"Flipper's fucked, mate"

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Post by Enforcer Talen » 2003-04-05 01:08am

Col. Crackpot wrote:Criekey! Steve Erwin here, live in Iraq!Here we see a beuuutiful bottle nosed dolphin clearin' minefields! No worries though mate cuz this bugger knows his business! ......KA-BOOOM..... Oh bugger, there goes another one.
This day is Fantastic!
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Post by Rathark » 2003-04-05 01:45am

Dark Primus wrote:
"The bottom line, mate, is it's a fish.

"It's also a very smart fish so how do you know it hasn't just gone off for a feed instead of working and then thought 'hang on, I'd better mark a few things or they won't give me any fish when I get back'?
A Dolphin is not a fish they are mammals.

Us Aussies are a lot smarter than that. Just take a look at my sig.

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