[Jub] A note regarding IvP and taunting the staff

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[Jub] A note regarding IvP and taunting the staff

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I just wanted to take a moment to address the ban of Jub.

Tensions are running high now with the absolutely devastating, horrific news coming out of that area of the world, and I totally understand that emotions are in turmoil and folks here are rightfully angry and upset and lashing out. In the same breath, while we do have an IvP moratorium here, that only applies to the history of that conflict, and not to current events.

Jub violated that rule when they posted "Israel was a mistake.".

Some people found that statement offensive, and that is understandable, because it can be perceived as anti-semitic despite Jub's intentions. LadyTevar locked the thread because of that violation, but I want to clarify that it the moratorium is only on the history of the conflict, not on current events. In any case, she had a private discussion with Jub in which she told them not to say that phrase again.

We have a long-standing rule here that you should not dare us to ban you, because we will take you up on it. Jub dared us anyway, so we banned them. Not because of their stance on the conflict, but because they showed a flagrant disregard for the authority of this board's moderation, aside from their past history of being warned and banned for provocative behavior (to wit: saying that we supported genocide if we banned them).

My DMs are open to anyone who wishes to talk about this. As always, if you disagree with this decision, you are more than welcome to contact Mike.
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Reason: I was informed that Jub came out as NB and prefers they/them pronouns. Post updated accordingly.
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