They all float down here.

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They all float down here.

Post by Borgholio » ... ornia-city

WASCO, Calif. - If you have a fear of clowns, you may want to steer clear of one town in California.

Strange clowns have begun roaming the streets of Wasco, Calif., at night.

IMAGES | Mysterious clowns haunt Calif. town's streets by night

People who live in Wasco have taken photos of the clowns, who have been spotted all over the city in the middle of the night.

No one seems to know why they're there, or who is behind the appearances.

City police said there has been no criminal activity linked to the clowns.

People in the city have even turned the clowns into minor celebrities, seeking them out for photos every night.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Napoleon the Clown »

Our plot unfolds. The time is at hand. You will all convert.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Aasharu »

God damn, looking at those pictures; those clowns fall straight into the uncanny valley.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Arthur_Tuxedo »

It's okay, I didn't need to sleep this week anyway.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Tanasinn »

Sounds like an ARG or some publicity stunt for Halloween.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by LadyTevar »

The one shown in the car window was not the same as the other pictures. The other clown seems to not want to get close to people.

Maybe it's a restless spirit. ;)
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Kuja »

No one seems to know why they're there, or who is behind the appearances.
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Re: They all float down here.

Post by Raw Shark »

Lon Chaney wrote:There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight.

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