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My Stories

Posted: 2018-10-31 09:08am
by InsaneTD
For a while now I've been debating with myself as to whether or not I should post my rather amateur stories to the site. Finally decided why not. This is not my first story but the one I decided to post.

Part of the reason behind this one was I had heard about how it's supposed to be possible to use the power of suggestion in stories to add extra affect. Pretty sure I failed if it is even true but hey, was worth a try.

Conspiracy Theory

"People call me crazy. Tell me I'm wrong. But I'm not crazy, just know the truth. See, there are these creatures. Spiders actually. Don't know where they came from or why they act the way they do. All I know, is they use us."

"They use us?"

"Yep. There's one on you right now. On me too. That itching on the back of your head, that's one. Lump on the back of your neck is how you know you've been bitten."

"Why can't I see them?"

"It's their poison or venom or whatever it is. It hides them from our eyes somehow."

"Why do they do this, bite us, hide from us."

"I dunno. "

"Surely they have reason."

"They surely do. I don't know. How would I know!"

"Ok, I believe you. How did you see them?"

"I've never fully seen one. They are always just outside view. Corner of the eye stuff. I've met people though, people who have seen them. Couple were even scientists. They told me a scan of the brain stem showed evidence of the bite."

"What kind of evidence?"

"They said that there was some kind of build up, it causes itching. They used a heap of technical, medical type jargon. Others have seen them. Been told certain drugs block the effect. Marijuana is one"




"How should I know! I'm just a bloody truck driver!"


Behind a one way mirror.


"It's getting harder to cover up after these people."

"I know."

"More are showing up."

"I know."

"Where is the immunity coming from?"

"It's not an immunity."

"Then how do you explain this?"

"None can see the Attalory."

"Not yet anyway."

"Think that bit about marijuana is legit?"

"Don't know enough to say for sure."

"The Queen will need to know."

"I know."


Back inside the room.


"This gentleman will take you to a place you can rest."

"That itch annoying you?"

Re: My Stories

Posted: 2018-11-26 04:49am
by InsaneTD
Black Dawn.

The wonder drug. That's what everyone was calling it. The latest chemical concoction to save humanity. Everyone thought big pharmaceutical would be the ones to find it, but it actually came from some barely funded little lab, researching some little known disease. It cured the disease. And as always seems to happen, someone who had the disease and some other ailment, was cured of both. Which of course, caused more people to take it, one of them had something else as well. Well before you knew it, every research group, think tank and lab was researching what this drug, which was supposed just be a cure for one little known illness, could do.

It had another side effect, one everyone who took was very interested in keeping to themselves. It didn't just cure every virus know to man, plus a couple other types of infection, it also made them heal faster. Not just healing a cut in a day instead of a week kinda deal. People were regrowing muscle, bones, one even regrew an eye. Once this was found, it quickly find it's way onto the black market. Of course, the kinda people who sell these drugs off the books, aren't the most creative, the drug itself was a black chemical, and it was the dawn of a new age of health.

Black Dawn was the largest growing market, both legally, and illegally. It took a surprisingly long time for someone on the drug to actually die. A bike accident. Poor bastard was side swiped riding to work, came off the bike and landed on the side walk. How do you die from that you ask? A glass window was being replaced on the third story, one of the guys installing it lost his grip and then it was falling. Everyone calls Bullshit on that story but it's true. Talk about bad luck. Every newspaper, blogger and TV network carried the story for a week. And then it gets stranger.

You see, he didn't stay dead. Day of his funeral, guy starts breathing again. Didn't wake up though. Not long after that, two dozen more people were all in the same ward, all alive after dying, all breathing on their own but all appeared brain dead. Another month and hospitals all over the globe were dedicated to looking after the living dead. A month later, the unimaginable happened, the first guy woke up. He sat up in his bed, and promptly attacked the nurse that came to check on him.

Wasn't long after that they all started waking, but none of them were themselves. They acted more like dogs with rabies. That was two years ago. Most everyone who took it is dead now. See they are attracted to those who've had it. No-one I've spoken to can figure that one out. There are still some small communities around the place. People who survived, walled up their towns, the odd wack job compound, I even heard about a group living on an aircraft carrier. Anything that might keep the zombies from getting in.