In Memoriam: Martin Kemmish / SirNitram

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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by J »

Rest in peace SirNitram, and deepest condolences to LadyTevar and all of Martin's family & friends.
He'll be missed, but we'll always remember him in our hearts & souls.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Phil Skayhan »

Rest in Peace, old friend.
Sir Nitram's first post to ASVS wrote: Wayne Poe <> wrote in message news:<>...

> On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Lord Edam de Fromage wrote:
<snip the size of a small state>

First and foremost, I'm gonna say Hi to everyone, as this is my first
post on ASVS. Please lower the flamethrowers please. Yes, you in the
back too. Thank you.

I'd also ask for the laughter at my Email address to be kept to a
minimum. I know I deserve it until I get a real one, but please, be
gentle. :)

Now that I've embarassed myself completely, I thought I'd inject
something into the debate. The argument seems to be whether the PM
requires FTL sensors to be absent on the target. This is pretty
barmy(How can anything go FTL without FTL sensors?), and begs the
question of how it worked on a Fedship.

I'm just gonna throw out my theory, and wait for the Canon quotes to
sear me like a overdone potato.

It was a surprise. It was the equivalent of exchanging fire with a
soldier on the other side of the town square, when suddenly he poofs
and another guy runs up to you and let's fly.

The Ferrengi fighting the Stargazer could have had all the FTL sensors
they want, but since the crew's reaction speed is decidedly STL, the
navigator would have just enough time to yell, "They've gone to hig.."
before the weapons barrage nails the vessel.

BTW, Phaser's are definately STL. Just watch the show. The occasions
where they've gone faster than C, would be when fired from an FTL ship
and probably while still in the warp bubble. Like me firing a flare
gun from a moving car.

The PM is the ultimate surprise tactic. For a fraction of a second, as
your image tries to catch up across the battlefield, you look like
you're in two places at once. Even if the sensor man is on his toes,
he can't react so fast as he would need to to get a good warning out.
So it works because it surprises and throws an enemy off balance, just
as you 'happen' to lob a full volley of phaser and torpedos at them.

There we go. No messy inconsistancies, fits within physical law, and
best of all, it fits within a newbie's post.

Trapped in Google Groups, looking for a way out.
Mail if you must, but despam the address,
there's a good lad.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Havok »

Tev that is awful... I am so very sorry. :cry:
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by FSTargetDrone »

Lady Tevar, you have my deepest condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by fnord »

Well, crap. I don't have the words or the eloquence others in this thread have shown, so, well, FUCK.

Tev, you and your feline owners have my condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by koputusx »

my condolonces
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Thanas »

People shouldn't have to go through what he and you went through, Tev, but I am very glad that he had you at his side. It must have been a great comfort for him.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Edi »

My condolences, Lady Tevar. Martin was one of the people whose posts I always enjoyed reading. He had a really sharp and wicked sense of humor to complement his intelligence.

Take care of yourself and of the kitties. I really don't know what else to say. I'm sorry for your loss. :cry:
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Force Lord »

I've already said my brief piece at the SDN Facebook group, but I'll say it again here anyway:

My condolences to Martin's family.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by DaZergRock54444 »

Wow. Hopefully he's in a better place now, without all of those health problems.

Many condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by GrandMasterTerwynn »

Another one of those great voices from those glorious times of old has fallen silent. I remember him primarily from ASVS and the early years of this board. Good memories, those.

Rest in peace. And then onward, with pride, to whatever comes next; for you will be remembered, and remembered well, here.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Darth Wong »

As one of the old guard, I can only say that Martin will be terribly missed by all. He and I shared a certain intensity and bluntness, and I always viewed him as a kindred spirit. I was so happy for both of you when you got married, and I still have trouble believing that he's really gone.

My heart goes out to you, Kathy. When a loved one passes on, it leaves a gaping hole in your life and I hope that you can find a way to carry on. He was a good man.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Shinn Langley Soryu »

Spent all of yesterday trying to process this. In the end, though, what else can I say that hasn't already been said? RIP, and my condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Admiral Drason »


I'm glad he had Tev at his side when it happened. :( :cry:
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Darth Yoshi »

I didn't really know him all that well, but for whatever it's worth, Tev, you have my condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by TOSDOC »

My sympathies to Lady Tevar and Sir Nitram's family for your loss. You are in our prayers.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Crown »

My condolences to his loved ones and family, a sad loss.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Juubi Karakuchi »

For what they are worth, my condolences.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by K. A. Pital »

Terrible news... Too sad for me to see this thread and the line above, me being only a bit younger than SirNitram. :( My sincere condolences to Lady Tevar, family and all the friends.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Lord Pounder »

My deepest sympathies go to Lady Tevar.

I was just wondering would it be possible to send a sympathy card in the post or something?

It's unfortunate that this board/community has existed now for so long that we tragically do lose people in this way. It's nearly a year since Bear passed and reading Facebook today I was reminded of others that have passed. As such can I recommend a Hall of Heroes in memorial to these members, nothing too fancy just a link to some of their better posts etc. A reverse of the Hall of Shame if you will.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Sinewmire »

From the content of his posts I've no doubt that he was the sort of person the world needs more of.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Chris OFarrell
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Chris OFarrell »

I'm incredibly sorry to hear that he's passed away. He was always great fun to talk to and I was so happy when you and he got hitched LT.
I'm really glad to have known him.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Elfdart »

Another longtime member gone, and way too young.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Dark Hellion »

While he was never someone I got along with well, Nit always seemed like a very nice guy and his love for his friends, family and especially for you, Lady Tevar, where always evident from his posts.

You have my condolences and deepest sympathy.
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Re: In Memoriam: SirNitram

Post by Sidewinder »

My condolences. We had disagreements, but at least the disagreements were worded in a relatively respectful manner. May he rest in peace.
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