Indian science congress hilarity

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Indian science congress hilarity

Post by mr friendly guy » 2019-01-12 01:57am ... ntain/amp/
India had planes and test tube babies thousands of years ago, science conference told

Rahul Bedi
7 JANUARY 2019 • 12:27 PM
Top scientists in India on Monday condemned “irrational” claims made at the 106th annual meeting of the prestigious Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA).

The Breakthrough Science Society (BSS), an NGO that campaigns for scientific literacy, held protest meetings across the country against presentations suggesting that ancient Hindu epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata contain detailed knowledge of stem cell research, test tube babies, aircraft and guided missiles.

"People must ask the organisers how they allow this," said Rajani KS of BSS.

Professor Nageswara Rao, vice chancellor of Andhra University, told the ISCA's special Children’s Science Congress that according to the Mahabharata, a single mother gave birth to 100 sons via test tube technology.

“The Mahabharata says 100 eggs were fertilised and put into 100 earthen pots” Prof Rao said.

He put it to an audience of teenagers that these were early test tube babies, claiming this proved stem cell research was prevalent in India thousands of years ago.

Prof Rao also claimed that the Hindu god Ram used guided missiles that would chase targets, strike them and then return.

The demon god Ravana, the professor further stated, operated 24 different types of aircraft from several airports in his kingdom.

Another participant, scientist Kannan Krishnan from Tamil Nadu in southern India, challenged Einstein’s theory of relativity and Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation on the grounds that neither of the two scientists understood physics.

Mr Krishnan declared that the Theory of Gravitational Waves would soon be re-named “Modi Waves’, after the Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi.

ISCA organisers later distanced themselves from these two speakers and resolved to exercise more caution in inviting participants next year.

“We are shocked at the comments made by the two speakers,” ISCA general secretary P P Mathur said.

This is not the first time absurd claims have been made at ISCA meets, with critics alleging the Modi government has debased the organisation.

In 2015 a paper on Indian aviation technology claimed that the ancient native sage Bhardwaja had detailed blueprints for varied types of aircraft.

The year before prime minister Modi buttressed similar logic when he told an audience of doctors and scientists in Mumbai that plastic surgery and genetic science had flourished in ancient India.

He said that was how the revered Hindu god Ganesha’s elephant head was attached to a human body, and how the warrior god Karna was born outside his mother’s womb.

In a similar vein other members of Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, in a bid to laud India’s achievements, have claimed that motorcars, space vehicles even the internet existed in ancient times.
This is not satire apparently.

Now its been a while since I had experience with some of the stupid pseudoscience, but I do recall two similar things I want to note.

1. There are people from the subcontinent who disagree with Einstein's theories on relativitiy, because its "Jewish science," so you can most probably guess which group they belong to. Apparently they didn't understand GPS works by relativity, sooo...

2. There are people, again from the subcontinent who try to argue the existence of an advance civilisation with at least nuclear level of technology using Indian epics. It goes along the lines of Oppenheimer described the nuclear testing in the Manhattan project in poetic terms quoting about having the same power as the characters in Indian epics. Even if that was true (I highly doubt it), it doesn't mean these characters exist, no more than if I said we now have the power to match Iron Man, indicates Iron Man is real. But apparently Oppenheimer was not only an expert on nuclear physics, but also archaeology specialising in Indian early civilisations. :lol: A blatant appeal to irrelevant authority if I ever saw one.
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Re: Indian science congress hilarity

Post by SolarpunkFan » 2019-01-12 01:48pm

This isn't exactly a new phenomenon. Hindu nationalists have been saying shit like this for a while now.

It's really dumb, that's for sure. :banghead:
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Re: Indian science congress hilarity

Post by U.P. Cinnabar » 2019-01-12 04:15pm

I am both relieved and frightened by the fact that weapons-grade stupidity isn't strictly confined to North America.
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Re: Indian science congress hilarity

Post by Crossroads Inc. » 2019-01-13 01:51am

Anyone who wants a good laugh should read about the constant belief in "VIMANA that pops up from time to time.
The Vaimānika Shāstra is an early 20th-century Sanskrit text on aeronautics, obtained allegedly by mental channeling, about the construction of vimānas, the "chariots of the Gods". The existence of the text was "revealed" in 1952 by G. R. Josyer, according to whom it was written by one Pandit Subbaraya Shastry, who dictated it in 1918–1923.
A study by aeronautical and mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1974 concluded that the aircraft described in the text were "poor concoctions" and that the author showed a complete lack of understanding of aeronautics.[14]
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Re: Indian science congress hilarity

Post by SpottedKitty » 2019-01-14 08:46am

I remember coming across this sort of thing way back when I was a lot younger, and I got into a phase of reading von Daniken and similar material. I don't think I've ever seen the subject wander into (what was intended to be) genuine scientific discussion, though.

On the Vimanas, I have to admit it's a pretty design — I have a 3D model of it — although the Langley Aerodrome would probably be more stable and aerodynamically sound. :roll:
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