Man charged with possessing anatomically correct child like doll

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Man charged with possessing anatomically correct child like doll

Post by mr friendly guy » 2020-01-16 08:26am ... 5675ca22dc
South Australian man charged with having a childlike sex doll
A 30-year-old man is facing the “insidious” charge of possessing an “anatomically correct” childlike sex doll along with school uniforms and children’s underwear.

A man has become the first person in South Australia to be charged for possessing a childlike sex doll under new laws which came into force last year.

The 30-year-old allegedly purchased the doll from China in December 2018 and was charged late on Tuesday by the Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team.

The squad started looking at his activities in November following a tip-off from NSW Police and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre with help from PayPal Australia.

“The man had also allegedly purchased a variety of children’s clothing, including school uniforms, swimwear and children’s underwear,” the Australian Federal Police said in a joint statement with SA Police today.

The doll and clothing were seized by police along with the man's mobile phone, a bank card and a computer which allegedly contained child abuse material.

The man was charged with three offences including possession of the material and importing the doll, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars and 2500 penalty units, equating to a fine of $525,000.

For the possession of the “anatomically correct” doll alone, if convicted he faces a potential jail term of up to 15 years.

The charge was introduced in September 2019.

According to the AFP, it includes possession of an “object that resembles a child or part of a child under 18, and a reasonable person would consider it likely that the doll is intended to be used to simulate sexual intercourse”.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the laws were passed to “ensure the safety of our children is always put first”.

“We passed these tough laws last year to better equip our law enforcement agencies to stamp out these insidious crimes,” Mr Dutton said in a statement to

“This arrest is another example of our federal and state agencies working closely together and I pay tribute to the hardworking officers who dedicate themselves to making our communities a safer place.”

AFP Acting Commander South Australia Gail McClure said the dolls objectified children as sexual beings and could desensitise anyone who used them to the physical, emotional and psychological harm caused by sexual abuse.

“Some dolls are even robotic and designed to respond positively to the abuse,” she said.

The man, from the state’s southeast, was granted bail and is expected to face Naracoorte Magistrates Court on March 27.

All importations of childlike sex dolls are seized if they are intercepted by AFP officers.
I think people can agree paedophilia is a disorder, and when someone acts on it, they become a sex offender.

In this case, acting on it doesn't seem to harm anyone, unless the doll was based on a real child. One could then argue that the paedophile is not out there harming a real child while they um, play with this doll. So this could be an outlet to prevent them harming a real child. While its disgusting what they are doing, its not harming anyone.

The counter argument is that it encourages someone to act on it with a real child, which I gather is the justification for this law. The issue is, how do we know, because its going to be very hard to gather data either way.
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Re: Man charged with possessing anatomically correct child like doll

Post by Marko Dash » 2020-01-16 06:44pm

That's about the same as my feelings on the matter as well. we don't consider people who like horror movies to be serial killers themselves, as long as the individual here hasn't directly or indirectly molested a child i see no reason to treat him as if he had.

although if he bought his porn, i would consider that indirect harm as it would fund and encourage whoever is making the videos to continue making more.

as for the doll, it is quite literally an inanimate fucking object.
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Re: Man charged with possessing anatomically correct child like doll

Post by madd0ct0r » 2020-01-22 06:14pm

if this thread continues, I would like to remind people that the server this forum is on is in a house in Canda, and any images, including of the doll, posted or linked to here might constitute distribution of child porn under canadian law.

so don't do it.
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