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Darth Yan
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Darth Yan »

didn't know the guy but from what I saw I liked him. this is horrible and I truly wish his family and friends condolences. My aunt just died a few months ago and her daughter had to make the call over whether she would get treatment or be left to die. So I know what it's like.
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K. A. Pital
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by K. A. Pital »

Whoa... May he rest in peace. Condolences to all involved in the situation.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by TithonusSyndrome »

Fuck, that's shitty to hear. I'm really sorry to hear it, I never knew him or anything but he seemed like a decent guy and a model poster.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Crayz9000 »

The Duchess of Zeon wrote:Damnit. I'm never, never going to forget that STGOD where he was a new guy and he intervened in Queen Halite's invasion of the Milky Way with millions of warships powered by FTL "Lumina Drive" of his own devising and I think it was Strowbridge--or someone of that age--who made the crack "Lumina drive is FTL? My Lumina can't even make 65!". Damnit, but he took it well and he played his hand well, and he later on proved not just a nice gamer but a decent person here with evolving and very mature attitudes. Losing him is losing a part of the good in the world.
Yeah, I remember that one too.

Suicide is a strange thing. I doubt I will ever understand anyone's motivations for doing so, but my thoughts certainly go out to Setzer's family and friends since they have to cope with his decision and that is the hardest part.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Tinkerbell »

Oh my god, this is horrible.

I've been there, and it's such a dark dark place. The only thing that had prevented me at the time was that I knew my family and friends would be devastated (even if I had no idea why they would be) and I thought it would be selfish of me to go through with it. That got me through while I had time to work on those issues. I struggled with that for years. I so sympathize with the way he felt.

This has been said before, but when someone really has their heart and mind set on taking their life, there isn't anything anyone can do about it. It sounds horrible and cold but it's the truth. The decision to live must be made for yourself. If you've ever quit smoking or made some other life change for someone else, it's not sustainable unless you really want it for yourself as well. Not to liken suicide to smoking, I just mean that unless somewhere inside of you you want to live, no one can make you want that.

My sincerest condolences to his friends and family, and those here on SDN who were close to him.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Kurgan »

Sorry to hear that. That should never happen to any human being.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Vympel »

Feel terrible that I only noticed this thread now. Will miss him.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by montypython »

Vympel wrote:Feel terrible that I only noticed this thread now. Will miss him.
Same here, condolences to everyone who knew him. :(
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Big Orange
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Big Orange »

I'm sad to hear of Setzer dying so suddenly and tragically like that, he seemed an OK person.
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by MysteriousDarkLordv3 »

Damn. Come on after Christmas and this happens.

Damnit I LIKED Setzer! We had some off-forum conversations about the politics of the BattleTech universe, and he was fun to discuss it with. I didn't know him better than that, but I LIKED him!

May he find Peace.
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Darth Wong
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Darth Wong »

Terrible news. My sincerest condolences to his family. I can't help but wonder if we would have seen the signs if we knew him in real-life. There's so much that might be going on anyone's life or in his mind which he doesn't reveal in public.
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General Brock
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by General Brock »

I'm sorry for your loss. Its always difficult to lose a friend. Survivor guilt is inevitable. While I never knew Setzer, it seems the good guys have lost another from their ranks.

There may or may not have been many things you could have done or did not do. Setzer was his own person, made his own decisions for good or ill, and this most final of choices was his to make.

As one of the living, you might consider taking a lot more vitamin D, perhaps even consider an injection. Fish-derived omega-3 may help treat depression. Best to check that they do not interfere with any ongoing meds.

If you live far northern country, there is a possibility of chronic vitamin D deficiency, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. While fair-skinned people recover somewhat over the summer, non-whites do not recharge on vitamin D from the sun as quickly; asians and blacks in particular, because of their darker skin.

Some nordic caucasions cannot process omega-3s from vegetable sources such as flax to the EPA and DHA very efficiently, so a fish oil such a cod liver oil might be the best omega-3 winter supplement. Cod liver oil delivers a fairly complete package, but be wary of the cheaper stuff that uses artificial vitamin E as a preservative.

Deficiency peaks in the spring, after the long winter in the northern hemisphere; its takes about 6 months for regular intake to really soak in, although some people find immediate results depending on how bad off they have been. Most people don't get enough omega-3s anymore in their diets.

Remember your friend in a good, honest way, as the friend he was, and that will always be with you and something positive to live for and share with others. ... izophrenia ... s-1.153434
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Re: Setzer has died

Post by Dalton »

You will always be remembered here, Setzer.
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