Freespace 2: Still good 20 years later

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Freespace 2: Still good 20 years later

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I saw gameplay video of the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons game yesterday, and found out that it looks an awful lot like an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter clone, control-wise, which put the starfighter sim bug in me, so I decided to fire up Freespace 2 in the interim.

Long story short, I encountered a bug in my decade-old installation, so decided to upgrade to the current FSOpen iteration and graphics assets. And holy shit, explosions have gotten real pretty over the last ten years. :D

On top of that, the team behind Blue Planet has remade the original campaign with tweaked missions and rebalanced weapons. That was a pipe dream in 2010 when I was active in the testing community, but apparently the crazy bastards have gone and done it. :mrgreen: Hard Light Productions has implemented a new installer/launcher that runs without a hitch. If you like the genre, I highly recommend giving it a shot.
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