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Necromunda - Salvation - tech analysis thread

Post by Connor MacLeod » 2007-09-30 05:34am

My first Goto novel. Not horrible in the way of KJA's Star Wars but it was defintely not as good as some 40K novels i've read. The worst part of it was is that it started so goddamn slow (mcuh of the first 90 pages or so could be summed up as "adventures in bureacracy" and was completely unnecessary to the plot), and one of the main protagonists, one Zefer Tyranus, was a boring and uninteresting character with no coherent development. In fact, ,he was creepy (from his magical inexplicable transformation towards the end to his creepy ability to "sniff" books and tell things about them.) The other characters weren't bad, but of course, they died, more the pity. The premise was not mostly bad either, save for the Tyranus character and his parts in the story. The book also tried to be humorously whimsical which it failed at, and the ending was kinda silly.

It did, however, have a few useful technical tidbits. and here they are:

Page 15

- Delaque agent using "old and unreliable" goggles that have image intensifiers (though the pixels in the middle of the lens are "burnt out" creating a blind spot.) This agent in question has been cut off from the Delaque support for years now, however.

Page 19
Despite her dramatic pose, Krelyn was confident that sh would be almost invisible from the ground - her cloak was made of a special, unreflective fabric that actually drew light into it, soaking it up from the surrounding air like a sponge, producing a blurry phase-field that cast the wearer into a perpetual dusk.
Description of the functioning of the Delaque "stealth cloaks" - note that its funky sounding, but seems to be akin to cameoline.

PAge 20

- Delaque agents/gangs all have the black cape as standard as well as optical goggles/visors that both provide night vision enhancement to their eyes as well as flash/flare protection (flashbangs, brightlight, etc.)

Page 27

- Delaque visors also have infrared capabilities, even showing the thermal images left by a person's footprints some time after they departed (halfa n hour is given as a timeframe)

Page 40

- the Escher seem to believe that the Emperor, if he existed, was really a woman.

Page 58

- thirteen million inhabitants in Necromunda alone want audiences with the Princess of one of the Great Houses (Ko'iron in this instance.) thoguh the delay is in years or even decades it seems.

Page 75
She clicked her visor onto infra-red but the thermal balancing of the Delaque cloak meant that she could onl see him for another step or two before he was utterly invisible.
The cloaks also have infrared-damping abilities, even against the infrared of a delaque visor. Note as well that the boots do not leave noticable prints to track (despite the fact the Delaque visor coudl track the thermal signature of footprints before.) so the claoking effet seems to extend to the other clothing as well.

There have to be limits to it, however, as one cannot completely dampen the human body's thermal signature without compromising its ability to cool itself. At best, they might either temporarily "store" or "redirect/retransmit" the energy in some fashion to make it less detectable (at least from a given angle)

Page 114

- "security drones" with camera lenses and gun barrels. I bet they're made from skulls.

Page 123

- Goliath Ganger leader was "more than two metres tall", and was a head taller than his own men (who were a head taller than everyone else.)

Page 124

- Goliath gang leader has a weapon "almost as big as him" - turns out to be an autocannon later. This means it is several meters long.

Page 126

- goliath gang leader injured (minor?) by a wound that would have left a "smaller man dead already."

Page 147
From the side of the room, a great plume of fire jetted out from a heavy flamer and incinerated Orthios's head before it could reach the gangers with the stub guns.


Orthios' riddled and smouldering head crumpeld into ash as it thudded into the ground...

flamer cremates a human head with part of the flame, instantly.) Requires around 10-15 MJ minimum.

Page 149

- Goliath gang leader hit in the back at least a couple times by stubber rounds, survives.

Escher gang woman can carry/fire a heavy stubber by herself, albeit not without effort.

Page 150
Most had blood drenched battleaxes or spiked clubs in one hand and heavy stubbers or autoncannons in the other. It took Jermina all of her strength to heft just one of thsoe guns.
Jermina was the aforementioned Escher ganger carrying the stubber. This gives us an indication of just how strong Goliath are (easily several times stronger than a normal human.)

Page 157

- metal furniture "melted" into unrecognizable shapes. Only mentioned weapons are flamers or shotguns, (the leader carries a plasma gun and grenades, but the latter is not mentioned here and the former are too powerful. and the leader was using a two handed flamer here anyhow.) flamers probably did it. Suggests double digit megajoule range output assuming iron composition and something roughly akin to a folding chair.

Page 170[/b

] - Goliaths can also wield heavy bolters, albeit two handed.

Page 170

- Golaith gangers are implied to be able to withstand temperature/heat and toxins (in water or air) that no normal human could survive.

Page 180

- Goliath gangers are standing their ground (out in the open) and "Absorbing" the impacts of slug fire from two other gangs (Cawdor Redemptionist and Escher, though the latter have been depleted and th eformer is quite strong.) and they are using lighter weapons than the Goliaths. Some are bleeding from bullet wounds to the limbs or abdomen, but have not fallen.

Page 180

- the Escher are using autocannons that are braced by "two women each" Again note that a single Goliath can wield an autocannon, meaning they are at least several times stronger than a normal huhman.

Page 181

- Several goliath gangers have their arms blown off and fall, but others still manage to continue firing their weapons despite having said injury. This makes them insanely tough.

Page 181

- Goliath Gang leader rips the arm off one of his fallen troops and uses the weapon as his own. Perversely, the fallen Goliath now dismembered becomes active again and throws himself onto a grenade. Again, showing just how insanely tough the Goliath are.

Page 181

As he did so, another explosion shook the ground and thesuperheated, vaporised remains of the Ganger were sprayed back into the faces of his brethern. By throwing himself onto the grenade, he had certianly saved a number of the Subversives.

Considering how large, muscular and bulky Goliaths are supposed to be, this probably amounts to well over 200-300 MJ just to vaporize the Goliath alone (twice that for an omnidirectional blast.) Admittedly, its a string of grenades (number unknown), but even assuming 100 or so (highly unlikely) that's close to one kilo of TNT per grenade. Odds are its no more than a couple dozen. tops. The Guard ought to have access to Grenades of similar power.

Page 182

- Delaque agent uses her cloak as a "Thermal shield" against a thrown palsma grenade (she's at long range though.) This implies that they have some protective as well as camoflaging properties. At least against area-effect thermal weaponry

Page 185

- the plasma grenade melted a "batlte wagon" into an amorphous lump of plasteel, absorbing mmost of the heat directed at the CAwdor gang leader. Assuming something of a scope with a Chimera or a Russ, this could be double digit Gigajoules easily. Even with a vehicle of just a few tons, it would be several gigajoules (assuming iron.)

Page 185

- the plasma grenade had "Evaporated" the water out of a "huge" pit. big enough to hold some fifteen Golaiths, and about 4 Escher and 4 Cawdor apiece. Assuming several meters deep and around 4-5 meters in diameter minimum. That suggests again double digit GJ (~40 GJ for a 2 meter radius hemispherical crater.)

Page 191

- the Delaque cloak has a "grav shooter" (grav chute??) that "reduces effective weight" - which allows some of the insane jumps/falls (such as from great heights, or jumping across alleys from rooftop to rooftop like Batman.)

Page 193

- Goliath Gang leader, already injured from previous attacks, takes a knife in the kidneys and another thrown one in hsi chest that punctures his lungs. He can still fight effectively at this point, in addition to his other injuries.

Page 194

- Gang leader takes a knife stab to the shoulder just inside the collarbone. Another knife is deflected by said leader. He then takes two long knife./short sword slashes through his ribs, causing him to bleed badly, and finally exhibits weakness from his "lacerated muscles" and wounds. These guys would make great Ogryn substitutes.

The Goliath finally dies from two more long knife wounds into hsi stomach, as well as numerous throwing knives "peppering" his chest and one in his forehead. Does not die immediately, but shortly thereafter.

PAge 216

It must have been a couple of metres in diameter and at least ten metres high. Roughly cylindrical, it could have been the barrel of one of the great cannons that bristled around the summit of Hive Primus, protecting House Helmwar from air raids and attacks from outside the hive.

Implied dimensions of defensive cannons protecting the hive.

Page 219

- mention foa "stubgun" two handed weapon. Presumably some sort of bolt-action or semiautomatic rifle.

Page 222

- 'lesser' psychic powers like telepathy are not an uncommon occurance in Hive City (themain part of Hive Primus, as opposed to the Underhive.)

Page 227

Krelyn relaised that Triar must have deployed another plasma bomb. however, as she lay waiting for the superheated sphere of plasma to expand into a miniature star above their heads and incinerate them all..

Plasma bomb can "incineratE" multiple individuals. Again, a multi-GJ weapon.

Page 227

- Krelyn's stubber/stubgun fires off a "hail of heavy bullets" in a short period of time and runs out of ammo.

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