Avengers vs Reapers (mild Avengers spoilers)

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Avengers vs Reapers (mild Avengers spoilers)

Postby Zor » 2012-06-06 05:46pm

Alright, in this scenario instead of Bringing forth the Chitauri something odd happens. Instead of opening the portal, it brings forth Harbinger and two reaper destroyers that then touch down just on the coast. Harbinger has some 50,000 collectors (though no seeker swarms) on board and, since it discovers that it is in another universe pretty soon, best get started at making some new reapers.

Loki is ticked off about this, since this is NOT the alien army he was promised. That said, he is protected from retaliation from the guys that he was working for by technobable stuff relating to the arrival of the Reapers.

What happens?

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Re: Avengers vs Reapers (mild Avengers spoilers)

Postby PREDATOR490 » 2012-06-06 06:59pm

I can see the Collector cannon fodder getting chewed up like candy without much effort. The actual Reapers come froma a universe with human Dreadnaughts firing shells every two seconds that deliver 38 kilotons of kinetic energy. Reapers are seen taking substantial amounts of fire from Dreadnaughts without being phased so.... can the Hulk manage to hit harder than an entire fleet of Turian warships. If not... unless they start throwing nukes Harbringer alone will carve the place up without much opposition without act of plot to beat them.

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Re: Avengers vs Reapers (mild Avengers spoilers)

Postby Havok » 2012-06-06 10:41pm

Only 3 Reapers?
Keep Tony Stark safe and alive long enough and he will hack the Reaper signal and turn them off. He will also adapt the collector armor and weapons quickly enough assuming they drop anything useful.

Thor, Loki, the Warriors Three and the Hulk should be able to manage to do enough, long enough for that to work. For a global threat like this, you could probably enlist Blonsky's help as well and trust him enough to not turn until after the fact.

It may be time to power those Tesseract driven weapons up as well.

Also is this ALL Marvel movies or just the Avenger-verse i.e., no FF? If yes FF and others, then add Reed Richards to the braintrust and Ghost Rider and Thing to the damage department.
The Human Torch may be effective against ME shields if the multiplayer is anything to go by. :lol:

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Re: Avengers vs Reapers (mild Avengers spoilers)

Postby Ted C » 2012-06-07 09:37am

As others have noted, the Collectors shouldn't be any harder to deal with than the Chitauri were (except for there apparently being a lot more of them at once).

The Reapers themselves are a real problem, though. There is no 21st century Earth weapon that can seriously harm one. Even a big nuke would have to hit directly to have much chance, and it wouldn't have much chance of getting past the Reapers' point-defense lasers.

The best chance is to try to get the Hulk and Thor inside the Reapers, where they can tear things up until they find something vital. You'd have to act quickly, though, before indoctrination had time to set in.

Of course, Harbinger might just level most of New York with it's beam weaponry right off the bat. Orbital views of Earth and Palaven show fires burning that are visible from space. The Reapers have no need for Earth's infrastructure, so it wouldn't be surprising if they tore it up from the air before landing to harvest.
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