Administrative Note - September Version

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Administrative Note - September Version

Post by CmdrWilkens » 2009-09-14 10:46pm

Howdy all,

So with the vote underway for September (and the PM spam will go out later tonight even if you've already voted I just had to track down where I saved the file with the voting record) I figured now is the time to hit everyone up for a few administrative notes:

- The pattern for voting is likely going to continue to evolve I want to state that openly because my intent has always been not just to have votes but to have votes that best reflect the opinion and intent of the collective Senate. So as suggestions and ideas come up to make voting better and more representative I'm going to try them out. With that I want to reiterate that if you are at any point unsure why or how I've structured a vote then ASK. In particular its hard to better a structure unless I know what is unclear about it.

With that there will be different types of votes just based on the number of options available, the board software posses some limits to what can be done and while I know work is being made on this front I'm going to continue to try and generate votes that work for us.

- Item two reflects October. This is a heads up that I will be taking a brief leave of absence for most of the month as Megan and I are expecting our first kid at the end of September. Obviously this means that my free time will be cut down and in my absence, well this is why we have a Whip :D .
*Edit* Yeah forgot that one, Coyote is obviously (see a few threads down) inactive as well so I am currently working on a backup plan in terms of Senate operations and will advise everyone once that is in place.

As an aside its a boy, no you can't know the name, September 30th, the room is all furnished, and progressing right on schedule should answer most related questions as to the why of my coming leave.
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