The Impact of Different Forms of Firearms Control

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Re: The Impact of Different Forms of Firearms Control

Post by The_Saint » 2020-02-25 09:28pm

Jub wrote:
2020-02-21 07:58pm
1a) Would nations with strict firearms controls such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc. benefit from an immediate switch to the enshrined rights of the US and the laws of it's least controlling state? Also, what downsides if any do you foresee because of this type of change?
As a reminder as most people have no idea (including effectively every non-firearm owner IN Australia).... Australia has no national firearm laws. SURPRISE!

When the Commonwealth of Australia was formed the power to legislate with regard to firearms was never devolved from the states to the Commonwealth. As such we have a complete trainwreck of legislation with every state and territory being different. There are a number of National Agreements between states where the states have made most legislation match up but it's still a mess.

Not that any of that really has any effect on the OP scenario but.

With regard to OP scenario... it's a matter of culture. There are numerous countries with rates of firearm ownership higher than the USA (even possibly including unregistered firearms in the USA) ... with lower firearm related crime than the USA.

I would be curious to see an alternate reality USA that had inherited "Canadian" firearms culture. Most countries culturally consider firearms to be tools not penis extensions.
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