The Outer Worlds

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The Outer Worlds

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So I picked this up yesterday, and it's a blast. It's an FPS RPG game that has great characters, actual roleplay, and choices that make you consider what you're doing.

I only finished the first planet so far, but it made me consider what the right choice would be.

Mild spoilers:
The first planet you go through makes you choose between a canning factory that supports an entire city but is also slowly killing everyone, and a self sufficient botanical garden that is healthier for those it takes care of, but doesn't have the capacity to take care of everyone. You have to choose which one to reroute power to so that you can grab a necessary part for your ship, but the moral dilemma alone is well written engaging because your actions will have consequences.

The game is also hilarious in how much it critiques consumerism and capitalism, and how awful it's making everything in the galaxy. But, you can still choose to do whatever you want, and take the plot however you want it to go.
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