Fort Salem (TV show)

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Fort Salem (TV show)

Post by madd0ct0r »

Slowly watching through it on iPlayer.

Premises so far is
1) at the Salem witch trials, one witch struck a deal with the USA government. Now witches, matrilineal descendents of the Salem witches form the cast bulk if the USA army. The story follows three witches as they go through basic training.

2) lots of commentary on military/political complex, main enemy in season 1 is a terrorist group of witches known as the spree, lots of refections of 9/11 where people throw themselves to their death and household objects become sources of fear

3) magic is based on notes and seed notes with harmonics. It has the handy trick if being special effect budget light but when someone is on edge if loosing it you can HEAR the magic crawling up their throat.

lots of teenage drama. Enjoying it so far.
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