Need help finding the source of a mis-remembered quote

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Need help finding the source of a mis-remembered quote

Post by paladin »

I'm trying to find the source of quote that goes something like "Do not be angry with her. You should be sad since she will never know how much you truly cared for her."

From what I can recall the main character gets rejected by a girl he has a crush on. He goes to a mentor that can see how angry and upset the main character is. After explaining his situation to the mentor. The mentor calms the main character down by explaining you can't force someone to love and if he wants to feel anything toward his crush it should be sadness and not anger.

I think it's from a movie or TV program. I tried a Google search and come up with nothing.

The details I provided are probably so vague that it's impossible to find the correct quote and origin.
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Re: Need help finding the source of a mis-remembered quote

Post by LaCroix »

I do remember that...

From TJ Hooker...
“Why should I be sad? I have lost someone who didn’t love me. But they lost someone who loved them.”
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