HBO's Watchmen (Spoilers)

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HBO's Watchmen (Spoilers)

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So, the pilot has aired. And it's weird. I was mostly confused watching it throughout.

We start off with Tulsa in 1921, and the racial violence of that era. We watch as a child escapes with his life, and takes a baby under his care.

Cut to 2019. It's a very different world. Cops are in fear for their lives, and wear masks at all times while on duty. Even being a cop is considered bad by society, and you have to have some sort of alibi as to what your profession is and how you're spending your time. Cops have to vote by majority before they're even allowed to arm up. At the same time, the cops have a free hand to abduct, interrogate, brutalize, and torture suspects.

In the background, we have squid rainstorms, a rich odd man having servants calling him master, sightings of Doctor Manhattan on Mars, Robert Redford as president for years being considered bad by conservatives on talk radio, with Reparations having happened under his administration, and Vietnam is now a US state.

And that's what I'm able to glean from my initial viewing. And I'm unsure of what they're trying to spin here, and in general, what's going on. Is cop brutality being justified? Is white supremacy? Are Reparations? Or are they being criticized and shown as bad?

What did you think?
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