Trump refuses to let McGahn testify to the House, citing "separation of powers".

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Trump refuses to let McGahn testify to the House, citing "separation of powers".

Post by The Romulan Republic » 2019-05-20 05:47pm

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Presidential Autocracy is Separation of Powers.

The statement defending this decision also referred to McGahn as being the former "Counsel to the President", not "White House Counsel"- in other words, they're treating the White House Counsel as the President's personal attorney, owing loyalty and service to the President personally, rather than as a servant of the government and the people.

My opinion: The House should subpoena McGahn, and have him arrested for Contempt if he refuses to comply. If worst comes to worst, he can go to jail for disobeying Congress, or for disobeying the President. His choice.
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