Aquaman (SPOILERS)

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Re: Aquaman (SPOILERS)

Post by mr friendly guy » 2019-01-14 06:41am

Aquaman passed the 1 billion mark. Domestically it was decent, around $287 million so far, but it did quite well overseas. For example the second biggest box office China gave Aquaman $284 million (it was higher than the domestic market at one stage, but given it hasn't moved for a few days I assume they stopped screening it).

Saw it, loved it. However I think its more enjoyable if you think of it as just a generic fantasy/sci fi movie rather than a superhero one. I mean the movie could have been about generic Atlantean prince who is out of his depth in regards to the politics of the various Atlantean kingdoms, and it would still be enjoyable.

The other thing I loved about Aquaman, is that they played on Aquaman's strength, the ability to talk to marine animals. This allowed him to communicate with the Kaiju like creature guarding the sceptre, turn Atlantis mounts against them, and control the Trench. Again, it could still be a generic Atlantean prince with the ability to talk to marine life and it would be just as good.
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Re: Aquaman (SPOILERS)

Post by FaxModem1 » 2019-01-19 01:10am

I quite enjoy when actors start embracing the causes of their characters: ... 9474299905

Such as Patrick Wilson embracing Prince Orm's utter love of the ocean.

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