RWBY: Discussion Thread

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RWBY: Discussion Thread

Post by Reyvan » 2020-05-23 06:50pm

I did a forum search and couldn't find any threads about RWBY, so I decided to make one. RWBY's been my quarantine show and I'm interested in everyone's takes on it.

For those who aren't familiar with it, RWBY is an anime(ish) webseries from Roosterteeth set on a planet called Remnant, which is described as a future fantasy world. Meaning they have giant hovering battleships and advanced AI, but also have magic, except the characters within the show don't consider their abilities to be magical. The main characters are a group of Huntresses in training, warriors who defend the four Kingdoms of Remnant from creatures of darkness called the Grimm, which are drawn to negative emotions. The show starts off pretty cheery, with school shenanigans (such as a super-powered food fight), and characters learning valuable lessons about seeking help for our faults and what it means to be a leader, interspersed with the main plot, but takes a dark turn partway through season 3. With season 4 and onwards the world the world opens up as the characters begin to explore it and head to different Kingdoms.

The first season is a bit... rough, it has some weird animation and a bit of bad voice acting, but they improve each season and the most recent season, 7, which wrapped up in February, is gorgeous.

Without getting too spoilery I especially loved season 7, which features a heroes descent into villainy due to their paranoia as a result of events which occurred in earlier seasons. Though if you look closer, were they ever really a hero to begin with?

Has anyone else been watching RWBY, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

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