Transcripts of Last Exile DVD Vehicle Entries...

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Transcripts of Last Exile DVD Vehicle Entries...

Post by Spanky The Dolphin » 2007-02-10 01:37am

I did these over a couple of days in early August with the intention of putting them up here on the board a few days later, but my computer suffered a corruption error that put it out of commission until January. So now I've decided to put them up for others to see.

Basically I simply transcribed all of the text from the vehicle entries that were featured in the liner notes of Pioneer/Geneon's DVD releases for the anime series Last Exile. I thought they might be of use to other members who are fans of the series who either don't have the DVDs, or do have them but would like access to all the information collected all in one place.

Keep in mind for those who haven't seen the series or are progressing through it, that the information for Disc Seven is a massive spoiler, so it would be best not to read it.

DVD Volume One - First Move
-Claus' Vanship-

It used to belong to Claus' father and was the first vanship built for breaking through the Grand Stream.

Length: 30.84ft (9.4m)
Height: 6.66ft (2.03m)
Wing Span: 7.5ft (2.29m)
Body Length: 21.98ft (6.7m)
Crew: 2
Empty Weight: 2183lb (990kg)
Takeoff Weight: 3201lb (1452kg)
Powerplant: 670hp (nominal)
Power Loading: 2.17
Maximum Speed: 243Kt (10000ft/3000m)
Service Ceiling: 27230ft (8300m)
Fuel: 26.4galx2 (for races 13.2galx1)
Range: about 1000NM (100kt) / about 600NM (200kt)
DVD Volume Two - Positional Play

The Silvana has a matching set of bridges, fore and aft. The basic layout is the same, both fore and aft, and it is possible to control the ship from the aft bridge in an emergency. Starting from the top is the upper listening post, the upper lookout command center, lower listening post, battle bridge, navigation bridge (operations room, lower lookout post), night warfare bridge (officer's lounge, captain's and executive officer's ready rooms, signal cabin, chart room), and conning tower.

The Silvana's armor utilizes new-generation armor plating, providing her with the equivalent projectile resistance of the armor on a Claimh Solais-class vessel at half the thickness. The plating is especially thick along her sides at 15.75" (400mm), making it exceedingly difficult for existing cannons to penetrate it.

This Vanship launch deck is one of the great differences that sets the Silvana apart from other ships of the same class. It was built around the premise of utilizing Vanships, and five Vanships can take off from here simultaneously.

This was done with the main aim of increasing her ability to operate independently to search out enemy vessels, and this alone clearly illustrates the difference between her operational objectives and that of other ships.

There is also a launch deck on the ship's ventral side, and a lift for Vanship use goes from the upper launch deck, through the hanger deck, and extends all the way here to the lower launch deck. There is a hook used to snag Vanships on the lift's lower surface, and using these, it is even possible for Vanships to launch from beneath the lower launch deck. Permitting pre-launch work to be done on the next Vanship when the lift is raised all the way to the upper launch deck, this design allows the ship's single lift to be used at maximum efficiency.

Her Claudia Unit is itself a standard Guild type, but it is completely integrated into the ship, so this Unit will not detach as they do in other ships. Furthermore, because the same Unit also powers a ship far smaller than typical ships of the line, it makes it possible to fortify a craft with heavy armor without sacrificing high speed.

Used to keep watch over the ship's aft, and when Vanships are using the lower launch deck. A private stairway extends inside the ship, allowing personnel to come and go without going outside.

Utilizes an unballanced rudder. The base of the rudder runs all the way through the ship from its superstructure to its belly, forming a vital part of the ship's frame. This is used when turning port or starboard. Vertical movement is achieved by making adjustments to the Unit.


LENGTH: 482.3' (147m)
BEAM: 201.8' (61.5m) (between flank plates, excluding gun turrets)
BETWEEN BULGES: 152.6' (46.5m)
POWER PLANT: vertical five-stage compount Claudia Unit
HORSEPOWER: 182,000 (ship design)
SPEED: 160.3 knots
CLOUDLINE BELT: 9.84" (250mm)
FLIGHT DECK: 2.4" (60mm)
CONNING TOWER: 11.8" (300mm)
DECK: 2" (50mm)
TURRETS: 9.5" (240mm)
ARMAMENT: 2 x 12" (305mm)/45 cal in 1 twin turret
8 x 8" (203mm)/50 cal single-mounted rapid-firing gun
8 x 10" (254mm)/45 cal single-mounted cannon
10 x 8" (203mm)/45 cal single-mounted cannon
24 x Jet-propelled Shell Launchers in 6 quad-mount arrays
CREW COMPLIMENT: 248 (full 777)
VANSHIP LIFT: 1 x Dual-level design
AIRCRAFT: 6 x regular use
2 x spare
2 x jumbo Vanships

The Silvana's armament employs a propellant fluid system (rather than steam) that was developed in secrecy. Penetrating power produced in the case of a direct hit against standard armor plating on Anatoray ships of the line is as follows, and they possess over fives times the range and over three times the penetrating power of the cannons of standard ships of the line.

(1) Main Forward Guns (12") Penetrating Power
(Standard armor piercing shell, shell weight 870lbs/394.6kg)

(2) Side Guns (10") Penetrating Power
(Standard armor piercing shell, shell weight 500lbs/227kg)

(3) Rapid-firing Guns (8") Penetrating Power
(Standard armor piercing shell, shell weight 260lbs/118kg)

Code: Select all

Gun	Range
1	  30,000yds (27,430m) at 45deg elevation
2	  15,000yds (13,720m) at 13.5deg elevation
3	  32,000yds (29,260m) at 45deg elevation

Code: Select all

Gun	Velocity	Penetration at Oyd	6,000yds (5,486m)	9,000yds (8,230m)
1	  2,850fps	-				        16.6" (422mm)		 12.2" (310mm)
2	  2,656fps	-				        12" (304.8mm)		 10" (254mm)
3	  2,805fps	12" (304.8mm)		  8" (203.2mm)		  6" (152.4mm)
DVD Volume Three - Discovered Attack

These are warships that were contructed at the Prime Minister's secret shipyards on the heels of the Silvana. While the Silvana contains an extremely high number of prototype-specific elements and has no sister ships, the Urbanus-class is positioned as a next-generation capital ship, and a total of six were constructed. As for armaments, working under the assumption that combat against existing ships of the line might be likely, designs emphasizing close-quarters combat were implimented, such as port and starboard close-combat cutters, a thrusting horn (ram) on the bow, and so on. Because of these, attacks such as slicing into an enemy vessel's broadsides or carrying out a thrusting horn attack (ramming) by slamming into an enemy became possible. As for gun turrets, owing to the fact that a short-barrel, concealable design was used to prevent them hindering a ramming attack, they are not suited for long-range bombardment.

Instead, newly-developed torpedoes are utilized for long-range attacks. This is a weapon that builds on the concept of the Silvana's multiple-mount jet-propelled armor-piercing shell launcher array. This system utilizes the same system as a Vanship booster, delivering a massive explosive charge over great distances.

In regards to the Urbanus' Units, Vanship technology developed in Anatoray is utilized rather than Units provided by the Guild. The systems in a Vanship's Unit were scaled up to gigantic size, and she was equipped with two such Units: one for lift, and one for thrust. The "lift" Unit is closer to the Claudia Units used in standard ships of the line than that of a Vanship, but the "thrust" Unit has a steam engine (its smokestacks are visible to aft), and one can tell from the shape alone that it is similar to that of a Vanship.

Furthermore, the Urbanus was christened as "that which rivals the Silvana."

Anti-ship weaponry first put into real-world use aboard Urbanus-class ships. Along with these swivel-model launch tubes, there is also a fixed-model launch tube mounted on the ship's bow.

A horn made of cast iron used to charge at and pierce through an enemy vessel's broadside.

After closing in on an enemy ship or so on, these cutters are used to cut through its armor.

Smokestacks for the turbines used by the ship's Claudia Unit.

A Claudia Unit used exclusively to generate thrust. In shape, it resembles that of a Vanship.

A Claudia Unit used exclusively to levitate the ship. Because the ship only uses this Unit for lift that is typically employed for both lift and thrust, it has output to spare.


LENGTH: 713.9' (217.6m)
HEIGHT: 321.2' (97.9m)
BEAM: 406.8' (124m, not including cutters)
HULL WIDTH: 221.1' (67.4m)
POWERPLANT: Lift Claudia Unit and Thrust Claudia Unit
MAXIMUM SPEED: 151.1 knots
MAXIMUM ARMOR: 356mm (on broadsides)
1 x 32" (813mm) Quad-mount torpedo-style jet-propelled mine launch tube
1 x 32" (813mm) fixed, single-mount launch tube
6 x 11.8" (300mm) 25 cal guns
CREW COMPLIMENT: 810 + 200 musketeers
EQUIPPED AIRCRAFT: 1 jumbo Vanship
SISTER SHIPS: Urbanus, Martinus, Sebastianus, Julianus, Eustatius
DVD Volume Four - Breakthrough
-Tatiana's Vanship-

Anatoray's latest Vanship for use by their standard military. They are constructed at the Prime Minister's personal Vanship factory, located on the outskirts of the capital, and are used only aboard the Silvana, by select military units, and by special Vanship pilots.

The construction and durability of the airframe is on par with those of standard Vanships, but because two high-output engines have been mounted inside it, it possesses power and maneuverability far greater than other Vanships. This surplus of power made it possible for the first time to mount fixed armaments. It is equipped with steam-driven machine guns as standard weapons, and also has pylons under the wings, to which range-extending drop tanks are attached.

Furthermore, the Silvana independently manufactures 260lb bombs by modifying its 8in cannon shells, altering them so that they can be mounted on these Vanships. Also, in addition to a sextant for navigation, it is equipped with a field clinometer for observation, with the aim of improving its reconnaissance capabilities.

The boiler component that heats the Claudia fluid. Here, the superheated Claudia is sent through the Claudia pipes to aft. The flat section in front is the radiator.

Skids are used to prevent the Claudia pipes from making direct contact with the ground during landings.

Targeting device for the machine guns.

These signals are used to prevent collisions; the starboard light is green, and the port light is red. Using these lights, it is possible to determine which way the craft is facing even at night.

A signal used to differentiate left and right when viewed from the rear. Just like the wingtip lights, right is green and left is red.


TOTAL LENGTH: 28.35' (8.64m)
HEIGHT: 7.91' (2.41m)
WINGSPAN: 10.86' (3.31m)
BODY LENGTH: 23.62' (7.2m)
EMPTY WEIGHT: 3836lb (1740kg)
GROSS WEIGHT: 5545lb (2515kg)
MAXIMUM SPEED: 380kt @ 15,000ft (703.8km/h @ 4500m)
EFFECTIVE CEILING (with minimal load): 44300' (13500m)
FUEL: 2 x 35.2gal + 2 x 33gal drop tanks
RANGE: approx. 800 nautical miles @ 140kt (259.3km/h) (with full load, 30min @ full speed + 2.5hours @ 240kt)
STANDARD ARMAMENT: 2 x steam-driven machine gun (ammo: 100 duplex rounds, spare 100 duplex rounds)
DVD Volume Five - Grand Stream
-Disith Fleet-

Disith's standard warship, a Reparation-class vessel. Originally, "reparation" meant "to repair" or "make amends," but it is now used to mean "to strike down the enemy." Almost all of the ships are constructed along the same concept, and no other types have been confirmed. The names of her identified sister ships include the Intrepide, Indomptable, Glorie, Guerrier, Conquerant, Justice, Swiftsure, Tonnant, Fougureux, Fortune, and the Redoutable.

The ship's distinctive characteristics are as follows:
1: The lines of the ship as a whole, which are covered in curves.
2: The interlocking steel frame construction of the ship's midsection (truss construction).
3: The allocation of distinctive armaments, in particular the limited number of movable turrets in comparison to Anatoray warships.

1: This is the result of trial and error with the aim of reducing wind resistance as much as possible in order to breach the Grand Stream.

2: The Disith Fleet is an invasion fleet, and has crossed the Grand Stream into Anatoray without adequate repair facilities. For that reason, a ship construction of interlocking steel frames (in a truss pattern) was decided upon, attempting to lighten the ship while maintaining its durability. Because truss construction has the property of being more resistant to warping than even external armor, which has lattice construction, the ship stands little chance of being damaged by even the turbulance inside the Grand Stream. What's more, because many battles under Guild supervision are resolved by musketeers, it is sufficient to fix minimal armor to key components alone (parts relating to ship handling, and so on). The thinking was that even if it should turn into a cannon battle, a truss structure would not only minimize the area which a shell could hit, but would also be simple to repair. Disith gave their full consideration to these factors and decided on truss construction over Anatoray-style exterior armor. In a real cannon battle, however, they determined that if the frame itself is destroyed, the damage is actually greater, but by then it was too late.

3: As for the distinctive characteristics in their armaments, due to the fact that priority was given to musketeer combat, they have far fewer movable cannons in comparison to Anatoray. On the other hand, the musteteer battalion aboard a single vessel numbers in 720 in comparison to Anatoray's 550, which provides for a massive battle array. Disith was on the verge of a situation that threatened the very existence of the state, so they could no longer afford to train warship sailors, whose education and training was very time-intensive. The decision was made that it would be more effective to conclude battles using musketeers, who take less time to train. What's more, because it was assumed that Disith warships would attack while descending from the skies above Anatoray, the majority of the ships' cannons are attached pointing downwards. Also, since the neutralization of urban areas was considered in the design, a bomb rack is mounted on the ship's belly. Owing to the fact that the only other weapon in addition to these are fixed, large-caliber steam cannons mounted near the bow, we can see that pursuit battles were given priority, with retreat battles hardly considered at all.


LENGTH: 2190' (667.6m)
HEIGHT: 601' (183.2m) (excluding mast)
BEAM: 702.4' (214.1m)
FULL LOAD DISPLACEMENT: 220,000t (estimated)
POWERPLANT: 1 Guild Standard MK. II Claudia Unit
MAXIMUM SPEED: 112 knots (207.4km/h)
ARMOR: Maximum thickness on key components 400mm
CREW COMPLIMENT: 1988 + 720 musketeers (1 battalion)
ARMAMENT: 12 x 15.75" (400mm) L140 steam cannon in 4 triple-mount turrets
6 x 10" (254mm) L140 steam cannons in 2 triple-mount turrets
1 x 30-bomb rack
2 x 40" (1016mm) retractable fixed steam cannons
10 x 15.75" (400mm) fixed steam cannon
DVD Volume Six - Queen Delphine
-Anatoray Fleet-

Anatoray's main-force vessels are constructed with the primary objective of intercepting Disith ships, which descend from the skies above. With that in mind, most of the ships' cannons are placed on their upper surface, while the most vital parts, including the bridge, are placed on their lower surface. This is a common feature of all their ships, large or small. Also, the basic external appearance of the main-force ships is roughly the same in order to make identification by the enemy more difficult. A vessel such as the flagship Claimh-Solais is easy to identify by its external appearance, but this is thought to be an expression of the spirit of chivalry. A list of ship classes and names identified to date follow:


ULSTER-CLASS (Ulster, Munster, Connaught, Leinster, Meath): assigned to the Mad-thane fleet.
The class of ships constructed in Norkia prior to the Claimh Solais-class ships. The size of the ships is not much different from that of the Claimh Solais-class, but they have a low Vanship carrying capacity and their main armaments are a step lower at 16 inches in diameter.

CLAIMH SOLAIS-CLASS (Claimh-Solias, Brionac, Fragarach, Answerer, Gaebolg, Kaladbolg, Taslam, Pilum): assigned to the Mad-thane fleet. The class which currently makes up the main force of the Mad-thane fleet. It is also the standard ship type for Anatoray's ships of the line. Because the most advanced type of armor is used on them, their defensive capability is greater than the Ulster-class, even though they have the same armor thickness. Their Vanship carrying capacity has been increased to be greater than that of other classes.

GOLIATH-CLASS (Goliath, Glory, Devastation, Armada, Temeraire, Thunderer): assigned to the Minagith garrison fleet. Nearly identical to the Claimh Solias-class, but their armor is made thicker. This class of ship is the standard Minagith warship, with priority given to defense. Their battles in Minagith are legendary for the emphasis on musketeer warfare, so their musketeer compliment has been increased to be greater than that of the Claimh Solais-class, and in turn their Vanship carrying capacity has been reduced to a bare minimum.

MAJESTIC-CLASS (Majestic, Magnificent): assigned to the southern front defense fleet.
AUDACIOUS-CLASS (Audacious, Revenge): assigned to the capital defense fleet.
These two classes are nearly identical to the Claimh Solais-class, but have an inferior Vanship carrying capacity. Prior to the completion of the Urbanus-class, they were Anatoray's cutting-edge ships of the line. Many of these ships are customized based off of identical blueprints while being constructed at the various shipyards.


FOMOR-CLASS (Formor, Partholon, Nemed, Firbolg, De Danann, Milesia): assigned to the Mad-thane fleet.
While its external appearance is nearly identical to that of a standard ship of the line, its armor is somewhat thinner and it is equipped with armaments that are a step smaller. However, their engine output is not so different, so they are capable of displaying high speeds, making them flexible for use in such missions as recon or pursuit.

DIADEM-CLASS (Diadem): assigned to Dalrymple squadron.
Nearly identical to the Formor-class, but has a low Vanship carrying capacity.


MINERVE-CLASS (Minerve): assigned to the Royal Guards fleet.
A class of ship that is even faster than the light ships of the line.
The Minerve in particular was employed as a test bed for the Urbanus-class, and although its external appearance is no different from standard light ships of the line, several radical new concepts are incorporated within.

The classes and names of ships presented here are merely representative, and include ships which have been sunk. In total, more than 200 vessels are in existence.

At the very top of the main mast, there is an open-air, sky observation post, and the section beneath it houses the sound collector for the listening device. Also, signal flags are flown from here, and signal rounds are fired from here as well.

The shape of the bridge section is reminiscent of a bomber. Unlike the main body of the vessel, whose armor is thick, this is the one section where glass is used extensively. Senior non-commissioned officers beneath the rank of commander pilot the vessel and issue commands from here.

Parts that dissipate steam and heat from the Claudia Unit and steam machinery within the ship. Structurally, these are weak parts, so they were positioned on the ship's belly.

Sound collectors are mounted in three locations on either side of the ship. From this, one can deduce that Anatoray places great importance on intelligence gathering.

These are auxiliary sound collectors on the ship's belly, but their capabilities are lower than the other sound collectors due to their proximity to the exhaust pipes.


LENGTH: 1,775ft (541m)
HEIGHT: 720.8ft (219.7m)
BEAM: 333.3ft (101.6m) (through side armor, not including side gun barrels, masts, or wings)
468.5ft (142.8m) (through wings)
POWERPLANT: 1 Guild Standard MK. II Claudia Unit
MAXIMUM SPEED: 100 knots
SIDES: 11.8in (300mm)
UPPER SURFACE: 15.75in (400mm)
LOWER SURFACE: 7.874in (200mm)
ARMAMENT: 4 x 20.1in (510.5mm) .60 cal SB steam-driven machine guns in 2 dual-mount turrets
12 x 14in (355.6mm) .45 cal steam cannons
32 x 12in (304.8mm) .50 cal steam cannons in 16 dual-mount turrets
CREW COMPLIMENT: 2267 + 1 musketeer battalion (4 companies + 1 HQ platoon) of 550
EQUIPPED AIRCRAFT: 12 x regular use
4 x spares
4 x jumbo Vanships
DVD Volume Seven - Sealed Move

Exile is an immense interstellar spaceship build for transporting colonies of people. Its graceful design is based on the bodyline of the female figure.

Originally, Exile was developed to transport people from Earth to Prester. From that time until its discovery, it had been sealed in the Grand Stream. All of its system functions are automated, requiring neither pilot nor directions to arrive at Prester. The system is programmed to only require the input of Alvis' activation code in order to return to Earth. Furthermore, after returning to Earth, Exile can travel to Prester and back again to Earth without any assistance.

The body of Exile emits a protective field to shield it from elements such as cosmic dust, and unlike in its cocoon stage, it is not fitted with any special defense weaponry. It is thought that the two enormous wings are solar-sails which also act as heat radiators.

LENGTH: 17,820ft (5,266m)
HEIGHT: 2,041ft (622.1m) does not include wings
HULL WIDTH: 3,348ft (1,020.5m) does not include wings
POWER PLANT: Biogenic Claudia circulating reactor
CREW COMPLIMENT: Minimum 1 (Alvis)
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Post by darthbob88 » 2007-02-10 02:28am

Sehr gut. My roommate will love this; he's working on integrating fighter-style combat into D&D, using this as a model for the birds and dogfighters for the drivers. The specs should be very useful for him.
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Post by Ford Prefect » 2007-02-11 06:29am

That's great Spanky. I didn't notice it at the time, but looking back on it now with this new information, the Urbanus really was justy a giant Vanship. The detailed information about Disith and Anatoray was good as well. Thanks for putting it up.
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