Zor) gives an upper limit on what you could have as a ruler
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Postby Shroom Man 777 » 2008-04-06 01:53pm

Thanks Stas for making this thread. I hope Crossroads can also post his accumulated findings.

Here is the Sovereignty of Shroomania and the FUNGAL AXIS (btw, Stas, will you be posting that color-map of alliances and organizations?).

The Sovereignty of SHROOMANIA

Land Area: Large

Population: 38 million

The Mushroom Military: Volunteer military though the public's secondary schooling includes some training

2 Yer Mom class mothership submarines: the SSMMNs Yer Mom and the Yer Face - very very large and advanced submarines that can deploy recon UCAVs, special forces teams, or cruise missile strikes.

12 Dolphin-class diesel submarines - SSSs Blowhole, Avenging Narwhal, Dicky Moe, Cracked Kraken, Shamoo, Corporal Keiko, Freed Willy, Hunchbacked Whale, Elephant Seal, Pingu, Fin Fungus, and Merman.

1 Nimitz-class carrier – the SSS Flattop (with 24 F-14D and 36 F-35C Lightning II fighter aircraft, along with support aircraft – i.e. electronic attack, tankers, etc.)

16 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers

60 Halifax class Frigates

2 Zubr landing hovercraft
10 Dzheyran landing hovercraft
10 Murena landing craft

1 KM-class Ekranoplane
2 A-90 Orlyonok cargo/assault Ekranoplane

15 large hospital ships including the SSSs: Sea Surgery, Oceanographic Oncologist, Maritime Medical, Beached Bronchologist, Tidal Thoractomy, the Hydrodynamic Hysterectomy, Aquatic Appendectomy, Naval Nebulizer, Vessel of Vasectomy, Central Sea Colonoscopy, Marine Mammogram, Argo Amoxicillin, Wavy Wellburtin, Seashore Sphygmomanometer and the Pacific Prozac.

The Shroomanian Airforce (SAF) is composed of 240 modern jet fighters and additional support aircraft. The pilots are extremely competent as they are given ace training in a Top Gun air combat institute along with their counterparts in the Navy (60 pilots).

The SAF is composed of the following fighter aircraft:
F-22 Raptor - 80 Units
F-35A Lightning II – 60 Units
F-15 E Strike Eagle – 50 Units
F-16F Fighting Falcon – 50 Units

Along with (since these are technically not jet fighters):
B-1B Lancer – 5 Units
A-10 Thunderbolt II – 30 Units (for Army assistance)
A number of Mil-spec attack helicopters and gunships (also for Army assistance)
Support aircraft

Army and Marines:

(2x British Army roughly)
Standing: 400,000 personnel
Main Battle Tanks: 772 Challenger 2s
Infantry fighting vehicles: 1334 FV510 Warrior
APCs: 8000 M113 + AAVs
Recon units (tracked or wheeled) ~1000 LAVIIIs and FV101 Scorpions
Jeep ~30 000 Land Rovers
Armored transport - 4000 [choose type(s)]
Utility Trucks - 4600 [if you want to, choose type(s)]
Artillery pieces and mortar - 5800 [choose type(s)]
Air Defence - 674 [choose type(s)]

Standing: 100,000 personnel
Main Battle Tanks: Challenger 2s
Infantry fighting vehicles: FV510 Warrior
APCs: M113 + AAVs
Recon units (tracked or wheeled) ~LAVIIIs and FV101 Scorpions
Jeep ~Land Rovers
Armored transport - [choose type(s)]
Utility Trucks - [if you want to, choose type(s)]
Artillery pieces and mortar – 4x Blackbeard battalions (composed of land-attack Fastbeards and SUPER Fastbeards)
Air Defence – 200 ADAT SHORADs and 2x Airbeard batallions
Coastal Defense – 6x Blackbeard battalions (composed of anti-ship Fastbeards and SUPER Fastbeards)

Special Branch:
Developing defensive ABM railguns (suspended)
Developing special submarines (completed)
Developing secret Advanced Tactical Fighter (in progress)

GDP: $750 billion USD

Main Industries: agriculture and fisheries (major food exporter to the FUNGAL AXIS nations), minerals (from the mountain ranges), nuclear energy (also from the mountain ranges), construction (working together with the Red Technocracy to develop smaller nations, such as FUNGAL AXIS constituents), consumer electronics, research into advanced technology, and medicine. Shipping – currently investing in the FCS and ACV projects.

Major Exports
Uranium (we've got lots of peaceful nuclear applications)

Minor Exports


Government: Parliamentary with socialist tendencies, current leader is Prime Minister Shroom the Seven Hundred Seventy Seventh, there are no term limitations.

FUN – Fungal Union of Nations
ISCA – International Sea Commerce Agency

The Fungal Union of Nations (FUN):

Shroomania (me)
Glorious People's Republican Democracy of Blasitification (Losonti Tokash)
Kingdom of Republicburgstatesville (NeoGoomba)
Kingdom of Tiriolia (Tiriol)
The Vortex Empire (The Vortex Empire)
Grand Duchy of Vanaheim (Vanas)
The Shadow Empire (Darth Shady)
Royal Rail Republic (Redleader34)
Republic of One (Zablorg)
New Gottland (Decue)
Republic of Vulpesia (WesFox13)
Sovereign Duchy of Baerne (Master_Baerne)
Duchy of Langley (Shinn Langley Soryu)
Republic of N’ton (Dave)
Qudlivun Free State (Vohu Manah)
II Republic of PeZookia (PeZook)
Bear Republic (Yosemite Bear)
Red Technocracy (Stas Bush)
Glorious Incorporated Republic of Crossrodia (Crossroads Inc.)

The Fungal Union of Nations is an amalgamation of the FUNGAL AXIS and the LUN.

FUNGAL = Free and United Nations’ Greater Alliance for Liberty

LUN = League of Unaligned Nations

The FUN was established during a time when tensions between the OMSK Pact and the MESS power blocs were at an all time high, due in no small part to their development of nuclear weaponry.

Foregoing militarism and belligerence, the FUN instead advocates increased diplomacy and trade between nations and friendly peaceful co-existence. The FUN is mostly composed of Central Sea nations that have prospered greatly due to international trade and the FUN’s purpose is to bring prosperity to all member nations.

However, with the rise of piracy and international tensions, the FUN is also an alliance that ensures security. While aggressive military action is forbidden, the FUN nations do mutually protect each other from threats – so smaller nations can benefit from the bigger militaries of bigger nations.

The FUN emphasizes trade, diplomacy and security. The FUN seeks peace and prosperity. Who wants some FUN?

Everyone is invited.

+ a superior map

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Postby WesFox13 » 2008-04-06 02:11pm

Well Here's some more information of my little nation

The Republic of Vulpesia
Size: Approx. 6,000 sq Km
Population: 250,000 first world income
Military size: 1,000 troops

Main Industries: Gaming computers by "Frostwolf INC." and tourism.
GDP per year: 6,250,000,000 USD
Government type: Constitutional Parlimentary Monarchy.
Current Leader: Lord Wesley Montgomery the First.
Offical Language: English
Languages spoken by citizens: English (75%), Arabic(4%), Farsi (1%), Afrikaans(10%), Spanish (5%), German (5%)
Current Parliment party in control: Labour
List of all Parties and percentage of members of parliment in the party:
Labour: 35 %
Democratic (US style): 50%
Libertarian: 10%
Communist: 5%
Socialist: 5%

The freedoms given to the citizens by the Constitution of Vulpesia:
Freedom of Speach
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of the Press
Freedom of Religion

Power Generation:
Nuclear: 60%
Solar: 25%
Wind: 5%
Geothermal: 10%

Areas of intrest:
Mt. Helios; a 3,421 foot tall sheild volcano that is active. Due to it's unique properties the lava that is oozing down fron it's caldera is very slow running only moving at a rate of 3 cm per year. However the risk of a major eruption is still viable so the citezens of the nation know to evacuate their villages and towns to the main cities in case of an eruption. Geological history shows that a majority of the time during an eruption the lava just oozes out at a much faster rage than normal making the volcano grow by about 2 feet in height and 15 feet wider. Geothermal Power plants are located near by the volcano where there are underwater hot springs which provide the heat necessary to generate the electricity.

Feros Depression: A desert area on the island where the land dips down about 121 feet below sea level. Some believe it's a small crater created when a small asteroid crashed into the Island millions years ago creating the depression however erosion has softened the crater into a sandy depression. This location is also where a majority of the solar panels giving Vulpesia it's Solar energy are located.

Additional Poltical information:
Elections: Open and available to all citizens over 18 years old.
Parlimentary Elections are held once every 4 years
A member of parliment can remain there for a maximum of three four-year terms.
The Republic of Vulpesia also has Universal Health Care so you won't need to worry about major prices for doctors if you are sick.

Age Demographic:
0 to 13: 8%
13 to 18: 7%
18 to 29: 45%
30 to 49: 15%
49 to 60: 10%
60 to 80: 10%
80 to 120: 5%

Religious demographic:
Atheist/Agnostic: 60%
Islam (Sunni): 10%
Christianity (Roman Catholic): 10%
Christanity (Protestant): 10%
Baha'i: 5%
Buddhism: 5%
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Postby K. A. Pital » 2008-04-06 03:13pm

Stas Bush wrote:The Foreign Ministry of Red Technocracy released brief country stats:

Coat of Arms and Flag:

Basic facts:

Land Area: ~300 000 km²

Population: 28,4 million, 1st world living standards

Army and Airforce: universal draft since 18 year old with one year service for all branches of the military.

Standing: 400,000 personnel
Main Battle Tanks 772 T-90
Infantry fighting vehicles 1334 BMP-3
APCs 8000 BTR-90
Recon 1000 BRDM-3K "Lynx"
Jeep 30 000 UAZ-469
Armored transport 4000 BTR-152
Utility Trucks 4600
Artillery pieces and mortar 5800: Nona-S, Msta-S, Coalition-SV, Gvozdika, "Shilka" ZSU
Air Defence 674 S-300 with scarce S-400 - only 2 units active

[reserve stockpiles: older Soviet tanks, BMPs, planes and such. Located in the State Defense Reserve somewhere off Ramenki, Omsk]

Air Force:

AEW&C: 4 Beriev A-50 (w/modernized radars)

Two Ulyanovsk AviaGroups (hosted on RTS Ivan Drago and RTS Ivan Danko):
122 Su-27 planes total, with 8 Yak-44 AEW.
8 Ka-27 ASW helicopters

Mig-35 (Fulcrum-F) - a 4++ generation Jet - 30 units
Su-37/Su-27М2 (Flanker-F) - a 4++ generation Jet - 60 units (PVO and Army divide 50/50)
Su-30 - 20 units
Su-47 Berkut (S-37 test type) - IU entered production run, 20 units
Su-34 - 30 units
MiG-25 Foxbat - 10 units

Strike helicopters for Army assistance:
Mil Mi-24: 20 units.
Mil Mi-28A: 5 units.

MiG SCAT UCAV: 10 units
Tu-243 Reis-D (subsonic): 20 units
Tu-123 (DBR-1) Yastreb: 7 units (13 units so far lost in FY 2008-2009 test launches - drones are irrecoverable)

Strategic Aviation:
Tu-160 Blackjack: 2 machines [armament: two X-90/HELA (AS-19 Koala) or the usual X-55]
Sukhoi T-4 (100): 3 machines [armament: two X-45]
Tu-95 Bear M: 20 machines
[reserve nuclear devices for the Strategic Airforce]

2 Ulyanovsk-type CVNs (pr 1443.7): RTS Ivan Drago and RTS Ivan Danko (traded for 8 Destroyers), both with full air wings and Yak-44 AEW planes.
3 Kirov-type CGNs: RTS "Cog", RTS "Atom" and RTS "Rocket" (traded for 6 Destroyers)
16 Admiral Chabanenko-type Destroyers (pr 1155.1 FREGAT - AB-class Destroyer equivalent)
20 Neustrashimy-type Frigates (pr 1445 - Halifax class equivalent)
20 Lada-type submarines (pr 677)

10 A-90 Orlionok-class Ekranoplans
5 KM-class Ekranoplans
1 Lun-class 3M80 Moskit ASM-armed Ekranoplan (6 launchers)

Special Branch: Space Forces: 6 SPIRAL spacefighters/orbital strike fighters, capabilities classified.

Operates "Molniya-M" and "Soyuz" family boosters.

GDP: ~$795 billion USD
ECSOC economic extrapolations for FY 2011: budget and other wrote:

Code: Select all

Total projected income:
Overall income: 432,3 billion
Direct income taxes (state and private companies): 223.9 billion
Sales taxes: 47.4 billion
Tarrifs: 22.1 billion
Fines and other minor sources: 1.3 billion
Obligations: 2.6 billion

Code: Select all

Projected expenditures: 320,7
Social security: 28,4 billion
Medical services: 75,3 billion
Education: 19,1 billion
Military/Defense: 40,1 billion
Police, firefighting: 7,8 billion
Infrastructure maintenance: 46,7 billion
Investment in domestic industries: 220 billion (including joint Future Bridge: 25 billion into it's construction)
Representative spending: 2,1 billion
Other: 1,9 billion

Projected budget deficit for FY 2011: ~15 billion due to the spending cut for the enormous 1-st year space effort and militarization that resulted from various crises. Still tackling deficit due to the OMSK fallout.

Code: Select all

Military budget breakdown:

Total budget: 40,1 billion
Maintenance and fuel: 13,33 billion
Procurement: 9,35 billion [procurement items classified]
R&D: 7,02 billion
[classified]: 1,4 billion

Other economic ministry figures:
Projected GDP growth: 0,7%
Projected industrial sectors growth: 3,5%

Main industries: energy (thermal, nuclear, hydro), construction, resource extraction (oil, gas, mineral deposits: metal ores, diamonds, uranium), agriculture.

Exports: oil, ores - minor: diamonds, grains


The Red Technocracy is commanded by the Secretary General. It is rumored however that upon the completion of ECSOC, a giant supercomputer, it became sentient and runs most administration tasks, while the Secretary remains a mere figurehead.

Former: OMSK, APCS
Current: FUN

Currently accomplished:
Launched AI system (similar to real world Cybersyn, but much more powerful, most routine operations are controlled by the AI), unknown if the AI passed a turing test and is thus a sentient being

Assisted in joint peacekeeping mission in Syndromia: a CVN group led by Ulyanovsk-class RTS "Ivan Drago" resided in Syndromia's Red Zone and a contingent of 100,000 soldiers stabilized the zone, supplied by RT forces)

Participated in the 1st Great Conference of Nations on the International Law of the Sea

Participated in the 2nd World Conference of Nations

Participated in the 3rd World Conference of Nations

Participated in the FUN Conference 2010
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Postby Decue » 2008-04-06 03:21pm

New Gottland



Capital: Strumpegård
Goverment: New Gottland is ruled by the High Lord of Strumpegård
Population: 518,000 Second world citizens
GDP: 7,55 billion USD
Major Export: Aunt Marias Delicious Fish Biscuits
Member of FUN

Major resources: Iron Ore and Copper
Minor resources: Lead, Zinc, Indium and Aluminium

Universal draft at age 19, one year of service in the army.

2 Battalions of "Mechanised" Infantry (Toyota Pickup Trucks, mostly), 1600 men

5 Patrol boats (named after the 5 major cities)
2 Recon helicopters
3 Small landing crafts (trainers)

State Militia/Reserv:
11 Brigades, ~42000 men (to be deployed within 72 hours)

Air Force
1 An-225
1 BAMF Company, 250 men
4 F-18s

FY 2011 Budget wrote:

Code: Select all

D.I. Tax  2355 Million
sales tax 580 Million
Biscuit sales 880 Million
Tarrifs 40 Million
Fines, Obligations and others 15 Million

Total: 3,87 Billion

Code: Select all


Executive 370 Million
National Defense  75 Million
Education 730 Million
Domestic industries investments 350 Million
Social Welfare & Security 975 Million
FUN 100 Million
Grand Project (c) 900 Million
Other 180 Million

Total: 3,68 Billion

Code: Select all

Military Budget

Maintenance & fuel  35 Million
Procurement [classified]   10 Millions
R&D  5 Million
BAMF 20 Million
Other 5 Million

Total: 75 million

Currently accomplished:

Participated in the 1st Great Conference of Nations

Leasing space for small navy bases to Shroomania and The People's Republic of Canissia

Aunt Marias Delicious Fish Biscuits export success.

Car assembly factory, constructing Armored Fighting Vehicles

Participated in the FUN Conference 2010
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Postby Zixinus » 2008-04-06 03:24pm

Zixinus wrote:My nation:
Monarchy of the Mermaid

Note: the big, black circle in the valley is called Nunblable, an university town where research is conducted. I kinda forgot to mark it.

Size: Roughly 7000 square km
Population: 200 000, first-world level wealth, exact number is unknown due to small rural communities.
Military: 500 strong and armed, plus 100 strong as my personal guard and personal enforcers (which pretty much amounts to delivery and massager duty, and occasional parades), with additional 400 support and technical personal that are part of the military but have not partaken basic training. They mainly form to ensure security, both inland and on sea. Note that the military polices the sea for predators and helps scientific research. The Floating Base, a recent technical achievement given by allies, helps support passing-by military ships by both repairs and fuel and ships in distress. Even friendly, non-allied ships may dock, for a price.

Economy: Over 20% fishery, 30% agriculture, 20% service and remaining percent industry. There is no real export of note, except perhaps birth-control products, some exotic foodstuff and certain... art. Also, there is a vain of rich, heavy materials in the mountains due to volcanic activity that is currently mined and refined. It is not a significant industry as of yet, as the efforts for it are more explored then used.

General tidbit :The name comes from an old legend that is supposedly from the island's founder. The story is a bit long, but in essence, it involves a horny mermaid helping a lost ship find this island. The mermaid supposedly stayed as she fallen in love with the first tribal leader (she was able to change its fins to legs when wished, in case you are wondering). The island was large enough for its economy to grow and eventually reached a point where it was able to form a central government.

History: Thankfully, the island's history is quite bloodless, apart from a few incidents in its distant past due to food shortage. Each new settlement was founded quite early and after taking opportunities in that area. For example, for a long time, Kiki village was a summer resort for most of the time, picking and tending various fruits over the summer.
Otherwise, most of the island's history boils down to various business between various towns and villages, a romantic tale here and there.

Religion: Freedom of Religion protected. There is one monastery that now serves more as library and tourist attraction. There were a few Churches but most are abounded, with the exception of one or two.
Noteworthy is the local polytheist religion, that still survives in the more rural areas and has smaller followings in the cities. This by itself may look rather harmless, as it is mainly hedonistic, but there is a history to them regarding violently-held polygamies. While most practitioners are casual and actually just use the religion as an excuse for their hedonistic practises, police still keep a close eye on mayor followings.

Infrastructure: The Kingdom of the Mermaid has its main farmlands next to Cupil, its two main fishing towns being Callipo and Lunda, Callipo a harbour being open for trade. Lunda also houses a research facility for the Lungfish and Saber project and serves as a landing strip.
The town's roads have been improved over history and are in a state that one with a bicycle can leisurely get around the entire island under a day. There are no cars on the island, however motorcycles are popular (although, I do encourage bicycles for casual travel). There are small trucks that currently transport goods between the islands. A railway system is planned for transporting goods, but we do not have the expertise and necessity to produce it.
Note that small communities also live in the large jungle, these are unmarked as these are usually insignificant and hard to keep track of. Scout towers and ranger huts are also not marked on this map.

Power: One may notice the radiation symbol, the island's sole power plant that supplies over 70% of the power, it is called Mugave, the son of the volcano Hangave (the volcano has been dormant for several centuries). Additional power is drawn from government sponsored solar panels and wind farms near the coast. Some geothermal plant plans have been also made, but are rejected as of yet due to the fact that the island has plenty of power.
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((For reference, anything OOC is in double brackets, as that's the convention I'm used to.))

The Grand Duchy of Vanaheim
Land Area: 34,987 square kilometers

Capital: Valetta

Population: 2.47 million

Vanaheim Defense Forces:

Army: A volunteer organisation of 25,000 men, it has a small armoured compliment, which is planned to be expanded in the future in order to further facilitate peacekeeping operations in the area.

3x Halifax class frigates,

A variety of smaller patrol craft ((Will think of a number later))

The airforce is small but professional, using mainly /D and /E variants of the F-15

GDP: $62.5billion

Main Industries: Agriculture, Tourism, Universities, 67% jobs are service-related.


Government: Sovereign Duchy. Arguably a constitutional monarchy, the Arch Duke maintains a large amount of power over the parliament, though the present Duke seems content to simply make suggestions rather than attempt to strong-arm the elected government.
The Parliament itself is bicameral with an elected lower house and an appointed upper house in an attempt to prevent party politics from winning out.

Fungal Axis
Alliance of Advanced Nuclear Research and Space

((Any omissions and things will be dealt with as soon as I can be bothered.))
According to wikipedia, "the Mohorovičić discontinuity is the boundary between the Earth's crust and the mantle."
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Look little Reference Thread, you're going home! :D
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Postby Vanas » 2008-04-06 04:43pm

((Would it be imprudent to suggest that Voluntaryist Libertopia, our local home of all the insanity in the world gets one of these? If no-one else does, I'll see if I can't knock one up at some point.))
According to wikipedia, "the Mohorovičić discontinuity is the boundary between the Earth's crust and the mantle."
According to Starbound, it's a problem solvable with enough combat drugs to turn you into the Incredible Hulk.

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Man i didn't even see this thread until now.

DarthShady wrote:The Shadow Empire Information:


Imperial flag:


Land Area: Around 7,500 Square KM (a small island)
Population: 250,000 people at a first world level of income
GDP $6,250,000,000 USD per year
Capital City: Sarajevo

Patrol boats and choppers
"Caesar I" *

5000 trained soldiers(15000 planed after the civil war)
65 BTR-60(a gift from the Red Technocracy)
4 T-80 tanks(gift from the RT)
Special forces: The Black Hand

Secret Agencies:
"The Will of Justice"
Fungal Intelligence - Shadow Terminus
[[Shadow's Arm is Legion, Vigilance has Awoken, Terminal Insurance an Obelisk in the Night/SALVATION ]]

50 An-26
9 F/A-18E
2 SUPER F-16
6 F-18s(Shroom Version)

Industries: oil refining, small arms industry, shipbuilding,...

Natural resources:
Major:Oil and Diamonds
Minor:Nickel, Silver, Aluminum, Tin

Exports: small arms, ships,Oil and Diamond Exporter
Imports: machinery and equipment, chemicals,...

Production of Russian Small arms and other stuff:

The Imperial Government consists of:
God Emperor Shady
Elena-Mysterious Female believed to be second in command
Commissar Marek- Commander of the Imperial Army
Commissar Haris- Commander of the Black Hand
Kane- Director of the FIST

Other people that I have invented:
Selena-Elena's sister, former member of the W.I.T.C.H. , a skilled assassin
Col. John Matrix- nuff said
[Further Information will be added later]

Slavic National Confederacy-SNC

Because of the recent civil war Emperor Shady is now guarded at all time by the Death Guard. The Death Guard consists of 500 elite soldiers completely loyal to the emperor.
Death Guard Emblem

Additional Information:
Shroom wrote:The Shadow Empire has purchased two MacMillan stratellites - one communications vessel, and one surveillance vessel.

The communications vessel has enough coverage to cover the Shadow's Central Sea neighbors, while the surveillance vessel has an unspecified coverage.

The communications vessel will be part of the ShroomSat/StratTV network and will broadcast quality FUN networks to and from the Shadow Empire, including explicit pornography produced in Sarajevo.

The surveillance vessel will be used by the Shadow's military in conjunction with the FUN Force and the JASD, and will be partially paid for by the FUN Fund.

Further information shall be released at a later date.
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Postby Zor » 2008-04-06 06:42pm

Soveriegn Kingdom of Zoria
-Total Land Area, 239,000 square kilometers
-Population: 14.67 million first world
-GPD-$375,000,000,000 USD per year
-Capital City, Zortropolis, Population 1,2 million

Compulsory 1 month military training period for all able bodied persons at age 21
-Royal Zorian Army, 90,000 personel, 3,500 of which are currently based in Syndromia
-Royal Zorian Marine Corps, 45,000 Personel, Elite Wing of the Imperial Zorian Military, 1,500 Personel based Syndromia
-Royal Zorian Air Force, 150 Jet Fighters, 75 F-22 Raptors and 75 F-35 joint strike fighters, Twenty C-130Js, Four C-17s
-Royal Zorian Navy, 11 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 6 Kirov-Class Battlecruisers, 34 Halifax Class Frigates and 10 modern Diesel submarines

Member State of the LUN and FYTO

Economy-Primary Industries, Steel, Shipbuilding, Advanced Machine tool manufacture, Wine, Sake, aircraft and missile manufacture, low cost motorcycles

-Primary Imports High Quality Coal, Plastics, Uranium, consumer electronics

-Geography, The Kingdom is composed of one main island, Triangular in shape pointing south with a large bay on the Southeastern side known as Tigershark Bay, which is home to the city of Pacifica, with the Port cities of New Atlantis on the west coast and Victorium on the Northern coast.

Inland the geography is warm and tropical, with vast streches of Grassland and lush forest are four major cities, Zortropolis (the capital), Industria (Largest City and Home to the majority of the Steel Industry), Foundation and New Winnipeg (primary Agricultural Hub of the Nation).

Government-Constitutional Parliamenrty Monarchy headed by King Zor-Ist, benieth him is the House of Equals, the single Parliamentry body of the Kingdom. King Zor-Ist has the power to Veto any internal act with less than 50% of Parliamentry Approval and 95% in the case of Foreign policy. Beneith that are provincial Elections, which are handled in a very canadian manner. The Kingdom's Government runs a top notch education program, with education up to the post secondary level being considered a citizen's right. Non State sponsored education is highly regulated, without a liscened tutor Homeschooling is Illegal and private schools must conform to tight regulations. Economics are comprable to that of most Social Democratic Nations, Buisiness exists but is regulated when approprate, there is an effective welfare state providing services including Universal Healthcare (Canadian System), Daycare and other plans.

Zoria is also head of the Zorian Commonwealth of Nations, which includes the Republic of Syndromia as well as a member of the FUN and OMSK Pact

Flag-A Navy Blue Banner with white Horizontal line through the center, in the center is a Silver Circle with a downwards pointing triangle in the center.
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The Republic of Mangka

A single island roughly the size and shape of Taiwan.

5 Million 2nd world.


Wanhua City

Representative Democracy

(Public) Y.G. Ma
(Private) Yenchin

Vice President
Yuki Amami

Executive Hall
Legislative Hall
Judical Hall

30000 military personnel.
A Squadron of AT-3 training fighters. Willing to negotiate for updates.
1 Burke DDG, medium fleet of coastal patrol ships sufficient to deter illegal sea activity.

Main industry:
Semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology, tropical agriculture, fishing.


The Republic of Mangka is an island nation consisting of a main urban center, Wanhua City and 20 counties. The city lays next to Clearwater Bay, which is a massive trading harbor where numerous cargo is transported in and out of the island. Due to the demand, a new trading port is in the process of being established in the southern part of the island known as "Shingang".

Due to previous policy of the government, other parts of the island besides Wanhua are not so urbanized, and consists of high mountains or agricultural fields. Aborginal tribes inhabit in the mountains and the tribesmen form a large portion of the nation's military. Cooperative exercises with other nations are often held in the mountains.

The massively crowded (30% of the island's population) Wanhua City is also the home to various Triad societies. These societies are currently in a balance of power and are eager to expand to foreign nations. Governmental officials and representatives are highly connected and sometimes complicated reasons are the cause of the deaths of politicians or other crime activity. Nonetheless, people have accepted the fact that the Triads actually maintain a noticable portion of a stable society.

Rumor is that the government is developing biological weapons including those focused on bioterrorism. There are also rumors that the government is funding international activity of the Triads.

Military of the Republic of Mangka

ROM Army
Personnel: 23,000
Armor: 200
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 100
Artillery: 150
Helicopters: 30

Aviation and Special Forces Command
2 Air Cavalry/Airborne Brigades

Northern Division
2 Infantry Brigades
1 Armor Brigade

Southern Division
2 Infantry Brigades
1 Armor Brigade

East Coast Defensive Brigade

ROM Navy
Personnel: 3000 sailors, 5000 marines
Major Surface Combatants:
1 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
-MNS Serpent, Port Shingang, Shingang
3 Halifax Class Frigate (Windrider Class)
-MNS Windrider, Port Suao, Kamalan
-MNS Windwalker, Port Midport, Midport
-MNS Windstriker, Port Toroko, East Coast City
Patrol Craft: 40 Kuang Hua VI Class Missile Craft
Amphibious Craft: 1 Anchorage Class Dock Landing Ship

ROM Marine Corps
3 Marine Battalions
Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion
Amphibious Armor Company
Beach Logistics Battalion

ROM Air Force
Personnel: 4000

Air Force Combatant Group
Weather Squadron
Communications, Air Traffic Control & Information Squadron
Air Tactical Control Squadron
Air Defense Artillery & Garrison Squadron
Education, Training & Doctrine Squadron
Logistics Squadron

Combat Wings:
401st Tactical Fighter Wing: Kamalan AFB flying AIDC AT-3
*2nd Fighter Squadron "Thunderclap"
*4th Fighter Squadron "Thunderstrike"
*Electric Warfare Flight (1 E2 T/K)

402nd Tactical Fighter Wing: Takao AFB flying AIDC AT-3
*1st Fighter Squadron "Lightning Blaze"
*3rd Fighter Squadron "Lightning Bolt"

ROM Military Police

Personnel: 2000

Northern Company
Southern Company
East Coast Company
Night Hawk Company

Major Corporations

FORMOSA Initiative: Pharmaceuticals, Various fields of biotechnology, Semiconductors, Chemical and Petrochemical Manufacturing, Shipping, small arms, Aviation (United Flight Industries, in junction with the ROM Air Force)

Parasol Corporation: Pharmaceuticals, stem cell research, gene therapy

Pharmetics Franchise: Pharmaceutic retailer, local medical service

Current Situations:

-Multiorganism Cloning Vector constructed

Budget of '11

Code: Select all


Item                     Amount         Percentage
Executive                       3,300M   10

ICAC Special                      330M    1

MESS Special                    1,650M    5

National Defense                6,600M   20

Education/Scientific/Cultural   6,600M   20

Economical Development          4,950M   15

Social Welfare                  4,950M   15

Social Development
Environmental Protection          330M    1

Retirement and Comfort          2,640M    8

General Funds and Others        1,650M    5

Total                          33,000M  100


Item                  Amount          Percentage
Tax/Monopoly         26,250M           75
Business/Enterprise   5,250M           15
Fees/Fines            1,750M            5
Property              1,400M            4
Other                   350M            1
Total                35,000M          100

Ever since the establishment of the Independent Commision Against Corruption (ICAC), Triad activity within the government, parliament, and military has reduced dramatically.
Good Mountain Project entering year 2/6.

Added description of major companies.
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Postby Vohu Manah » 2008-04-06 07:19pm

Qudlivun Free State

The Qudlivun Free State is a small, socially progressive nation, renowned for its punitive income tax rates. Its hard-nosed population of 264 thousand have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. A robust private sector is dominated by the Information Technology and Banking industries.

Land Area: 665 square kilometers (same size as Bahrain)
Land boundaries: 0 km
Coastline: 161 km
Maritime Claims: 12 nautical mile territorial, 24 nautical mile contiguous
Climate: arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers
Elevation extremes: 0 m at ocean, 380 m at Sanctuary Fortress
Natural Resources: Major deposits of germanium & silicon with minor deposits of gold, copper, cobalt & titanium.
Land Use: 4% arable land, 8% permanent crops, 90% other uses

Population: 264,212
Population growth rate: 1.392%
Birth rate: 17.53 births/1,000 population
Death rate: 4.21 deaths/1,000 population
Nationality: Qudlivun (singular and plural, noun and adjective)
Literacy: 99% total population

Official Country Name: Qudlivun Free State
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Government
Capital: Niihama City
Administrative Districts: 5 prefectures; Niihama, Indra, Chumong, San-qing, Hwanin
Dependent Areas: None
Independence Day: 02 April, 2008
National Holiday: WTF was Zor thinking Day, 02 April (2008)
Suffrage: 18, Universal
Executive Branch: Chief of State: Grand Duke Vohu Manah (since 02 April, 2008); Head of Government: Prime Minister Armaiti Mazda (since 02 April, 2008); Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by Prime Minister; Elections: Parliament designates prime minister; constitution requires that prime minister commands parliamentary majority; following legislative elections, leader of majority party or leader of majority coalition in Parliament usually becomes prime minister; monarch is hereditary
Legislative Branch: unicameral Parliament (100 seats; members are elected by popular vote by proportional representation to serve four-year terms)
Judicial Branch: Supreme Court (chief justice is appointed by the monarch after designation by the cabinet; all other justices are appointed by the cabinet)
Legal System: Civil law system influenced by customary law; judicial review of legislative acts, except with respect to federal decrees of general obligatory character
International Agreements: Party to: Law of the Sea, Bio-Weapon Ban, International Food Trade Agreement, Freedom of Medical Aid Agreement
International Organization Memberships: Fungal Union of Nations.

Economic Overview: Qudlivun is a peaceful, prosperous, and stable modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a per capita GDP larger than almost any other nation of its size. Qudlivun is a safehaven for investors, because it has maintained a degree of bank secrecy and has kept up the hotei's long-term external value.
GDP: equivalent to $7.1 billion USD
Public Debt: by law limited to 20% of GDP
Current Account Balance: equivalent to $0.9 billion USD
Currency (Code): Hotei (FSH)
Fiscal Year: Calendar Year

Telecommunications System: domestic: modern fiber-optic integrated services; digital network with rapidly growing use of mobile-cellular telephones
international: satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat, fiber-optic submarine laid cable link for near nations
Radio Broadcast stations: AM 2, FM 4, Shortwave 1
Television Broadcast stations: 6
Internet country code: .qfs

Airports: 3, all paved with runways greater than 3 km
Heliports: 5 military (built into ports and terminals), 3 civilian (built into airports)
Merchant Marine: 10x Automated Commerce Vessels (Ships commissioned using names in the following format: QFS-ACV-###; ships are numbered in the order they were received) and 1 Fast Commerce Vessel outfitted as a mobile fishery (Commissioned name: Tinirau).
Ports and Terminals: Niihama City, Indra City, Chumong City, San-qing City, Hwanin City

Military Branches: Qudlivun Ministry of Defense (MoD), Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF), Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF)
Military service age and obligation: 19 years of age for universal compulsory military service; 17 years of age for voluntary military service; the Qudlivun Constitution states that "every Qudlivun citizen is obliged to do military service"; every Qudlivun citizen has to serve for at least 366 days (outside of training) in the armed forces; conscripts receive 18 weeks of mandatory training, followed by seven 3-week intermittent recalls for training over the next 10 years.
Land Based Assets: 16x MH-60R Seahawks and 8x UH-60M Blackhawks are used from land bases (2 MH-60Rs and 1 UH-60M per civil/military helipad). For the purpose of airspace defense 21x New Patrian built AD-3B "Mariner-B" Combat UAVs (real world specs same as MQ-9 Reaper Hunter/Killer UAV) out of the nation's 3 airports (7 airframes per airport with a typical armament of 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder air to air missiles, 2x AIM-120C AMRAAM air to air missiles and 2x AGM-65 Maverick air to ground missiles). Coastal guns surround all ports and terminals. Anti-aircraft guns are deployed around ports, terminals, helipads, and airports.
Mobile Assets: The MSDF Fleet is divided into four distinct commands, each led by an officer with the rank of Captain or Commodore.
MSDF Outer (home port: Nihama City) consists of the QFSS Freyr (Freyr-class frigate specification link with two MH-60R Seahawks), the Halifax-class Frigates QFSS Glaucus, Gae Bulg and Anat (each Halifax-class Frigate carries one MH-60R Seahawk) and the Fast Commerce Vessels (outfitted as helicopter carriers/tenders; each has two MH-60R Seahawks) QFSS Amphiaraus & Paean. The QFSS Freyr will serve as both MSDF Flagship and the command ship for this group.
MSDF North (home port: Indra City) consists of the Halifax-class Frigates QFSS Hanuman and Bellona (each Halifax-class Frigate carries one MH-60R Seahawk), the Fast Commerce Vessel (outfitted as helicopter carriers/tenders; each has two MH-60R Seahawks) QFSS Sakhmet and the Kilurki-class patrol boats QFSS Kilurki, Naga, Bakunawa, Mireu, Imoogi & Gyo. The QFSS Hanuman serves as the MSDF North command ship.
MSDF Southwest (home port: Chumong City) consists of the Halifax-class Frigates QFSS Amphitrite and Izanagi (each Halifax-class Frigate carries one MH-60R Seahawk), the Fast Commerce Vessel (outfitted as helicopter carrier/tender; each has two MH-60R Seahawks) QFSS Iapyx and the Kilurki-class patrol boats QFSS Makara, Yilbegan, Scultone, Balaur, Wyrm & Zomok. The QFSS Amphitrite serves as the MSDF Southwest command ship.
MSDF Southeast (home port: Hwanin City) consists of the Halifax-class Frigates QFSS Havstrambe and Tlachtga (each Halifax-class Frigate carries one MH-60R Seahawk), the Fast Commerce Vessel (outfitted as helicopter carrier/tender; each has two MH-60R Seahawks) QFSS Abbaye and the Kilurki-class patrol boats QFSS Vere Celen, Coca, Zilant, Evren, Drakon & Ejderha. The QFSS Havstrambe serves as the MSDF Southeast command ship.
Other Notable Assets:The GSDF operates a 200 man Special Forces unit (unit designation: Saoshyant) that are tasked with seven primary missions: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, psychological operations and information operations. These forces rotate between land-based duties stations (one 50 man company at each airport) and the QFSS Freyr (one 50 man company). Non-military assets include 1 Fast Commerce Ship outfitted as an oceanic science vessel (Commissioned Name: Astarte) and 4x MH-60R Seahawks operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to support the Astarte. The Astarte's home port is San-qing City.
Military expenditures as percent of GDP: 4% (not including MLIT subsidy)
Military Notes: The MSDF receives part of its budget from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) to operate ships and helicopters to perform maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, marine environmental pollution response, and the maintenance of river, intracoastal and offshore aids to navigation (ATON). The MLIT retains regulatory functions per this arrangement.

Transitional Issues
Disputes - International: The Qudlivun Free State had severed all ties to the Kingdom of New Patria in response to false allegations of intellectual property theft made by the Kingdom. The Kingdom of New Patria did eventually issue a formal apology but relations remain strained for now. The Qudlivun Free State has also closed all territorial waters and airspace to non-civilian UAR craft (defined as UAR flagged ships and aircraft or any other ships or aircraft bound to or departing from UAR territory) as the result of an unprovoked attack on a MESS member.
Illicit Drugs: offshore financial center

This a reposted version of the original write-up, which will no longer be updated.
EDIT 1: Added notation of announced construction of additional patrol boats.
EDIT 2: Nation now a party to International Food Trade Agreement and Freedom of Medical Aid Agreement. Added increase in military budget.
EDIT 3: Clarified exact models of helicopter in use, defined exact numbers & changed links to official manufacturer page.
EDIT 4: Construction of 6 new patrols ships completed. Fleshed out the government, military and transportation fields.
EDIT 5: GDP reflected to note 2.5% increase valued at $156.25 million USD (actual GDP figure $6,406,250,000 USD).
EDIT 6: Noted full severing of ties with New Patria.
EDIT 7: Noted population increase. Ties with New Patria restored but strained.
EDIT 8: Providing list of names for patrol ships and creating a note for link to frigate specs (changed this link in edit 12).
EDIT 9: Accepted delivery of I.S.C.A. order of 17 vessels and helicopters from internal industry. The Qudlivun Free State joins the Fungal Union of Nations.
EDIT 10: Population growth. GDP reflected to note 2.5% increase valued at $160,156,250 USD (actual GDP figure $6,566,406,250 USD). Six new patrol boats completed.
EDIT 11: Added note on resources.
EDIT 12: UAV air defenses noted and activated. Frigate spec sheet page changed (third news item in said post).
EDIT 13: Noticed an error in the government section that I corrected (removed "House of Representatives" reference and replaced with "Parliament").
EDIT 14: Purchased 4 Halifax-class frigates (Wikipedia link) from U.K.B. Reorganized MSDF into 4 distinct commands and outlined their basic structure.
EDIT 15: Effective FY2011 the military budget is increased by 1% of GDP from 3% to 4%.
EDIT 16: Added crappy map.
EDIT 17: Minor change related to map (switched side map was located on).
EDIT 18: Purchased an additional 5 Halifax-class frigates (Wikipedia link) from U.K.B. Named and assigned the ships to respective commands. Minor formatting edits.
EDIT 19: Added note on territorial waters/airspace closure to non-civilian UAR craft.
EDIT 20: Population growth. GDP reflected to note 4% increase valued at $262,656,250 USD (actual GDP figure $6,829,062,500 USD). Current account balance reduced to reflect special appropriations spending previous year.
EDIT 21: Population growth. GDP reflected to note 4% increase valued at $273,162,500 USD (actual GDP figure $7,102,225,000 USD). Current account balance increased as part of additional savings.
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Postby Lonestar » 2008-04-06 07:45pm

The Lone Star Republic

Capital: Austin
El Presidente: Lonestar
Chief of Staff: "Karl"
Secretary of Defense: Eric DiBacco
Secretary of State: Evan Mironov
Secretary of Energy: Ian McDermott
Attorney General/Department of Public Safety: Jerry Journeau
Secretary of Treasury: Wei-lang "William" Chiu

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: GEN Arnold Reinsch
CSA:Edward Thurman
CNO: ADM Oscar Saldana
CSAF: GEN Scott Shultz
Commandant of the LSRMC: LTG James Schmit

Director of NSC: VADM Bill "Baby Face" Davis
Director of NCA: Robert Holtz
Director of NAC: Jim Hickam
Director of BMI: LTG Tim Sharpe.

Assembly Minority Leader: Erwin McFibblestein

CEO, Texas Tobacco Corporation: Pierre Lorillard

3 CVNs(L.R.S. Texas, L.R.S. Yellow Rose, L.R.S. Palo Duro)
5 CGNs(Alamo, San Jacinto, Sabine River, Big Bend, Brazos)
30 DDGs(Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Amarillo, Fort Worth, Lubbock, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Plano, Waco, College Station, Haltom City, Sugarland, Laredo, Odessa, Midland, Wichita Falls, New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, Galveston, Texas City, Port Arthur, Beaumount, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite, Texarkana, Abilene, Arlen)
10 SSNs (Catfish, Roadrunner, Armadillo, Blue Bonnet, Longhorn, Nilgai, Prairie Dog, Horned Lizard, Mockingbird, Bass)
3 Dallas-county Dry Cargo Vessels(UNREP ships)(Dallas County, Denton County, Jefferson Davis County)
5 LHDs(Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, Deaf Smith, Stephen F Austin+, Sam Houston+)
2 Ocean Going Tugs(Comanche, Cherokee)
2 CSGNs(Goliad+, Pecos+)
1 Oceanic Research Vessel(Poseidon)

Department of Public Safety(Coast Guard)
5 Clyde class OPVs(Alert, Defense, Vigilance, Shield, Guardian)
100 Response Boats-medium

+denotes "under construction".

Fixed Wing assets
3 Carrier Wings, each containing:
55 F/A-18Es
4 E-2Cs
2 C-2s
4 S-3s
4 EA-6Bs
16 A-6Gs

Two "Air Defense" Wings, each containing:
55 F-16Es

One ANG wing

1st Marine Tactical Squadron
24 F-35Bs

4 E-767s
10 P-8 Poseidons
14 RQ-4As
30 MQ-8s

14 C-130s
10 C-17s
2 Extremely modified 747-8s for VIP transport.
6 KC-45As

Rotary Wing
6 "Helicopter Squadron-light"(HSL) for the Navy, each containing
12 MH-60R

Army Aviation
100 AH-1Zs
25 ARH-70s
75 UH-1Ys
35 CH-47Fs
8 CH-53Es

24 MH-60G

50 F-35Bs under procurement
90 F-35Cs under procurement

With a whirl and a bang Texas found itself in the world of SDNET, complete with it’s historic boundaries. Now led by “El Presidente” Lonestar, Texas has joined the Multi-national Entanglement of Survivalist States, or, “M.E.S.S.”. Seeking only to go their own way, and support the advancement of mankind, the M.E.S.S. bloc has successful pushed forward to become the leaders in science and the arts.

From the capital of Austin to the “territories brought under compliance” (Eastern New Mexico) the Lone Star Republic leads the way in wildlife conservation and scientific experimentation. When asked about a 300 km “borehole” in the Permian Basin, El Presidente shrugged and said “just a little oil drilling”. That all international observers except members of the M.E.S.S. community have been prohibited from visiting the area has raised suspicions.

The Lone Star Republic is ready to work within the treaty framework of the M.E.S.S. to ensure a better tomorrow.

Major Corporations/Design Bureaus

Texas Instruments- PGMs, SAMs, Avionics
Texas A&M University- Applied and Theoretical Sciences(Plays role as DARPA/National Laboratory)
North Texas Aviation- Formerly Lockheed Martin-Fort Worth. Produces fighter-bombers and transportation aircraft.
Bell Helicopter-Produces rotary wing aircraft, and light transport.
Southwest Power & Electric- engine/propulsion components
Red River Arsenal: Wheeled/Tracked Combat vehicles.
San Antonio Arsenal: Small arms/Infantry equipment.
L3 Aerospace: Manned and unmanned spacecraft.
L3 Maritime systems: Naval construction/repair.
Southwest Marine: Naval Construction/repair.
Kistler Aerospace: Space Systems.

EDIT: Updated for post-war numbers.
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The Most Curious Kingdom of St. George

Image Image


Area: 500,429.3 sq. km (land: 480,412.2 sq. km; water: 20,017.1 sq. km)
Location: to the southwest, between the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Empire of Saddamistan and the Kingdom of Republicburgstatesville
Climate: temperate; humid continental, warm-summer subtype
Terrain: hills and low mountains on the western coast, higher mountains along the north coast, flat uplands to the center and east
Natural resources: oil, metal ores, limited mineral deposits, uranium, fish, granite, limestone, arable land, timber


Population: 30,001,972
Nationality: St. Georgian


Country name: conventional long form: The Most Curious Kingdom of St. George (conventional short form: St. George)
Government type: constitutional monarchy
Capital: Acadia
Legislative branch: bicameral, comprises the Assembly of Selectmen and the Senate
Executive branch: executive and foreign relations powers save war are vested in the monarch and the advisory council, members of which are selected by the Assembly and approved by the Senate. Declarations of war require a concurrence by the legislature, monarch and advisory council, and an advisory opinion by the Supreme Court, except in the instance of an overt military action by a foreign power
Judicial branch: Supreme Court, county-level Appeals Courts
International organizations: presently unaligned
Party to: International Law of the Sea, Biological Weapons Ban, party to free and open nuclear inspections
Anthem: “St. George, Our Free and Glorious Land” (sung to the tune of “That is Rock and Roll” by The Coasters)
Motto: “You Can’t Get There From Here.”


GDP: US$ 850.2 billion
Agriculture: wheat, potatoes, produce, livestock, aquaculture, seaweed farming
Industry: resource extraction and processing, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronic components, heavy manufacturing, consumer goods manufacture
Exports: ((pending))
Imports: ((pending))


Military service age and obligation:18-45 years of age for volunteer service; conscripts serve two years upon reaching the age of 21
Military expenditures – percent of GDP: ((pending))
Military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force; the Coast Guard and a “civil reserve” of conscripts may serve military roles in wartime


Personnel: 79,375
Composition: 1 Nimitz-class CVN, 3 Kirov-class CGNs, 5 Ticonderoga-class CGs, 12 Arleigh-Burke-class DDGs, 20 Halifax-class FFGs, 5 Virginia-class SSNs, 7 Type 212 SSKs, assorted auxiliaries building or budgeted
Organization: Carrier Battle Groups built around carrier RSGS SOVEREIGN, typical accompaniment 2 Ticonderogas, 3 Burkes, 1 or 2 Virginias, 3 Halifaxes; Surface Strike Groups built around CGNs RSGS RESTRAINT, DISCRETION, and PRUDENCE, typical accompaniment 1 Ticonderoga, 2 Burkes, 3 Halifaxes; Territorial Patrol Group comprising 8 Halifaxes and 7 Type 212s

Air Force:

Personnel: 38,394
Composition: ((pending)) 12 P-3C Orion (delivering), 4 P-3AEW (budgeted)
Organization: ((pending)) Includes two maritime patrol squadrons operating P-3C Orion


Personnel: 106,250 (Regular Army)
Composition: ((pending))
Organization: ((pending))


Airports: ((pending))
Merchant marine: ((pending))
Major ports: ((pending))
Railroads: ((pending))

Joint fast ferry service to the Republic of Mangka
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Postby Shinn Langley Soryu » 2008-04-06 09:06pm

The Duchy of Langley



Map: A basic map of the Duchy's territory is available here.
Land area: Approx. 7,500 km²
Climate: Tropical; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers


Population: 500,000
Languages: English (official), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese
Literacy: 99% total population


Country name: The Duchy of Langley
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Ashford City
Administrative districts: 4 counties: Ashford, Katsuragi, Ramius, Stadtfeld
Suffrage: 18, universal
International organization memberships: FUN, ISCA


Gross domestic product: Approx. US$25 billion
Main industries: Agriculture, aircraft parts, entertainment, shipbuilding, tourism


Military service age and obligation: 18-45 years of age for volunteer service; conscripts serve two years upon reaching the age of 21
Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 10%
Military branches: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps; the Coast Guard and National Guard may serve military roles in wartime
Individual arms:

  • Image Colt M1911A1
  • Image Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN
  • Image Heckler & Koch USP (USP45, USP45 Compact, USP45 Tactical, USP45 Compact Tactical)
  • Image Para-Ordinance P14-45
  • Image / Image SIG-Sauer P220 (chambered in .45 ACP)
  • Image Benelli M3
  • Image Benelli M4 Super 90
  • Image Daewoo USAS-12
Submachine guns:
  • Image Fabrique Nationale P90
  • Image Heckler & Koch UMP45
Assault and battle rifles:
  • Image / Image Fabrique Nationale SCAR (SCAR-L in 6.8 mm Remington SPC, SCAR-H in 7.62 x 51 mm NATO)
  • Image Heckler & Koch HK416 (modified for 6.8 mm Remington SPC)
  • Image Heckler & Koch HK417
Sniper and anti-materiel rifles:
  • Image Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (AW, AWF, AW50, AW50F)
  • Image Accuracy International AS50
  • Image Barrett M82A3
  • Image Heckler & Koch MSG-90
Machine guns:
  • Image Browning M2
  • Image Rheinmetall MG3
  • Image Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ultimax 100 Mark 3 (modified for 6.8 mm Remington SPC)
Grenade launchers:
  • Image Heckler & Koch M320 Grenade Launcher Module
  • Image Mk 19 grenade launcher
Anti-tank weapons:
  • Image AT4
  • Image Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
  • Image FGM-148 Javelin
  • Image FGM-172 Predator SRAW
  • Image Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
Anti-aircraft weapons:
  • Image 9K38 Igla (SA-18 "Grouse")
  • Image FIM-92 Stinger
  • Image Starstreak

Total personnel: 12,500
Land vehicle and artillery inventory:
  • Image Humvee x 128
  • Image M1A2 Abrams x 16
  • Image M2A3 Bradley IFV x 32
  • Image M6 Linebacker x 16
  • Image M109A6 Paladin x 16
  • Image M270 MLRS x 16
  • Image M777 howitzer x 32
  • Image M1097 Avenger x 48
  • Image M1117 Guardian ASV x 32
  • Image Ural M-72 x 64
Aircraft inventory:
  • Image AH-1Z Viper x 8
  • Image CH-53E Super Stallion x 8
  • Image UH-60L Black Hawk x 24
Air Force:

Total personnel: 7,500
Aircraft inventory:
  • Image Antonov An-22A x 3
  • Image Antonov An-22P x 1
  • Image / Image AT-45D Strike Goshawk x 8 [NOTE: Modified T-45 Goshawk]
  • Image Boeing E-4B x 1
  • Image Boeing E-767 x 4
  • Image Boeing KC-767 x 4
  • Image C-130J Super Hercules x 13 [NOTE: One has been modified as a VIP transport]
  • Image EC-130J Commando Solo III x 2
  • Image EF-114F Growler x 6 [NOTE: Modified F-14 Tomcat]
  • Image F-16 Fighting Falcon x 8 (F-16XL single-seater x 6, F-16XL two-seater x 2) [NOTE: Fitted with Block 60 avionics and AN/APG-79 AESA radar]
  • Image F-22 Raptor x 24
  • Image F-114F Tomcat x 18 [NOTE: Modified F-14 Tomcat]
  • Image HH-60G Pave Hawk x 4
  • Image KC-10 Extender x 4
  • Image MC-130H Combat Talon II x 2 [NOTE: Modified C-130J instead of H]
  • Image MH-53J Pave Low III x 2
  • Image VC-137C Stratoliner x 1 [NOTE: Assembled from a derelict Shepnukistani Boeing 707; original Pratt & Whitney JT3Ds replaced with CFM56s]

Total personnel: 12,500
Ship inventory:
  • Image Arleigh Burke class destroyer x 3
  • Image Gepard class fast attack craft x 9
  • Image Halifax class frigate x 6
  • Image Sachsen class frigate x 1
  • Image Ticonderoga class cruiser x 3
Aircraft inventory:
  • Image A-90 Orlyonok x 6
  • Image / Image CP-140 Aurora x 3
  • Image E-2D Hawkeye x 3
  • Image HC-130P Hercules x 3
  • Image MH-53E Sea Dragon x 6
  • Image P-8 Poseidon x 3
  • Image SH-60F Seahawk x 36
  • Image STRIZH-1 x 18
Marine Corps:

Total personnel: 10,000
Land vehicle and artillery inventory:
  • Image AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle x 32
  • Image Humvee x 64
  • Image M1A2 Abrams x 16
  • Image M2A3 Bradley IFV x 32
  • Image M6 Linebacker x 16
  • Image M109A6 Paladin x 16
  • Image M270 MLRS x 16
  • Image M777 howitzer x 32
  • Image M1097 Avenger x 48
  • Image M1117 Guardian ASV x 32
  • Image Ural M-72 x 64
Aircraft inventory:
  • Image AH-1Z Viper x 8
  • Image CH-53E Super Stallion x 8
  • Image UH-1Y Venom x 1 [NOTE: Rebuilt from a derelict Shepnukistani UH-1 Iroquois]
  • Image UH-60L Black Hawk x 24
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The Sovereign Duchy of Baerne, as seen from a passing colorblind bird that's been looking at the sun for a very, very long time. I apologize for the lack of detail, but ze drawing, I am not good at it.

Forgeville is the great industrial center of Baerne Island, employing nearly 100,000 Baernish in shipbuilding and other forms of industry.

Fortress Baerne is the capital, so named because of the 75-foot high wall that surrounds the Inner City.

Springdale is a port for fishing vessels, and the Springdale Museum of the Arts is the finest on Baerne Island.

Ravensloft provides a jumping-off point for mining expeditions into the Southern Range of mountains, wherein large iron ore deposits lie.

Brush exists as a historical artifiact, it's place usurped by Springdale. However, it has begun to reassert itself as a center of ACV production.

Greenstone and Drushnal both serve as tintowns, their prime purpose being to process the tin and oil extracted all over Baerne Island.

I opt for the 500,000-person, slightly less comfortable population, since first-world standards of living are vastly out of proportion to the needs of the populace. Being an island, Baernish cuisine consists largely of seafood, specifically swordfish, since I like those. We also make a pretty decent red wine, but not in large quantities due to the lack of space for vineyards.

I will institute a Socialized system of medicine, and install a strictly merit-based education system, insuring that the best rise to the top. Any job that can be handled by a high school graduate will be, insuring that college-educated persons are not wasted in secretarial positions. Anyone found guilty of corruption or misuse of power in my government will be shot, after they "voluntarily" reveal who their conspirators are. Then the conspirators will be shot.

The Baernish folk enjoy music ranging from the Russian and classical, mainly Tchaikovsky, to the Irish and folky, since I happen to like nearly everything. There is a zero-percent illiteracy rate, due to mandatory school attendance every day, barring family emergencies, on pain of my severe displeasure.

Please, come enjoy your stay in the tropical paradise of Baern Island, where the wine is good, the water is blue, and the people are enjoyable.


Area: 7,500 sq. km
Location: Between the Republic of Blastification and Blackadder.

Natural Resources: Oil, limited mineral deposits, fish, tin, wine, offshore uranium.


Population: 710,000
Nationality: Baernish

Country name: Sovereign Duchy of Baerne
Government type: Monarchy, with computerized IQ testing prior to coronation
Capital: Fortress Baerne, a port city with extensive fortifications
Legislative branch: Local councils to decide purely internal affairs by township
Executive branch: The ruling Duke is the absolute ruler of Baerne Island
Judicial branch: Township-level courts, a Duke's Bench, and final approval for executions resting with the ruling Duke
Anthem: "March of Cambreadth", by Heather Alexander
Motto: Baerne Invictus


GDP: $7.75 billion US.
Agriculture: wheat, potatoes, produce, livestock, aquaculture, seaweed farming, swordfish ranches.
Industry: shipbuilding, oil extraction, energy-efficiency research, nuclear power-related industries.
Trade: Tin and oil, primarily with Shroomania and Pezookia, and also the FUNGAL AXIS and LUN. New Gottland represents an especial investment.


Military service age and obligation:18-45 years of age for volunteer service; conscripts serve two years upon reaching the age of 20
Military expenditures – percent of GDP: 7%
Military branches:Army, Navy, Air Force; The Baernish Navy deals with duties normally associated with the Coast Guard during peacetime, and wartime conscripts are remustered into whatever service they did their required time in.


Personnel: 2950
Composition: 30 assorted gunboats and torpedo craft, 2 Arleigh Burke destroyers, 5 La Fayette frigates, 6 Virgina SSNs

Air Force:

Personnel: 220
Composition: 6 Black Hawk helicopters, 6 Apache helicopters, 6 MiG 25 fighters purchased as surplus from the Red Technocracy, 2 Baernish-built F-18s.
Organization: Pending
Notes: An domestic aircraft facility is online outside Forgeville, and production of F-18s has begun. Orders for civilian planes will be accepted shortly.


Personnel: 10,300
Composition: 10 regiments, 2 amphibious with landing craft, 1 armored with T-75s purchased as surplus from the Red Technocracy, 7 motor infantry with APCs.
Organization: See above; 10 regiments of 1000 men, each with 10 companies of 100 men.
Notes: We expect to be installing a Blackbeard missile system shortly, which will be manned by Army personnel.

R&D Priorities: Nukes.

Strategic Priorities: Obtain a sufficiently high number of citizens to support a less paltry military. By peaceful means, of course.

Economic Priorities: Boost sales of ACVs, support oil use and ISCA plans.

Memberships: FUNGAL AXIS
Signatory to the Laws of the Sea and the Biologics Nonproliferation Treaty
JSEZ-Membership Pending
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Postby CmdrWilkens » 2008-04-06 10:12pm

New Map:

Information Updated: Now More Readable:

Nation: Wilkonia



A Brief Addendum on principal exports:

Major Supplies, Major Exports:

Silver (world's largest exporter)
Iron (middle of the pack)

Notable Supplies, Minor Exports:


Moderate Supplies, Moderate Imports:


Minor Supplies, Major Imports:


The Armed Forces of Wilkonia are divided into two broad categories and three branches of service. The major division is into Royal and National Forces. The Royal Forces are under the direct and immediate control of the Monarch. They swear an oath of personal loyalty and serve as the detachments charged with guarding the Royal Presence wherever he or she may travel. They consist of a naval, air and land branch number in total roughly 10,000 members of the 425,000 total armed forces of Wilkonia. The remaining forces are divided amongst the Army (215,000 personnel) Air Force (65,000 personnel) and Navy (140,000 personnel including one brigade of Marines comprising 7,000 total members).

Naval Forces:
For purposes of designation Wilkonia utilizes the US standard naming conventions whereby CV is a carrier, BB for Battleship, C for cruiser, DD for destroyer, FF for Frigate, SS for Submarine. Additional lettering has consistent meaning whereby appended N indicates Nuclear powered, G indicates Guided-missile capable, and B indicates Ballistic-missile capable. For ship naming conventions all vessels are indentified as "His (Her) Imperial Supremacy's Wilkonia Honorary Oceanic Regal Enforcer," or HIS WHORE.

The Order of Battle for the Wilkonian Imperial Navy (WIN)


Natalie Portman-Class (George HW Bush-style Nimitz)
CVN-43 Natalie Portman
CVN-44 Jessica Alba
CVN-45 Scarlett Johansson
CVN-46 Elisha Cuthbert

Stacey Keibler-class (Type 1144.1/Kirov)
CGN-38 Stacey Keibler
CGN-39 Maria Kanellis
CGN-40 Christie Hemme
CGN-43 Trish Stratus
CGN-44 Candice Michelle
CGN-45 Michelle McCool
CGN-46 Mickie James
CGN-47 Torrie Wilson

Ana Paquin-subclass
CGN-48 Anna Paquin
CGN-49 Kate Bosworth
CGN-50 Penelope Cruz

Under Construction:
* Note all ships forward are considered Flight II *
(names have been changed due to the subclass shift)
CGN-51 Evangeline Lilly [Scheduled launch in mid 2012]
CGN-52 Lauren Conrad [Scheduled launch in early 2013]
CGN-53 Audrina Patridge [scheduled lauch in late 2013]
CGN-54 Heidi Montag [Scheduled launch in mid 2014]
CGN-55 Amber Heard [Scheduled launch in late 2014]

Andrea Corr-class (Mk41-type Ticonderoga)
CG-20 Andrea Corr
CG-24 Mandy Moore
CG-27 Sharon Corr
CG-28 Caroline Corr
CG-31 Stacie Orrico
CG-32 Michelle Branch
CG-33 Marit Larsen
CG-34 Marion Raven
CG-35 Sara Bareilles
CG-36 Mariah Carey
CG- 37 Ashley Simpson

CG-21 Geri Haliwell
CG-22 Melanie Brown
CG-23 Emma Bunton
CG-25 Melanie Chisholm
CG-26 Victoria Beckham

CGN(X) - Class
Announced first hull scheduled for 2017

Keira Knightley-class (Flight IIA Arleigh Burke)
DDG-115 Keira Knightley
DDG-116 Sienna Guillroy
DDG-123 Allison Mack
DDG-124 Kristin Kreuk
DDG-125 Summer Glau
DDG-126 Jewel Staite
DDG-127 Charisma Carpenter
DDG-129 Morena Baccarin
DDG-130 Eva Longoria
DDG-131 Emma Caulfield
DDG-132 Michelle Trachtenberg
DDG-133 Eliza Dushku
DDG-134 Kirsten Dunst
DDG-135 Asia Argento
DDG-136 Shannon Elizabeth
DDG-137 Jessica Biel
DDG-138 Kelly Carlson
DDG-139 Autumn Reeser
DDG-140 Tricia Helfer
DDG-141 Grace Park
DDG-142 Kristen Bell
DDG-143 Jennifer Hewitt
DDG-144 Kate Beckinsale
DDG-145 Sienna Miller
DDG-146 Ali Larter
DDG-147 Mischa Barton
DDG-149 Lena Headey
DDG-150 Lacey Chabert
DDG-151 Megan Fox
DDG-152 Amy Smart
DDG-153 Alexandra DiPietro
DDG-154 Melissa Theuriau
DDG-155 Padma Lakshmi
DDG-156 Blake Lively

DDG-117 Daniella Hantuchova
DDG-118 Maria Sharapova
DDG-119 Ana Ivanovic
DDG-120 Anna Chakvetadze
DDG-121 Anna Kournikova
DDG-122 Sandrine Holt

DDGN(X) - Class
Announced Class Replacement in 2017

Adriana Lima-class (Block II Virginia-class)
SSN-501 Adriana Lima
SSN-503 Ana Beatriz Barros
SSN-505 Keeley Hazel
SSN-506 Heidi Klum
SSN-507 Marissa Miller
SSN-508 Elsa Benitez
SSN-510 Veronica Varekova
SSN-511 Daniella Sarahyba
SSN-512 Bar Refaeli
SSN-513 Aline Nakashima
SSN-514- Rebecca Romijn

Under Construction:
SSN-515- Karolina Kurkova [Scheduled launch in early 2012]
SSN-516- Sarah Mutch [Scheduled launch in mid 2012]

Donated to MESS Naval Force:
SSN-502 Alessandra Ambrosio [MS Unseen SSN-1]
SSN-504 Josie Maran [MS Ambush SSN-2]
SSN-509 Molly Sims [MS Audacious SSN-3]

SSGN(X) - Class
Announced Class Replacement Scheduled for 2020

The Naval Air Force consists of 4 full carrier wings (2 aboard ship, 2 training at home) of 62 birds comprising Wilkonian variants of the F-14D, the S-3, the EA-6B, and the E-2C (typical wing comprises 48 F-14Ds, 4 S-3s, 4 E-2Cs and 6 EA-6Bs). This count does not include Helicopters.

A detachment of 48 Wilkonian F/A-18Fs currently serves aboard the MESS Joint Strike Group as MESS CAG-1. The force is currenlty all Wilkonian pilots however plans are for the force to slowly transition to a more multi-national role.

The Order of Battle for the Wilkonian Air Service (WAS)

The Wilkonian Air Srevice is principally charged with defending the air space above the nation and supporting operations of any overseas action once a foothold has been established. It is divided into Defense, Strike, and Service Commands:

Defense Command:
F-22 Squadrons (16 planes each/48 total)
- VFD 101
- VFD 104
- VFD 105

F-16E Squadrons (16 planes each/48 toal)
- VFD 102
- VFD 103
- VFD 106

Strike Command
B-1B Squadrons (12 planes each/24 total)
- VFS 202
- VFS 203
B-52 Squadrons (12 planes each/12 total)
- VFS 201

Service Command
F-15 Squadrons (16 planes each/32 total)
- VFM 301
- VFM 302

KC-767 Squadron (4 planes)
- VFM 305

Future Notes:

Military: Naval aircraft procurement is now capped and CAG size is now funding limited to maintain existing force levels. FY11-FY15 proposed budgets indicate principal aquistion focus on land based squadrons and long term replacement solutions for the F-14D. An existing fund comprising 51.3Bn directly tied to all sales of silver is held separately for emergency war-funding and is not budgeted for any given year and may not be accessed except by royal decree in times of war. Currently Wilkonia is the largest Silver producing nation in Nova Terra with annual production of approximately 16.9Moz. (For reference this is equivalent to the 11th largest producing country in the real world)
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Postby The Yosemite Bear » 2008-04-06 11:43pm


The Bear Republic of Californication:


Leader: Emporer Colin III
Government: elected figurehead supreme ruler, with the senate running everything really.

resources: natural gas, gold, silver, nuclear plants, highly rich farming.
Exports: Food, Pot, Movies, Television, and Tourism

population: 50,000,000
Military: small unit groups of no larger then platoon size, equipped in body armour, and small arms, transported by Helo, or on board ship, as marine defenders.

large numbers of attack and transport helos since the BR has no APCs or main armour.

500 Fighter Bomber trans sonic type:

Frigates and destroyers as per normal for a first grade power.

inplace of Nimitz class carrier & Kirov class CVG

5 C3/EW/EEW Ultrahigh blimps (1 easy targets, no parasite vessels, only anti-missile arments)

Emporer Norton class Airship Bomber: high altitude, big targets, drops guided or cluster release heavy bombs. also contains Air to Air missiles (sidewinder equivalents):Image

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The Foreign Trade Ministry has updated it's Wiki with the following information about the Kingdom of Blackadder

Basic facts:

Land Area: 89 thousand square kilometers
Population: 54.9 million, 1nd world living standards
GDP: 2.01 trillion US dollars/year


Universal Draft military with 3 years of mandatory service, Naval service is voluntarily with a mandatory eight year stint in the Navy at a half again higher pay. Service begins at 17 years of age with a year or less stint in a National Reserve type outfit. At 18 years of age they can remain in the Reserves for the rest of their three years or enlist in the Royal Guards Airforce, the Royal Marines or His Majesties Navy.

OOB wrote:Army:
Standing: 715,000 personnel
Main Battle Tanks 750 Merkava Mark IV, 140 Merkava Mark IV LIC(Urban Combat Mod) equipped with active Anti-RPG systems.
IFV/APC 2500 Merkava IFV Namer variant IFV/APC
Recon 1200 BRDM-3 w/variants
Jeep 40,000 UAZ-469
Armored transport 6000 BTR-80M
Utility Trucks 5000


Artillery(8th, 9th, 11th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 29th 31st and 55th Artillery Battalions)
Nine Artillery Battalion, Each Battalion contains three batteries Each artillery Battery is eight MRLS to twelve Doher 155mm self propelled guns

Air Defence(41st, 42nd, 43rd, 51st, 52nd Close Air Defense Regiment)
283 2K22M1 Tunguska's split up into air defense Regiments,
Each Air Defense Regiment is made up of three mobile batteries each batteries contain two troops, each troop possessing four Tunguksa's. There are at present five active regiments.

(71st, 72nd, 75th Mobile Rocket Air Defense Division)
104 MIM-104 Patriot mixed PAC-2/PAC-3 (70/30) Batteries split up into air defense battalions
Each battalion contains six batteries including HQ and maintenance battary.
There are four active Patriot Batteries, with spares being used in one special purpose battery.

(65th, 67th, 68th Rocket Air Defense Division)
341 S-300 Units VM Batteries split into air defense Divisions, Each Division has three Regiments, each Regiment has three batteries and each battery contains ten units counting command and radar. There are three divisions in operation. The remaining S-300's are warehoused.

(120th, 121st Active, 122-138th planned ABM Air Defense Battalions)
Planned Eighteen S-400 Battalions, Each Battalions is Eight units counting command and radar along with six launchers. Two S-400 Battalions are in full operation mode at this time with four planned to come online each year until 2015.

Air Force:Three mainland groups
White Sands Air-Group near Outer-Heaven:Three Squadrons of F-22's, six Squadrons of F/A-18F. One full Squadron of KC-10A Air-to-Air Tanker, and a half Squadron each of EA-18G's. As well there are two AWACS E-3C craft based out of this airfield as well as one of the Presidential Transports.

Black Mesa Air-Group near New New York: Four Squadrons of F-22's, two Squadrons of F/A-18F. Two full Squadron of KC-10A Air-to-Air Tanker, and a full Squadron of EA-18G's. One AWACS E-3C craft are stationed here.

Plane Totals
490 Planes
Misc Support Craft

588 Planes
Misc Helo's, trainer aircraft make up the other 80 planes

1 Nimitz-class CVNs: HMS:Valor,
Each CVN has Three Squadrons of F-35C's, Two Squadrons of F/A-18F Four, one half Squadron of EA-18G's ASW Helios and misc transport craft.
1 Nimitz-class CVNs:HMS:Valor
12- Ticonderoga CG
24- Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers
38- Halifax Class Frigates
14- Virginia class Submarines

Naval Groups

Home Fleet
HMS:Valor (Nimitz)
6 Ticonderoga CG
12 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers
18 Halifax Class Frigates

North Sea Fleet
3 Ticonderoga CG
6 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers
10 Halifax Class Frigates

South Seas Fleet
3 Ticonderoga CG
6 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers
10 Halifax Class Frigates

Special Branch:Gurkha's, Space Marines

UKB Space Industry Investment:620 Billion dollars to date(FY2011)

32 UKB Royal Navigation Satellites (GPS, MEO Orbit)
(4.1 Billion Dollar Project)

11 UKB Royal Radar Mapping Satellites (1,600 Orbit)
(3.3 Billion Dollar Project)

14 Republic of Vulpesian Photographic LANSAT Satellites. (MEO Orbit 1050-km) V-Landsat MK I's have a sixty meter resolution

6 Republic of Vulpesian MK II Photographic LANSAT Satellites (MEO Orbit 1040km) V-Landsat MK II's have a forty meter resolution
(2.5 Billion Dollar project)

2 Republic of Vulpeasia WORLDVIEW MK II Observation & Mapping Satellite(MEO Orbit 1025km) V-WORLDVIEW MK I's have a one meter resolution

12 Shroomanian/UKB GEO Communication/Internet Satellites. (36,000 KM)
(1.7 Billion dollar project)

3 UKB Royal Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite(GOES)
(.8 Billion dollar project)

3 Test Loads related to testing for the manned mission
3 GLADOS: Red Technocracy GEO Security Satellites HEO Orbits.
1 Load Practice Spacecraft , fueled and pressurized
1 Load Live test with two dogs in the Spacecraft.
1 Load UKB/Red Tech/Shepnukistiain Cosmonauts
2 Loads UKB/Red Tech Cosmonauts for space station
(Total Cost 3.4 Billion dollars)

45 HISCO MEO Satellites(1,400 KM Orbit)
(27 Billion dollars to date, 31 Billion dollar final cost estimate)
The HISCO System provides a host of abilities, communication, satellite internet, direct point to point video transmission. And

The Kingdom's army is made up of Reservists who train regularly with small arms, anti-tank and anti-air MANPAD style weaponry. Gifted draftee's are chosen to cross-train in heavy AA or coastal craft. The who excel during mandatory service are offered the chance to join the Royal Marines which maintain a standard first world ground force with high emphasis placed on Armored protection(Ala-The Israeli's) over speed and similar concerns.

The main Marine base is near Black Mesa Naval Air station with training facilities and bases outside all five major cities. As well as scattered training bases in the interior.


GDP:2.01 Trillion dollars US dollars/year, focused along high-tech lines space industry. with a heavy investment in mining, space industry's and research.

Main industries:Outer Heaven International Space Station, Liberty City Gold Mining, Crown Platinum and and Tungstun mining. Missile construction, High Techworkers. Space Industry, Trading.

Natural resources: Tungsten, Platinum, Goldare present in large amounts in the mountains of the island

Exports: Tungsten, Platinum

The Kingdom is ruled along British lines except the Monarch has both the right off Veto and final say on any decelerations of war. The Monarchy is charged first and foremost with overseeing the long-term heath of the Kingdom and can only be removed by death, mental heath reasons or a super-majority in the House of Lords(Super Majority defined as 70% or more) years of benevolent rule and a mostly hands off approach have resulted in high stability and a public love of the King who is content to guide his nation rather than to drive it.

Notable People of the UKB
High Government Officials
His Grace King Joseph Blackadder the VI
Charles Spencer-UKB Prime Minster
Austin Finlay-Lord Chancellor
George Martin- Speaker of the Commons
Lord Richard Wolsey-Lord Speaker

Director's and Minster's

Admiral Jack Ryan, Chief of Naval Operations
Secretary Jesus Garcia, Director of the Office Media Affairs
Director Horace Granger, Director of Intelligence
Akashi Koji Minster of the Department of State,
Lord Robert Patrick-Minster of the Department of Foreign Affairs

Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jack Ryan
General of the Royal Army, William Popov
Michael Price, Former Captain in the Royal Marines, Currently serving as CO of the UKB Gurkha's.
Bernard Gordan, Vice Admiral of UKB Southern Fleet
Brigadier General Brian Aldrin, Executive Officer, Office of Threat Analysis and Target Tasking(OTATT)
Lt Betty Jackson, Junior Planner OTATT
Major Jonathan Griffith, CO, Royal Communication Division
Lieutenant Juri, Defense Headquarters Watch Officer
Doctor Kieth Monroe, Rocket Scientist and Lead Designer for HISCO Satellite system.

Media & Civilians
Aleister Crowley, BBC Presenter
Jim Aldridge, BBC Presenter
Peter Greste, BBC Reporter
Joseph Radcliff, BBC Reporter
Venessia Clark , BBC Reporter
Orla Guerin, BBC Reporter
Captain(ret)Ed Rendell, BBC Naval Expert

OOG updated(Satellites)/Naval Groups
OOG updated Satellite loses
OOG updated Important members of Goverment
OOG OOD update
OOG Space Update
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Shrouded Isles Nation:


-Area: Roughly 7,500 square kilometers
-Climate: Tropical, with the occasional hurricane, and extremely rainy season.
-Terrain: Volcanic, the Eastern Island still has an active volcano.
-Vegetation: Heavy, with full tropical jungles, specially on the eastern island.
-Fauna: Scarce. Worthy of note is the national bird, a colorful yet extremely irritating parrot.

The eastern island is almost completely uninhabited, apparently due to the active volcano, although it might have something to do with tribal traditions too.


-Population: 300,000 confirmed residents, second world level. 125,000 confirmed emigrants.
-Government: Unknown, but apparently, some form of oligarchy.
-Capital City: Mercavaia


-Resources: Unknown, theorized to be Bananas.
-Main Industry: Oddly enough, consumer electronics and robotics.


Apparently demilitarized, unverified.

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Welcome to the Neverhood. It should be a wonderful, place of research and scientific betterment. So long as nothing Goes Wrong. :D .
Welcome To The Neverhood!

Basic facts:
Land Area: 460,000 + 30,000 (Island - The Works) + 2,000 (Series of tiny islands)
Population: 29 million, 1st world living standards

National Service : Universal draft & national service since 19 years of age, (however this can be delayed until after a university education), with 1 year of service for all branches of the military, or national/civil service (Such as education or programming, which are heavily encouraged in lieu of military service). Exemptions are possible under 2 conditions:
  • 1) Exceptional scientific talent or ability, traced through aptitude programs (The National Excellence Program) - In this case free university education is given, under the condition that work is done in the government fundamental science labs for a number of years equal to 3/4 of the years in Uni. Only the best are allowed into this program, and it is highly desired due to the excellent conditions, and massive demand in the private sector for graduates.
  • 2) Exceptional business abilities (Raising companies during university or beforehand) - This is rarer, and carries far less prestige. Under this clause, exemption is granted but Income tax is increased by 15% until a variable sum (going from 500,000 to 5,000,000 USD Equiv, based on the person's basic economic status) is paid via this way.

Armed Forces:
The army is very small & demilitarized (Less than 2% GDP, slightly less than Japan), due to many personnel serving as part of the national/civil service, as well as a conscious focus on a small, professional peace-keeping army with a high level of technology & support, with a strictly defensive focus.
Military, 280,000 personnel, Comparable armored/motorized deployment to the Royal Army (Half normal starting size), 300 Jet Fighters, 18 Arleigh Burke-class Destroyers, 50 Halifax Class Frigates and 18 modern Diesel submarines. (Smaller than the standard)

Special Branch: Space Materials & Dynamics, 20 billion annual investment in Space race Technologies and designs only, as well as some high-technology components. (Infrastructure is located elsewhere in the Omsk pact, including sattellite launches).
City 42 - The second largest Research & university city in the Neverhood, built & funded jointly with City 42. Hosts a variety of foreign students (From friendly nations, especially the OMSK pact), under the condition that they meet the criteria & demands of the National Excellence Program. (Including years of service). Many end up staying. Located near the Uranium mines, but uses hydro & solar power extensively in the mountains. Future plans include a Particle accellerator, but the budget does not suffice for this yet without cutting out other ongoing projects.

The Archives - Among the largest universities & cities in the world, and home to those accepted into the National Excellence program, along with the top 15% of university students from across the Neverhood. The area is also a technological hothouse due to the large amounts of graduates of the program who go on to create technology & start-up companies. (The large lake, excellent fishing and direct railway to the sea and tourist resorts don't hurt either).

The Works Nanotech plant - Investment in High-precision manufacturing techniques is done in the island of the Works, spurred on by the depletion of resources there, and the resulting surplus in engineers and government subsidies encouraging companies to boost their R&D budgets greatly.

Nuclear, solar & Hydro power is used, with the latter being most common in the canals, and solar Mandatory on all civilian houses (4 panels minimum, 80% Government subsidy). Few Nuclear power plants exist, but construction towards them is being accelerated with foreign aid due to the increasing cost of oil from the depleting fields, and the discovery of Uranium in the mountains. (15 billion USD in training, and construction a year).

11% Of the governments GDP is directly devoted to (Fundamental) research including even R&D subsidies for private companies (A large tax-break is given) as well as the meat of government performed research by various labs, crewed by graduates of the National Excellence Program. (Irregradless of University budgets, & the shared Space & Nuclear programs)

GDP: $900 billion USD (Following growth and the recovery of stolen assets by fleeing officials after the annexation, as well as years of 10% growth).
Main industries: Energy (Nuclear,Hydro), resource extraction (gas, diamonds, uranium), Tourism, high-technology projects (including aviation, communications, computer-aided design and manufactures, High efficiency Undersea & deep-mining technology, Space technology, fiber optics).
Mineral resources exist, including oil, but are depleted or have high extraction costs (In the case of the oil), barring Uranium, Diamonds & Metals (recently discovered, and easier to reach due to silting of the channels).
Exports: High technology (Mainly to the Omsk pact), Services, patents, diamonds & diamond cutting


(Stop laughing! at my drawing)

Parliament, with 3-5 parties. Monarchy has supreme power, with the king being elected by parliament out of a pool of candidates (Who must go through the national excellence program, even if only in the applied sciences, let alone political studies).

Universal Healthcare, Singapore style. (Free, basic coverage with a token payment for use, and private plans available on government organized clinics).
Immigration is encouraged, albeit with tight education or skill-set requirements, this is tricky due to the many tourists who come to the mountains, seasides and to tour the canals & lakes).
Taxes are moderate, with an income % Capital gains tax kicking in on incomes above 18k USD a year, and going up to 55% on Income Tax & 67% on Capital gains Tax (Billionares). Flat taxes are relatively low (Progressive taxes carry most of the government, along with a substantial amount of government funded companies, and patents [10 year limit]).
Research and education are the nation's mainstays, due to the centuries ago depletion of the once rich coal, gold, & oil reserves, and the renewed emphasis on "Added value labour" along with a strong educational focus on high levels of education (In all fields).
University studies are highly subsidized, but on a sliding scale, Pure arts are unsubsidized, While Physicists, material engineers, Computer Designers (AI) pay 1,500 USD a year (Not including schollarships). Private universties cost more, but many exist, especially to service foreign students, and do benefit from generous tax exemptions & grants.

A universal Genetic & fingerprint database is kept of all citizens and any entering the country. the central servers are storied underneath The Everhood in the lake. (Many Datacenters follow this practice to save on cooling costs).
Urban life is highly centralized, with extensive canal & Underground Metro & overground trains (Electrified). All the large cities have a minimum 8 block building limit, and smaller cities have a minimum 4 block limit, as a long term policy. Suburbs exist in the Capital City of "Garden", spread along the lake to its other side, with transport carried over the lake, the great bridges although entrance to the "Everhood"/Royal Palace is prohibited barring educational tours.

Title: King Hoborg the 303d, Patrician of the Waterways, Sovereign of the Everhood, Supreme Knowledge worker, Vassal of the OMSK pact, Slayer of the Klogger-beast and Marshall of the Dread War-Bot Bil.

National History will follow later. (I need to try to find a budget pie, to help me figure out if my research numbers make sense)/
EDIT: Nation added for newcomers

Edit: I have been...persuaded by my beloved, perfect overlords to hand over all reigns of power ot them ;). I am retiring from the game, to live in a small tropical island populated entirely by experiemental cloned concubines.
The Neverhood's entire policies are now managed by my trusted lieutenant K[color=red]logg [/color]da Evil. He shall run it, as he would for me, under the orders of Stash-Shep.
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phongn wrote:Incorporated Republic of Tonkin


Also known as: Tonkin, Inc., Tonkin, IRT

Population: ~29.8 million as of last census

Land Area: 486,000 km^2

GDP (PPP): USD $750bn

Government: Corporate Technocracy. Tonkin is run as a large corporation in a strictly meritocratic manner. Continuous performance and process reviews, complete with outside-contractor reviews, have ensured stable and efficient governance. The Board of Directors meets in Hue.

Foreign Policy: Despite major economic ties with other nations, Hue's foreign policy remains relatively isolationist, disdaining entangling alliances. What foreign policy efforts do take place tend to be based on free-trade initiatives.

Demographics: The majority of the population live in high-density cities with extensive public transportation systems. City planning has de-emphasized the need for the automobile; however, cars remain exceedingly common for jaunts outside the city and for rural use. Large scale rail and highway networks developed. Well-developed education system.

Climate: Generally dry in the interior; the fertile coastal plains have monsoon-like rain patterns.

Economy: Heavily based on mining. Extensive reserves of strategic resources; emphasis on mass nuclear power deployment, refining. Extensive mechanized rice production. Consumer goods typically imported from overseas. Surprisingly for a corporate state, the government possesses and wields extensive regulatory power. However, softer methods of coercion are preferred rather than heavy-handed investigations, fines and other such hard methods.

Military: The military is primarily organized around the defense of the Republic and to ensure the security of critical SLOCs. However, power-projection abilities remain deliberately weak. A heavy carrier force has been deliberately eschewed in favor of a large number of STOVL-equipped SAGs. The efficiency of this doctrine has been subject to considerable debate and criticism, especially from most other navies' carrier-centric forces.

Maritime Self-Defense Force:
    6 Surface Action Groups
  • 1 CSGN (2 EH-71 (AEW), 6 AV-8D)
  • 2 CGN-42 (2 MH-60R ea)
  • 1 SSN-21

+ 8 Type 212 SSK for littoral defense
+ 12 AV-8D for training (BAe Sea Harrier FA2, AESA, up-engined)

Air Self-Defense Force
108 F-116E Kestrel (LM CL-1200 proposal, F110, AESA)
96 F-114F Tomcat (Grumman ASF-14 proposal, F110, AESA)
24 EF-114F Growler (ASF-14 outfitted for electronic warfare)
24 P-7 Poseidon

Fighters are typically equipped with AIM-95C (Agile), AIM-120E (FMRAAM), AIM-152B (Hughes/Raytheon AAAM proposal)) for air-superiority. AV-8Ds and F-116s carry Agile and FMRAAM; F-114s carry Agile and AAAM.

n E-767 (AESA AEW)
n KC-767 (Tanker)
n C-130J (Tactical Airlifter)

Ground Self-Defense Force
The TGSDF is deliberately organized as a defensive force; it is much smaller than most nations' armies of comparable size. By far the largest component is Air Defense Command (ADCOM), which maintains batteries of SAMs and ABMs. ADCOM operates SM-2ER IVA and ESSM batteries. Missile Defense Command (MIDCOM) operates a midcourse-interceptor ABM (ERIS) and a 200G point-defense ABM (HEDI)

While the GSDF has relatively few armored vehicles, it does possess a significant amount of tube and rocket artillery for coastal defense. Furthermore, a large number of truck-mounted antiship missiles are deployed.

No manned space program. Space launch via commercial launch services.

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Postby MKSheppard » 2008-04-08 12:34am

The Republic of Shepnukistan

Land Area: 1 million Square Kilometers
Population: 60 million
GDP: $1.5 Trillion

Army and Airforce: All-Volunteer Military.


Main Battle Tanks 3,500 M1A1D Abrams (conversion to M1A2s underway for national guard service); 4,500 M1A2 Abrams, 540 M5 Grierson (ATAC) -- full procurement of 7,000 M5s is underway at the rate of 720 tanks annually; when complete, the M5 will replace all Abrams in active service.

Infantry fighting vehicles 3,000 M2A2 Bradleys, 4,102 M2A3 Bradleys; 500 M6 Meades -- full procurement of 7,000 M6s is underway; at a rate of 700 annually.

Air Defense Artillery 60 x PATRIOT Batteries defending all major areas. Soon to be supplemented by MIM-173C ASAT batteries. Planned expansion to ABM system in future.

Artillery pieces (kinds detailed later) 7,500

Air Force: 805 Combat Aircraft

Air Defense Command
3 x Fighter Wings (70 x F-22As Each)
6 x Heavy Air Refuelling Squadrons (19 x KC-10s Each)

Total: 180 F-22As, 114 KC-10s (294 A/C Total)

Strategic Air Command
5 x Bomb Wings (35 x B-1Cs Each; Re-engined B-1Bs with high altitude performance)
2 x Strategic Reconnaisance Wings (35 x RB-1Ds Each; Modified B-1Cs)
2 x Strategic Fighter Wings (70 x F-22As)
10 x Heavy Air Refuelling Squadrons (19 x KC-10s Each)
1 x Strategic Command Squadron (6 x E-4B)

Total: 175 B-1Cs, 190 KC-10s, 70 RB-1Ds, 140 F-22As and 6 E-4Bs (511 A/C Total)


Typical Ships in the ROS navy.

3 x Ford Class CVNs (air wing consists of 24 x F-14E Super Tomcats, 36 x F-35 Lightnings, 6 x S-3 Vikings, and the appropriate number of helos and HAWKEYES). Due to turnaround limitations only one CVN and it's Air Wing are deployable at any time; however, in a crisis this can be surged to two deployed CVNs and wings.

20 x CGN-42s

11 x CG-47s (being phased out as fast as CGNs can be built)

30 x DDG-51s

20 x Virginia Class SSNs

Special Branch: [classified]
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Postby General Deathdealer » 2008-04-09 03:56pm

Country Name: Grand Duchy of Baal
- Leader: Grand Duke General Joseph "Deathdealer" Sanguinius
- Capital: Sanguinius
- Government: Heredetary Monarchy
- State Religion - Methodist
- Alliance: M.E.S.S.
- Land Area: 9,104 Square KM Island
- Geography:
-----Baal Primus: A temperate climate creates vast areas of fertile farm land throughout the center of the island. There are small mountain ranges going North to South along the Eastern and Western parts of the Island. The mountains generally reach no higher than about 200 feet above sea level.
-----Baal Secundus: A largely mountainous island, it’s mountains contain vast resources of iron, coal, gold, titanium, and other mineral resources.
-----Baal Terzus: A large island surrounded by many small islands that is largely unpopulated. About 10 years ago a large oil pocket was found that is said to rival the oil fields of Kuwait. Oil Fields are still being built, but currently about 1,500,000barrels a day are pumped from the oil pockets.
-----Baal Quartus: An unpopulated island off the west coast of Baal Primus. Recently the Baal Industrial Chemical Corporation has built a chemical plant on the island. Their reasoning is that if there is an industrial accident, there won’t be many people who will be affected by it.
- Location: 100 miles off Southeast coast of Shinra Republic
- Population: 370,600
- GDP: $10,500,000,000 USD per year
- Major Export: Rum, Oil, Petroleum Products
- Minor Exports: Palladium, Tungsten, Titanium, Coal, Tanzanite
-Power Generation 26Gw at Max Production:
-----Hydro - 9 Dams producing 18Gw at Max Production
-----Solar - 10 Solar Farms producing 4Gw at Max Production
-----Wind - 4 Mind Farms producing 1.3Gw
-----Geothermal - 2 Geothermal sites producing 2.6Gw at Max Production
- Military:
--Manadatroy 2 years service at the age of 18 in either Active Army, Reserve Army, Army Air Corps, Navy, or Merchant Marine.
-----Active Army(~10000)
----------82nd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
---------------Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company
---------------1 Recon Squadron
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
--------------------2 Motorized Recon Troops
-------------------------14 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles/Troop
--------------------1 Dismounted Recon Troop
---------------2 Infantry Battalions
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------3 Infantry Companies
--------------------1 Heavy Weapons Company
-------------------------8 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles
-------------------------8 Up Armored HMMWVs with Javalin Launchers
---------------1 Fires Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
--------------------Q-36 Radar
--------------------Q-37 Radar
--------------------Target Acquisition Battery
--------------------3 Firing Batteries
-------------------------8 M777 155MM Howitzers/Company
--------------------1 MLRS Battery
-------------------------8 HIMARS
---------------1 Brigade Support Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------Distribution Company
--------------------Maintenance Company
--------------------Medical Company
---------------1 Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB)
--------------------BSTB Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------MI CO
--------------------Signal CO
--------------------Engineer CO
--------------------Air Defense Artillery Company
-------------------------6 Platoons of 8 Avengers each
-------------------------2 Platoons of 8 HUMRAAMs each
--------------------UAV Company
-------------------------16 Predator UAVs
---------------1 Attack Aviation Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------2 Recon Company (RAH-66)
-------------------------10 RAH-66 Comanches
--------------------4 Attack Companies (AH-64D)
-------------------------8 AH-64D Longbows/Company
---------------1 Assault Aviation Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------4 Assault Company (UH-60)
-------------------------10 UH-60M Blackhawks
--------------------2 Heavy Lift Company (CH-53)
-------------------------12 CH-53K Super Stallions
----------101st Air Assault Brigade Combat Team
---------------Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company
---------------1 Recon Squadron
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
--------------------2 Motorized Recon Troops
-------------------------14 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles/Troop
--------------------1 Dismounted Recon Troop
---------------2 Infantry Battalions
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------3 Infantry Companies
--------------------1 Heavy Weapons Company
-------------------------8 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles
-------------------------8 Up Armored HMMWVs with Javalin Launchers
---------------1 Fires Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
--------------------Q-36 Radar
--------------------Q-37 Radar
--------------------Target Acquisition Battery
--------------------3 Firing Batteries
-------------------------8 M777 155MM Howitzers/Company
--------------------1 MLRS Battery
-------------------------8 HIMARS
---------------1 Brigade Support Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------Distribution Company
--------------------Maintenance Company
--------------------Medical Company
---------------1 Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB)
--------------------BSTB Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------MI CO
--------------------Signal CO
--------------------Engineer CO
--------------------Air Defense Artillery Company
-------------------------6 Platoons of 8 Avengers each
-------------------------2 Platoons of 8 HUMRAAMs each
--------------------UAV Company
-------------------------16 Predator UAVs
---------------1 Attack Aviation Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------2 Recon Company (RAH-66)
-------------------------10 RAH-66 Comanches
--------------------4 Attack Companies (AH-64D)
-------------------------8 AH-64D Longbows/Company
---------------2 Assault Aviation Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------4 Assault Company (UH-60)
-------------------------10 UH-60M Blackhawks
--------------------2 Heavy Lift Company (CH-53)
-------------------------12 CH-53K Super Stallions
----------1st Special Operations Company
---------------Personnel and Equipment Classified
----------1st THAAD Battalion
---------------1 Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
---------------4 Firing Batteries (9 THAAD Launchers each)
-----Reserve Army (~5000 Personnel):
----------1st Armored Brigade Combat Team
---------------Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company
---------------1 Recon Squadron
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
--------------------3 Recon Troops
-------------------------14 M3A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicles/Troop
---------------2 Combined Arms Battalions
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------2 Infantry Companies
-------------------------14 M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles/Company
--------------------2 Armor Companies
-------------------------14 M1A2SEP Abrams/Company
---------------1 Fires Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
--------------------Q-36 Radar
--------------------Q-37 Radar
--------------------Target Acquisition Battery
--------------------3 Firing Batteries
-------------------------8 PzH2000 SP Howitzers/Battery
--------------------1 MLRS Battery
-------------------------8 M270A1 MLRS
---------------1 Brigade Support Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------Distribution Company
--------------------Maintenance Company
--------------------Medical Company
---------------1 Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB)
--------------------BSTB Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------MI CO
--------------------Signal CO
--------------------Engineer CO
--------------------Air Defense Artillery Company
-------------------------6 Platoons of 8 M6 Linebackers each
-------------------------2 Platoons of 8 HUMRAAMs each
--------------------UAV Company
-------------------------16 Predator UAVs
---------------1 Aviation Battalion
--------------------Headquarters and Headquarters Company
--------------------1 Assault Company (UH-60)
-------------------------10 UH-60M Blackhawks
--------------------1 Heavy Lift Company (CH-53)
-------------------------12 CH-53K Super Stallions
--------------------1 Recon Company (RAH-66)
-------------------------10 RAH-66 Comanches
--------------------3 Attack Companies (AH-64D)
-------------------------8 AH-64D Longbows/Company
-----Army Air Corps (~2500 Personnel):
----------10 F/A-18 Super Hornets
----------40 C-141C Starlifters
----------10 KC-135T Stratotankers
-----Navy (~5000 Personnel):
----------2 Arleigh Burke DDGs (1x5” Gun, 1x32 Cell MK42 VLS, 1x54 Cell MK42 VLS, 2xPhalanx, 2xTriple Torpedo Mounts, 2xMH-60R Seahawks): HGS Black Rage, HGS Red Thirst
----------8 Legend Class Maritime Security Cutters (1x5” Gun, 4x25mm Cannons, 6x.50CAL, 1xPhalanx, 2xMH-60T Jayhawks): HGS Blood Angel, HGS Blood Drinker, HGS Angel Encarmine, HGS Angel Sanguine, HGS Angel Vermillion, HGS Lamenter, HGS Angel Porphyr, HGS Angel Penitent
----------12 Hamilton Class High Endurance Cutters (1x5” Gun, 2x25mm Cannons, 4x.50CAL, 1xPhalanx, 1xMH-60T Jayhawk): HGS Angel Redeemed, HGS Angel Reverant, HGS Angel Vigilant, HGS Angel Vengeant, HGS Angel Repentant, HGS Angel Penance, HGS Iron Angel, HGS Flame Angel, HGS Damned Angel, HGS Angel Absolute, HGS Blood Disciple, HGS Blood Sword
----------8 Famous Class Medium Endurance Cutters (1x5” Gun, 2x.50CAL, 1xMH-60T Jayhawk): HGS Dante, HGS Mephiston, HGS Corbulo, HGS Lemartes, HGS Tycho, HGS Moriar, HGS Cluetin, HGS Amareo,
----------8 Reliance Class Medium Endurance Cutters (1x75mm Cannon, 2x25mm Cannons, 2x.50CAL, 1xMH-60T Jayhawk): HGS Michaelus, HGS Raphael, HGS Rafen, HGS Arkio, HGS Leonardo, HGS Donatello, HGS Angellicus, HGS Sanguine

-----Merchant Marine (~5000 Personnel):
----------20 Panamax Class Bulk Freighters (1100Ft x 110 ft)
---------------Can carry 5000 20 ft containers, Armed with 8 25MM Cannons
----------20 Aframax Class Tankers (1700ft x 150 ft)
---------------Can carry up to 800,000 Barrels of oil or other petrochemicals, Armed with 8 25MM Cannons
----------20 Large FCS Container Ships
----------5 Large FCS Liquid Cargo Ships

- Major Industries:
-----Mephiston Army Tank Plan
----------Location: Mephiston
----------Work Force: 1000
----------Production Capability: M1A2SEP, M2A3 BFV, M3A3 CFV, M6 Linebacker, PzH2000, M270A1 MLRS
----------Production Max Capacity: 30 of any vehicle per month. 120 vehicles per month with increase in workforce to
-----Tycho Civil Aviation Facility
----------Location: Tycho
----------Workforce: 500
----------Production Capability: Leer Jet sized aircraft
----------Production Capability: 4 Aircraft per month. 12 aircraft per month with increase in workforce to 1500.
-----Rafen Civil Aviation Facility
----------Location: Rafen
----------Workforce: 500
----------Production Capability: Cargo Aircraft up to C-141 size.
----------Production Capability: 3 Aircraft per month. 9 aircraft per month with increase in workforce to 1500.
-----Leonatos Rotary Wing Production Facility
----------Location: Rafen
----------Workforce: 1000
----------Production Capability: AH-64D, RAH-66, UH-60M, CH-53-K
----------Production Capability: 6 Aircraft per month. 18 aircraft per month with increase in workforce to 3000.
-----Sanguinius Shipyards
----------Location: Sanguinius
----------Workforce: 15000
----------Production Capability: Military ships up to Ticonderoga Class and Civilian ships up to Aframax Class.
----------Production Capacity: 300,000 DWT/Year
-----Dante Shipyards
----------Loaction: Dante
----------Workforce: 2000
----------Production Capability: Military ships up to Ticonderoga Class and Civilian ships up to Aframax Class.
----------Production Capacity: 50,000 DWT/Year
-----Angelus Drydocks
----------Location: Angelus
----------Workforce: 1000
----------Cabability: Capable of handling ships up to Aframax size (1700ft x 150 ft)
-----Romius Armament Works
----------Location: Romius
----------Workforce: 500
----------Production Capability: Weapons up to 155mm.
-----Cluefir Munitions Factory
----------Locatrion: Cluefir
----------Workforce: 200
----------Production Capability: Ammunition up to 155mm
-----Animus Munitions Factory
----------Location: Animus
----------Workforce: 1000
----------Production Capability: Hellfire Missiles, 2.75IN FFAR, Stinger Missiles, Maverick Missiles, AMRAAM Missiles, Sidewinder Missiles, Sparrow Missiles, Harpoon Missiles, Tomahawk Missiles, and Bombs up to 2000 lbs.
-----Sanguinius Automotive Corporation
----------Location: Sanguinius
----------Workforce: 3000
----------Production Capability: All vehicles including Semis.
----------Production Capacity: 500 Cars per month.
-----Sanguinius Military Automotive Corporation
----------Location: Sanguinius
----------Workforce: 500
----------Production Capability: All sizes of military wheeled vehicles to include Strykers.
----------Production Capacity: 80 HMMWVs per month.
-----Angelus Oil Refinery
----------Location: Angelus
----------Workforce: 750
----------Production Capability: Can produce 20 Million Barrels of petroleum products/year
-----Angelus Oil Refinery II
----------Location: Angelus
----------Workforce: 2000
----------Production Capability: Can produce 60 Million Barrels of petroleum products/year
-----Telesto Steel Works
-----Stele Iron Mines
-----Morleo Coal Mines
-----Baal Quartus Industrial Chemical Plant
----------Produces chemicals used in industrial manufacturing facilities.
-----Isiah Gold Mines
-----Baal Terzus Oil Fields
----------Produces 2,000,000 barrels a day
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