Race in the wheel of time

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Race in the wheel of time

Post by mr friendly guy » 2020-05-11 10:16am

I didn't realise that people obsessed over race in the Wheel of Time. :lol: If only these people obsessed with characters being played by non white people who they think were white, would apply the same standard to the Last Airbender. :D

An example of this interest in race in WoT given in the video is that some people thought Andor was analogous to England,therefore the characters are white. Now I just thought Andor was generic fantasy white country, but I am wrong. Their first queen had dark skin, and its quite ethnically diverse.

This video is good, but buttressed with quotes to suggest that the a lot of countries are ethnically diverse, kind of like real countries. One particularly damning quote for those proponents of "Eamonds field is white" is when Elaida confronts Rand in the Eye of the World, and expresses surprise he is from the Two Rivers because his skin is so pale. Rand is descended from Aiel who are definitely white.

Thus some of the main characters could be white, but because of the evidence presented, I think there is enough leeway in canon that they could be darker skin individuals as well, especially since Jordan who was obsessed with describing what each character was wearing, didn't care enough to describe their race. So its not really a big deal to say, have Egwene played by Indigenous Australian actress Madeleine Madden, even though the book covers show her as white (think book 2, The Great Hunt, the editions in the 1990s).
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Re: Race in the wheel of time

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2020-05-11 11:07am

Yup. Another series, another cast that isn't as white as a Klansman's headgear, and the limp-dick brigade comes crawling out of the woodwork to whine about the "war on white men" (aka how dare people who don't look like us exist?).

Fuck them all. Its gotten to the point where I actively want an all-Black Women Lord of the Rings remake just to spite these motherfuckers.
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