SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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A massive Autobot battle-cruiser lifted off from the launch pad outside of Metroplex on Omnitron. A blue robot with what appeared to be a metal cigar in his mouth didn't seem effected as other members of the ship's crew had the arm rests of their seats put together to form seat belts.

"Aren't you going to buckle up Kup?" a large green Transformer asked sounding extremely confused at the ancient blue Autobot's action.

"No need, Bulkhead," Kup offhandly remarked. "I'm sticking to the floor like Junkions to a scrap yard."

"Oh, he'll be on the floor alright," Huffer remarked. The purple and orange pessimist was not looking forward to where they were going. Not that was a new thing; but this was somewhere he really didn't want to go even by his standards.

The thing that astonished Huffer was that Kup didn't move a mechanometer as the Ark rocketed through atmosphere of the current capital planet of the Autobot Commonwealth. Like inertia didn't apply to him in way.

"I still can't believe they managed to drive off Galvatron and his forces," Ironhide stated since it surprised a great deal. The rust red veteran Autobot was sure the Emperor of Destruction wasn't going to let that stand.

"Well they got Galvatron angry enough to put a bigger bounty on their head then Prime has," Sideswipe commented dryly.

"Primus," Windcharger muttered. There might be Autobot allied mercenaries willing to think about changing sides for that many shanix.

"And now Galvatron is marshaling his forces to destroy them all," Optimus Prime stated. "We can not allow that to happen!"

"Good thing Sideways has a loose vocalizer," Kup remarked. While Optimus Prime wasn't so sure about that. Sideways seemed to be playing his own game and telling Punch about this while he was in his undercover Counterpunch form would benefit him.

'What are you up to Sideways?' Optimus Prime mused. Optimus couldn't shake the feeling that Earth would be important and that whatever Sideways was up to would have dire results for the Autobots.

"It'll take us at least two deca-cycles to reach the system," Windcharger said from the nav console.

"That's why they must have picked it," Wheeljack spoke up. "A young star and the third planet is geologically active. Perfect place to gather a lot of energy and off the beaten path made it perfect to set up a safehouse in case we needed one."

"Sounds more like they got stuck," Bulkhead noted.

"And why I got stuck on this with you," Huffer grumbled in annoyance. He'd have to build the Space Bridge and keep Bulkhead from wrecking it. Yeah that was the perfect way to spend his time and effort. It was as rewarding as telling Omega Supreme to stop guzzling energon.


Galvatron looked up from a computer panel were he was going over reports and sensor logs in his work-quarters. "Ah, Leozack. Your team is at full strength?" The dim room was full of computer consoles and trophies of defeated foes.

The grey and blue Decepticon nodded. "Yes, mighty Galvatron. We are ready to serve."

"I want you to raid this Gibraltar Base and gauge its strength. Try to draw out that Supreme. I think without surprise on its side, it may not be as dangerous as it appeared." Galvatron adjusted his forearm cannon. "If it is dangerous as it showed, we will have to wait for others to bring it down with your brothers."

It was unstated that it required several combiners to defeat a Supreme-class Transformer like that since Roadfire, Sonic Bomber, and Dai Atlas had managed to destroy the powerhouse Decepticon Blackout on Seiei 001. And he had been the last of the Decepticon Heavy Brigade.

Since the epic battle of Planet Master between the Autobots Supremes and the Decepticon Heavy Brigade, only two Supremes survived: Omega Supreme and Omega Sentinel.

That caused Leozack to smile nastily. "I understand, Galvatron. It has been a long time since we killed a Supreme, hasn't it?"

"Exactly. While the human's technology is fairly advanced, it appears it requires at least twice the mass for our own performance. Those Guardians that the new Supreme deployed are certainly at least a match with one of our warriors." Galvatron rubbed his chin in thought. "The Sweeps will be raiding a power plant to gather more Energon. This whole situation stinks of some sort of secret collusion between these humans and the Autobots. I don't think it is Perceptor. It is more subtle than my records indicate the scientist is."

"You think there may be a new rising star among the Autobots?" Leozack asked, thinking things over.

"Yes. There is, of course, no way that this could all happen coincidentally. So the Autobots must have figured out a way to awaken a spark here. I've ordered a full investigation on Cybertron to find out how they smuggled it out to this backwater region."

Leozack nodded grimly. He did not have to state how bad this could affect the war. The last time the Autobots had seriously replenished their forces, they had almost taken Cybertron. And right now, they were closer to equal than most would realize. Optimus Prime had turned back overwhelming attacks with startling regularity.


Admiral Garcia wanted to loosen his white collar from his stocky neck. This was becoming a pain in the butt. He looked over the assembled officers and politicians in the center of the large hanger, with three of the Autobots watching from the edges. "Miss Athha, until we have formalized a treaty of self-defense with ORB, we are currently unable to hand over your prototype ASTRAYs. They have classified alien secret technologies that are best used in defense of the planet."

Andy Waltfeld sighed. Here we go again. He took a sip of his admittedly pleasant coffee. Which was the only pleasant thing about this meeting so far.

Cagalli looked like she wanted to rip something apart. "Those are ORB's property and they were stolen out of a top secret ORB company; Morgenrote-"

Colonel Kisaki coughed slightly, interrupting the teen he was chaperoning. "Perhaps we could work out a middle ground."

Cagalli glared at Garcia and Murrue as if they were bitter enemies, but finally nodded. "I believe my government would want them within trusted custody as soon as possible."

"That would be a tricky proposition without them leaving the Archangel for now," Murrue noted aloud, then took a drink of her ice water.

The admiral had a thought. "Well, if you happened to have a couple of pilots, you could second them to O.M.N.I. so that they are technically in the control of your people, but under our orders."

Kisaki nodded. "That doesn't seem unreasonable."

Andy and Aisha both gave the rear admiral a considering thought. That had been rather elegant in some ways.

"Very well," the young blonde said. "Colonel Kisaki and I will transfer to the Archangel. We'll take custody of the ASTRAYs while being technically under your command."

That surprised everyone else, even the Autobots.

Perceptor traded cautious looks with Hot Shot and Whirl.

"We need combat qualified pilots-" Natarle started to say.

"I'm qualified in every combat vehicle that ORB uses and hold the specialty rank of lieutenant in our palace reserves," the hot-headed noble said, cutting her off. "The same vehicles that we co-developed for the Atlantic Federation, of course."

An aide scurried over to Martin DeCosta, who frowned at the message. He quickly leaned over, "Boss? We have a mobilesuit running a muck. Some trainee lost control and its smashing into things."

Andy just looked up at the roof, wondering what else could go wrong today. "So just assign Becker's GINN team to capture it before it breaks anything."

"That's just it, Andy. It's not one of ours. It's one of theirs," he said, making a small gesture at the Earth Alliance senior officers.

That was just in front of the non-commissioned petty officer from the Archangel that trotted up and whispered a message to Captain Ramius. She then whispered something to Garcia and then took off at something barely less than a run. A dignified jog, perhaps.

In the gold and white ASTRAY, Flay was finding that getting the mobile suit to move was not easy. She hoped she hadn't stepped on anyone. The feet for the unit were the size of a small car.

"Maybe I can get Galvatron to die laughing at this rate," Flay grumbled. "Why isn't this as easy as it looks on TV?"

"Are you completely insane?" Dearka yelled in the Gundam Buster. He had been called to restrain the run away ASTRAY. He was trotting over as quickly as he could, but the ASTRAYs were faster than they looked.

"I'm getting it under control!" she shouted out. Sweat was slicking her hair to her head under her flight helmet.

"RUN AWAY!" screamed Jolt. "She's lost slagging lost! She's going to kill us all!" He had to duck flat as the gold ASTRAY nearly took off his head as it stomped around drunkenly.

Jetstorm shook his head. Didn't they have locks on the doors for these things? Like they had on Autobot ships to the armory. The only good thing was that the beam boomerang that could be held on the left shoulder was under going maintenance.They didn't need whoever was driving the Gold Astray to have live ammo or beam weaponry at their disposal.

"You know now would be a great time to know how to build a null-ray," Downshift yelled out as he snagged Roadhandler from getting kicked. Whirl hit his forehead with his left hand.

Flay bit her lip and then finally got the ASTRAY to stop and stand tall. "I got it. I got it. Now... to run." The standing mobilesuit suddenly crouched and then leaped forward and started to run across the tarmac, causing ZAFT soldiers to scatter even though she was nowhere near them. "And... turn." The ASTRAY turned quickly, if clumsily, and kept going.

Whirl looked surprised as he got his Null Ray module fitted over his blaster. He hadn't used the thing in so long it wasn't until Downshift mentioned it that he even remembered having that attachment. Perceptor was going to be really annoyed with him about forgetting something that could have come in handy.

"Dammit! Slow the hell down!" Dearka shouted as the Buster tried to keep up with the faster mobilesuit. The Buster really was set up for fire support. "Yzak, how long is it going to take you to finish starting up?"

"They were in the process of maintaining it, jerk! The Aegis is still being worked on!" the silver-haired pilot yelled from within his open cockpit. Yzak was also annoyed that O.M.N.I. knew how his Armor Shroud worked. Both sides ripped off ideas of the other one that were successful.

"I do not understand. The human is learning to control the Guardian. Is this not good?" Strike asked Downshift, whom he loomed over by a good six meters.

"Not when they forget to tell anyone they're taking a mobile suit for a drive and clearly it's their first time in one," the grizzled Autobot replied.

The gold ASTRAY cornered and then leaped into the air. "I'm getting it. I really am getting it." Her breath was labored in her ears as a maniac smile plastered itself onto her face. If any of the Autobots or Ramius saw that, they would have never let her near a mobile suit or mobile armor ever again.

Jetfire was flying overhead, ready to swoop in at a moment's notice. But the ASTRAY really was avoiding people in its frenetic movements. Of course the same movements scared everyone enough to stay as far away from the out of control mobile suit as they could.

Strike suddenly blasted into the air and cross the half mile in seconds, tackling the ASTRAY. "You guys are being too gentle. You in there, stay down!"

"Er, I guess he's got it under control," Skysickle called out. The lugnut was pretty fast for being so big.

"Damn," Yzak said with his jaw dropped.

"We were just making sure we didn't hurt the pilot," Whirl yelled. "At least get them out of the Astray before we do that."

"Ow. Ow. Ow." Flay's head was throbbing from where she had smacked it. Wearing the helmet and flight suit had saved her from serious injury though. "Okay, guess I'm done." The gold ASTRAY was stood back up and the hatch opened.

"What the inferno is wrong with you?" Downshift said in a hard tone. "This isn't the time for a joyride."

"I'm going to kill Galvatron," Flay snapped as she rode the zipline down to the ground, holding onto the cable desperately.

"Kid are you Primusdamn stupid?" Whirl asked. "You have any idea how many people have tried to kill Galvatron?! And I mean Autobots and Decepticons."

"You'll never get anything done with that attitude," Flay yelled back as she doffed her helmet.

Cagali stormed over to Flay and slapped her. "What are you doing, damaging ORB property?" she snapped out.

"Who the hell are you?!" Flay yelled as she rubbed her cheek.

"One of the new pilots it seems, " Whirl remarked. "Still there are only two of them so if you asked we'd have kicked around the idea of letting you be the third pilot Flay."

"Now Grimlock will be the key speaker on diplomacy and rational thought at the Shockblast mecha soccer arena on New Kaon before we let you drive one of those again," Downshift stated. Flay was fairly sure that was an event that wouldn't ever happen.

Mu La Flaga, Kira, Yzak and Athrun had finally caught up, as it was quite a run over from the Archangel. With Kira gasping in shock when he saw Cagali. She was that girl he encountered before everything went crazy on Heliopolis!

"You know, that might have been the school of hard knocks there, but she actually did a halfway decent job there," Mu noted aloud.

"You can't be seriously suggesting she enlist so she can be a pilot, are you?" Kira snapped at his superior officer.

"ZAFT blows up our colony, then the Decepticons kill my father. How else am I supposed to fight?" Flay shouted out, tears in her eyes.

"Maybe if you didn't scare everyone and act like a psycho would help!" Yzak yelled right back. "Seriously you think driving around a mobile suit without asking will get you praise!?"

"And sheer luck no one was killed or seriously injured," Athrun said in a neutral tone. "Look--"

"Classy," Whirl interjected sharply. "Oh and nice to see you are awake, Kira. Meet your ex-mobile suit. Kid still doesn't have a name yet."

Cagalli was frowning at the other girl. "You're a citizen of ORB?"

"Dual citizenship," Flay replied cautiously.

Kisaki sighed as he saw where this was going.

"She can be a trainee for now, but has to join ORB's military." Cagalli could not fault the other girl for wanting revenge for the murder of her father.

"Can I be in charge of her boot camp?" Whirl said with his blue optics glowing. "Just like Kup was with me."

"Cup?" Yzak said in disbelief. "Was dipstick already taken?"

"Not funny and I know a bot named that." Swerve said with slightly annoyed expression. "He's a construction foreman on Gigantion."

"I think that Colonel Kisaki and I should be in charge of training," Cagalli said, interrupting them before they could get into a fight.

"Kira, I want you to pilot that ASTRAY back to the Archangel. Miss Allster, you are with me," Mu ordered. "Miss Atha, I'll be seeing you later."

"Hey," Swerve said to Strike. "What do you transform into anyway?"

"Transform?" Strike replied sounding confused.

"This is going to take a lot of work," Jetstorm remarked as he held up his hands helplessly.


Flay was seriously reconsidering her thought of joining the military after only a week. Who knew there was so much running and pushups in it? Beside her, Kira was huffing along side. He was doing much better than she was though.

The ORB colonel was a merciless taskmaster, but really knew his information. Surprisingly, the girl was actually sticking to her motivation.

They came to a halt as they saw the Strike practicing sword forms against the Aegis while Downshift and the Minicons watched on. Well, the Minicons were cheering each hit or block. The Strike was remarkably quick and a very fast learner, but his skills were still that of a beginner. He was depending a lot on his shield. Athrun was surprised at the 'training' energy weapons that Perceptor had shown him. The stoic Autobot had been too busy to upgrade them himself, but Athrun and Downshift had figured it out on their own.

Downshift looked down downcast for a moment when he thought that Drift would have been perfect to help Strike and Athrun with their swordsmanship.

That was when the ammo dump bunker for the GINN and BuCUE armaments exploded in a huge mushroom, knocking the humans over with the blast wave. The minicons barely were able to stay upright.

A blue and gunmetal drilling machine exploded out of the ground nearby. "Hahahaha! That was really good!" a Transformer's voice came from it.

"An attack?" Downshift called out in surprise.

The large drilling machine suddenly transformed into Drillhorn. "Hey, guys? Did you miss me?" he shouted as he started firing his blaster quickly at the three robots. Strike put up his shield while the Aegis jet-jumped out of the way. Downshift grunted in pain, but it was really superficial.

"Retreat to the Archangel!" Kisaki shouted. "Move! Move!"

The humans staggered to their feet and started running towards the ship even as two jets and an assault chopper came in low from the southeast. Behind them, a linear tank and a missile truck started firing. The missiles corkscrewed through the air, slamming into a GINN that had been on border patrol to deafening affect. The crumpled remains exploded even as it fell.

Alarms sounded across the base as Coordinators realized they were under attack by a far inferior number of foes. Leozack and Gaihawk both strafed the land battleships. They quickly found out that they were miniature fortresses in their own right, as they started firing all their cannons in return.

ZAFT's forces started to respond, launching dozens of GINNs and DINNs into the fight, even as Andy and his copilot Aisha led the animal-like BuCUEs to race out.

"Let's do this by the numbers, people. Keep them distracted and off balance," the ZAFT commander ordered.

"Hey, did the Predacons show up and forget to tell us?" Deathcobra asked as he saw the Desert Tiger's orange BuCUE.

The left most BuCUE suddenly launched a set of thirteen missiles from its rump-mounted launcher.

"That wasn't nice," the yellow and green assault helicopter snarled out, even as he dodged or blasted the missiles out of the air.

Andy's BuCUE slid into position as his twin liner rail-guns tracked and then fired, hitting the helicopter and cracking his armor.

"Wish my new LaGOWE was ready. Hear it's supposed to be a sweet ride, eh Aisha?" he shouted back to his copilot.

"I think we can handle this, Andy," his stunning companion said with a smirk.

Another GINN exploded as Drillhorn drilled right through it in vehicle mode. "These guys really aren't that tough." He transformed and twisted to blast another GINN, causing a lot of damage.

So when the Buster's 350mm cannon fired, it only creased his shoulder and sent him spinning.

"Yeah!" Dearka shouted. "That's the way to do it!" He was already lining up a second attack.

"Nicol, you are with me. Yzak, you and Dearka take out that linear tank and missile truck," Athrun called out, even as the Aegis banked upwards on its Guul platform as he launched from the Archangel. The Blitz was right behind him on another Guul.

"On it!" Yzak yelled as he fired the Duel's bazooka. The HEAT shell hit Jarugar and sent the black and white Decepticon flying through and air.

"Roger," Nicol called out. They had to relieve the land battleships, as those jets were starting to breach the armor at points.

Leozack and Gaihawk had to break off their next attack run as the two Guardians on some sort of flying platforms started their own attack runs. DINNs immediately fell behind the two Gundams to give support, making the situation harder.

"Miserable humans! Die!" the lead light grey and blue Decepticon jet shouted. His hardmounted nose-blasters fired at the red mobilesuit, only to see it dodge the attack with practiced ease. Much better than those ZAFT helicopters anyways.

"These guys are pretty good. Do we really want to hold off on combining into Liokaiser?" the red and yellow jet asked him, even as he tried to pulverize the black mobilesuit in front of him. It just took his blasts on its strange shield that tried to fire a armor piercing spike at him.

"We need to save it for when that Supreme transforms," Leozack replied in an annoyed tone.

"It looks like it isn't doing anything," Killbison remarked as he blew up a BuCUE.

Then the six Decepticons heard a battle cry that would have made Hellbat duck for cover.

"Wreck and Rule!" as Whirl leaped out from behind a behind a ruined building and shoved his extended knife into Drillhorn. There was a shower of sparks as the blade went deep into the Decepticon.

The blue and gray Decepticon reacted instinctively, kicking out and knocking Whirl back before the blue Wrecker could gut his spark. He was just recovering when an ORB tactical command truck plowed him over, then transformed.

"All Autobots, concentrate and defeat the enemy!" Perceptor called out, even as he blasted at Drillhorn to try and finish him off.

The damaged but canny Decepticon transformed and drilled under the earth, ducking the attack.

"Slag! I nearly had him!"

While the Strike tried to attack Leozack and Gaihawk but they were much faster in the air. It annoyed the young Autobot who wanted a way into the sky. "Higher!" 'Faster!' he thought. 'I have to get higher!'

Suddenly, with a massive ratcheting noise that did not sound altogether good, he transformed into a roughly jet-shape and rocketed at the pair of Decepticons. The new, Cybertronian-style jet plowed into Gaihawk and knocked him out of the sky.

"What? When did you gain that ability?" the red and orange Decepticon demanded.

The Strike transformed again, less painfully this time. "Just now." He pointed his particle beam rifle and took a pot shot, but Gaihawk managed to dodge while firing back with his own blaster. The Strike then fired his head mounted rapid-fire laser machine guns.

Deathcobra was laughing maniacally as he strafed a row of ZAFT soldiers and exploded an unwary a ZuOOT artillery mobilesuit that a pilot had rushed out into service. "Die! Die! Die you useless bags of water!"

The three ASTRAYs were moving out of the Archangel, adding their firepower to the confusion. Kira was in the white and gold ASTRAY, set up with a spare Sword Striker. With his improved speed, he clipped off one of the turrets of Killbison in his linear tank form. He barely transformed and rolled to the side.

"Man, it's always the guns!" he complained even as he staggered under all five Minicons firing him.

"We can get him! Blast him!" Roadhandler shouted as he blasted at Killbison.

"I'll slagging show Whirl that I'm ready for a real Primus-charged bulk body!" Jolt shouted as he fired continuously at the yellow and silver Decepticon. While Skysickle and Thunderstick transformed into their gun modes and let Killbison have it.

Kira added to that assault by hitting Killbison with a beam boomerang. There were bright blue sparks from the wound and the Decepticon had this feeling they needed to end this fight quick before the fleshie units worth a slag and the Autobots overwhelmed them.

Cagalli had the red ASTRAY taking careful, leading shots at Leozack with a heavy impulse cannon. "Stand still, you bastard!"

Colonel Kisaki had moved to support, firing at any Decepticon that even looked like it was headed to the young noble. He had to admit the scatterblaster as they called was quite effective at deterring the Decepticons from coming close to the Red Astray.

Above, Athrun noted the destruction that Deathcobra was unleashing, distracting him. Leozack moved into the kill position when something seemed to shatter with the young coordinator.

"No." This could not be allowed to happen. With a preternatural clarity, he leaped off his GuuL, dodging Leozak's attack like he had been standing still.

"What? Where did he go?" the leader of this band of Decepticons asked, checking to make sure that he was not being bracketed.

The red Aegis transformed into a strange clawed contraption. In the center of it, the aperture for his 580mm multi-phase energy cannon was revealed, blasting at the green and yellow Decepticon that was busy kicking the feet out from below another ZuOOT that was just hopelessly outclassed by the nimble foe.

The blast exploded with a huge concussion, knocking Deathcobra and the ZuOOT over. "What?" the Decepticon called out.

Still in the strange no-time of perfection, the Aegis landed in its mobilesuit mode only three hundred feet away. "You will not hurt anyone else!" the black-haired and green-eyed Coordinator shouted out, even as the as the Aegis charged in a jet assisted leap.

"Ha! You won't get me-" Deathcobra started to crow, when the Aegis activate all four of its beam-sabers. One hard-mounted on each of his forearms and one on each knee.

The move had been practiced against the Strike and the yellow and green Decepticon could only gape as two of the blades remove his legs and his right arm. His skid backwards was stopped as a huge Gundam-sized foot stomped down on him as the Aegis pointed its beam rifle at him. Flicking on the external com, Athrun demanded, "Surrender... or die!"

"I yield! Slag that! Don't kill me!"

Leozak snarled to himself. They were taking unacceptable amounts of damage and with the capture of Deathcobra, unable to form LioKaiser. At least they had not killed him. "All Decepticons... Retreat!" he yelled out, kicking in his after-burners.

Andy snarled as he saw the missile truck turn and take off at a speed he could manage, but he had more pressing duties. He quickly broadcasted to not chase. None of his forces that were fast enough were in any really shape if they turned to fight as a group. "Well, Aisha, I guess I got that excitement I was wanting."

"What a mess," the knockout female Coordinator said sadly. "And this was only six of them."

"The GINNs and DINNs were not much of a challenge for them, though at least the Gundams and BuCUEs could fight. Looks like we are going to need better mobilesuits as quickly as possible," the commander said. He was also glad Orb's Astrays made a good showing since they were going to need all they help they could get.

Thousands of miles away from the burning wreck of Gibraltar Base, more smoke was rising from the real attack. A massive solar tower had been hijacked by a band of nearly identical looking blue and silver Decepticons.

Scourge looked over the work that the Sweeps had been doing, showing the pile of Energon. "That should be enough. That loser Leozack just retreated from Gibraltar Base. After losing one of his squad."

"Right. Should we destroy that tower?" Sweep 10 shouted out as he pointed towards the massive structure that looked like a mesa sheathed in mirrors.

"No. We might want to come back and fill up again!" Scourge called out, causing all the Decepticons to start laughing.

They quickly transformed into their space-cruiser forms (that vaguely looked like some sort of hover vehicle.) With that down, they rocketed into the sky and towards the waiting Revenge.


Perceptor turned to look over at Hot Shot as he entered one of the hangers that had been given over to the scientist for his work. "I am currently busy and must not be disturbed," he called out in his monotone voice.

"Perceptor, we can't ignore that report that the Sweeps stole enough energy to fully recharge the Revenge, Galvatron and his army. We have to do something," the red and yellow Autobot shouted as he moved closer to the massive device.

"Your emotions are clouding your judgement. This Transformer is taking the appropriate action to negate the advantage that Galvatron has accrued." He had not even turned away from the strange lump of generators and the spire that stuck out the top of it.

"What is that thing?" his second in command asked.

"A quantum oscillator amplifier that works on the sub-quark frequency of-"

"Okay, bad question. What does it do? In simple terms," Hot Shot asked quickly.

"It destroys N-Jammers within a radius of one thousand five hundred miles," Perceptor called out. "With that impediment removed, the Earth Alliance and ZAFT forces will be able to activate all mothballed nuclear reactors."

"How much energy are we talking about?" the other Autobot asked.

"Eurasia had fifty nuclear reactors within range, each capable of producing an average of 15 gigawatts of power. With the addition of simple, Cybertronian technology, we can increase that efficiency by thirty percent," Perceptor explained in painstaking detail.

"That's a lot of power," Hot Shot replied as he let the numbers sink in.

"The Earth Alliance and African Union are currently readying all nuclear reactors for immediate activation," Perceptor remarked as he continued to work on the huge device.

"I got the parts you wanted," Jetfire called out as he brought a large amount of materials Hot Shot had no idea what they were.

"Excellent," Perceptor stated almost sounding like he was happy. "These should allow for the production of cold phosphex."

"Cold-!? Glass gas!?" Hot Spot said as he recalled what that was.

"It's been interesting working under Perceptor," Jetfire remarked in a chipper mood. "Been kind of fun actually do something makes me different from Jetstorm."

"You have some talent for being a scientist," Perceptor noted casually.

That was when two humans drove up in a ZAFT ground vehicle. "Hey, Perceptor! Just got word back from our allies in in the African Union that they are ready," Andy Waltfeld called out as he waved casually. It was hard for him to relate to the robots. They did not even know what coffee was much less how great it could be.

Admiral Garcia smirked as he smoothed his white, naval uniform. "The Eurasian Federation was, of course, all ready from the onset. So we are go for Operation: Light Up."

"Excellent." Perceptor then turned back to his device.

"Activating the N-Jammer Destroyer."

Energy crackled across the turbines as tubes started charging up with pinkish energy. The tower part started spinning even as arms reached out from the top of it. With a snap, it discharged all of its energy.

Within seconds, the ground rumbled from discharges. Deep in the Earth, N-Jammers self-destructed as damaging resonances built up within them.

Andy frowned, as he could see why the PLANTs had not been happy with losing their strategic edge against the Earth Alliance. Now they could start fielding nuclear powered mobilearmors again. Hopefully Martin managed to get a good sensor reading so that they could shield the ship portable N-Jammers from this affect in the future. Though the fuel the Transformers used wasn't effected by N-Jammers in the slightest.

All across the north west of Africa and south west of Europe, power plants started to come back to life, feeding hungry energy intensive uses. In Africa, it would have a great affect as desalination plants would start to bring life giving water back to the desert and its people.

"Is the device still functional?" Garcia asked with narrowed eyes.

"It is robust enough for multiple uses, that is correct."

"I'd like to send that around to the power plant locations. Mostly Eastern Europe and the United States east coast." The factories that could be reactivated would mean they could get the Strike Daggers to full production a month ahead of time, the admiral realized. The only thing that kept it from being perfect was how they had no idea how to mass produce the most effective of the strange weapons the Autobots had made for the Gundams and ASTRAYs. Each of the mobilesuit series had proven their worth in the battles and were very powerful.

They would just have to use 'blasters' instead. Mobilesuit sized generic weapons based on Autobot technology.


The massive, bronze-armored battle-cruiser, the Ark, appeared near the Moon in a flash of FTL deceleration.

"I've spotted the Steel Haven's signal on one of the moons of the largest gas giant, Prime," Ironhide called out. "Lots of junk out there."

"No wonder the Junkions like this place," Sunstreaker remarked with disgust. With his luck the organics of this system probably also emitted metal-eating goo from their bodies.

"Quit acting like a glitchhead, will ya?" Bulkhead grumbled in annoyance at Sunstreaker's vanity.

"Slag off," Sunstreaker maturely responded to that.

"Enough of that," Ironhide said with authority. "You two can bicker on your own time later."

"And you wonder why you aren't more popular bro," Sideswipe quipped.

"Picking up a lot of cybertronian alloys," Wheeljack said from the science station. "Identification codes from the remains of the Blue Nixie, the Death's Head, the Axalon, and the Ultimate Warrior."

"Three ships and a shuttle blown up already," Kup remarked. "Someone's been busy."

"With all that Primus tri-cursed slag all over the third planet I'm surprised no one has tried dropping the really pieces onto the planet as a weapon," Huffer remarked as he shook his head.

Wheeljack calculated what would do the planet and winced. It'd the perfect weapon to utterly level portions of that world.

"Optimus we're getting a distress call!" Cliffjumper yelled from the communications console. "The Decepticons are attacking a civilian ship in low orbit of Earth."

"Smells like a trap," Ironhide noted with concern.

"I know," Optimus Prime said softly. "But we can't let the Decepticons have free reign if we're around to stop it."

"Taking us in," Sideswipe stated at the helm.

The massive battlecruiser went above the plane of debris to get closer to the degrading orbit that the cargo ship was in. The Revenge immediately turned and retreated, firing only a few covering shots as two Sweeps returned to it.

Inside the MarseilleIII-class named HOME, a beacon was still active. Outside, all of the ships manipulators had been broken off as it spun ever so slowly. Inside the shattered cargo bay, junk filled the scrambled interior.

"Ignore the Revenge for right now. Prepare rescue operations. Autobots, let's move out!" Optimus Prime called out even as he tromped to the airlock as quickly as possible.

Cliffjumper and Sideswipe were left in the ship as the rest of the Autobots moved over to the slightly smaller ship. None of them noticed the strange locomotive half buried in the junk on the hold as they moved inward.

Once they were past him, Astrotrain powered up and transformed to his humanoid form. "Sloppy, Optimus Prime. You should have left a guard at the door. Your overwhelming caring for other lifeforms is, as always, your undoing." He slipped outside and then alongside of the Ark.

Iron Hide was leading Huffer and Rachet into an area where it looked like devices were being reassembled.

"Prime! By the All Spark! It's Drift! He looks mostly okay, but he's in stasis lock."

The white and silver Autobot lay on a massive cradle, with robotic arms and tools around him.

"No time!" Optimus called out.

The young man with spiky brown hair nodded as he rubbed his wrists. "Yeah, those evil robots put bombs on HOME and they plan to blow us and you to kingdom come!"

"All Autobots, evacuate to the Ark. Come long, humans. We only have moments before they destroy this ship."

Bumblebee grabbed the younger pair. "Time to rush!"

The woman with long dark hair squinted. "Please, we need to use the emergency life preservers. You'll have to drag those along."

The final member nodded as he ran over, pulling three compressed cylinders out of a cabinet. She pulled a pin and then a trigger, expanding out a large bag that she immediately crawled into. The others were right behind him.

"Wait! Number 8!" the spiky-haired kid yelled, running back to grab a luggable computer. He was then in right behind them, inflating the ball life support modules.
In just moments later, they were being ferried over to the Ark that was already moving away.

The explosions that ripped apart HOME rocked the Autobot ship. That was when Astrotrain made his move, rocketing away as a shuttle. "First explosion!" he called out, even as the first explosive jarred the Ark on the edge, sending it spinning. "And.... the second explosion!" All of the rest of the explosives went off, smashing into the engine ports on the back of the battle-cruiser.

Everything seemed fine for just a second, then the secondary explosions from the Ark energon in the engines ignited, disintegrating the back of the battle-cruiser even as it acted like a crude rocket to fling the bronze space ship with great momentum... directly at the blue-white planet below.

"Prime! I've lost thruster control!" Cliffjumper shouted out.

"That's because the back half of the Ark is gone!" Iron Hide called out.

"Flatten out our descent! We'll have to aerobrake," Optimus called out, even as he struggled to hold himself still while carrying one of the human life support devices with its precious cargo.

That was when Astrotrain reappeared, strafing the Ark as he took out maneuvering thruster after thruster. "Hahahaha! I've done it! Optimus Prime is doomed!" the triple-changer shouted out.

The Ark shot towards the planet like a brilliant meteor, burning up as it hit the atmosphere.


That was when they heard a shout of, "I am Halo Spreem!"

"Looks like he picked a name at least," Whirl weakly joked.

Outside the Strike moved like a confused man besieged by insects as the Haro frantically pushed buttons inside and piloted it across the ZAFT base, smashing building and even upending a land battleship.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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If they don't stop the Ark, it will leave a HUGE hole somewhere. At least they have Drift back

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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The flaming ruins of the Ark scythed through the air at a steep angle.

"Brace for impact!" Ironhide shouted even he held onto the life support bubble with the dark-haired woman inside.

The evening turned to daylight above the Islands of ORB, as the burning ship passed overhead. Out at sea, the ORB navy was turning in the direction of the crashing ship.

"Battlestations! Batten the hatches and prepare for a tsunami!" shouted out a petty officer on the deck.

The Ark's impact had the force of a nuclear bomb and set off a massive wave that raced towards the islands only fifty miles away. The half mile of water seemed to barely slow the ship, but when it slammed into the silt it had lost almost eighty percent of its velocity and force. That left the Ark half buried at the bottom of the ocean.

"Autobots, report!" Optimus boomed out even as he activated the lights on his body.

All of the Autobots on the bridge chimed in, but there were disturbing gaps elsewhere. Triton, Gizmo, Doubleclouder, Fallback, Backbeat and Download did not respond at all.

"Primus, I sent them back to aft damage control," Kup exclaimed in horror.

"There's nothing we can do about that. Now let us verify our guests health." With a careful poke, Optimus ripped the life support bubble open. "Friend human, are you all right?"

The girl looked up at him in a daze, then nodded. "I'm bruised and a bit battered, but I think I'll live."

The older woman wearing a blouse, skirt and a lab coat poked carefully at her extremities while squinting hard after she was released. "I'm fine also. Kisato, can you see where we are at?"

"Um, it's a large dark room. There's a huge window, but it's covered by mud, I think," the younger member of the Junk Guild explained.

"That is correct. We seem to have crashed into one of the oceans of your planet," Optimus noted. "It appears we were extremely lucky."

"Say... Why is you planet called Earth when it has so much more water than dirt?" Sideswipe asked curiously.

"The more proper name is Sol III, but even that is a simple matter of us not having a good reference to name it in comparison to other planets. We only discovered that there were other sentients here in the last month," the older woman said as she stood up. "I'm the Professor. Thank you for rescuing us."

"It's what we do," Cliffjumper remarked.

"I don't know if this is a bad time," Wheeljack admitted. "But whoever fixed up Drift did a remarkable job."

Bumblebee looked up worriedly from the human he had carried out of the doomed ship. "I think this human needs repair. He's leaking some coolant. And his leg looks like it is bent wrong."

"Lowe!" Kisato shouted. "Professor! He's really hurt!" That broken leg looked really bad.

"I'm sorry, but I think I fell on him during the crash," the A.I. 8 said aloud.

Ratchet walked over and checked. The wound wasn't as serious as he feared, but it still a good idea to let human doctors look over the wound and seal it.

"We need to get him to the hospital," the Autobot medic stated. "And the sooner the better."

"Yeah, and go meet the neighbors," Huffer remarked. "Just hope they don't shoot us instead of talk to us."

"Interesting," Ratchet said as he read a data stream from Teletran. "I'm getting information that might help us here." With that, he transformed into an advanced ambulance; large, red crosses on the sides and back.

"I've got a location of what appears to be emergency medical aid. Autobots, let's roll!" Optimus called out, transformed and opening his door so the two remaining humans could board him.


"I'm starting to sense a pattern," Patrick Zala remarked a bit of gallows humor. "Every Cybertronian ship but the Revenge has come in the inner part of the Solar System and not too long after that has been wrecked."

"You have to wonder why we bother having these meetings," Ali Kasim commented softly. "All we ever talk about anymore are the Transformers. "

"It seems that Perceptor has no problems using any upgrades we've created for the ORB mobile suits," Yuri Amalfi stated. "The Armored shroud for the Duel is one of the things he's adopted for those units."

"If only he'd just stick to that and not create those N-Jammer destroyers."

"Or them turning Earth Alliance mobile suits into Transformers," Patrick Zala noted in a restrained manner. He found it ironic in another time and place he'd not want the other PLANTS council members to know about an Orb Coordinator piloting the Strike. After all the Transformers had done now they'd only have some interest finding out it was of his son's friends from prep school.

The fact said friend was reported to have stood up to Galvatron and the combined form of the six robot team. The same team that heavily damaged a ZAFT base and on their own without merging. Leozak's team had been able to inflicting damage on their land battleships... which was impressive.

'Perhaps giving him one of the new prototypes and having Athrun renew their friendship would be useful,' Patrick Zala mused. Anyone who could fight the Decepticons that well and was a coordinator was worth trying to dine and wine to his side.

"There's also the matter of Commander Rau La Creuset," Parnel Jesek stated. "We can't just show him acting like a good boy, it's time he's brought before a military tribunal."

Patrick winced at that, as it look like Parnel had defected from his camp with a bit of vigor to show his new loyalty.

"The actions of Commander La Creuset were those of a man who had his orders," Louise Leitner told them. "He had no way of knowing a group of extra solar aliens were going stop by to fill up their fuel tank. And his disbelief at their story is completely understandable." The Judiciary Committee head was one of Zala's faction and honestly didn't see anything legally wrong with the actions taken.

"And now the Earth Alliance has access to a fuel source our N-Jammers can't effect in the slightest!" Which was an exaggeration, of course. With the high density batteries, they already had something that would work.

"Which has been quite easy to change mobile suits over to use," Ezalia Joule remarked. "We'd have no problems adapting the technology and it'd make the energy hog defense systems the prototype mobile suits have more cost effective."

"And put a madman that can turn into a siege cannon in our solar system," Siegal Clyne noted. "And many of our children have only barely survived their encounters with him."

Patrick Zala rubbed his forehead for a moment. As useful as La Creuset had been, he was now a heated political issue. One he desired to have around for his plans, but it was looking more and more like that won't be possible. Of course his plans were also being changed due to the Transformers. Perhaps if he could get O.M.N.I. used as shock troops in the battle to take back Cybertron.

Worst came to worst with La Creuset, he could always be let go. Zala knew he could always find someone else for his plans.

"If we must do so," Zala said tiredly. And with that La Creuset's fate was sealed.


Inside of Heaven's Base, Matias Aducarf looked disappointed. The 'treasure trove' they had discovered of a Transformer ship had turned out to be much less useful then they imagined. Said treasure trove was the extremely durable trophy room of Lockdown.

Most of the weapons and equipment inside were insanely difficult to reproduce. The irony of it was the alloys that made up the armor of the room were easier for their to replicate then anything inside it. One of the few things they figured out was a form of cement that hardened in seconds and was stronger then anything made on Earth. They also found a new form of fire retardant. They had no idea where Lockdown had gotten those, but those two things likely were the quickest they could replicate and sell.

For a group that wished to profit from war that was not what they wanted. And they had high hopes for all the alien weapons in their grasp.

"So what are we calling the armor?" General Haite asked with almost a grunt.

"Cyberium." Matias shrugged at the look he got.

The general nodded, even as they turned away and headed to a manufacturing plant deep within the base. His aides followed him into the deeps where Strike Daggers were starting to be built. Currently, their was only a stripped down prototype.

"This, general, is a the Mark I heavy blaster. Using some of the technology that Admiral Garcia has forwarded to us, we've managed to build a much better energy weapon than almost anything we've seen at a reasonable cost."

"That's some mealy mouthed bull you just spewed their, boy. Why isn't it just 'the best' already? I'm paying you for results, not prevarications."

"The 250mm phase cannon in the Launcher Striker is quite a bit more powerful, but at a premium cost. Though it looks like we can cut some costs or increase its power." The engineering officer shrugged at that.

"Do both. That cannon has quite a kick already, but an even better one means we might be able to take out Galvatron." Haite just smiled at that. Matias looked thoughtful for a moment as he pondered doing that for a Striker Pack.

"Yes, sir. Along with that, we are looking to add a layer of Cyberium. That will make these guys nearly twice as tough. We are looking at an 'Ace' unit that might be armored entirely of Cyberium, which should be tougher even than a Transformer. Well, because our mobilesuits are so much bigger."

"These aren't going to turn sentient, are they?"

"No, sir. We're not even sure how the Strike became sentient. The computers installed in it were nowhere near powerful enough for a true A.I." The engineer, Matias, just shrugged at that. He didn't believe the report on the Strike somehow gaining a soul.

"How about the new Trans-Phaseshift that I heard was in the works? Why aren't we putting that into all of these?"

"Costs. Even with what we are learning from the Transformers, that's not cheap. So again, only for ace suits like Calamity or the Raider series."

"I wonder if ORB would have left those energy hogs out on their ASTRAYs even if they had access to it?" Haite mused. Had the EA brass known about the Astray project being down the road figuratively from their project they might have used it as a basis for a mass produced mobile suit. True, they had the Strike Daggers but having another possibly design like it or the Eurasian Federation's Hyperions was always a good idea.


Admiral Gerard Garcia had been waiting for all of the Autobots and Minicons to be called away by Perceptor, leaving just 'Strike' behind in the Archangel's hanger. "Gentlemen, take fifteen. I need to speak to the Strike." He waited for the flight crew to depart and then moved in front of the ex-mobilesuit.

The large Transformer looked over at the human in confusion. "You want to talk to me?" He was not sure what to make of the human, as Whirl did not like him and the other Autobots were not totally trusting.

"I do. It occurred to me that your status as an ex-mobilesuit and now a sentient has never been fully dealt with."

"What do you mean dealt with," the Strike asked dangerously.

"Just in the same manner that complications are dealt with. Obviously, it would be wrong to just consider you property. While I can't even imagine how you gained a... Spark, right? Gained a Spark, to the Autobots, that's becoming alive with what they consider a soul. Just the existence of alien species has thrown the worlds religions into disarray, that doesn't apply to you... exactly. Your body is local... terrestrial. You are, in effect, the first native Transformer." Garcia was carefully building up his ground in logic.

"I guess that's true." The Strike really did not get where this was all going.

"And in that case, we have to decide where to put you. I'd like to see you join the Atlantic Federation Navy, as I feel its your real home here with the Archangel and our crew."

"But I like hanging out with Hotshot and the Minicons," he protested. "Though, I feel a strange kinship with the pilot Kira Yamato, too."

"That could be because you awoke in close proximity. Heck, you could be soul siblings somehow. And I don't intend to separate you from the Autobots, but they aren't from our world. They have been fighting their war for thousands of centuries."

"And I've seen datatrax of their homeworld," Strike stated. "A hollow metal world the size of Saturn over 700 light years from this planet."

Garcia wondered if the Transformers lived to shake things up. Just as he knew whatever Primus was, be it a deity or a religious figure of some kind was going to make waves. And here he thought a race of machines won't be religious. "Thank you for that bit of information," Garcia stated diplomatically." But this planet is your home, and it needs protection."

"Heliopolis, my birthplace is gone, my siblings were taken and reside now in the Archangel," Strike noted. "Cagali seems... to not want to be around me. Flay Allaster, I think compares me to Galvatron."

Garcia was starting to consider his current command a political minefield. He had the children of a good portion of the PLANTs Supreme council on his ship, the daughter of a late Vice Minister who wants to take out what he'd been told was one of the nastiest Transformers in existence who he could see how he gained such a reputation, the headstrong daughter of the head of ORB, and of course the group of Autobots who made it all possible.

"Ms. Allaster has gone through a great loss and has been rubbing a lot of people the wrong way," Garcia stated. "However, you must admit that you came to life over Earth and the Archangel is the closest thing you have to a home right now?"

"Sure, I guess."

Garcia nodded then in acknowledgment. "What I would like to do is commission you as an officer of the Earth Alliance. That way we have you here with us and can have you interface with the Autobots on a more even basis. And it will show that we are willing to be inclusive to all races." In fact, he was also planning on having Athrun and his band seconded to O.M.N.I. officially.

"You want me to fight for the Earth Alliance?" Strike asked surprised.

"We could use the help fighting the Decepticons," Garcia replied. "Plus it'd give you a place to belong. Pay and maintenance for free."

"I..." Strike said. "Whirl doesn't like or trust you, sir."

Garcia didn't look surprised. He figured the Wrecker only barely tolerated him. Not that it was hard given Whirl didn't hide his contempt very well. It was easy to tell when Whirl liked or disliked something. "You don't get to be a flag officer without pissing people off and having people not like you," Garcia explained pragmatically. "Of course, I have theories why an elite commando was taken off his unit for basically babysitting duty, especially if the death rate of his unit is to be believed."

"But.." Strike said softly. "Almost every Autobot looks up to and respects Optimus Prime. Other then Grimlock but he doesn't honestly like anyone."

"The Transformers respect physical ability," Garcia noted. "All their leaders from what I've seen or heard lead from the front. It doesn't work that way for humans. I'd probably have stroke or heart attack if I got into one of the Gundams or ASTRAYs and tried to battle the Decepticons in single combat."

"I honestly don't even have a name," Strike sighed.

"We can always think of something for the paperwork," Garcia said with a shrug. "Everyone's been calling you Strike, so perhaps something along in that vein."

"I like that," Strike admitted. Garcia looked pleased at that.

Unseen by them was a pair of yellow optics. Haro took in the scene slowly, being very confused. Too many large and complicated words.

"There you are," Athrun said as he grabbed the pink robot. Now he finally see what the Autobots had done to this robot.


Shinn Asuka was at the beach with his family checking the damage the minor tsunami had done when suddenly a red ORB cargo hauler, an ambulance, and a few cars drove out of the water and towards the road at high speeds.

"What was that?" Maru Asuka asked in shock.

Then an orange tow-truck came out of the water and transformed to robot mode. He loomed over the Asuka siblings yet had no weapons in his hands. Shinn put himself between the robot and his sister regardless of that.

"I can't believe it but I might agree with Sunstreaker for once," the robot grumbled. "That has to be a sign of shokaract."

"It's a Transformer!" Shinn yelled. The red eyed coordinator then looked to see what symbol was on the robot. The red insignia of the Autobots being proudly displayed on the grousing Transformer helped Shinn's nerves a bit.

"Brilliant deduction," Huffer sarcastically remarked. "Got anything else to tell me I already know like stars are balls of hot gasses or that water can be used to make rocket fuel and one of the gasses organics like you breath?"

A yellow car mini-coupe came out of the the water and turned into a robot.

"Don't mind him," the newer robot stated. "He acts like a tricursed glitchhead with something stuck up his tail pipe. All the time."

"Slag off, Bumper," Huffer snarled as he glared at yellow Autobot.

"So to quote a cliche," Bumper stated with an amused grin. "We need to be taken to your leader. We kind of moved into the neighborhood and want to get to know them better."

Shinn's dark red eyes went wide as he imaged trying to introduce a few of the infamous extrasolar robots to the Chief Representative. Lord Attha so far hadn't said much about the Transformers, other then to morn the death of the one that got killed in ZAFT's attack along with so many from Orb.

Until now it all hadn't been any more real then a big budget science fiction movie to Shinn. Then he heard the sound of VTOLS as a pack of six of them flew overhead. Huffer nearly snorted. Yeah that would really be effective. If they just wanted to mess up his paint job and annoy him. At least he wasn't yelling at them to hold their fire while charging at them with a gun. 'Primus knows Wheeljack would probably do that,' Huffer thought.

"Put your hands in the air and don't make any sudden movements!"

The pair of Autobots raised their hands and hoped Ratchet and the others were having better luck.

At the hospital the paramedics gasped when the ambulance they got an injuried young man out of it and then transformed into a robot.

"I'd treat him myself, but organics are not my usual patients," Ratchet stated. "A sentient AI from this planet fell on him."

"Yeah we kind of didn't want to mess up something," Sideswipe said with his hands raised. "Since that's never a good thing."

"So you guys take shanix?" Cliffjumper asked holding up what looked like a giant gold coin in his hand.

"You'll have to speak with the Accounting department," one doctor admitted.


Lord Attha looked at the preliminary plans for the Akatsuki. He had intended for that to be a last resort weapon in the defense of ORB, but everything he had heard about the Decepticons and their laser weapons made it more of a priority. He also could easily imagine his nation being a battle field between the Autobots and Decepticons due to the Ark being off the coast.

The mobile suit might be their only hope against Galvatron's laser cannon. He doubted his daughter could have a happy and long life with the threat of the Decepticons looming over ORB. They had utterly no regard for sentient life other then to crush it under their heel.

And the three completed ASTRAY prototypes held their own against ZAFT and the Decepticons.

The Lion of ORB hope the Seiran clan would keep from doing something stupid. Unato was at least politically skilled but his son Yuna was frankly nowhere near as effective or powerful as he thought he was. He also had a talent for pissing people off.

'I hope Cagalli can keep Yuna in-line when they're married.' Uzumi thought praying that is what would happen in that union. Otherwise things would go really bad for ORB before Yuna learned his limitations and not to arouse the ire of the wrong people.

Uzumi Attha was driven from his musings by Chief Engineer and designer for the Astrays Erica Simmons. He quickly closed the file of the blueprints for the Akatsuki.

"Lord Attha..." Erica stated. "Wheeljack is a mad genius."

"Oh?" Uzumi asked.

"I have been asking him about things I have learned off about Transformers internal workings," Erica said proudly. "It has been extremely informative. A pity not with a great deal of practical applications to the mass produced ASTRAY project."

"And the upgrades to the prototype ASTRAYs that Colonel Kisaka has reported on?" Attha asked. They were very interesting to him. Especially the part about Energon. For ORB to have a source of fuel that like that would be a good thing.

"Oh, those we have implimented. The most basic item was a multi-connection power port for weapons along with improvements to the sniper rifle in the works for the A2 Astrays. The beam will be more powerful and the scope will be able to follow faster moving objects."

Uzumi Attha really didn't like having to compete in the arms race with PLANT and the Earth Alliance, but it was the only way to keep ORB free from either party. "And have we gotten any of the weapons mentioned built?"

"We got the scatterblaster and can even mass produce it, however it has one flaw," Simmons stated. "It is not very effective in outer space. The Beam Boomerang weapon for the G-Weapons also has the same limitation."

That was a very large limit to the usage of the weapon. It definitely made him wonder if they should mass produce the weapon or not. The Beam Boomerang was not one they planned on adding to the M-1 ASTRAYS; so the problems with it in space were of no consequence.

"We've also been able to build the energy deflecting material in large scale. We've made a mobile suit sized shield to see how effective it really is."

"Good," Uzumi said with a slight smile. If it worked then the Akatsuki was to be produced. He would fast-track it for development and deployment. And perhaps they should make more of those shields.

"As for the bad news, we tested the energy draining claw and it was shattered with liquid nitrogen," Erica grimaced. "Ironhide's weapon can fire off a wide variety of things like molten lead, or liquid nitrogen, or a very base substance."

"Base?" the Lion of Orb asked with a confused expression on his face.

"As in base on the PH levels," Erica explained. "Water is neutral, acid is one extreme and base is the other."

"And I take it his weapon is something we can't replicate?"

"Sir, I won't know where to begin how to create a gun that can do that."

"Is that a common weapon?" Uzumi asked. He needed to know for sure what sort of weapons would be used against his forces by the Decepticons.

Erica shook her head. "They tend to use laser weapons that are so powerful they are matrixing their energy into a plasma, but there are those like Ironhide that use guns that fire more esoteric ordanace."

"Anything else I should be aware of?" Uzumi asked.

"They also are able to fire energy blasts out of their swords," Erica stated.

"That's...unexpected." Lord Attha admitted. And likely not easy since their upgrades to the Sword Strikers didn't involve that ability.

'Still all this is easier then the conversation I'll be having with the Yamatos. Now more then ever since we know what Kira being an Ultimate Coordinator really means,' Uzumi thought to himself.


In an upscale apartment in October City that felt like a prison cell to it's owner, two friends met to talk and play chess. Possibly for the last time given the charges one of them had leveled against them.

"Well I'm screwed old friend," Rau remarked with an annoyed tone. "All due to extra-solar aliens."

"Yes, it's hard to imagine that could have happened." Gilbert Durandal commented. "I'm sure a lot of plans have gone up in smoke due to their very presence."

"And you want to know the amusing thing?" Rau said with a smile. "Expect people to shove the motto of the Autobot's leader in your face a lot when they find out about your Destiny plans."

"It's just the masses reciting an interesting meme," Gilbert said with a touch of amusement. "From a race that's about as screwed up as humanity. Perhaps they had a system like I believe will save humanity and it didn't work for them. "

"I just hope you didn't use that as pillow talk with your girlfriend," Rau quipped. "How are you and Talia doing anyway?"

"She wants to have a child and I honestly..." Gilbert trailed off.

"You could always blame it on Galvatron and the Decepticons," Rau noted. "Who'd want to have children with them running around?"

"I don't think she'd take something that transparent very well," Gilbert mused out loud. He knew he had a silver tongue but he also knew there were limits to what it could do. And that would be passing one of them. 'Perhaps I can still salvage at least some of our relationship.' Gilbert pondered. He then put his mind to figuring out how to do that.

"Of course Galvatron might do what I want for me," Rau stated. "It seems humanity and Transformers are all self serving creatures. Disgusting."

Gilbert sighed. He really needed to get Rau a girlfriend. If he didn't know the lengths his friend would go to commit his goals, he'd consider him just a moody and anger teen that wanted to get let off some steam. Still he had to save his friend, and save humanity from itself. He then shivered and the hairs on his neck stood on end.

Rau wondered if his drugs had any side effects as he could make out a purple and black ghostly figure outside the apartment looking into space. He stared at it and was looked back in the eye by the apparition. It radiated cunning and malice and Rau wondered why it was watching him like this. After what felt like an eternity the figure nodded and then vanished.

"What was that?" Gilbert gasped. He wasn't sure what he had felt but he knew something very odd had happened.

"I'm not sure," Rau stated. But he had the feeling that it his star had not finished its ascent suddenly. With that, he chuckled to himself.

Gilbert narrowed his eyes. He had a really bad feeling about what happened.


Over the Pacific Ocean, a massive ship floated over churning waves as it led the combined water naval fleet from Gibraltar. The three Hampton-class aircraft carriers, dozens of support ships were flanked by four Vosgulov-class carrier submarines of ZAFT. It was probably the most powerful wet fleet ever gathered in the history of the human race.

Mobilesuits and Transformers flew overhead as Whirl, Jetfire and Jetstorm taught the Strike more about his flight mode and how to get the most out of it. Murrue had decided that it would be a good training exercise for the Gundams and ASTRAYs, as they were out there also flying on improved Guuls thanks to Perceptor. He had also been seen making his own version that was less than half the size.

But they were finally reaching their destination that they had been racing towards since they had been informed of the crash of the Autobots just off Orb. The 1st Combined Fleet took up position alongside ORB's Aegis-class cruisers out away from the island as the flagship headed into a massive drydock, slicing through the waters.

As the Archangel backed into a massive dry-dock cage, Kira wondered if his parents would believe what he'd been through. To end up piloting a mobile suit, gaining new friends, renewing his friendship with Athrun and fighting evil robots from outer space. His mobile suit becoming sentient and able to transform into a jet was just one part of the story.

'My life has become a science fiction series,' Kira mused with a slight smile as he realized how completely crazy all that was. Kira then saw his parents at the end of the drawbridge as the rest of the human crew exited for some well deserved rest. He was glad they had survived the destruction of Heliopolis and that he had Thunderstick next to him so they had proof of his adventures.

The gold and blue Minicon looked forward to meeting Kira's parents. He just hoped they could understand how amazing the things Kira managed to do were. He fought one of the Decepticon gestalts single-handedly and deflected one of Galvatron's blasts. No one had ever done the latter; not even Optimus Prime or Starsaber.

Across the way, the Autobots and Strike were leaping to the service road, looking around the inside of the massive Morgenrote complex deep in the earth of the islands.

"Mom! Dad!" Kira yelled before he was pulled into a hug.

"So that's your batch proto-initiator and laser core builder?" Thunderstick asked a smile. "So when are you going to introduce to them your girlfriend?"

"I don't have a girlfriend," Kira said flustered and sounding embarrassed.

"Sure you do," Thunderstick commented in a bemused tone. "Flay's your girlfriend and Roadhandler thinks you need your cerebro module debugged and rebooted for liking her."

"I know," Kira grumbled darkly and then saw Thunderstick smirking at him. He knew that they had something planned.

Caridad Yamato tried to take in all her adopted son's friend had said. A memory surfaced of Kira's Birdie robot as his friend because he was wary of the other kids finding out he was a Coordinator. And then it hit her that Kira had a girlfriend.

"Hey, Flay get over here!" Thunderstick yelled. "You want to meet your boyfriend's parents don't you?"

Flay just stared at Thunderstick until Haro and Jolt started pushing her toward Kira and his parents. Flay didn't look very happy for them to be moving her. "You're a jerk, Thunderslap."

"Such a lovely couple," Thunderstick remarked with amusement. "Don't you think so?"

"Yep," Jolt smirked.

"And you want them to have kids so you can teach them Cybertronian swear words," Thunderstick stated. Kira and Flay blushed at that comment.

Jolt laughed. "I'm not against that."

"Son," Kira's father managed to say. "You have very strange friends."

"I know," Kira groaned. "Trust me I am fully aware of that."

"You should have seen Kira in the battles we got into," Thunderstick spoke up. "He did stuff we didn't even know was possible and held his own against Liokaiser."

Then a shadow covered them and the Minicons gasped. Kira turned and he saw Optimus Prime. In his shock of seeing the Autobot legend that all the Autobots had talked about, he didn't notice Flay clutch onto him like he was a life preserver.

"Kira Yamato," Optimus stated. "I'd like to thank you for all your help. You truly have the spark of an Autobot."

Kira couldn't help but be moved by those words. He then tried to form the words for an intelligence response to Optimus Prime. "I...thank you sir," Kira stated. "But I honestly don't want to be fighting in this war."

"Nor do I," Optimus Prime admitted. "But we don't always get what we want and sometimes we find out what we really are on the battlefield."

Kira felt a lot of the weight this war was putting on him lifted when he heard that. He could see why the Autobots all looked up to Optimus Prime.

Flay's grip had loosened slightly at the very oddly gentle-seeming words of the most respected Autobot in existence.

Then the Minicons gasped again. A full sized white Autobot that Kira had never seen before stood next to Optimus Prime armed with a sword.

" can't be!" Jolt exclaimed. "You're dead!"

"Hey, Jolt, Thunderstick," Drift stated. "Its good to see you guys again."

"We discovered Drift on a Junk Guild ship almost entirely repaired," Optimus Prime explained.

"Drift... but everyone said you're dead!" Kira yelled.

Drift smiled sadly. "Kid when you get blown to bits... if you're lucky they can wield you back together."

Kira didn't now what to say to that. Flay wondered why some robot could be more or less resurrected yet her father stayed dead. It was completely and utterly unfair to her and she didn't like that at all. Especially one everyone wrote off as going to whatever afterlife the Transformers have.

"Did you have any Minicons?" Kira asked the Autobot swordsman.

Drift shook his head. "They didn't really want me to have any," he admitted. Being a reformed Decepticon with his past classified definitely made them not want to give him a Minicon. It was something he tried to not let bother him, though it was extremely hard some days.


Garcia and the Archangel crew were surprised to find Jolt and Grip-Lock had assembled a Mobile Suit in a back repair bay. There were two ASTRAYs, one green and the other lavender grey shade of purple, in various states of completeness and a second Strike Gundam they had begun work on. He didn't think they had enough spare parts to even attempt to do any of this.

Of course, he also didn't remember a chamber like this in the plans for the Archangel. Though the ship had transformed into a giant robot and beat down Liokaiser. So perhaps it was still adjusting itself somehow. Which with all the other things the Cybertronian technology was doing to the Archangel, it shouldn't surprise him.

"You two have been busy," Garcia remarked. He was sure that having a non-sentient Strike available for use would take much of the sting out of the original becoming a Transformer to the OMNI brass. Even with the original having joined their navy.

"We needed a hobby and Thunderstick showed us a hidden file on the Blue Astray," Jolt said with his hand on the back of his head. "It showed some planned weapons and a few upgrades for the ASTRAYs." Their cunning plan to upgrade to a cool bulk body had been derailed!

"Though most of them are really weird and not very useful," Grip-Lock admitted. "The dual beam sabers and blaster rifle combo they planned for the fourth ASTRAY was the best of the bunch."

"And we had utterly no idea about the ASTRAY project," Yzak stated as he looked over the Purple ASTRAY. "Got to admit even if half the stuff in that file didn't work very well at least Orb is willing to be creative."

Cagalli however looked completely and utter enraged. No one was sure if it was at the Minicons for building more ASTRAYs and a G Weapon or that no one had told her how many ASTRAYs there were. With her also staring at the blades on the back of the Purple ASTRAY's legs. "I need to see all data and equipment lists for the ASTRAYs," she said very slowly.

"You got it," Grip-Lock said quickly as he handed Cagalli the datatrax with all the information they had on the ASTRAYs and their planned weapons.

Nicol wondered what they needed the belt sander and jumbo sized can of primer for. Were they supposed to be Transformer heath care products?

"Just as long as you don't let that psycho Flay drive any of these," Yzak remarked. He had this feeling that Flay was going to get herself killed in quest for revenge against a literal killing machine and that she had a few screws loose in her head.

"Definitely not something we want to have happen," Jolt faux whispered. "Maybe see if Cagali can drive the Strike II."

"Its just a stand in name," Grip-Lock interjected. "I wanted to call it the Zeta Strike Maximus."

"And the better of his two names," Jolt grumbled. "Strikeblast sounded really bad."

"Nicol," Yzak commented as he absorbed those names. "Let's not ever let Grip-Lock name things. Ever."

"Agreed," Nicol said nodding his head.


Flay was on her way to a meeting with the developmental staff for the ASTRAY series. Dr. Erica Simons had wanted her input as a novice pilot of the ASTRAY series. She was just coming around the corner when she heard voices.

"Yes, the outer structure of Drift appears that it was heavily modified at one point, Lord Attha. I suppose it could be our equivalent of plastic surgery," the engineer was explaining.

The strong looking leader of ORB nodded. "Could it just be damage that was repaired?"

"The Professor did not think so. As a salvage specialist, she looks for that sort of thing. She saw a lot of repairs, but the underlying structure was different. I've got her estimation of what Drift would have looked like," Erica explained as she turned on a 3D projector.

"He looks very different. Well, send me a report and keep me abreast of any developments."

Flay suddenly realized he was going to be heading for the door, which she quickly knocked on. "Hello?"

The Prime Minister of ORB opened the door to see the young woman in an ORB uniform. "Ah, Miss Allster. Let me be the first her to offer you our condolences for the passing of your father. He always advocated a strong, peaceful relationship with our country. He will be sorely missed."

"Ah... thank you Minister Attha," she replied awkwardly.

"Ensign Allster, please come in," the blonde ASTRAY engineer called out.

Flay stepped in, taking in the 'other' face of Drift. It looked far more cruel, in her eyes. In fact, it looked like a Decepticon. The fact he also had laser cannons on his forearms didn't help at all. She narrowed her eyes.

"Let's start with what you found to be hard and what does not feel natural, Ensign," Erica said as she turned off the projector.

Flay started to explain her first problems, all the time aware of the cutting edge 3D projector just like her family owned. She remembered a trick to get the last image out of it and onto a memory core. And she had some pointed questions to ask, as soon as she figured out who to ask them of.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-07-31 06:10pm

I head Peter Collins' voice. I consider that to be the ultimate compliment when someone has to write for Optimus.

I'm glad Drift is back. Maybe he can take Strike in as his 'minicon' LOL. The politics are getting deep, tho... perhaps deeper than I recall from the original Gundam. However, the humans seem to be dealing well with the OCP the Cybertronians gave them.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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LadyTevar wrote:I head Peter Collins' voice. I consider that to be the ultimate compliment when someone has to write for Optimus.

Thanks. That's the Gen1 toon version of Optimus Prime is the one I stride for when I write the character in this story.

I'm glad Drift is back. Maybe he can take Strike in as his 'minicon' LOL. The politics are getting deep, tho... perhaps deeper than I recall from the original Gundam. However, the humans seem to be dealing well with the OCP the Cybertronians gave them.

Let's just say Drift's story will be a big part of the next chapter. As for politics, the various governments want to play nice with the Autobots and get whatever technology and advancements they can get. Though LOGOS wants a bigger piece of the pie then others of course.

And expect for Rau's story to get very...different from the show.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-08-01 05:39pm

Fanboyimus Prime wrote:And expect for Rau's story to get very...different from the show.

Well DUH... he just got a visit from Unicron's Herald. Did you think I'd miss that? Or the quip about 'die-cast' ships hull? :)

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Sidewinder » 2011-08-01 11:30pm

The plot seems to be moving in a good direction- better than Mitsuo Fukuda's "Arms dealers start wars to sell more guns!" bullshit, anyways. I advise you to proofread your work before you post, however; I keep seeing misspelled words and grammar errors.

By the way, should I expect Rau to become a Headmaster named "GalvaRau"? Is Galvatron an upgraded Megatron, or a separate character, as he is in the IDW series?
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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"I don't understand it, Lacus," Athrun said as he carefully inserted a diagnostic probe into the tiny body of her Pink Haro. They were sitting in the 'guest' quarters of the Archangel, which was no more than an ensign's shared quarters with its two bunks.

"Wooooowoooo!" Haro exclaimed. "Tingly!"

"He's been so energetic and fun to play with. And now he has better fingers." Lacus was smiling as her fiancee was checking out the tiny robot for the second time.

Haro then transformed to robot mode. Athrun yelped and leaped back. Haro waved happily at him.

"Does everything the Transformers touch have to do that?!" Athrun yelled.

"More then meets the eye," Haro sang happily.

"That sounds like the great title for a song," Lacus stated as she considered the matter.

"Glad you're being inspired," Athrun muttered as he checked to see if the probe would find a spark or lasercore inside the Haro. So far he'd seen CPU other parts had been upgraded. Though he wasn't sure if that as by the Autobots or an infection of Cybertronian technology like the Archangel was experiencing.

He then found a strange object inside Haro. He made note of it as he wasn't sure if that was the laser core or the transformation cog. He also wondered what was causing everything mechanical around the Transformers to come to life. Energon was out as a possible given the Transformers used that stuff to power their technology and it didn't bring to life things across the cosmos.

Which left him wondering what the common connection could be. And one that had to be figured out before the PLANTS themselves were able to turn into giant robots. Athrun paused for a moment given before the Transformers showed up that won't be possible.

"The Transformers seem to live to make strange things happen," Athrun grumbled. Such as scare PLANT, ORB and the Earth Alliance to attempt to have some form of unity. Then again the Decepticons used GINNs and mobile armors for target practice and those were the major forces of ZAFT and O.M.N.I.

The G-Weapons and ASTRAY prototypes did the best against them and Athrun had a feeling ZAFT would soon have their own new mobile suits to keep up with everyone else.

With a frown, he sketched out the device that he had found. That must be the heart of the matter, so he'd have to check to see if any other mobilesuits were developing a 'spark'.

"Is he going to be all right?" Lacus asked worriedly.

"He's never been better, actually." Athrun patted the pink Haro on its head. "You are just going to have to keep a closer eye on him, as he's like a pet now. I don't think he's fully sentient though."

"So he's our first child?" she asked innocently seeming, only to start laughing at his expression.


Wheeljack inspected the Positronic Blaster Cannons on the Archangel.

"I think they could turn those guns into a bazooka for a mobile suit," Wheeljack mused. "Need a nuclear reactor or energon to work through."

Erica Simmons looked at the engineer like he was crazy. Then pondered what he said and admitted he was crazy like a fox. It would work but likely be even more fuel intensive then even the Lightwave system the Hyperions had.

After the Decepticon raid on a solar collection tower, the East Asia Federation bought the three Hyperion prototypes. With a limited production run of several more Hyperions for the Eurasian Federation forces to use. Erica admitted she was a bit biased in thinking the M1 Astray was superior to the Strike Dagger and the Hyperion. Well, a lot biased when it came to the Hyperions and the G-Weapons. The Hyperions were closer to the G-Weapons, as they were looking to be a premium weapon system, not a mass production model. Still she wished the East Asia Federation and Eurasian Federation luck with the Hyperions.

'Of course, if we had easy access to energon and that positron bazooka even Cyclonus could be taken out,' Erica mused. She also noticed the engineers that were following them and taking notes. The largest being Jetfire who was working to be a scientist or engineer.

Remembering his ability to merge with Jetstorm reminded Erica of a joke someone made about having the ASTRAYs all merge to form a super robot. At the time it was considered too impractical and reduced the number of guns being used but Liokaiser and Safeguard were changing minds on the usefulness of that.

Of course the Transformers made the idea of a transforming mobile suit after the ASTRAYs a strong possibility. Erica grinned as she knew whatever would come would be impressive.


"I found one here, too!" Dearka shouted out, looking the Moebius Zero Omega. "It looks about the same size as the ones in the ASTRAYs."

Athrun was frowning, even as he looked over to his 'superior' officers. "So it appears that any mobilesuit or mobilearmor that was part of the original complement that left Artemis has a spark, though they don't look fully active."

Murrue nodded slowly even as Natarle made some notes. "The size of Archangel's spark chamber is quite large and seems to require a lot of power."

Perceptor nodded. "That is correct. Just like your nervous system control all aspects of your biology, the spark controls all aspects of the functioning of a Transformers. These units are not fully initialized and are in hibernation. In fact, I ascertain that it would require a traumatic event to activate outside of an initiator from Cybertron."

"And I've never seen anything like this," Ratchet admitted. "No sign of Vector Sigma, or the All Spark or anything else used to give life to us."

"Maybe it was Lacus's singing for all we know," Dearka said with a shrug.

"Spark Singers," Kup spoke up in sudden wonder.

"I have no idea what he's talking about," Ratchet stated when everyone looked to him and Perceptor.

"It's a myth even older then me," Kup stated. "Long ago the original Thirteen Transformers found out that if they sang and managed to stir up the emotions of others that they could give life to the lifeless."

"That is the most insane thing I have ever heard," Athrun admitted.

"You clearly don't know much about our mythology," Ratchet remarked."There's a sect that believes Primus was born from solar energy and energon."

"The seeds of the future lie buried in the past," Kup recalled from an ancient Cybertronian text.

"And you thought Lacus was popular already," Dearka said with a grin. "If that's true then she'll be bigger then the Beatles, Elvis and any other singer or band you could mention."

"And just when I thought my reports to the PLANT supreme council couldn't get weirder," Athrun groused. It was getting to the point where he could try to make things up just to see if they would believe him. And the sad part would be that it'd likely all make more sense then what was happening.

Murrue shook her head. "Very well. We'll keep an eye on them. Lt. Badguriel, accompany me." The captain of the ship headed out and down towards the secondary landing bay.

Chief Murdoch pulled himself out of one of the Mistrels. "Yup. It has one too, though smaller and not as developed."

"So we'll let Athrun know, right?" one of his subordinates asked.

"No, you won't. At least not immediately. Admiral Garcia mentioned something once we discovered that the other three G-Weapons did not have a spark," Murrue stated, surprising them. She had grudgingly admitted the admiral had a good point. "Murdoch, how much effort would it be to remove the spark chambers from these Mistrels and install them in them and one of the Skygraspers?"

"Uh, I wouldn't have an idea," the chief petty officer said.

"Come up with a plan and we'll try it," the captain said with a nod.

Natarle smirked at Murdoch. "If you can do this, you'll be the first human to transplant a soul. Unless you don't think you can handle it."

"I'm sure I can come up with something," he replied, rubbing his heavy, five o'clock shadow. He understood what the lieutenant had done, issuing him a challenge and had to admit it worked. "I take it you don't want to let the ZAFT guys know?"

"Let's just let them know after you've installed the last one into a new body," Murrue said in a tone that made it clear that was an order.

"Are we going to have Ms. Clyne hold more concerts?" Natarle asked Murre.

"Very likely lieutenant," Murrue replied.


Flay started showing the picture of Drift's earlier form to the Autobots to see if anyone knew who he was. So far Jetstorm, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Bulkhead, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Huffer, Bumper and the minicons had no idea who he was. And they had totally denied her request to use their Datatrix to search for it. It was something of an order from Perceptor.

It was like it was a conspiracy to keep her ignorant. And she was sure that the muddled picture showed a Decepticon, so she did not want to go anywhere near Drift for now. Or, for that fact, any of the Autobot leadership. Of course she doubted that she could just go up to Optimus Prime and ask him questions.

Off in the distance, a voice shouted, "I'll step on you when I get out of here!"

Deathcobra she realized. A small idea had her walking in that direction, passing the guards.

"Hey! You be careful in there, he's a killer," the guard said as he backed out of the room. It was totally useless for them to be in there, but would his sergeant listen to him? He could guard from back out here in the main hold of the Archangel and call for heavy backup.

"Idiot, she's an officer. Salute," his fellow guard hissed as he saluted to the ensign.

Belatedly saluting to her, he gulped. She saluted back very crisply (as Colonel Kisaka had drilled into her) and said, "Continue on."

The dark hold had been fitted with a device called a power cage that was supposed to keep even the most dangerous Transformers captured. From what she had been told, it interrupted their energon flow and made them feel very weak.

"What do you want, water-bag?" Deathcobra asked the (female?) officer.

"I want you to identify this Decepticon," Flay said as she pulled out her portable computer to project on the wall a picture of the revealed inner form of Drift.

"Deadbolt!?" the green and yellow Decepticon blurted out. At least it looked like him, though they were off on the size of the cannons on his arms. Wait... Deadbolt had defected from the Decepticons ages ago. Deathcobra narrowed his optics, then widened them in feigned surprise again. That was why that bounty hunter had been here. One of the Autobots was actually the turncoat. That also explained why his friend Leozack found something amusing about this mission. "You found out about our spy?" he lied in his best shaken voice.

"Deadbolt is a spy. I knew it!" Flay did not even waste a moment and ran to one of the mobilesuit and boarded it.

She was quickly changing into her flight suit right inside the cockpit when she was spotted by four Autobots.

"Oh, great. I think Flay's gone crazy again," Swerve said nastily as he started moving his red frame towards the white and gold ASTRAY she was sitting inside of. "Hey! You in there! Don't do anything stupid!"

Hot Shot just shook his head. He felt for the girl, but she was going to herself killed at this rate. "Come on, Flay, you know there's no mobilesuit practice this afternoon."

"Don't get in my way," she warned as she sealed her helmet and then closed the hatch on the ASTRAY.

The yellow and flame-decaled Autobot sighed. Here she went again.

"I'm going to kill that Decepticon spy and prove I'm a real soldier!" she snarled out, toggling her radio to the bridge. "Flay Allster, launching in ASTRAY Gold to deal with a Decepticon spy!" Explosive bolts blasted off the restraints.

"She's gone slagging nuts!" Jolt screamed out again. He was going to get stepped on by her, he just knew it.

"Hold on, Flay. What Decepticon spy?" Hot Shot called out even as he stepped between the yellow minicon and the ASTRAY mobilesuit.

"Your friend Drift is actually the Decepticon Deadbolt," she declared.

"Say what!?" Swerve snapped out as his optics flashed brighter blue for a second. "That's a serious charge there, girl!"

"I saw the human records of his repaired body. He's had some sort of full modification and Deathcobra just admitted that it was Deadbolt."

"And you believed him?" Hot Shot asked surprised Flay would believe the word of Deathcobra on anything.

"All I showed him was a picture of what Morgenrote reconstructed his appearance, dummy," Flay snapped back.

"So he has twin cannons on both arms?" the red Autobot asked, confusing Skysickle.

"How did you know that?" the girl asked as the ASTRAY took its first steps out.

"Slagging Cybertron," Swerve said in sudden shock. "She might actually be right. Deadbolt did just fall off the face of the war." Sudden anger filled his spark, as memories of Deadbolt blowing the head off a bot named Mudflap and ripped his brother Skids in half. After nearly killing Metalhawk. "Drift is that cracked reactor linkage?"

"So what are we going to do?" Hot Shot asked as even he was convinced.

"You are going to get out of my way while I stomp him flat," Flay said in an angry tone, ignoring the tingles in the control yokes of the ASTRAY.

"Girl, normally I'm a pretty laid back Transformer, but just for this, I've got your back," Swerve said as he pulled out his blaster. "Let's go punk that jerk."

"But Drift is nice," Skysickle protested. The white Autobot always enjoyed being around the Minicons. And something about this didn't seem right to the black and red Minicon.

"That's what spies do, Skysickle," Hot Shot said after a long moment. "They make you like them and then stab you in the back."

"Yeah, let's get that tricursed Unicron spawn!" Jolt shouted out as he pulled out his own blaster. "Let's go slagging jam it up his laser core!"

Flay moved up to the loading bay, triggering the sword striker, just like she had been taught. The Launcher or the Aile would be totally useless in the confines of the Morgenrote. As much as she didn't wish to fight a master swordsman with a melee weapon.

That was when her radio chimed, as Captain Murrue Ramius appeared on the screen. "Flay Allster, what the hell do you fucking think you are doing?" The normally mild officer was at the end of her ropes with the prissy girl.

"I've discovered a Decepticon spy within the Autobots inside of Morgenrote and I am moving to engage with Hot Shot and Swerve," she reported.

"Hey! What the scrapheap about us?" Jolt shouted out.

Murrue just looked at her in shock. Turning to the side, she called out, "Battlestations! Allster, move out. I will have your back up ready within minutes. Don't get yourself killed."

"Acknowledged. ASTRAY Gold, over and out." Flay triggered the sequence to grab the massive anti-ship sword and blasted forward out of the main port hatch. She landed on the massive piers, with two cars landing from their long jumps with squeals of burning rubber. They were in luck, as coming up the massive freight elevator were Whirl and Drift.

As Jolt flew off with them Skysickle looked and then knew what he had to do. A panel on his wrist popped up. "Skysickle to Whirl, come in Whirl."

Whirl, the light-blue wrecker sighed. He hated this part of his duties. Especially with Perceptor waist deep in some new project with Huffer and Wheeljack. So he was stuck escorting Drift around, per his parole. So the communication call from Skysickle was a welcome relief. "This is Whirl."

"Deadbolt, die!" Swerve shouted out, firing with vigor at the white the moment he transformed back into his robot mode. Hot Shot and the ASTRAY were right behind him. "That was for Mudflap! And this is for Skids," he roared out, firing his blaster with intense anger.

"What!?" Drift shouted out as several blasts hit him and smashing him back into the wall.

"FLAY'S GONE NUTS AND IS ACCUSING DRIFT OF BEING SOME DECEPTICON NAMED DEADBOLT!" the red and black minicon screamed through the communication implant. "SHE'S GOING TO KILL HIM!"

"Um, got that. Ah, slag it. This is not what I needed," Whirl complained and moved to intercept them. "Guys-"

"Die, Decepticon!" Flay shouted out, triggering the thrusters to leap towards the prone white Transformer. A spasm from electricity sparking in her control caused her to twitch in slightly the wrong direction. The ASTRAYs knee slammed into Whirl's face, even as she tried to bring the pointed tip of the anti-ship sword and stab into Drift's torso if he had not just rolled out of the way.

Massive alarms were sounding, even as red light flashed throughout the hidden Morgenrote base. Inside the Archangel, Deathcobra was smiling nastily. If this had been a true Autobot ship, his escape attempt would have no chance. But in a primitive alien ship? The dampening cage probably was not as well constructed. And he was no weakling. With a roar, he slammed into the glowing bars. Shaking his head, he got back up after falling to the ground. He could feel the bars overloading.

In a hanger that had been converted over to a meeting room for Autobots and the humans, Optimus Prime looked up at the alarm. "Mirage, get a status update. Prime Minister Athha, I think our meeting will need to be postponed."

He and his daughter nodded, even as Colonel Kisaka was talking into a headphone to find out what was going on.

"Roger, Prime!" Mirage transformed into his sports car alt-mode and squealed out the door.

"Back off, Swerve!" Whirl shouted.

"Get the mechabreak out of my way, Wrecker! This is Autobot business!" the red autobot shouted right back, shoulder blocking him to get him out of the way. He immediately started firing at the white Transformer that had managed to get to his feet and was blocking the ASTRAY's massive sword with consummate skill.

Drift then surprised Flay as he fired an emerald burst of energy out of his sword and right into the face of Astray Gold. He then slammed his sword down on the larger mobilesuit's wrist, forcing it to drop the antiship sword. "You need skill to use a sword, kid!"

"Burn!" Hot Shot shouted out, activating his plasma-thrower and hosing down the white swordmaster. "You won't kill any more of my friends!"

How in Primus's name had they found out about his sordid past, Drift wondered even as he ducked behind the lumbering mobilesuit. "Hey, it's not like that! I'm a changed Transformer!"

Flay was somehow feeling the effects of that blast to her mobilesuit's head. Shaking off the pain, she launched the Sword Striker's shield at Drift and cracked his armor. "Just die, Decepticon!" she screamed out, eyes wild and dilated as she descended into a berserker state; her emotions overflowing within her heart.

And the ASTRAY responded, its nascent spark suddenly coming to life as lines of energon glowed brilliantly along its outer surface.

"Oh, Primus!? What the hell is it with these humans?" Whirl exclaimed even as he started firing at the white and gold glowing ASTRAY mobilesuit. "Swerve! Hot Shot! Drift is not a Decepticon spy!"

"So you are saying he's not Deadbolt?" the red Autobot called back, even as he kept moving and shooting at the battered white target.

"Yes! I mean no, he's not Deadbolt anymore!" the Wrecker shouted. "Ah, slag it! WRECK AND RULE!" He charged and body-tackled Swerve right through a lifting crane.

Jetstorm came streaking up the elevator shaft in jet form, only to see that Autobot was fighting Autobot, without a sign of Decepticons anywhere. "What's going on?"

A smaller red and black helicopter was hovering over the battle. "Flay's gone crazy and accused Drift of being some Decepticon named Deadbolt! And Swerve and Hot Shot believed her!" Skysickle shouted.

The same, small-sized orange form of Jolt called out, "Exactly! It's a mass fight!"

"That's," Jetstorm muttered. He just hoped the humans wouldn't think this sort of thing happened a lot.

Hotshot suddenly found himself wrapped in a ball and cord. The cord tightened as Bulkhead tried to restrain him. It was useful to be bigger and a lot stronger than most of the other Transformers.

So he was shocked when the gold and white ASTRAY stepped over and grabbed the cord and then pulled him off his feet and slammed him into Whirl. Dimly, the new sentience realized that the yellow and red Transformers were on its side.

That was when a massive red cargo hauler suddenly appeared to ram through the battlefield, knocking Whirl, Swerve, Hot Shot, Drift and the ASTRAY over in a show of strength. Optimus Prime transformed even as the ASTRAY got back to its feet. "Autobots, stand down!" he shouted out.

All Flay saw was red. Red anger. Red hate! And a red Transformer that was going to get in her way of killing a Decepticon! "DIE!" she shouted in an odd dual-voice as the ASTRAY charged forward and punched the Transformer leader, sending him staggering back three steps.

"I said-" Optimus Prime shouted out, "STAND DOWN!" He charged Flay's mobilesuit, sidestepping a blistering punch like it was standing still and wound up a double-punch right into the white and gold mobilesuit's gut, sending it through one of the armored walls.

"So that's why they call him Optimus Prime!" Jetstorm said in an awed voice as he transformed into his humanoid mode.

That was when a massive explosion rocked the open port bay of the Archangel as the green Decepticon finished firing his blasters as he flew out in his alt-mode of an attack helicopter. "So long, entropy suckers!" he shouted.

"Deathcobra! So this was his plan somehow," Windcharger said as he surveyed the situation. "Magnetic fields to full power!" Waves of force reached out for the Decepticon, but only made him swerve off to the side and pour on the power. All it did was knock him low over the white armor of the Archangel's top side.

Deathcobra laughed at the attempt by Windcharger to get him. That was when Mirage appeared out of thin air, blasting him right in the cockpit and knocking off his main rotor to send him skidding across the unforgiving armor of the battlecarrier.

"Hey all, can't let this Decepticon escape now can we?" the white and dark blue Autobot called out even as Deathcobra transformed with a groan.

Just in time for Jetstorm to land on him feet first. "Stay down, you dumb Decepticon!" the young Autobot called out.

The wall crumpled even as the incredibly battered form of the white and gold ASTRAY climbed back out of the hole Optimus Prime had made with it. Looking around, it realized that the fight must be over. "Uh, now what?" it asked.

Inside, blood seeped from a head wound from Flay's cracked helmet as she laid slumped over at the controls, held up only by the crash harness web.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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"Perceptor, you're being too finicky. It's a space bridge, it's already got redundancy in the design," Huffer called out, complaining about the too picky scientist. The assembled Space Bridge loomed overhead in its new, underground home.

"Accurate design mitigates energy usage by at least a factor of 10 %," the dark red and blue Transformer scientist said in an almost scolding tone.

"More like 12 %," Bulkhead spoke up.

"Can we increase that?" Jetfire asked curiously as he watched his elders work on the massive device, assembling it from local parts. Human scientists were assisting, helping set up the many sub-systems and power conduits.

Erica Simons had wandered down, as a couple of the A-1 ASTRAYs had been drafted to work on the project, using their large size and strength in a non-combat setting to give her pilots much needed practice. Everything was being recorded in the hope that someday, they could build their own bridges.

Lowe Guele sat in a wheelchair and looked extremely bored. He was the Junk Guild liaison for Project Outreach and frankly rather be playing around with the guts of a mobile suit or helping with the Ark salvage operation. Sure ripping open portals in space to travel to other worlds was an amazing idea, but listening to the Autobots bicker over how to build it was extremely dull.

That was when Ratchet came crashing through the massive armored door that led to the main part of Morgenrote. "Guys, there's some sort of fight going on. Swerve and that crazy Allster girl are trying to kill Drift."

"For Cybertron's sake!" Huffer grumbled. "Why haven't they sent that girl to a place like Torkulon?"

Perceptor was thinking fast and furious. It appeared someone had penetrated Drift's new identity. "Autobots, move out," he ordered.

"Ah man," Lowe grumbled. "Now I'll miss out on the action." He then sighed. "C-10."

"You sunk my battleship," A.I. 8 cried out petulantly.


Admiral Garcia stepped out of an elevator into the massive underground wet-dock beneath the island of ORB. "Well, that's not something you see every day," he said blandly to his staff lieutenant, Michelle Barnaby and to Lt. Commander Murrue Ramius as he surveyed all of the damage. Cranes were knocked over with holes blasted in the side of walls. Smoke issued from the port bay of the Archangel.

He had just returned on an express sub-orbital flight from Heaven's Base where he had been meeting with his superiors. Murrue was barely finishing briefing him on the fight between allies on the way down the elevator.

"We were getting some real muddled reports on the flight over," Lt. Barnaby stated as she shook her head.

"It is muddled. But I fully backed Ensign Allster. And from what I've gotten out of Hot Shot and Swerve, it appears that she thought she had uncovered a spy within the Autobots inside Morgenrote. I can't fault her for acting immediately on such a security issue," Murrue stated. "From Whirl's statement (which was mostly swearing) he was not given the chance to respond."

"Clearly the Wreckers after-action reports are not written by Whirl," Garcia remarked. Though he had to admit given he got into a fight with fellows over a cross between someone in witness protection and being on parole, he probably was justified in being somewhat angry. Still the only person he could fault (so far) for the whole mess was Deathcobra.

True, Deathcobra had lied about Drift being a spy, but with all the other additional information Flay had gotten from Swerve and Hot Shot she had probable cause to suspect him of being up to something. And she showed initiative to deal with what she thought was huge security risk.

Even if it was all so Deathcobra could make a failed prison break and now they had a new transformer on their hands. Garcia took a moment to study the white and gold ASTRAY that was being coaxed into opening her cockpit by Ratchet and Perceptor. From what he had heard, Flay had not responded at all since the attack had ended.

'You get called away for a little while and everything goes crazy,' Garcia mused. At least the Strike Daggers were entering full production. In fact, the first shipment of Cyberium armor would delivered here to Morgenrote within a few days.

There was a great deal of tension in the air as Hot Shot glared at Drift, who stood there polishing his sword. The black and red Minicon Skysickle did the glaring at Hot Shot for Drift while Jolt was trying to play peacemaker between the pair.

Jetstorm shook his head as he watched, as he was outside the dynamics of that team of Autobots. Even the few weeks he'd been with them hadn't given Jetfire or himself time to really become a part of that group.

"Admiral," Strike (or rather Tri-Strike as he would like to be known) said respectfully. Each of his upper arms showed his single gold stripe of an ensign.

"Ah, Garcia," Whirl spoke up. "So can I light the fire?"

"I beg your pardon?" the newly promoted admiral asked.

"You know, for Flay. Isn't she going to get burned to death like you do with witches?"

"She is a very young and junior officer who was tricked into her actions. Actually, she showed initiative and will in acting immediately against a perceived threat. Those are valued qualities of a officer," Garcia started to explain. He was going to go on to explain what sort of action he was going to take on her, as she did react a little too abruptly without bringing in her superiors.

"WHAT!? Are you slagging insane? She nearly killed him!" Whirl shouted out as his servos groaned as Drift and Jetstorm had to hold him back to keep him from doing anything. The entire time Whirl's knife was extending and retracting from his hand.

Tri-Strike hoped he'd be fast enough if Whirl attacked Garcia.

Whirl finally managed to slip out of the grasp and Tri-Strike got between Garcia and the enraged Wrecker. While the Earthly Transformer did not like Flay that much, he thought Whirl was right over the top right now.

"If she ever puts the lives of my team mates in danger again I will kill her myself!" Whirl growled with a dark timber.

"And I'll help you do that," Downshift stated leaning against a wall. "I believe there's a human statement that applies to this. Three strikes and you're out."

Tri-Strike put his hands on his hips, where his Armored Schnieders were located.

"Autobot Whirl..." Murrue asked ominously. "Do you normally threaten allies and issue ultimatums to their command?"

"Usually they don't try to get me killed in the crossfire of their vendettas," Whirl snapped at her. "By the Great Smelter I am really tired of her slag!"

"I just think we need to direct her at the Decepticons," Jetstorm commented quickly to try and defuse this before it turned into a fight. "Before she makes an even bigger mess here." Besides, he could understand her driving force that sent her to try and kill the Decepticons. After all, he was not too dissimilar.

"Admiral Garcia," Downshift stated harshly. "Flay Allster is on very thin ice with us. Every time she gets into a mobile suit she causes trouble and now it seems like you are rewarding her for it. This better not be some ploy to play with Kira's heart strings."

"Ensign Yamato's personal life is not involved with this at all," Garcia stated very clearly, anger starting to tint his words. "Ensign Allster has shown to be a promising officer and volunteered to fight on her own."

"And like, Grimlock is a pain in the fan belt off it," Whirl commented in an extremely snarky tone.

"The same Grimlock that is a major leader of your Autobots? Or did you threaten to kill him to keep him in line?" Murrue snapped out.

"You have obviously never met Grimlock or you would not say that. You need to reign her in," Downshift ordered Garcia in an angry tone. "The incidents she is causing are getting worse and worse."

"Are you dictating to me, Autobot?" Admiral Gerard Garcia asked, causing his aide to wince. Flay Allster was one of his officers, that made her one of their own. He might be a total bastard to people not under him at times, but he had a very strong esprit de corps.

"Downshift, that is enough" Optimus Prime said as he and Lord Athha came back into the devastated dock. It appears he had misjudged how important it was to get back to negotiating with Prime Minister Athha. He had just overheard the latest part of that conversation. "That is not how we deal with our allies. That path would make us no better than the Decepticons. This conversation is now over until both sides can cool off."

Whirl glared at Optimus Prime for a long moment. "Fine. I'm done with this scrap heap." He shrugged off Drift and Downshift and started to walk off.

"As long as they don't start something," Drift remarked with a whine, energon sparks leaking from his battered torso.

"I'm going to be watching you," Hot Shot snarled.

"Just as long as you keep it watching," the white ex-Decepticon said in a slow tone that hinted at sadness. He had thought Hot Shot was a friend.

Garcia wondered if Drift staying dead would have kept him from having to deal with this mess.

"Hot Shot," Optimus Prime ordered. "I need to speak with you and Swerve in private."

Whirl smirked as he knew Hot Shot and Swerve were not going to be getting medals for their actions with Flay. He just hoped it would not breed more resentment given they didn't need that slag right now. 'If ever,' the blue Wrecker mused.

"Whirl, go blow of some steam before I talk to you."

The Wrecker winced at that, as it appeared the Autobot leader was also not pleased with him. "Whatever."

"Optiums Prime, if you could set aside some time for a meeting, I would appreciate it," Admiral Garcia called out. "We definitely need to work closer to avoid future problems."

The blue and red Autobot nodded grudgingly. None of his team leaders had fine praise for the human, but he had to admit the man was a leader cut from a very different cloth.

Ratchet had finally convinced the new Transformer to open her pilot's hatch, allowing Mu La Flaga and a medic to enter the cockpit, which felt very funny to her. Of course, funny isn't a word that could be used when they saw Flay.

"Hand me a neck brace and get a stretcher! She's alive, but in serious condition!" the medic called out.

"Hang tough, kid. You don't deserve your hard life," Mu said sadly as he looked at the unconscious girl hanging from her crash harness. Blood was seeping out of her cracked face-plate of her helmet.

Jetstorm realized what Kira was going to do when he found out about this and hoped Optimus Prime would send him somewhere safe until Kira cooled down. Like the other side of the galaxy.

While Optimus Prime looked shocked and horrified at the state he'd left Flay in. This was not what he intended to have happen to the pilot of that guardian.


In a slightly pricy restaurant called Dini's Kira had gotten together with his friends, unaware of the trouble back at base. Lacus pretty much invited herself and Athrun went along with her. Before the Transformers Kira would be nervous about having Athrun meet his friends. Now it pretty much was that as long as you could fit in the door, they'd at least try to have small talk with you.

"This is getting way too dangerous," Kuzzey said to his friend Sai. "And they said we could leave if we wanted to. So I think I'm opting out."

Sai nodded. "I am as well." After all, staying around Flay was just driving a dagger into his shattered heart.

"Well given your working on Transformers tech I'm sure you can write your own ticket with any electronics firm."

"You think you have it bad?" Athrun grumbled. "I'm one that got stuck writing reports on this stuff."

"And you've managed to avoid being requested to seek psychiatric help?" Tolle asked as he thought over going back to civilian life.

"I'm as surprised as you are about that," Athrun replied with a grin.

"You got to be kidding me," Kuzzey said as he saw a news report on a TV.

"What is..." Kira said and gasped as footage of a group formed to ban the Transformers from the solar system protested in Washington D.C.. For some reason they called themselves the Circuit Breakers. The news reporter noted that one of the main leaders had been part of Blue Cosmos.

"Really?" Athrun remarked as he watched the news. "They honestly think Galvatron will do anything but shoot them for even suggesting the idea?"

"They are avoiding the fact that many of the N-Jammers are gone because of the Transformers," Sai noted. "Or that our conflict as slammed to a halt because of them."

Athrun was glad Yzak and Dearka didn't involve themselves in this social gathering or they might have harshly disagreed with that statement. Though he had to admit he thought he'd seen Yzak giving Miriallia some interesting glances. Which showed hormones didn't hold Coordinator or Natural in any regard.

"And this is going to get bigger," Kira said before realizing he should not have said that. There would a panic once word got out.

"What do you mean bigger?" Miriallia asked in a worried tone.

"More Decepticon ships are coming," Kira replied. "That's why the Ark came to the solar system."

"Coming from the sky above and there's nothing you can do," Haro spoke up.

"You mean even more Decepticons are coming here?!" Tolle gasped. The ones they already had were bad enough.

"That is correct," Athrun said shaking his head. "Kira, I know you want to keep them informed but you don't have to spill your guts."

Kira remembered the lessons he'd gotten on keeping quiet on military secrets. "Sorry." Though he doubted it'd be secret much longer. Not when the production of mobile suits, weapons, and ships had skyrocketed. He hoped he'd be able to protect everyone in the middle of the escalation of war. Things were getting nasty and brutal.


"This is getting ludicrous..." was all the head of LOGOS/Blue Cosmos, Muruta Arzael, could say. A really good singer could in the presence of Transformers give life to machines? And for a group that wanted war to keep themselves in money, they now found their world was going to be the front lines of an impossibly old interstellar conflict.

Not through force of arms, but due to their singers being a resource to birth armies. Though their mobilesuits could fight Transformers as well. If anything could scare most of them it was that the Transformers would destroy their world. Bruno Azrael found the war with the Decepticons profitable but worrying.

After all the money he was making won't be worth anything to him if he was dead.

"If this is true," Lord Djibril stated, one of the other higher ranked members of Blue Cosmos considered aloud. "Then we need to hold a global singing contest with Autobots as judges or VIPs. Along with getting our extended troops in 105 Strikes. And let the European Federation have their Combat Coordinators."

"What about... them?" Captain Summerfield asked.

"As soon as our 'guests' are fixed and fitted with tracking systems and bombs in their heads we're going to use them as well," Muruta ordered. "We will make sure it's on fronts the Autobots won't be at."

"And the Autobots?" Elaidia Ulars asked.

"We need to recruit those Autobots Wheeljack and Perceptor to help improve our mobile suits at Heaven's Base," Muruta demanded. If the Autobot engineer was going to be giving out free ideas for weapons then LOGOS needed him around their scientists and weapon designers. He might even be able to make the lightwave barrier and other energy needy systems more affordable.

The true power behind the Atlantic Federation then pondered what ambassador to send to the Autobots. What he needed was an idealistic pawn. Then it hit him. Ambassador Thi Dang would work perfectly for that. She was young, idealistic, and would put forth the sort of public face they needed. And she wasn't a member of LOGOS or Blue Cosmos so they couldn't use her to find them.


Time passed and a week later Kira was spending his time were he usually did when he wasn't busy. He was at Flay's side.

"And you want to know what scares me," Yzak commented. He'd ended up in the sickbay after he slipped while rock climbing. It wasn't very far but managed to hurt himself.

"And that is?" Kira asked curious.

"Optimus Prime is the nice leader. I'm not sure want to think about what the other guy does."

"I learned when he says stand down you do it," Flay sighed. She was sitting in one of the medicals bay bed. Her head was swathed in bandages where they had to carefully piece glue part of her skull together. Another bandage covered her left cheek where a shard of 'shatter-proof' glass had cut her badly.

"You show her Whirl's after action report Kira?" Yzak asked with an amused look. "I think we all learned how to swear like Transformers from that."

"I didn't think she wanted to know Whirl hates her," Kira remarked.

"I honestly don't think Flay here cares."

Flay nodded carefully. "I don't." She was barred from active duty from a week except for emergencies.

Kira looked uneasy at that as he ran his hand through his brown hair. He'd gotten access to the Wreckers: Declassified logs written by Fistitron and read some of them. There were only two groups of Decepticons that had survived as rivals of the Wreckers. The others like Destrongers or the Malignus were very, very dead. The Crimson Shooting Star had literally had his spark ripped out by Impactor. Also a former leader of the team named Hyperion allowed himself to be captured and took out a Decepticon leader named Trannis and his generals by blowing himself up.

Kira had to admit to himself that Flay liked to live life dangerously. A part of him actually liked that.

"The big question is are you done messing around in a mobile suit?" Yzak asked in a dead serious tone. "Those are not toys Flay and you better respect them."

"I wasn't messing around the second time," Flay growled.

"You keep this up and if we're lucky we might have enough ashes of yours to fill a sandwich bag Flay," Yzak snapped back. "Is that really what you want? Some people do care about you."

Flay looked down for a moment as those words sank in. While Kira wondered if everyone knew about his feelings towards Flay. Was he really that transparent?


"Astrotrain... I thought you told me you had destroyed Optimus Prime?" Galvatron asked the Decepticon that had joined him and his crew on the Revenge. "So what exactly is that?" He pointed his finger at a 3D video screen from his throne showing Optimus Prime talking with some of the repugnant flesh-bags of this world in some meeting hall. He had thought the war had turned after the Revenge had seen the Autobot ship crash.

"That should not have been possible for him to survive!" the newly branded Decepticon exclaimed.

"By Xal, can anything kill Optimus Prime!?" Scourge gasped.

"We'll see if the Mayhem Attack Squad can," Galvatron stated as he drummed his purple and gray fingers on his throne's arms.

Leozak grumbled low enough that no one would be able to understand him. Galvatron had ordered him to fill in the empty socket in his group. So Hellbat was getting his old slot back. He hated that damn coward. Having to work with him on the bridge of the Revenge was bad enough.

That was when the Revenge's sensors picked up the transponder codes for General Strika's ship, the Obsidian Blade, as it exited hyperspace. The massive ship was actually not that dangerous... by itself, but what it carried could change the course of battles.

A com window opened. "Lord Galvatron, I have arrived. With the Autobots being trapped on this mudball, I have devised a simple plan to crush them. I will assemble a Space Bridge here in orbit. We shall quickly press the attack to Optimus Prime and the remaining Autobots from several bases, then return our reinforcements back to their homes before they can be counter-attacked." Strika's cruel features showed her mirth at the idea. Then she could use the remaining supplies to start Cyber-forming this world into another work of art.

"Ah, a Rush and Crush. Usually your plans are more long term and strategic." Galvatron nodded as he considered. "The natives may try to resist, but their ships are quite inferior." Well, except for that tri-glitched Supreme, he quietly admitted to himself.

"By your command then, Galvatron?"

"Of course," Galvatron ordered. "And have Bludgeon sent over to the Revenge."

"As you command Lord Galvatron," Strika stated. "Decepticons Forever!"

"Decepticons forever," Galvatron said with an evil smile.


The alarms were blaring aboard the Archangel and deep within the Morgenrote base as video screens on its bridge and CiC activated, showing a menacing sight.

Bumblebee had been in the starboard launching bay of the Archangel, being shown around by Hot Shot and Jolt. "What's that?"

"The alarm to come to battle stations," the bright yellow and flame-painted Hot Shot noted. He flipped open a small panel on his arm. "Hot Shot to the bridge, what's going on?"

"We're getting a sensor feed about a huge ship up in orbit that it starting to assemble a giant-sized version of Project Outreach," Murre called out. "Hot Shot, I think we need to talk with Optimus Prime and Perceptor as soon as possible." She flicked off that circuit, looking over to her right where her XO Natarle Badguriel was studying the sensors over a non-com's shoulder. "What do you have so far?"

"The alarms just triggered themselves, captain. I've never even heard of a hyperspace-shadow sensor, but it's showing up that huge ship in orbit and its Decepticons," the black-haired woman called out.

That was when Admiral Garcia entered the bridge. "What is going on?" Ratings and non-commissioned officers were rushing to their seats and activating their control panels as the marine called out his entrance. "As you were."

"A new Decepticon ship has appeared in orbit. It appears to be disembarking and assembling a giant scale Space Bridge, sir." Murrue was glad that most of the crew was back from leave.

In the port docking bay, Mu popped the lid of his Moebius Zero Omega and doffed a special helmet. "Looks like we will have to cancel our attempt to awaken my old ride," he called out.

"Lt. Commander, we are going to head to our mobile suits just in case we are needed," Athrun called out, even as he took off after the rest of his group. Kira rushed waved as he rushed behind them towards the pilots training room.

The massive freight elevator from the deeper section of Morgenrote, where Project Outreach was situated, was crowded with Autobots. Optimus Prime led the way with almost every single Autobot except for the ones involved in recovering equipment and supplies from the Ark. "So you are sure, Perceptor?" the prime asked.

"This unit calculates that General Strika will assemble the Space Bridge within eighteen hours, leaving us in a tactically inferior position," the monotoned-voice scientist explained.

"Slag that, Perceptor. We'll smash that Space Bridge of theirs first," Sideswipe declared as they tromped over to the Archangel as requested.

"And how exactly are we going to get there?" Whirl asked. "The Ark's shuttles will get blown out of the sky and I'm not sure after a certain human's utter insanity, I doubt they'll let use one of their ships to get there."

"I agree with Ensign Allster's assessment in theory," Prowl stated. "However I would have requested you to stun Drift with your null ray module and explored Drift's actions, then asked for statements from the rest of the Steel Haven crew. And of course call in Optimus."

Drift scowled but then shrugged it off. He always knew that this might happen. He did have a lot of sparks to atone for.

"Glad at least someone can be rational," Whirl muttered.

"This human is rational like that," Admiral Garcia said sardonically as he stepped out a hatch onto a second floor catwalk, which put him shoulder level to most Autobots. "The Archangel would be more than happy to host you as we counter-attack the Decepticons in orbit." At his side stood Murrue and Natarle, with Mu La Flaga in his flight suit. "But attacking them two to one odds is going to be hard."

Cagalli and Kisaki ran up, huffing from their short trip from the surface. "Then you'll apreciate that you will have backup. ORB has offered the use of battleship Kusangi in defense of our world. We will also be willing to host any Autobots willing to fight."

Optimus Prime nodded. While these humans were not like the Autobots, they were fierce in the defense of the world. "Thank you. And I may have an idea that will help stack the odds. Jetfire... Jetstorm, this is right up your alley. Perceptor, contact Vignas Altair. I want the Aerialbots here ASAP. Prepare a shuttle. We are recovering the Steel Haven."

"And pray to Primus it doesn't end up in pieces," Swerve grumbled. Seriously everything but the Revenge had been trashed when they got near Earth. They might be able to rebuild the Ark, but they would need time and resources they didn't have available right now.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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Why am I not surprised Flay's Astray became female?

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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LadyTevar wrote:Why am I not surprised Flay's Astray became female?

The process of giving life to Transformers that way is like when the Transceptors in Masterforce gained life. Their pilot at the time of coming alive does have an effect on their personality.

However they aren't carbon copies of that person.

Of course I wonder what Sidewinder feels about the last two chapters.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

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The Archangel taxied into the waters of the Pacific as it prepared to launch into space. Large add-ons for extra fuel to help get into orbit were attached.

"Ready positron cannon and lifters to full power," Murrue ordered. Admiral Garcia moved from behind her to sit in a chair, as they were about to accelerate greatly.

Out on the miles-long, magnetic linear accelerator, a shuttle was being set up for launch. Lacus Clyne looked over and out the port hole of the shuttle as she had planned this just in time to see the launch. "Be safe, my fiance."

Power was rumbling up to full capacity within the Archangel as both positron cannons prepared to fire.

"Positron cannons are fully charged, captain," Natarle Badguriel called out from below in the CiC where she was in charge.

"Fire one and two!" she called out.

Massive positron beams scythed through the atmosphere, punching a path with polarized particles that the Archangel's lifters and thrusters used to rocket higher and higher into the air.

"Shuttle 508-10 en-route to the PLANTS is ready to launch," the pilot of the shuttle called out.

The shuttle launched down the take-off runway, magnetic forces accelerating it faster and faster. Finally at the end of the ramp it was forced to curve up and into the sky. All of the passengers were very briefly subjected to about seven gravities. They passed the Archangel quickly, but it would slowly and steadily catch up.

Behind the shuttle, Safeguard in its double-sized, cybertronian jet form was wheeled into place as a cobbled together set of new boosters was attached, making it an impromptu two-stage rocket.

"I'm still not sure of this plan," Safeguard complained to anyone that listened. Even if it had been crafted by Optimus Prime, they were still the ones this all depended upon. Pulling its double-gestalt mind back on track, it radioed the control tower. "Control, this is Safeguard. Ready to launch. Requesting non-limited acceleration per the request of ORB Navy."

"You are cleared. All interlocks are off and acceleration is up to full power."

Energy crackled across the Linear Accelerator as a great deal more power was prepared to be unleashed than the launch of the shuttle. With a crack, Safeguard was shot down the rails with the full force of one-hundred and fifty gravities. Usually this was only used for solid cargo pods, but without any biological worries of infirmity, Safeguard could handle this easily.

Cybertronian thrusters, pulled from the first test rockets that ORB had been developing, flared and adding their own considerable power. The dual-colored jet flew off the end of the Linear Accelerator at escape velocity, still thundering loudly and faster into the sky. Safeguard passed the Archangel in thirty seconds and the PLANT bound shuttle fifteen seconds later.

The forward edge of the Transformer was heating up considerably, plasma flickering into existence even as the air thinned out.

Off in the distance, he knew that one of the Ark's shuttles was probably being attacked by the the Revenge as it had tried to make a dash to Jupiter.

"Lord Galvatron, we are detecting another launch from the Autobot island that is using Cybertronian technology," Scourge called out as they continued to fire at the Autobot shuttle in front of them. "What ever it is, it is very very fast."

The purple battleship continued to fire blasters and missiles at the fleeing shuttle.

"Finish off this Autobot and we'll move to intercept them," Galvatron declared confidently.

Leozack looked at the acceleration curve. "I've never seen a surface launch with such speed. Galvatron, unless we break off the attack on this shuttle right now, we will not be able to intercept this new launch."

"What sort of monster are they making these days?" Hellbat asked in worry. "I've never seen anything accelerate so fast!"

Galvatron, the purple and gray titan of terror, frowned. "Launch Astrotrain. Tell him to destroy the new target or consider his enlistment into the Decepticons to be at an end. Send a couple of Sweeps with him."

That new Decepticon was not happy when that was related to him by the gleeful Hellbat. "I got it," he told the communication officer. Quickly transforming into his shuttle form, he rocketed after the Autobot launch. Behind him, two of the general army Sweeps followed him, though they were not quite as quick.

The Archangel was just hitting the edge of the atmosphere. Murrue sat up more straight under the three gravities of acceleration. "Open Port and Starboard launch bays. Prepare to launch Silverbolt and Air Raid. Then cycle through the rest of the Aerialbots as quickly as possible. Remind them again, they are to intercept any Decepticons going after Safeguard.

Out in space, just skimming the debris field, Safeguard ejected the booster rockets, but kept the core of fuel and energon storage unit even as a group of cybertronian jets rocketed towards Astrotrain's squad in a diamond formation. The white Silverbolt was at the center of the group.

"What? Who the slag are these guys?" the triple-changer complained.

"Bad news. These are the Aerialbots! Where did they come from?" the Scourge called Flail asked.

"Aren't they supposed to be at Sigma Minor?"

"Could be worse," another Sweep grumbled. "It could be the Dinobots."

"Aerialbots! Attack!" the larger, white and center Autobot called out, then started blasting away at the three Decepticons.

Astrotrain was forced to break off his interception, only dimly aware that he was being forced to.

Galvatron, on the other hand, saw Optimus Prime's hand in this. This was a feint to draw their attention. The real question was... for what? There was no way even with Wheeljack that the Ark was to be in usable shape to fight the Revenge and that new Supreme won't be enough. Then it hit him. They were going for the Steel Haven!

True it only had the firepower of a light cruiser but at the moment it was one of the few options the Autobots had.

Galvatron smashed his right fist down on the arm of his throne, breaking off the right hand rest. "We've been duped. They are after the Steel Haven. And, loathe as I am to admit it, Astrotrain and his forces are not going to be able to defeat the Aerialbots. Send him recall orders."


The white, blue and orange form of Safeguard soared over the frost covered form of Steel Haven. With a quick transformation to humanoid form and one punch, he cleared a hatch near the bridge.

His eyes then glowed and transmitted the access codes so Teletran Four would not attack him. "Oh, yeah. That's the ticket."

The large Autobot suddenly transformed into two separate, smaller Autobots. "Come on, Jetstorm! We needed to get Steel Haven back to Earth as soon as possible! The Archangel won't be able to last against the Revenge without more support."

"Right! Right!" the red and white twin called out as they ran into the bridge and started to bring the Autobot ship back to life.

"Teletran Four on-line," a deep voice stated.

"Huh, thought it was pronounced Teletron," Jetstorm muttered as he worked. He also checked to see if anyone was in the Cryonic Regeneration Chamber or the repair bay. No such luck and Jetstorm hoped they'd have someone since they needed all the firepower they could get for this.

The Energon fueled engines came to life and the cybertroid alloy that it was made of contained the raw power. The ammonia ice on the ship started to melt and the Steel Haven started to get some lift.

"Now are we sure that Soundwave isn't among the Cons?" Jetstorm asked.

"Given he's busy as head of communications on New Kaon and won't be called away for this, then yes I am," Jetfire stated.

Jetstorm nodded and pressed a few buttons. "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong. This is Steel Haven to Archangel, come in Archangel."

"This the Archangel... what on earth was that?"

"Oh that's just the universal greeting," Jetstorm said in an amused tone. "I'd use the universal dance but this only audio."

"Right..." Autobots were all insane, Natarle thought to herself.

"Would you really do that?" Jetfire asked surprised that Jetstorm even knew of the universal dance then anything else.

"If I had enough room to do it," Jetstorm laughed. "Seriously can you image some human doing that in front of a Fantoman giant?"

"Aren't they called Zentsomething or other?" Jetfire asked.

Jetstorm nodded.

"Just not sure why they feel that at 60 feet their hips and such won't work for organic beings," Jetfire remarked.

"Who knows," Jetstorm remarked with a shrug.

"Let's just hope we get there in time," Jetfire said softly.


Weapons fire flashed across space and the Obsidian Blade shuddered under the assault it was taking. It seemed like a coordinated assault. However to Strika she noticed some differences. Two of the factions were dead set on destroying the Space Bridge while the third was out to take it for their own.

To the right side of Strika's command chair was Bludgeon. The orange and yellow follower of the mythical Ultimate Warrior always disturbed Strika. In her long life, even by Transformers standards, she had not seen anything to validate the worship of Primus, Xal, the All Spark, or the Ultimate Warrior. Mysticism like that frankly confused her. Yet somehow it worked for the cold and merciless Decepticon warrior.

Now the mostly green Venom standing at her other side she understood. He was a paranoid, power hungry being that hated being second in command. Yet in all his time leading the Insecticons his own paranoid nature was a bigger threat to his power then anything his underlings had every attempted.

Strika wondered whatever happened to Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback for a nanoclick. Not that it honestly mattered much. Though it did seem odd they just disappeared with none the wiser.

"What do you command, General of Destruction?" Bludgeon asked in a harsh growl.

"For the moment," Strika stated, "only Shockblast will engage in this battle. We will let Devastator and Liokaiser deal with these human's Guardians."

Venom said nothing but his blood red visor glowed for a moment.

Outside mobile suits and mobile armors were launched at the massive space bridge. This was the trial by fire for the Strike Daggers. The white, blue, and red mobile suits were far closer to the specs of the planned 105 Strike then originally planned, and several were outfitted with copies of the Armor Shroud the Duel Gundam had received from ZAFT. Those extra armored units had an Allie flight pack built into the armor shroud to offset any mobility lost due to the extra weight.

In one of the Armor Shroud enhanced Daggers was the 'Biologic CPU', Sven Cal Payang. His mission was to gain first hand intelligence and combat information for Blue Cosmos. The pale purple haired ensign found it slightly ironic that he wished to view the stars when he was young and it seemed those peaceful and expansive night skies were filled with giant robots fighting a civil war.

Sven was driven from his musings as same Transformers that had raided a solar tower for fuel opened fire on his mobile suit. Sven fired his M704 blaster rifle and shoulder mounted railgun at the blue and white Transformers. His neutral expression didn't change an iota.

The Sweeps on the other hand were a bit worried, as the local ships that were launching the big Guardians in some numbers. Already there were at least twenty of the troublesome 'Strikes' out there, though they did look a bit different. A small fleet of ships had gathered behind them to support it, though they were nothing compared to the firepower of the Revenge or Obsidian Blade were putting out.

The Biologic CPU hissed in frustration as he barely avoided being cut in half like his wingman as the much larger motley-colored Liokaiser slammed into the front line with his sword. The Strike Dagger exploded right over the scream of its pilot. The gestalt was being careful, avoiding the large cannons of the Archangel and the Tri-Strike.

"Autobots! We must press on!" Optimus Prime called out from where he was leading the his warriors to stand on the outer hull of the battleship-carrier. They were letting loose a massive wave of blaster fire.

"He's just too fast now," Tri-Strike complained as he tried to blast him with the Launcher Striker. The massive 320mm hyper-impulse cannon 'Agni' just could not track him fast enough.

"Shoot Devastator, he's not wary of your blasts," the rust-red Ironhide shouted out as he continued to fire.

The Gundam nodded as he trained the weapon. But the green gestalt was still moving just a little too fast as he killed Strike Daggers and damaged Autobots.

The Aerialbots combined to counter Liokaiser, but they were not used to his fighting style and were on the defensive. Like Devastator, the Decepticon combiner was crushing any Strike Daggers that attacked it.

Suddenly, Tri-Strike had an idea. "Transform!" he shouted, ratcheting loudly into a new form of a quad-treaded super-heavy tank. The 350mm hyper-impulse cannon suddenly fired and hit Devastator in chest hard. The Constructicon gestalt stopped and purple fluids covered his right hand as it covered the wound.

The Autobots all cheered for a long moment before a truly bright shot screamed out of the darkness as Superion was blasted by Shockblast using full power to his primary weapon. The Aerialbots were battered by the attack and slammed into a flying piece of debris.

Tri-Strike turned his turrets and opened fire on the psychotic Decepticon. Which was followed up by one of the M1 ASTRAYs opening fire on Shockblast with with a heavy ion cannon. Juri Wu Nien dodged Shockblast's counter attack and saw the Red ASTRAY gut what they called a Seeker with her sword. The Decepticon hung limply on the anti ship sword.

Suddenly Juri's ASTRAY was rocked by missile fire as what looked like a civilian shuttle with a massive missile launcher attached to it transformed and literally punched her mobile suit in the face. The ASTRAY shook violently and her sensors got fuzzy. Through the static Juri saw Whirl slash the Decepticon in the optics and blast him in the chest.

"You ok?" Yzak inquired as he blasted a blue seeker with what looked like a conehead that was trying to sneak up on the M-1 Astray with his high energy beam rifle.

"Sensors stabilizing," Juri stated as her monitors cleared up. "And thanks."

"Don't worry about it," Yzak smiled. "Let's just get out of this alive."

"Flirt later Yzak!" Athrun called out as he fired his beam rifle at a massive blue and silver Decepticon with what appeared to be an eye-patch replacing one optic.

"Who died and made you team leader," Yzak groused as he avoided the punch of a con. The Seeker that he hit exploded.

"Talk about your punch of kill everything!" Dearka gasped.

The Buster Gundam then blasted Lugnut repeatedly with the high energy rifle merged with the gun launcher. The massive weapon battered the Con and sent him flying into the Space Bridge. If there was air and sound in space there would have been a sickening crunch.

"We need to destroy that," Astrotrain managed to get out. "Fast."

On top of the Kusanagi, the Blue Astray was armed with a massive sniper rifle. With nearly super natural precision the blue prototype picked off any Decepticons that strayed anywhere near the Red Astray.

Elsewhere in the battle an invisible specter of death seemed to be striking the Decepticons. One moment they would be undamaged, and the next an invisible sword would run them through.

'Thanks to energon I don't have an 80 minute time limit anymore," Nicole mused as he struck down Decepticons with a borrowed antiship sword.

The Blitz pilot then caught something on a monitor out of the corner of his eye. He wasn't the only one going in close for this fight. He saw a red and grey Decepticon with saws for hands attack Red Astray. The Antiship sword was used to block the melee loving Con.

Chopsaw cut through the sharpened piece of metal easily. The shattered sword was tossed aside by Cagalli. The Orb Princess cut one of saw hands off the Con with her beam saber.

'Frankly I think these are better then antiship swords,' Cagalli mused to herself. She never was understood why Roadhandler wanted a physical sword so much.

Nicole did a quick decloak, fire his 50mm high energy beam rifle, and recloaked. Chopsaw stumbled around with part of his head missing. The confused Decepticon was blown to pieces by massive blast from Blue Astray's sniper rifle.

Then a massive blast hit the Space Bridge as Athrun cut loose with the Aegis's 580mm multi-phase scylla cannon, blowing a hole clear through one part.

"It is time," Galvatron called out as he took the top lift of the Revenge to the surface armor. The were now entrenched deep enough in his two ship's crossfire. "Decepticons... Eradicate them!" With that, he transformed into his cannon mode. A hum started to build within him.

Strika nodded her gray and silver head, red eyes glowing happily. "The signal is set. Let loose the brigade, Bludgeon. Venom, make sure to bring me back one of the local's guardians. I wish to study them for weaknesses."

"Yes, general!" Bludgeon called out, almost leaking excitement.

From all over the Obsidian Blade hatches opened as hundreds of new Decepticons joined the battle.

The withering fire took out three ASTRAYs in the first wave of blaster fire and sent Bumblebee and Ironhide into stasis lock. Explosions rocked the other surface of the Archangel while two Drake-class destroyers shuddered and then exploded as their light armor gave out under onslaught.

"By the All Spark..." Huffer said in an awed voice. "Strika brought her entire construction brigade." That was almost a thousand Decepticons. They had stupidly just attacked a far superior force head on! And then he saw who was leading the Decepticon's charge.

It was Bludgeon and the Mayhem Attack Squad! And they were coming right at them.

Bludgeon was a green and orange specter of death and moved faster then even most coordinators could follow. His blade soon was covered in crystallizing oils and blood. His skull looking head only added to his frightening image as he cut a path of destruction to the Archangel. He was blasted at with a stress fracture rifle, yet was able to use his dagger to take the brunt of the attack. Aurum had the sinking feeling she once again has picked the worst Transformer to fight. The former Gold ASTRAY was about to loose her head when a massive battle-axe stopped Bludgeon's odachi looking sword.

Aurum was shocked that her savior was none other then Optimus Prime.

"Go!" Prime ordered in a tone that demanded respect. "I'll hold Bludgeon off."

"Yes, Prime," Bludgeon sneered. "Show that heroic nonsense you are so infamous for!"

The whine within Galvatron had grown to an immense degree, rattling the deck of the Revenge as space itself was warping and bending. That was when the Steel Haven came streaking into the battle, firing everything it had at the much nastier battle cruiser. That just barely knocked the blinding, white-purple beam off course so that it only sheered off the sensor tower of the Archangel's bridge and ripped out the side of an Earth Alliance Bernard-class battleship behind the lead ship.

"Here we come to save the day!" Jetfire called out.

"Holy cyber nodes! I think we just stopped Galvatron from destroying the Archangel," Jetstorm exclaimed.

And how Galvatron looked angered as he resumed his robotic form. "Destroy them!" he screamed.

On-board the Archangel the klaxons of damage alerts filled the air in the bridge.

"Sensors are down to 50 % coverage. We are down to 25 % range and blind on the starboard side," Natarle called out from the CiC below the bridge.

"Signal Optimus Prime, we need to regroup and plan a counter attack," Admiral Garcia called out.

"I'm not sure we can retreat and survive, sir." Murrue was looking at him over her shoulder when she felt a tingle at her fingertips again. "Wait. I may have a solution."

Devastator and Liokaiser were smacking Superion between them, sending the Aerialbot gestalt to smash into the foreleg of the damaged battleship-carrier.

"That Supreme must have been a last ditch- effort?" Liokaiser was saying as the massive white ship started to transform again. "Oh slag."

Inside the bridge, Murrue had her eyes closed as she gripped the hand-grips of her seat. Her entire mind was focused on awakening the latent power of her ship. Energy crackled over her arms, burning the skin. She grit her teeth against the pain.

The four-hundred meter leviathan had awoke again. "Archangel Supreme... active. Initiating combat."

Devastator looked up... and up. "That's as big as Metroplex! Sparking jinxed reactor cores!"

"Terminating the enemy!" the huge figure stated even as it backhanded Devastator through an undamaged sector of the space bridge. Then the newest Supreme had a massive claymore looking sword appear in it's hands and shoved the blade into the Space Bridge to the hilt.

The Revenge spun and rocketed of to the side of the side of Archangel Supreme, firing a full phalanx of missiles into its blind side. That sent the Supreme staggering with a groan of pain.

Optimus Prime had locked weapons with Bludgeon. Behind him he heard a scream as three Decepticons of the Mayhem Attack Squad ganged up on the Buster Gundam.

"Help me!" Dearka shouted, his fear activating the newly installed Spark Core of his gundam, just before Smash Dock jammed his glowing energon spear through his cockpit. Dearka didn't even have time to scream.

The new Transformer awoke confused and in pain before Ebon Hammer smashed down with his gravitic hammer and shattered his torso just moments after his birth.

"No!" Kira called out with the Green Astray's right arm extended. Taking advantage of Kira taking his eyes off the battle field, a bright orange with tiger stripes Seeker roundhouse kicked the green mobile suit in the head.

Kira cut deep into the Seeker with a beam saber, and surprised the slag out of Hooligan with his speed. Yet the mobile suit felt sluggish as it did that to Kira compared to the Strike.

With his free arm the Green Astray grabbed the colorful Seeker and flung him at the space bridge.

"We're dying out here!" Yzak shouted as his shield arm of his Gundam Duel was chopped off by a heat sword from a brutish looking black and green Decepticon with a massive missile launcher on his back.

The purple ASTRAY piloted by Mu hit the Duel's opponent just before he could be finished off with a massive shoulder block. The heat sword slammed home on his ASTRAY, ripping out part of its shoulder and removing his head before Yzak could jam his beam saber into the Decepticon's head.

ZAFT GINNs were little better than cannon-fodder, though they would take an occasional Decepticon down with them. Entire squad of mobilearmors had already been wiped out by the Decepticon forces. The Strike Daggers and ASTRAYs were fairing best but they weren't turning the tide of battle.

"Autobots! Retreat!" Optimus called out. "Steel Haven, we need to evacuate!"

Archangel Supreme pulled out his sword and and his various cannons started to glow.

"Move!" Hot Shot ordered to every Autobot, Mobilesuit and Mobilearmor. The Supreme unloaded his firepower on the horde of Decepticons. Large numbers of Decepticons were battered or blown up by the barrage of firepower.

The huge Supreme lunged forward and chopped the nose portion of the Revenge off and got five more missiles in his face for his efforts. Finally, he decided to transform and head out. He was starting to feel lethargic as he had burned through half of his energy reserves already. "Transform."

The Archangel rocketed off with Autobots and mobilesuits clinging to it even as the damage Earth Alliance battle cruiser limped off under the escort of two Nazca-class ZAFT cruisers.

"Decepticons! Cheer! For we have won a great battle! Let loose our might for the power of the Decepticons is unstoppable!" Galvatron shouted. That would distract them from chasing after Optimus Prime and his Autobots. His foe was canny enough to do a quick counter-attack if he left the bridge undefended. "Strika! Get that space bridge repaired and finished."

The Emperor of Destruction smiled, his purple eyes glowing in satisfaction. There was no way that the Autobots could win now.


Shockblast watched the reconstruction of the orbital Space Bridge in complete and utter boredom. The only reason he wasn't shooting at the construction workers to make them move faster or the debris humans had in orbit was that Bludgeon promised to rip out his spark if he made trouble. They were rather low on workers, after all.

It only barely got the psychotic purple Decepticon to restrain himself for now.

Overcast looked at Shockblast in laser satellite mode and worked even faster. Then suddenly he was hit with an energy blast from nowhere and sent flying through space. The light purple Seeker tried to see who shot him with his massive monocole eye. The weapons fire was almost as powerful as Shockblast's attack and he couldn't see anyone who could have attacked him. Then he saw nothing more as a second blast blew his head and most of his torso up.

"And that's how you do it," Cliffjumper said to Tri-Strike on the top of the cloaked Archangel. Cliffjumper was showing the new transformer how to be an effective sniper. And the red Autobot had to admit that Orb sniper rifle for the ASTRAYs was very nice.

"I see, sir," Tri-Strike stated respectfully.

"Don't call me, sir," Cliffjumper causally remarked. "I work for a living." He had been watching some of the human's video entertainment. Which some of it was great. No wonder the Junkions liked it so much.

On the bridge, Murrue looked worried at this plan. Hiding nearly on top of the space bridge and having them snipe the Decepticon workers to slow them down could go horribly wrong.

"Don't worry," Roadhander spoke up when he saw the captain's expression. "Shockblast is a maniac with a few wires put in wrong. A few stray blasts can always be written off as him blasting slag to amuse himself."

That Roadhandler didn't make a reference to Flay when he said that was welcome proof that the red minicon could be professional in the middle of an operation. Especially when everyone was under the gun and it was starting to look like a miracle was needed.

'Primus, please let Whirl and Flay manage to keep from killing each other on this mission,' Roadhandler silently prayed. He was then shocked to see Flay come onto the bridge.

"I thought you'd be out there," Roadhandler said in shock. Her structural damage wasn't that severe.

"I'm only human," Flay remarked as she touched her bandaged head. "I can't just be put back together and go out and fight." In fact, she had almost been left behind on Earth due to the stresses of orbital take off.

"Right," Roadhandler muttered.

The tension on the bridge was cut by Grip-Lock. "I'd feel safer if we finished that second Strike before this."

"We all would," Murrue muttered softly. A week just wasn't enough to for them to build the missing parts to complete the Strike II. Nor would they be able to assemble it fast enough now. Murroch had been said to be able to perform black magic to fix the units, but it seemed even his talents weren't enough in this case.

In the mobile suit bay Kira hoped this mobile suit won't come alive on him. Morgenrote had designed the purple ASTRAY with an eye at getting their hands on the Mirage Colliod and for close quarters combat. It had two beam sabers, an armor piercing sword and weird 'claw shoes' as everyone called them that came down from the back of the leg to cover the feet of the mobile suit.

Kira hoped it be a better fit for him than the Green ASTRAY had been in the last battle. If only it had been then maybe Dearka would be...

Kira shook his head. He couldn't save everyone no matter what mobile suit he had. Though it was still a very bitter pill for him to swallow. And he really didn't like that realization.

"I wonder if a Sentai fan was involved in the color scheme theme for the naming of the ASTRAY prototypes," Mu La Flaga mused out loud.

"It won't surprise me," Kira remarked. "Half surprised my ASTRAY lacks extendable swords or knives like Sideswipe or Whirl."

"I don't think anyone had figured out how to do that yet," Mu stated. "I do hope this is the last of the ASTRAY prototypes."

"Yeah otherwise Cagalli is going to be annoyed. And they were running out of colors. I mean what was next a neon-orange ASTRAY?"

Mu chuckled at that. The rumor mill had it that Cagalli was extremely unhappy about being sent to get all the ASTRAYs but wasn't told how many there were and about the hidden file of weapons development, upgrade suggestions and more that was on the Blue ASTRAY. La Flaga could imagine Cagalli screaming so loud that they could hear her in JOSH-A.

'And some of those weapons were really out there,' Mu thought to himself. The main weapon for the Green ASTRAY was a blaster that could also be used as a dual beam saber. He wasn't quite sure if that would work so he opted for a blaster rifle had been provided glass grenades for the grenade launcher. Given they allowed Lockdown to literally drive through the hull of Artemis station Mu figured they'd be very useful.

Mu then looked at his beloved Moebius Zero Omega and felt that would be a better choice then a just repaired mobilesuit that he still wasn't sure had the controls completely learned well enough for combat.

"You guys ready?" Bulkhead asked as he checked his wrist mounted weapons.

"As I can be," Kira admitted. "At least Flay didn't ask me if everything would be alright."

"I consider it being her getting smart enough to realize that when the Decepticons are involved just surviving is a good thing," Athrun remarked stoically. "And hopefully we won't have our Mobile Suits turn into Transformers again."

"Yeah that's getting a bit crazy," Mu stated as he shook his head. "Your fiancee didn't sing to these."

"Glad she's not here for this," Kira said relieved. He had honestly liked Lacus a lot. She was kind, nice and Kira had a feeling she was more then just a pretty face. He wondered if he should try to talk his friend into having a traditional wedding. Being the best man and them having a good time sounded like an excellent idea. Blue Cosmos might complain but most of them now hid under their beds as the boogeyman they feared turned out to be a lot less scary compared to the Decepticons.

Kira considered it really odd but amusing that due to the Transformers he was getting a lot less flack about being a coordinator and he might have a girlfriend out of this. Kira's expression soured a bit as he realized some of his friends really didn't like Flay much. And he wasn't sure exactly how to tell Sai about any of that.

"You're thinking about her again aren't you?" Athrun said sounding a bit exasperated. "Seriously Kira, we all know you like Flay." Athrun then rubbed where Flay had smacked him a few weeks ago. That girl had one hell of an arm on her.

"Of course, given she's officially in ORB's armed forces and you're technically in the Atlantic Federation Navy, there's no prohibition of a relationship," Mu said seriously before grinning. "Just be careful, okay?"

"Though that wound looks like it'll scar," Athrun stated. "So be prepared to have to bolster her self esteem for a while." Plastic surgery would have to wait until a larger break in the fights and at a major hospital. And given that was 'shatter proof' glass that caused that after being hit by Prime's fists...well Athrun was going to honor any command the Autobot leader gave.

"You mean you can't just get her a new face plate and fix it up with a sander and bit of primer?" Bulkhead asked shocked.

"We can't just swap out our body parts Bulkhead," Mu said firmly. "There's a lot of factors for internal organs to be transplanted and those are easier then the sort of changes you suggested."

"Oh, so that's what Whirl meant when he said they couldn't replace Flay's faulty hard drive."

Kira took a deep breath. He honestly wondered how Flay could keep on annoying Transformers. Even as head over heels in love with her as he was couldn't cover the fact she had a lot of personality clashes with them.

Drift was watching the Decepticons off in the distance as he stood in the shadow of a piece of the Debris Belt.

Kira narrowed his eyes as he looked at the ex-Decepticon. He had no idea what to make of the former Decepticon. He knew that Drift had killed Autobots before changing sides and the purple-eyed Coordinator wasn't sure if he could have the strength of character to change sides in the middle of a war.

Everyone was wary around Drift, Autobot or human after finding out about his past. The only exceptions to that were Skysickle, Kup, Perceptor, Whirl and Optimus Prime. Bulkhead also seemed at least civil with him as well.

No one wanted to admit that they were under the gun here, as it was only three more days before the Decepticons finished their spacebridge. And the Wreckers, who this sort of thing was their bread and butter, where already busy on a mission in Quintesson space.

"Admiral," Kup said with his cyger in his mouth. "Looks like you're about to witness history." He was in the main repair bay where they were putting the last repairs on the Autobots and Mobilesuits. The acrid stench of welding filled the room.

"Oh?" Garcia asked.

"We're getting together a second team of Wreckers to deal with the Space Bridge," Whirl said sounding excited. "Kup, Perceptor, Drift, Bulkhead and myself."

Garcia went over the group in his mind and noticed most of them were the only people to trust Drift. And Bulkhead was a gentle and rather trusting giant. And would know what to smash to really mess up the Space Bridge to buy them a lot of time if not completely destroy it.

"I'm hurt that I wasn't invited to the party," Mirage said as he suddenly appeared next to Whirl.

"I can see why you picked Mirage as your name in English," Garcia grumbled. He wondered if that cloaking ability had the same possibilities as the Mirage Colliod. Yet so far it seemed to be a unique ability of blue and white Autobot.

"Its fitting," Mirage admitted.

Garcia ignored that. "Can you pull off stopping the opening of that space bridge?"

"With Perceptor and Bulkhead's intimate knowledge of Space Bridges, plus Bulkhead's ability to break things we should be able to give them one slagging huge repair bill." Whirl proclaimed.


Strika frowned as she saw the reinforced fleet attacking again. The Supreme was back in the middle in its spaceship form, even as dozens of mobilesuits and Autobots poured out. The Steel Haven was flanked by two of those weak destroyers as the repaired Earth Alliance battleship and ZAFT cruisers filled out the vanguard. Shaking her head, she could easily see this was a distraction. She turned to a floating video panel. "It looks like he is attempting subterfuge, just as you expected Lord Galvatron."

"Of course he is. Even with local allies, he has no chance of seriously defeating our forces," the Decepticon leader noted in a condescending tone. "He will likely strike at the power core of the space bridge. Make sure to capture or kill them all. Galvatron out."

"Whirl is with them," Bludgeon stated behind Strika. The Decepticon general hadn't heard any noise and was shocked for him to be there. If he wanted to Bludgeon could have cut her head off before she knew what had happened.

"And that honestly matters?" Strika asked trying to keep her calm.

"He was a poor student," Bludgeon stated like that explained everything.

"Deal with him," Strika ordered. "Capture them or kill them, whatever strikes your mood."

"I shall," Bludgeon said with his skeleton face forming something that passed for an amused expression. He then stepped into the shadows and vanished.

"Slagging martial artists," Strika muttered. "They're all completely glitched."


Mirage liked the flying disks that Perceptor had modified for this mission. They had been modified with the Mirage Colliod technology of the humans and Perceptor had found they could disrupt and control computer systems. Using them they were able to get past the early warning systems and onto the space bridge.

"The power core should be this way," Perceptor stated as he lifted a grate. Whirl paused for a moment.

"Hey Kup, doesn't this remind of that mess in the Casval system?" Whirl asked with narrowed optics.

Kup nodded. "That it does, lad. Mirage go invisible and Bulkhead you take point."

The passage was only barely big enough for Bulkhead to fit through. The dark gray service tunnel had no lighting and felt like a tomb for the Autobots. Drift clutched his sword tightly as something felt very,very wrong to him. Mirage flickered and then disappeared.

Out in space, the Archangel shuddered under the near explosion of missiles as they streaked in from the Revenge and some defense platforms that Strika had emplaced. The chain CWIS kept up their silent chatter as they took out each wave.

"Come on! You guys aren't so tough!" Yzak shouted out in anger as he two-shooted an unwary Decepticon. "Man, they haven't even stopped work on assembling the damn spacebridge!" He only needed a couple hundred more Decepticon deaths to pay back for Dearka's death.

"Slagging pain in the aft," Aurum agreed as she shattered a few Decepticons with a shield bash, then jammed a beam saber into another.

While Athrun cut through the Decepticon forces like a grim reaper with his beam sabers.

"Hey, is that... yodeling?" Kira asked in confusion as he heard something over the comm signals.

"Snowcat is here?!" Jetstorm remarked with a shocked expression.

A black and orange Decepticon shot Aurum in the face while laughing like a complete and utter maniac. Duel Gundam grabbed him by the head and crushed it like it was made out of cardboard.

Then suddenly a massive piece of space debris slammed into the surface of the space bridge. Then came a rain of more pieces trying to slam into the gateway to the rest of the universe. Wheeljack really did not like doing this but they didn't have a lot of options available to them. The Decepticon workers outside started to destroy the smaller pieces while Shockblast transformed into his cannon mode to take out the larger pieces.

The Red ASTRAY was shooting Air Master and Wingstun with a blaster while the Kusanagi opened fire on Space Bridge.

Downshift blasted a Con trying to sneak up on Wheeljack with his shoulder mounted missiles.

"Keep focused, Wheeljack," Downshift stated forcefully.

The Autobot scientist nodded and had his spark go cold when he realized he hadn't seen or heard anything about Bludgeon and the Mayhem Attack Squad. The infamous words of General Ackbar from the Star Wars movies came to him instantly.

Deep inside the Space Bridge, the Wreckers forced a slate gray door open and saw the heart of the ship.

To a human the power core of the Space bridge would look like a b-movie mad scientist's lab merged with a power plant. It was filled with devices that glowed, large knobs to control various devices and had a very spooky atmosphere.

Optics scanned the room in a variety of spectrums as the Autobots knew they weren't alone. Still they had a job to do.

"Bulkhead, you do your best to disable the Space Bridge controls," Kup ordered. "Perceptor scramble their software to the point even Shockwave won't be able to fix it!"

It was only by reflexive instinct that Drift blocked Bludgeon's sword as he attacked from a shadow.

Bludgeon looked at the former Decepticon with an expression similar to respect. "Impressive."

"I don't slagging care," Drift commented trying to keep the fear out of his voice as he kicked Bludgeon in the leg. Bludgeon's malice filled laughter at that unnerved Drift.

Kup looked worried and dodged being cut in half by Venom's axe. The blue Autobot fired several acid pellets at the emerald Insecticon. The smell of melting metal and Venom's scream of pain filled the air so Kup knew at least one of his shots hit him.

Whirl cut Ebon Hammer's arm off and beat with his own hammer. The Decepticon's optics shattered as Whirl tried to flatten the warrior's head. Smash Dock looked worried as Whirl threw Ebon Hammer's namesake weapon at him. He managed to dodge and ran into the blast of Whirl's laser pistol.

The ring of fire that Sunstorm threw around Whirl didn't stop him. And while Smash Dock was focused on Whirl, Bulkhead's wrecking ball flew through his chest like it wasn't even there. Chopshop while he took Ebonhammer's weapon looked shocked at Bulkhead managing to sneak up on anyone.

Then Chop Shop slammed into the ground as Mirage grabbed the back off the thieving brown and orange Insecticon's head and introduced him to the floor.

Perceptor ignored the fighting while he attempted to break through the firewalls of the Space Bridge. He then noticed something reflected on one of the monitors and barely avoided being bitten by a giant spider.

The Transformer sized spider transformed into a form that a male human or Transformer might find sexy and entrancing. Perceptor honestly didn't care either way. He simply opened fire on Blackarachnia.

"Do you treat all femmes like that?" Blackarachnia asked in amusement. "Besides, these controls have been frozen out."

Perceptor didn't bother to respond to her taunts and electrified the surface of the control unit that the deadly Decepticon femme was standing on. She screamed in pain as lightning arced across her body.

Drift slammed into her and the two sent a shower of glass and metal crashed through the control systems. Perceptor was cut in the face by a piece of glass.

"Was he a worthy foe?" Ransack asked Bludgeon.

"Tolerable," Bludgeon admitted and that was high praise from the Decepticon martial artist.

"Thanks a lot," Blackarachnia grumbled as she rose from the damaged controls.

Bludgeon ignored her and struck what seemed to be empty air and suddenly there was a loud clank as Mirage's arm fell to the ground. Mirage clutched the stump bleeding energon and looked at Bludgeon with a shocked expression.

Then at high speeds Bludgeon charged across the room and sent Whirl into a wall with a jump kick. Bulkhead charged at Bludgeon but ended up trampling over Ebon Hammer and slamming into Sunstorm as Bludgeon effortlessly leaped over him. The bright yellow Seeker groaned in pain and glared at his leader.

Barrage charged at Kup and got a kick to the face for his troubles. The yellow and green Decepticon didn't let that stop him as he slashed the cerulean Autobot with his yellow energon dagger.

That was when massive gears started to rotate, turbines whirling up to full speed and energy started to crackle across the systems.

"No," Whirl exclaimed as he looked over at a console. In the Transformer's language, it stated...

Out in space the Autobots groaned as energy started to coalesce in between the massive tines of the space bridge. Spinning energy formed around a bubble of blackness, deeper black than the depths of space even as lightning crackled across the bubble.

On the bridge of the Revenge, Galvatron started to laugh in malicious glee. "Forward! Destroy Optimus Prime!"

"Optimus, we have to retreat!" Hot Shot shouted out even as he blasted yet another Sweep, sending it crashing into the armored flank of the Steel Haven. A blast from his plasma flame-thrower set it on fire.

"We can not! We have to believe they can stop it," the blue and red Autobot leader declared. 'Come on, Perceptor! We're counting on you.' His battle-axe sliced out, chopping the side of a passing Sweep. He then spun around and fired his heavy blaster rifle at three more Decepticons. Behind him three Moebius mobilearmors were destroyed by a single Decepticon that had transformed into whirling throwing-star with energon blades.

"Is this the end?" Kira wondered to himself. The purple ASTRAY fired to quick shots from his beam pistols, then quickly activated the built in beam saber to try to swipe at a spiny purple and black Decepticon. It only managed to score some minor damage. "This mobile suit is too slow."

On the bridge of the Archangel, Admiral Garcia ordered, "We can not let them bring more of their army here. Captain, you are authorized to use all capabilities to destroy that space bridge."

Murrue looked over to her control screen. "Natarle, we need to divert all power to both positron cannons. Order the Kasunagi to prepare to fire a combined positron salvo at the main power junction of the Spacebridge. Prepare to fire nuclear armed sledge-hammers on my command."

"That's just Prime," Grip-Lock grumbled. "I'm going to... wait is that what I think it is?!"

"Can't make it out yet," Roadhandler groused.

All the Autobots and humans were filled with dread when a blue, red and silver ship flew out of it and opened fire with two massive chain guns and a laser cannon on the Decepticon forces. Star-bright spheres were dropping out the back in rapid fire.

On board the Skyfire Grimlock sat on a throne like Captain's chair. "The energon mines launched, Snarl?"

"Yes," Snarl replied curtly as he examined the placement. Right on top of the spacebridge portal. He smiled nastily.

Massive flashes of light were seen through the spacebridge dimensional rift.
Some where powerful enough to make the SpaceBridge shake. On the spacebridge, Kup grabbed Mirage's severed arm and made ran for it. He then transformed and burned rubber with the arm secured to his cargo area.

"That doesn't look like a Decepticon ship with those colors," Roadhandler stated from where he was standing near the front window of the Archangel's bridge. "Is that the Dinobots' ship? The Skyfire?"

"There goes the neighborhood," Grip-Lock remarked. That didn't fill Murrue and Garcia with confidence. And the various other things the Autobots had said about the Dinobots from time to time didn't help matters.

Mirage grabbed onto Whirl's VTOL mode with his remaining arm and they took off as well.

"We've driven off the Autobots!" Sunstorm cheered. Bludgeon backhanded him and the Mayhem Attack Squad also made a break for it.

The Wreckers managed to get to their flying disks and gunned it in what would later be called a cinematic display as the Space bridge exploded within seconds after they took off.

"Well that feels like old times," Whirl said happily. Bulkhead and Drift looked at him like he was a complete and utter maniac.

"If this is what the Wreckers do then I don't want any part of this," Bulkhead stated forcefully. "Once was enough."

"Agreed," Perceptor nodded. Besides, they had failed their objective. This was none of their doing.

"No such thing as a routine Wreckers mission," Whirl smirked. "Well at least doesn't involve a lot of explosions."

The Skyfire flew past them as it opened fire on the Obsidian Blade. The more agile Autobot ship was ripping into the Decepticon transport vessel.

"So Grimlock saved our afts," Kup remarked. "You lads been telling them all about the Dinobots?"

"Oh yeah, " Whirl remarked. "They don't quite believe us on how huge pains in the diodes they are yet."

"After we get back can someone make sure to keep the Dinobots from finishing me off?" Drift asked. "I kind of like to not be assaulted again by someone. Especially by the Dinobots. I kind of like being in one piece."
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-08-04 09:50pm

Ok... so much goodness in this one :)

The Zents.. nice Macross shoutout there. They would be of a size with the Cybertronians.

The Gold Astray is Aurum? It got a little confusing there. I like that shes' a Sniper, the Fem-Autobots seem to go for long-range instead of Melee, or like BlackArachnia are very nasty martial artists.

Saved by the Dinobots. Yeah, Grimlock won't let Prime live that down. I see you're using the version without the vocal glitch .. unless it shows up when he tries to speak Terran which would be highly amusing. :mrgreen:

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Sidewinder » 2011-08-05 12:31am

Fanboyimus Prime wrote:Of course I wonder what Sidewinder feels about the last two chapters.

I'm flattered you hold my opinion in such high regard. As for the chapters... well, the main problem is they're true to the world of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, which are divorced from reality in the first place. Problems:

1) LOGOS is led by arms dealers- those WITHOUT the authority to start a war. US law prevents arms manufacturers from getting more than 5% profits from their sales. I'm sure a Cosmic Era government will have something similar to prevent bilking, and in times of war, will NOT hesitate to set price controls, or nationalize the arms manufacturers to ensure they get a fair deal.

2) The Earth Alliance doesn't use Coordinators themselves, with the exception of the Eurasian Federation. The Earth Alliance members are portrayed as military dictatorships, especially the Atlantic Federation- another excuse for the Japanese to scream, "America is bad! America is evil!" A military dictatorship will NOT hesitate to use any technology that offers them an advantage, INCLUDING genetic engineering. The Earth Alliance's ranks should be crawling with Combat Coordinators- given the politically correct title of "natural combat savant" or something, which should fool NO ONE- the way a jar of honey will be crawling with ants.

I don't know if that'll help. As for the newest chapters, I say, "DINOBOTS ROCK! DINOBOTS KICK REAR FUSELAGE!" I can't wait to see Grimlock in action.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Darth Yan » 2011-08-05 12:49am

i actually felt the america sucks only started in destiny. There were some admirals in the Atlantic Federation who were decent guys (murrue's mentor springs to mind), and Uzumi does concede that in some ways his views are more based on idealism rather then practicality.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-05 05:49pm

LadyTevar wrote:Ok... so much goodness in this one :)

The Zents.. nice Macross shoutout there. They would be of a size with the Cybertronians.

The Allspark Almanac II helped me a great deal on the various shout outs. Well other then making the race of Lian from Brave Command Dagwon into Transformers. That is what the reference made earlier about a colony of Transformers that all turn into swords refers to.

The Gold Astray is Aurum?

Yes she is.

It got a little confusing there. I like that shes' a Sniper, the Fem-Autobots seem to go for long-range instead of Melee, or like BlackArachnia are very nasty martial artists.

Actually she uses a stress fracture cannon and isn't a sniper per say.

Saved by the Dinobots. Yeah, Grimlock won't let Prime live that down. I see you're using the version without the vocal glitch .. unless it shows up when he tries to speak Terran which would be highly amusing. :mrgreen:

He's basically the Simon Furman version of Grimlock. He will speak normally, and well....Kira and the others have been warned about how he and his team are like.

I'm flattered you hold my opinion in such high regard.

Well I have enjoyed your various Transformers fanfics that I have read. So I know you're a hardcore Transformers fanboy like I am and wanted an honest opinion on Drift and the Spark Singers elements.

As for the chapters... well, the main problem is they're true to the world of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny, which are divorced from reality in the first place. Problems:

1) LOGOS is led by arms dealers- those WITHOUT the authority to start a war. US law prevents arms manufacturers from getting more than 5% profits from their sales. I'm sure a Cosmic Era government will have something similar to prevent bilking, and in times of war, will NOT hesitate to set price controls, or nationalize the arms manufacturers to ensure they get a fair deal.

2) The Earth Alliance doesn't use Coordinators themselves, with the exception of the Eurasian Federation. The Earth Alliance members are portrayed as military dictatorships, especially the Atlantic Federation- another excuse for the Japanese to scream, "America is bad! America is evil!" A military dictatorship will NOT hesitate to use any technology that offers them an advantage, INCLUDING genetic engineering. The Earth Alliance's ranks should be crawling with Combat Coordinators- given the politically correct title of "natural combat savant" or something, which should fool NO ONE- the way a jar of honey will be crawling with ants.

Oh don't worry about LOGOS and the unreality of it. The Transformers and their war is forcing those in political power of the EA that aren't part of that cabal to go "Yeah...we're going to need to take back control here".

Not an easy process but events will help them in that.

I don't know if that'll help. As for the newest chapters, I say, "DINOBOTS ROCK! DINOBOTS KICK REAR FUSELAGE!" I can't wait to see Grimlock in action.

And you will...and see Grimlock used by LOGOS in a very unique way.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-05 08:57pm

The mood was somber after the battle. Nicol had this odd feeling Dearka shouldn't have died. He couldn't explain it but he had this feeling everything had changed because of that. And Whirl telling them about dealing with the killers didn't really make him feel better. It didn't help that the Dinobots were extremely rude and seemed to think Admiral Garcia was some unruly pet to an Autobot.

Nicole mused that the Autobots always told about how arrogant and independent and headstrong the Dinobots were every single time they mentioned that subgroup. So they should be surprised at how they acted.

"You think Flay and Grimlock will kill each other?' Yzak asked which got Nicol out of his thoughts.

"I doubt it," Nicol said honestly.

"Hi, guys," Swoop said with a bemused grin as the big Autobot tromped up. He heard what they were talking about, and frankly his commanding officer was the subject of that line of discussion a lot.

"Hello Swoop," Nicol replied. Swoop was the one Dinobot most people got along with. How he managed to put up with the other Dinobots was a question everyone asked.

They then saw Perceptor and Wheeljack putting an improved Aile Striker pack on the Purple Astray. The propulsion systems of the unit were moved to the shoulders to increase the mobility for the mobile suit. It also had a pair of antiship swords added around the hips. The hope was to make the unit fast enough for Kira.

"Wow," Yzak commented with a touch of awe. "He gets all the best toys."

"I think Tri-Strike got a pair of those first," Swoop remarked with a slight smirk. Yzak snorted.

"If you told me a few months ago that I'd be hanging out with giant robots from space fighting other giant robots I'd say you were crazy," Athrun stated with amusement. "Now it's pretty much normal."

"Lacus asked you to update all her Haros to well... Mr. Pink?" Kira inquired.

"I don't think I could do it. We still can't make a Spark Chamber," the red jacket responded. "One upgraded like that is enough."

"One of them at all is more then enough," Roadhandler remarked with a shudder. "Still at least it didn't talk in rhyme like this bot we used to work with. "

"That had to get annoying fast," Yzak said while shaking his head.

"Flashdrive tried to fix his vocal circuits,' the red minicon smirked. "Wheelie was left speaking in Luxan battle operas."

"Was that any better?" Kira inquired.

"Barely," Swoop noted with a chuckle. "And glad to know why he started talking like that."

"If you're done," Perceptor stated in his usual tone. "We're ready to test the Shield Striker."

The group of pilots and Transformers looked over the new Striker Pack and saw a gold shield attached to it at an odd angle.

"Isn't that a laser proof shield like the Red Astray uses?" Nicol asked. The shield's ability to take energy weapon already had hit the rumor mill after Cagalli was able to stop a shot from Shockblast with it.

Kira leaped into the air and made his way to the powered up cockpit for the Purple Astray. A quick check showed everything was in working order. He just hoped the modified and upgraded pack would give him the speed he needed.

"This is Kira Yamato and we are ready for testing," Kira said as he powered up the Astray.

"ASTRAY is cleared to launch and good luck," Murrue stated on the bridge.

The purple ASTRAY handled much more to Kira's taste as it launched into space for the next hour. He then used the upgraded thrusters and found he could fly sideways now. And managed to avoid hitting a huge chunk of debris by braking. The increase in mobility was very welcome to the purple eyed coordinator.

The swords were tested next as he hacked up a piece of space junk. The purple eyed coordinator noticed they also felt a bit different then the anti-ship swords he'd been using, along with a sharper blade. There was also the electrical surge that had become standard for OMNI anti-ship swords.

Kira then had the thrusters change position and poured on the power. Several screens in the cockpit went red as the frame of the Astray couldn't take the near full power of the thrusters.

"Amazing," Kira gasped as he cut power to the thrusters. The Autobots had outdone themselves with this Striker Pack. Perhaps now he could be a better protector of his allies.

Kira flew back to the Archangel at a more sedate pace and he saw repair crews working on the ship. He even recalled rumors of the Lightwave barrier system that protected Artemis being installed into the Archangel. For a moment it made Kira wonder if calling the ship the Enterprise would have been a more fitting name.

After a quick flight around the ship he returned to the launch bay.

"Kira," Athrun stated grimly as soon as the purple eyed coordinator was on the floor. "Flay's bandage over her cheek came off while you were out."

Kira winced. If that scar was anywhere near as bad as he imagined then Flay had flipped out.

"Any idea where she could be?" Kira asked in an extremely worried voice.

"She hasn't left the ship, however she found somewhere to hide," Athrun replied in a calming voice. "Though she screamed about being ugly and ran off in tears."

"Good luck getting her to calm down," Roadhandler commented and raised his hands. "I'll stay here. I doubt she'd want to see me right now."

Kira doubted that Flay would ever want to see Roadhandler. At all.

The first place Kira went was to his quarters to change when he heard crying. He opened the door and the only source of light was the hallway behind him. Flay turned away so Kira won't see her face.

"Go away!" Flay pleaded. But her being here... that had to mean she really wanted to see him somehow.

"No," Kira said as he entered the room. "I'm not leaving you." He set Birdie loose so it could fly, which it did by ducking out into the hallway.

The answer shocked Flay. "But I'm revolting to look at! I'm so useless. There's no way I can help against the... Decepticons!" Tears were streaming down her hidden face. "I'm too pathetic."

"I don't care Flay," Kira said softly. "I...I love you." He knelt down next to the bed she was sitting on to enfold her in his gentle grasp.

Flay went completely silent for several minutes and that worried Kira. Was she going to say something? Did he scare her stiff? The purple eyed coordinator then gathered up his courage and kissed Flay. He got a glimpse of Flay's scar and put his arms around Flay to comfort her. He felt hot tears on his face and he wasn't sure if they were his or Flay's.

With an abruptness that was shocking, she started kissing him back. She was running her hands along his back for a long minute, then started to unbutton his shirt, popping of one of them in her haste.

It was a primal need that demanded the most basic of life.


"So in the first incidence, we do find the defendant guilty of instigating a murderous attack even though he did know that a ceasefire was going into effect and against his superiors wishes," the judge pronounced. The gavel came down in a clack of wood on wood.

Rau's trial had been almost a joke in how short it was. He'd been thrown under a bus for politics. He had everything going his way until the Transformers showed up and got everyone to stop trying to kill each other and worry about giant alien robots doing it to them.

'It was all those living abominations fault,' Rau mentally snarled mentally. The clone of Al Da Flaga stood up behind his table, startling his 'defense' lawyer who was sitting right next to him.

"Death to humanity and their world of endless desires! And damn the Transformers to whatever nether realm they believe in!" Rau bellowed. "Let the universe burn!"

The crowded courtroom exploded into shock and pandemonium. Most thought it was a last second attempt to get a not-guilty plea due to insanity and Rau missed his calling as an actor.

Patrick Zala finally realized how insane his ally was though. This was the true face of the genetic abomination. As much has he hated naturals for taking his wife away from him, he didn't want everyone dead. He wasn't nilistic like Rau. Then everyone got a chill down their spine and Rau broke out of his hand cuffs.

Rau swiped a gun from one of the guards during the shocked moment and opened fire on the judge and his 'jury of peers'. He was a blur, even to other Coordinators as he charged over to Patrick Zala. He would make sure his 'ally' would not leave this room alive.

Then a wall was shattered as a motor cycle came through it. Shards of metal and plaster were sent flying everywhere.

"Hop on," the motorcycle ordered.

Rau jumped onto the bike and they heard the engine roar and fire spew out of the exhust pipes. There was another crash and the sound of the bike driving off.

And a feeling of dread that things had just gotten far, far worse then before.

While Rau drove across the colony at high speed and avoided fire from DINNs and VTOLs sent after him with an almost supernatural grace. Then he appeared to go to "warp speed" to his pursuers and vanished. Space and time seemed to bend to Sideways' power, as rainbow reflections of starlight flickered at the edge of Rau's vision. His laughter as he escaped haunted those who had heard it.

In front of him, he saw a flicker of something appear in front of him. It looked almost like some armored head, with horns all crafted of cruelty, stygian iron and malice. It was only as they approached that Rau realized that if it were a head... it would fit a giant the size of a planet.

The being seemed to be smiling at Rau.

"My Lord I have found a being that will make a very useful servant," Sideways stated as he bowed before his master. "He has a heart that should be yours. He wishes the destruction of everything, after all."

A dark chuckle filled space and Rau started to glow. The clone felt better then ever had in his life as his body turned from flesh and blood to metal.

"Behold... Nemesis Prime!" Unicron rumbled in a voice that shook the very aether as Rau now looked like an obsidan and perverse copy of an Optimus Prime. He had laser blasters on his wrists and if he was like the Optimus Prime Sideways was thinking of, he could merge with his trailer to be MS sized.

'This is even better then the original Nemesis Prime was,' Sideways mused. 'That one was just made from the darker impulses of that Prime...and destroyed by the original fairly easily.'

"Everything shall become part of the Void master," Nemesis Prime said in a voice that conveyed the absolute cold of the deepest space.

"And you shall start with the traitor Galvatron and his army. Let no one stand in your way. While you plan the downfall of Galvatron, you will take the Matrix of Autobot Leadership from the cooling remains of Optimus Prime." Unicron's cruel optics flared in power.

"My master, he will need an army," Sideways said in a soft, reverent tone.

"Silence! My ignominious state does not currently allow me to create Sparks." In fact, he never could, but it is never good for a god to admit weaknesses. "Take these Null Sparks. Infect the angry, the dispossessed and the mad. Make them into a new army that only owes loyalty to Unicron of the Last Days!"

Purple sparks of stars flashed from Unicron's eyes to slam into Nemesis Prime's chest, causing him to scream in agony.

"Now go! Lest I destroy you!" the mad god of destruction ordered.


"This had better be good, General Strika," Galvatron said as he stomped into the cluttered repair bay of the Obsidian Blade. The much diminished Demolition Brigade was busy restoring the ships to full functionality, but both ships were battered. It would be a month before they were fully combat capable. His purple and gray metal fist clenched in anger. Always Optimus Prime and his pathetic Autbots snatched victory from his hands.

"It is Lord Galvatron," Strika stated respectfully. "The fallen Guardian had a spark. An implanted spark." The shattered remains of the Buster Gundam laid out on the table with light on above it.

"It all begins to makes sense," Galvatron whispered. "Prime's is attempting to double his forces and using these humans and their guardians to do so."

"We likely stumbled into something Grimlock had planned," Strika remarked as she thought over her long time foes past accomplishments. "He would use such a tactic especially with a race as war-like as humanity."

"And if you had not stripped your garrison to such a low defense, Grimlock could not have over run it and then launched his attack upon us through our own spacebridge," Galvatron snarled. "Or did you think that I would not see that information? That he came from your planet?"

"My lord?" the Decepticon femme asked in sudden worry.

The much larger Decepticon suddenly grabbed her by the neck. With incomparable ease, he lifted her off her feet, her neck servos straining under the great pressure he exerted. "This is your last mistake, Strika. Fail me so utterly again and my throne will have a new back."

"Yes, Lord Galvatron! Of course," the silver and gray Decepticon replied, her voice cracking in terror.

With casual, contemptuous power, he flung her into one of the damage walls with enough force to crack her armor.

He turned and started walking to the door. Without even pausing, Galvatron raised up his right arm and fired the massive blaster cannon attached there into a deep shadow, sending Bludgeon staggering with a smoking hole in his shoulder. "Remember, Bludgeon. I allowed you to follow your path. And I can easily uncreate you."

The martial Decepticon knew that any wrong answer would see him destroyed. And there was no right answers, just less wrong answers. "Of course, mighty Galvatron. As you command."

"Yes, as I command. Don't forget that I know you failed to destroy the Autobots that I had laid my trap for. My plan was simplicity itself. You should have easily dealt with the traitor. You have become weak, Bludgeon. And my army has no need of such beings." The purple and gray leader of the Decepticons turned at the door, his cold purple eyes studying his cowed subordinates. "You make me almost wish for Starscream to be alive again."

Bludgeon's usually obsidian and empty looking 'eyes' flashed red in anger, but he managed to keep his vocoder silent. How dare he compare that gutless wonder to himself!?

Galvatron started laughing as he walked out, letting the door close behind him. Immediately as the door closed, he turned serious. Optimus Prime must be stopped from amassing an army equal to his own.

While Bludgeon pondered the best way to attempt to overthrow Galvatron. He, of course, did not want the job of being Decepticon Leader himself. Not for lack of leadership ability or desire, but frankly that the job always had someone else out to take the position for themselves.

'Frankly if Cyclonus wasn't so completely and utterly loyal to Galvatron he'd be perfect,' Bludgeon mused to himself mentally. And even worse, he admitted to himself, Galvatron always seemed to know when people plotted his downfall. Venom actually respected that ability of their leader.

Bludgeon wished that Optimus Prime or someone else could finally slay Galvatron.


The Archangel and the Kusanagi flew over a remote Orb island that the Junk Guild was working on building an Autobot base. To Athrun it looked more like they were building an entire city. It was extremely impressive and looked like it was transformable and armed to the teeth. It also was mostly orange in color.

"So this is our new home," Swerve remarked as he took in the sight before him. "Looks like Wheeljack improved the basic design."

"And let's hope nothing explodes," Hot Shot half joked.

"It better not," Huffer grumbled loudly. "I did my best to keep out everything that hasn't been beta tested. Not that anyone will thank me."

Yzak looked up at Huffer and asked "Do you ever shut up?"

"No, he doesn't," Downshift said while shaking his head. "As much as we really want him to."

"You can all slag off!" Huffer yelled and then stomped off.

"Well he's a ray of sunshine," Yzak deadpanned as he rubbed his forehead.

"Has anyone seen Kira?" Nicol asked. They had hit up a bit of a friendship as they seemed a bit similar in personality.

"I think he's still looking for Flay," Thunderstick replied. "Primus only knows where she went to hide."

"Hey... what exactly is Primus anyway?" Nicol inquired as he wondered who or what that was.

"He's our god and creator," Downshift said with reverence. "We are all born from his spark and our his children. The Matrix, Vector Sigma and the All Spark all being doors to him."

"Though exactly how much anyone believes of that or any teaching of Primus varies from bot to bot," Swerve interjected. "It is however known that at least some of that is true."

"And how do you know that?" Athrun asked in genuine curiosity.

"Because we fought Unicron and the Matrix was used to light our darkest hour," Hot Spot stated in a hushed tone.

"Why do I have this feeling when I find out what that means I'll need to change my pants?" Yzak asked in a worried tone.

"Well seeing as Unicron is, in your terms, a planet-sized demon-god that wishes to eat the entire universe and the Matrix is the only weapon that can stop him... you might want to leave now," Swerve remarked. "He literally pimp slapped Cybertron."

That shocked the trio of mobile suit pilots. They had no idea how to respond to that. It then hit them that Cybertron was the size of Saturn.

"You never do anything small scale do you?" Athrun asked when he got over his shock.

"Pretty much," Hot Shot said with a cocky grin.

Then Birdy flew into the repair bay and landed on Athrun's shoulder. The bird chirped and Athrun hoped his friend was ok.

"I wonder if Tri-Strike and Aurum are getting an apartment down there," Yzak mused out loud.

"They aren't Flay and Kira," Swerve remarked. "Similar to them, but not the same." How similar was a matter of debate to the Autobots.

"Aurum is more personable then Flay," Downshift said thankful for that.

"What does she transform into anyway?" Nicol inquired.

"Same thing as Tri-Strike, depends on her Striker Pack," Swerve replied. "Perceptor finds that really interesting."

"And they trying to set up so Aurum can merge with the other Astrays?" Yzak joked.

"They were working on that," Downshift answered him. "With the other four not being able to transform has made them shelf it for now."

"And if you think that's weird," Swerve grinned. "You should see the stuff that Lowe guy was dreaming up. Total rebuilds for the ASTRAY, stuff like power lifter suits and more. The guy has a very active imagination. Not really practical stuff but he's still stuck in physical therapy it's a way for him to pass the time."

"The Junk Guild and Orb," Athrun said shaking his head. "If imagination was a major force then they'd both be the rulers of the battlefield."

"Well the Astrays proved to be decent," Yzak remarked. "Surprised the brass didn't want us to pick them up as well. The prototypes beat even a custom DINN or GINN any day." Of course, those were a last generation system. The new mobilesuits were marginally better.

"Yeah, Primus knows who'd have taken them if we didn't," Swerve remarked. "Seriously at least four groups went there searching for stuff. The Junk Guild wasn't surprising of course but the rest were quite odd."

"A tender made to work with the Archangel turned up," Downshift noted. "I think the Junk Guild bought it."

"Man, what wasn't on that colony?" Yzak asked as he felt all the stuff being produced there was starting to get crazy. The ASTRAY, the G-Weapons, the Archangel and now a tender class for the Archangel. It was like they were putting all their eggs in one basket. That made some sense as the Astrays were based off the G-Weapons and the Arachangel and unnamed ship were to go to together.

Still that was a lot of stuff in one place. No wonder after the attack so many went to see if there were any more secrets and objects they could take from the Heliopolis. It seemed to have plenty to spare.

The ships then passed over the spaceport. The central control for it was a silver two or three story building that looked it was designed to take having a linear tank shoot it easily. The landing pads were huge as were the hanger bays. And the sharp eyed could see the Steelhaven in one of the hanger bays.

With Wheeljack proposing arming the ship with positronic cannons in a chain gun formation. Something everyone else considered would not work very well. They were not a rapid fire weapon.

Athrun went to Kira's room to return Birdie. He opened the door and saw that he should come back later and closed the door while blushing severely.

'Of all the women out there he had to pick her,' Athrun thought to himself. 'Good thing Sai resigned already.' The only thing Athrun knew was that he needed to get himself something to drink when they landed. And hope Flay's issues didn't destroy Kira.

And the only person he even was thinking about telling what he saw if they asked was Lacus. Athrun also figured that Mu would be able to tell what happened sooner or later.

The captain and admiral he'd tell it was none of their business. Athrun just hoped they'd take the hint or just ask Mu. While he was in thought Athrun nearly collided with Jolt.

"Hey, Athrun," Jolt said and when he got no response asked, "Is my gearbox hanging out or something?" That got Athrun to blush.

"Classy, Jolt. You're such a refined and cultured bot," Grip-Lock remarked with sarcasm drenching his every word.

Athrun shook his head. "No, Jolt, it's not that. And frankly it isn't important."

"So-" the yellow Minicon started to saw when the air reverbrated from distant explosions. "What? Decepticons?"

Athrun ran for his Aegis while the Autobots transformed and burnt rubber down to the landing dock where they were met by a most unusual sight. Nicol and Yzak were right behind in jumping in and activating the Duel and Blitz. Three Guuls roared up and positioned themselves in front of the Gundam's so they could respond to the attack faster.

A cargo ship was sinking as gasoline drums ignited like furious, giant-sized fire-crackers.

"For the preservation of our pure and blue world!" the humans shouted out. Missile launchers spiraled through the air to smash into the transfer-warehouses at the docks. One of the leaders was yelling out, "Get that anti-armor rifle set up! Move it! Move it! Those aliens won't fall over by themselves, maggots!"

Skysickle happened to be faster than everyone else, so zipped around a corner in his helicopter form and was nearly knocked out of the sky as a anti-armor rocket slammed into him. "Whoa! Who are these guys?" Primus, that hurt!"

"Death to the imperialist aliens!" a scruffy brown-haired terrorist shouted as he started firing a 75mm anti-tank recoil-less rifle in three round bursts.

That actually did knock Skysickle from the air right in front of Jolt and Roadhandler. They both transformed and had their rifles at the ready, only to be shocked to only see humans.

"Are we betrayed?"

"Blue Cosmos, " Yzak growled as he jumped his Duel off of his Guul to land with a massive clang on the ground. 75mm bullets started to bounce off of his Gundam like water droplets. Energon powered phaseshift was a wonderful thing, he thought to himself. "Figures these rats would crawl out of whatever hole they were hiding in." And his blood boiled as he knew those bastards would celebrate Dearka's death.

The silver haired pilot opened fire with the laser CWIS on the Duel. The bazooka or armor shroud micro missiles would be overkill.

"Napalm rounds!" the squad leader of Blue Cosmos shouted. It was the only thing that could fight Mobile suits with any hope of success. "Kill the gene abominations and their alien spy-masters!"

The scarlet-white rounds slammed into the tall Duel and Aegis and much to their surprise, their outer front armor was coated in super-hot flames.

"Hold back," Hot Shot called out as he saw the humans fighting. "We should let the humans sort this out. No need to add hydrogen to that fire!"

The newly arrived Grimlock laughed at that as he tromped up. He was personally almost the size of a mobile suit. However it had little humor to it. "Dinobots let's give our new friends a warm welcome." With that, he transformed into a mechanic parody of the great Tyrant Lizard.

The mouths of Grimlock and Slag glowed after they transformed into their dinosaur modes. As did the spines on Snarl. Then a solar energy beam cut through a truck the bigots were using as an improvised weapon platform and caused it to explode. Shrapnel flew at high speeds everywhere.

While Grimlock and Slag incinerated most of them with their plasma breath. Most didn't even get time to scream as the unbound electrons and ions hit them.

As the rest ran for their lives, Sludge put his foot down and the armored, metal dock buckled and shook.

"We going to kill them too?" Snarl asked in an almost giddy tone.

"No," Grimlock ordered. "We need someone to send a message. That they are weak and fools. Coordinators aren't be feared. They're weak and nothing compared to the Dinobots!"

All five Dinobots then let out digitized animalistic howls and roars.

"I don't know whether to be afraid or cheer them on," Cagalli remarked in Red ASTRAY as she saw the remaining Blue Cosmos grunts starting to retreat back to some ships in utter fear. The improved production model flight pack allowed for mobile suit to fly and was even removable.

And the young princess had no love of the genetic hatemongers who had finally found someone who wasn't going to take their terrorist acts and spread of fear laying down.

"That isn't right," Nicol yelled at the Dinobots. "They were no threat to you at all!"

"Most people thought the same of the Decepticon movement in the beginning," Swoop retorted. "And look what that got us!"

"Should have killed them all," Slag grumbled loudly. "Not like we can't find some more to spread the message."

"These are not Decepticons," Nicol snapped at Slag.

"Weak but the same basic idea," Grimlock growled harshly. "Kill anyone that they can get away with to feel superior."

"Like you?" Nicol retorted.

"We don't need to balm our egos," Grimlock said after transforming to robot mode. "We are superior."

That was when a double beam-barrage of green energy slammed into the leader of the Dinobots. That was when everyone turned as a new mobile suit of dull greens and aqua colors zoomed by on a black flyer that was acting like a Guul to him. He slammed to the end of the pier and turned on his external speakers. "This fight is over. By the authority invested in me by the Atlantic Federation, all parties cease your attack!" The green-haired mobile suit pilot, Orga Sabnak, had to hold back a laugh. He sounded like a pompous ass military pilot. Perfect.

They black, angular jet (that actually looked very Cybertronian, actually) rocketed upwards then transformed into a black and red-striped Gundam and slammed into the ground between the fight.

The final arrival exploded out of the water and onto the dock, his railguns crackling ominously as his twin railguns deployed from the light green mobile suit. "You idiots should quit while you are behind," the curly-haired Shani Andras called out externally. He fired a warning shot above the terrorist's heads and out into the ocean to cause them to duck and hold their ears.

"Dinobots, smash!" Grimlock yelled out as he pointed his weapon at the black and red striped Gundam.

"No, wait!" Hot Shot yelled as he tried to get in the way. "They are trying to stop both sides."

The much bigger Autobot just slammed him in the side of Hot Shot's rounded helmet, shattering the glass faceplate on his brow. It also knocked Hot Shot back several steps.

"He said stop, Grimlock," Cagalli demanded forcefully from the newly arrived Red ASTRAY.

Grimlock's energo blade was instantly at the throat of black Raider Gundam. The molten lava red blade would dismember anyone in short notice. Grimlock narrowed his eyes as he tried to figure where the cockpit was. He noted dimly that the Gundam had some sort of wrecking ball ready to strike. It did not look gravitic-enhanced, so he was not too worried.

"You and your friends ever shoot me again and I'll kill you," Grimlock growled with a dark timber. And his opponent believed the Dinobot Commander would do his best to keep that promise. But transphase enhanced cyberium was probably one the toughest things in the galaxy.

Then Grimlock withdrew his sword feeling he'd made his point crystal clear.

Muruta Azrael laughed aloud as he watched the show in his home in the ocean. The vista of Honolulu was ignored out his window, stretching down to the pristine Pacific. "Perfect. Now we can spin the dangers of these new Autobots to create even more powerful weapons and mobile suits."

The increased amount of money would also help in hiring more people to unlock the secrets of that armory. What the Transformers told him was that Lockdown was a collector of rare and unique parts and weapons. That took out much of the sting of not understanding them right away.

And footage of the captain of the Archangel able to awaken the Transformer gave him an idea. Part of it related to how two of the mercenaries were able to control what they called their Pretender shells mentally. If he was able to use something similar to directly control the Dominion then he'd be the most powerful being in the galaxy.

'And we can use the laser core we recovered from Lockdown's shattered body to turn the new Archangel-class carrier into another Transformer. It won't be large enough to control the ship so it should be safe,' the head of LOGOS mused to himself. He also planned for a frigate to be modified to turn into a rifle. After all the Dominion Tyrantus needed an impressive gun and that would make more sense then the Cornelius class ship tender to transform into a firearm.

Actually he was at a loss on what to do with that ship. Then decided that it really didn't matter what was or wasn't done with that tender.


The Professor played with her pocket watch that never opened for a moment as she watched Huffer act as foreman for the rebuilding of the Ark in the main Morgenrote subterranean dock. Spotlights from the stone ceiling splashed down on the bronze armor as Transformers, Humans and non-sentient robots worked their magic. Beside her was Erica Simmons who found the whole thing interesting. Of course the fact the die cast construction ship was mostly whole even after everything that happened and had secrets to faster then light travel made it understandable.

"Well at least this is better then my mission on Skaro," Bumper stated as he moved a trolley packed with equipment. 'Half the locals are crazy as can be and their leader Darvos is considered a genocidal pain in the boron compressor even by the Decepticons."

The Professor stiffened when she heard. Like it was from a half remembered dream... or a nightmare.

"We almost ran out of time there, I have to admit," the Autobot continued. He seemed to like the sound of his own vocoder.




With a click, the pocket watch opened even as she slowly lifted up to look at the hands. After all, she had to see the time. It was suddenly important.

And then she truly remembered.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Sidewinder » 2011-08-05 09:55pm

Not bad. I'm surprised by Grimlock's restraint, however. This scene:
Grimlock's energo blade was instantly at the throat of black Raider Gundam. The molten lava red blade would dismember anyone in short notice. Grimlock narrowed his eyes as he tried to figure where the cockpit was. He noted dimly that the Gundam had some sort of wrecking ball ready to strike. It did not look gravitic-enhanced, so he was not too worried.

"You and your friends ever shoot me again and I'll kill you," Grimlock growled with a dark timber. And his opponent believed the Dinobot Commander would do his best to keep that promise. But transphase enhanced cyberium was probably one the toughest things in the galaxy.

Then Grimlock withdrew his sword feeling he'd made his point crystal clear.

I expected it to end like this:
The Raider Gundam pilot smirked as he watched the Dinobot leader draw a blazing red sword. Transphase-enhanced cyberium was one of the toughest things in the galaxy. The pilot was confident the alien robot was unable to...

Shriek! The Raider Gundam found itself falling onto its back, giving its pilot an uncomfortable jolt. 'What the...? Did the gyroscopes malfunction?' Then he heard the computer reporting the Gundam's arms and legs were damaged- no, cut clean off. The Gundam was immobile and defenseless; its pilot knew he was a dead man already.

"You and your friends ever shoot me again, and I'll kill you," Grimlock growled with a dark timber. Then the Dinobot leader withdrew his sword, having made his point crystal clear. It was to the Raider Gundam pilot, who knew Grimlock would keep that promise. Muruta Azrael, however, didn't get it.

As for transplanting Lockdown's spark into the Dominion... I foresee a quick but painful, horrible death in Azrael's future.
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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-05 11:30pm

As for transplanting Lockdown's spark into the Dominion... I foresee a quick but painful, horrible death in Azrael's future.

Oh yeah. And the rest of LOGOS will be as arrogant involving the Transformers.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-08-06 03:53am

you did NOT just add DOCTOR WHO to the equation, DID YOU!?!?!?

Who is it? Ramona? The Master? can't be the Doctor, he'd not have gone by "Professor" but by John Smith or something....

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-06 07:10am

LadyTevar wrote:you did NOT just add DOCTOR WHO to the equation, DID YOU!?!?!?

Who is it? Ramona? The Master? can't be the Doctor, he'd not have gone by "Professor" but by John Smith or something....

It was something that had to happen. I mean there's a Decepticon who turned into a Dalek running around. And Skaro is part of the star map being used for the story.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby InsaneTD » 2011-08-06 09:06am

Fanboyimus Prime wrote:
LadyTevar wrote:you did NOT just add DOCTOR WHO to the equation, DID YOU!?!?!?

Who is it? Ramona? The Master? can't be the Doctor, he'd not have gone by "Professor" but by John Smith or something....

It was something that had to happen. I mean there's a Decepticon who turned into a Dalek running around. And Skaro is part of the star map being used for the story.
You're not going to turn the Tardis into a Transformer are you?

Enjoying the story so far. Keep it coming. :P

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-06 08:41pm

"Welcome to Earth Alliance Idol live at Ptolmeaus Lunar Base! With us tonight as host is the Autobot known as Jazz. Everyone give him a warm welcome!" A gigantic stage had been set up in an underground dock at the Ptolemaeus Lunar Base, lights flooding down on the massive metal floor.

The audience of technicians and navy personnel went wild with applause for the Autobot intelligence agent as he walked behind the five foot tall stage, waving his hands as his door-wings slightly flexed. The white Autobot had to admit that he liked the sound. It was better then the sound of laser fire or a sword cutting through metal.

"Thank you all! It's nice to be here!" the personable, white-plated Autobot said as he waved.

In a VIP booth, Muruta Azrael looked at the display and shook his head. It was crazy, yet it should work. With the Autobot as host they should be able to give the various mobile suits below the arena life. And the newly commissioned Archangel-class carrier, Dominion Tyrantus.

"So, Mr. Azrael, your company, Loramos Metalworks, seems like they outdid themselves with the Dominion," Admiral Garcia said as he grabbed a tequila from their private server. "You should try this, Captain Ramius. This is Rey Sol tequila. A very fine brand."

"Certainly, sir." Murrue looked a bit uncomfortable in her new uniform. Though the promotion was nice. Captain J.G. already. She had to shake her head. Her career had taken off like a rocket since meeting the Autobots and assuming command of the Archangel.

Down on the stage, a pink-haired girl in a costume dress appeared under a spotlight. "Hello, everyone! My name is Lacus Clyne! Thank you for coming out tonight!" Her voice was strong and clear. "This song is dedicated to the men and women who fight to protect our world. It's called Field of Hope!" And a special someone in the crowd. She blushed as she saw her fiancé sitting in one of the several VIP booths.

"Beneath the veil of starry sky, As cold as winter's darkest night-" she started to sing, putting her all into the music.

Jazz started to tap his foot. This was actually very catchy. Off in the distance, the other Autobot guests were looking up from their massive table and chairs where they were consuming Energon. Hot Shot and Whirl nodded appreciatively. Jetstorm was recording this for Blaster. He'd get a kick out of this stuff. Cliffjumper looked a bit giddy and a bit over energized.

Muruta leaned forward. "And so it starts."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Azrael?" Murrue asked as she took her own tequila from a server. She would get something more to her taste later.

"Sorry, just an idle comment," the blond businessman said with a congenial smile. He took a sip of his cognac. Murrue wondered if she should question that or not.


A group of Transformers tromped through the lower levels of the base, headed back to their ship.

"This whole thing is stupid. What good is music?" Slag asked Grimlock. "Doesn't even sound good."

"Yeah, not as good as Ragnarok and Roll." Swoop looked quite displeased at that. "Hey, what's in that section?" He walked over to a massive door and leaned down to fiddle with the controls. The primitive electronics were no match for the savant Transformer technology. His folded up wings flexed on his back flexed slightly.

Grimlock frowned, his gray head turning back and forth as he saw dozens and dozens of mobilesuits standing in rows in front of what looked like a dark gray Archangel. "Is that the Dominion? Stupid name. Sounds more like a Decepticon thing." He tromped over to the rows of mobile suits.

He noticed a few of them looked like a mix of the Tri-Strike and that gundam that got trashed. The Buster if he remembered correctly. His vocoder almost crashed as he snarled at the sight of three mobilesuits that he had the displeasure to get shot by two weeks ago.

The Raider, Calamity and Forbidden looked totally at ease. The Dinobot leader noted the location of their open cockpits, just in case he need to fight them.

"I think the Skyfire is that way," Slag said, heading across the large hanger bay.

Up above, Jazz felt the massive sound system amplifying the singer's voice. It was so loud that it even heard a level below.

The Dinobots were reminded of when Hardhead got over energized off high grade energon and started singing along to music at a victory celebration on Gigantron. Only without the amusing part of him falling over and landing on Hubcap.

The next act however was more to the Dinobot's taste as a rock band started playing. The brutal Autobots slowed down as they found it decent. They actually stopped a minute as a Thrash-Metal band started up.

"Looks like they do have something worth listening to," Slag remarked.

"Surprising," Swoop noted. "Kind of reminds me a shock pop a bit."

"I like it," the surly Snarl spoke up. That surprised his team mates as they all shared worried looks. Snarl didn't really like much of anything but fighting.

None of them noticed the crackles of electricity that were starting to converge across the ceiling as Autobots sparks were agitated by human singing, only to rebound across ten thousand or so human souls.

The Spark gathered more power as it increased in power and amplitude. The energy flowed through the Dinobots before hitting the various mobile suits and the Dominion.

"You guys feel something?" Swoop asked his comrades.

"I think we need to cut down on the really high grade energon," Slag replied slightly shaky.

"Later," Grimlock ordered. "After we've gotten away from this place."

There was no disagreement with him on that. They never wanted to see this place ever again.

The appearance staring back at Flay in the mirror was the best she could hope for. She changed how she styled her hair so her scar was covered up. It annoyed her a great deal she couldn't get plastic surgery to fix it right away. She had to wait for the wound to fully heal before they removed it and doubted getting a faceplate or helmet like the now escaped Rau La Creuscent would go over well. Even if she knew where to buy those at.

'Still Kira loves me,' Flay though with satisfaction. The only real bright spot in her life right now was Kira Yamato. Everything else was pain.... or a pissed off Special Operation Autobot that bore a grudge. A dark part of Flay reminded her that she nearly got him killed in her quest for revenge.

And Whirl did not seem to take that laying down. If anything his interactions with her were coldly polite, and he used that bland tone that made it clear he couldn't stand you.

"You okay?" Kira asked softly behind Flay.

"As good as I can be," Flay responded. The two nearly kissed when Birdy suddenly transformed into a multi tool. A pair of tweezers, a knife, a magnifying glass and several other items could be identified by the couple.

"Is it really bad to not be surprised at all by that?" Kira admitted. Everything transformed anymore.

Flay shrugged. "Well, it was there when Lacus sang so it was only a matter of time." The copper-red headed girl watched the tool transform back into its bird form. Could this be a native 'spark-form' of life? Not just sentience?

The young couple wondered if this was what the world would soon be like.

There was then a knock at their door.

"Come in," Kira yelled. And in stepped Nicol. The aquamarine haired youth was glad he didn't catch them at a bad time.

"Hey Kira, Flay... did Birdy just transform in front of me?" Nicol asked.

"Pretty much," Kira replied with a shrug as he looked to see if Birdy had a key ring. He needed a place to put all his keys.

"I missed you guys at the contest... so where were you?" Nicol asked.

"We... wanted to spend some time together," Kira stated. "If we went, Flay would probably be swarmed by 'friends' of her family trying to kiss up to her."

"I know how that feels," Nicol admitted. "My father is part of the PLANT Supreme Council."

"How did it work out that most of your unit was all children of Supreme Council members?" Flay asked. It was something she'd be curious about ever since found out about that.

Nicol shrugged to show he did not think of much, lying through his teeth. "It just happened to work out that way. I just joined ZAFT because of Junius-7 because it felt like the right thing to do. I didn't really want to fight anyone."

"Even the Decepticons?" Kira questioned.

Nicol's usually cheery expression turned dark for a moment. "Them I... well whatever problems we as humans had being natural or coordinator, most of us at least placed some value on life. The Decepticons don't place any value on life but their own."

Flay's expression tightened as interrogations of Deathcobra revealed the only reason Galvatron blew up the shuttle her father was on was simply because he found the message he transmitted to be annoying. Like he was some insect buzzing around that was distracting. If anything that made her desire to destroy Galvatron even more.

Kira put his hand on his love's shoulder as he knew what was going through her mind. It shocked and disgusted him as well. He understood now why the Autobots spoke of the Decepticons in such harsh and angry tones.

"The Dinobots however worry me a lot," Nicol said softly. "Most of them are like some street gang given military hardware."

"Grimlock's not so bad," Flay said with a touch of admiration. "He's brutal and about as political as knife to the gut but he gets things done."

"Send a maniac to catch a maniac," Nicol quoted from an old movie he half remembered. "Or to fight an army of them in this case."

The three teens wondered if any of the other Autobots were cast from the same mold as the Dinobots. Kira then remembered something.

"From the datatrax I've seen Sunstreaker was a rival for Megatron in the underground gladiator fights that the Decepticons formed from," Kira commented.

"Really?" Nicol asked as he remembered the vain Autobot but he didn't seem like the type to do that. It also seemed like something that would get him killed sooner then later. Then he remembered why he came to their quarters.

"We're getting a a replacement for Dearka," Nicol stated in an even tone. "And a new mobile suit prototype with the weapons of the upcoming ZAFT Gundams."

"You know if it wasn't so serious it'd be kind of funny how we get all the new toys," Kira mused with a slight smile.

"Yes, after you're the one to get a whole new flight pack after saying your current mobile suit wasn't fast enough," Nicol joked and then turned serious. "I'm not sure but you might have gotten your name in the history books next to Chuck Yeager with that flight test."

"Really?" Kira asked sounding surprised.

"My father has mentioned that DSSD wanted to build a thruster to send a mobile suit to Mars and beyond," Nicol stated. "Cybertronian rocket technology made that out of date before it even started."

That threw Kira for a bit of a loop. He never expected to end up in the history books. And then it hit him that because he was one of the first people to make contact with the Autobots he'd get into them anyway. It was an interesting feeling for the young coordinator. He just hoped he won't peak in life now. But somehow he had a feeling he'd get plenty more things that would get into the history books and challenges awaiting him.

"Come on," Nicol said with a slight smile. "Let's go meet our new team mates."

In the launch bay Kira was shocked to see a new mobile suit that was bright orange. It was completely and utterly the last color he expected any mobilesuit to be. He then got past the unique color and saw the mobile suit looked CGUE II-ish in design and had four guns on it. It also had a decent sized laser gun in one of the hands.

"I'll give them this," Jolt remarked as he hovered overhead. "ZAFT doesn't go light on the weapons."

That was an understatement for the experiment GuAIZ if there was one. It was one mobile suit ready for war. And with a bit of luck be able to kick a lot of Deceptican.

"I see you found my mobile suit," a green eyed blond man that was a few years older then the other pilots said with a grin. He was a red jacket and to be honest Kira wasn't surprised. They won't hand out prototypes with weapons like that to anyone.

"I'm Lt. Kira Yamato," the purple eyed coordinator said as he saluted.

"Heine Westenfluss," the red jacket said in an amused tone. "You have quite the reputation Lt. Yamato. Fighting elite pilots, combiners and deflecting Galvatron's attack on the Archangel."

"Never boring with him around," Jolt quipped cheerfully.

Kira blushed slightly at their comments.

"And the ship that got me here was so new it had a fresh paint smell," Heine grinned. "And the captain asked if when he meets with you guys again for the Gold ASTRAY to not go running around like his last command."

"That can't happen," Flay stated flatly. "I've gotten more mature and Aurum is alive now. She, um, was the mobile suit."

"I guess we're going to ask Cagalli if Orb has any local coffee blends we could give him," Kira mused. He knew the Desert Tiger loved his coffee. And there had to be some good stuff he could send the man. Though he had to make sure someone didn't add decaf or something weird like maple scented coffee as a joke.

Flay wondered if Kira was aware the he wanted to ask the daughter of the leader of Orb about coffee for a ZAFT captain. Being a celebrated war hero and having contacts in Orb and PLANTs he could probably write his own political ticket anywhere but the Atlantic Federation. Then she remembered that Navy officers were half political anyways. He could probably have a political career there too. It'd just be harder due to the anti-Coordinator bias of many people.

"You know Cagalli Athha?" Heine asked in shock.

"We're worked together," Kira stated with a shrug. "I don't know her extremely well but we've run into each other fairly often."

That was an understatement of epic proportions.

"They've fought the Decepticons together," Jolt interjected in an amused tone. "For someone that's so against her people building mobile suits and the G-Weapons she sure can fight."

"I just don't want Orb to take part in the arms race that PLANT and the Earth Alliance have going," Cagalli stated firmly. "With frankly neither side being innocent in the war."

The irony was one that Cagalli considered foul and extremely bitter. It was the creation of and never ending desire to build bigger and stronger weapons that would save humanity from the Decepticons.

"Hello, Cagalli," Kira said surprised to see her on the Archangel.

Then Roadhandler drove into the hanger bay and transformed. Kira had noticed by this point the crew didn't even bat an eyelash at that.

"Hey, you guys are going to be on Around Cybertron," the red minicron exclaimed.

"What is that?" Nicol asked sounding extremely curious.

"Just the best Cybertonian News Program," Jolt commented with a wide grin. "Though they avoid the Dinobots and Monsterbots after they nearly killed an embedded reporter over an incident."

"The singer he was interviewing turned out to be a Decepticon sleeper agent and the combat drones she helped make attacked and nearly killed him," Roadhandler stated as he called that incident. "With Grimlock and Repugnus making Whirl look like Beachcomber when it comes to grudges."

"Really?" Kira asked.

The minicons both nodded.

"Is there a book or computer files I can borrow?" Heine asked with a confused expression on his face. "Because I have no idea who most of those Transformers are."

"We can get you some datatraxs," Jolt stated. "Fistiron and Alpha Trion are the best scribes to use for that."

It did leave Kira wondering who or what the Monsterbots were to be honest. He could see how Heine could get lost on Transformers.

"And I could use that as well," Cagalli commented. "Given the Space Bridge is in Orb territory."

That was a good point. It would be a good idea to know when the rowdy Autobots like the Dinobots had shown up and prepare for the messes they make. Or make it clear their antics won't be acceptable.

"So is it always like this?" Heine inquired.

"No, sometimes you find out the Transformers didn't mention something they could do," Cagali remarked.

Kira had to admit they tended to just show off stuff like the Minicons or combiners without mentioning it before hand. It seemed they were so used to people knowing about that and being aware of what they could do.


'Where did I put it?' the Professor thought as she looked over a map of the Earth. Even with her memories restored she had no idea where her Type 95 TARDIS was. It wasn't like that old clunker Type 40 that the Doctor had taken that was stuck in the form of a 20th century police strong box.

And she had this gut feeling that the Doctor and the Master survived the Time War. It seemed like nothing to could keep them dead for long. Though she really, really hoped the Master was dead to be honest. Being the last Time Lord was easier to take then having that deranged and cruel creature roaming space and time.

Of course, she was amazed there was a Skaro here. It had jogged her memory but given what they said about that cursed world was the same as she remembered it. Odd, given it had been destroyed. Of course due to the Time War anything could happen.

'Though the Daleks sound to be about a thousand years more advanced then they should be at this point,' Professor mused. At this point they should still be limited to using static electricity to power their hover units and not be able to get around stairs very well. From what she had gathered from Bumper's endless chatting on the subject the Daleks had internal power supplies and stairs were easy for them to get around. It all pointed out what aftermath of the Time War was. Worlds and races could be destroyed in eye blinks, exist before they should, and no one could regulate time travel.

The Professor cursed not remembering the Transformers in any real detail. They were a confusing race spread across omniverse. The most she knew was of one version in the multiverse that didn't experience their war and the inhabitants were quite arrogant about being more mature then their dimension counterparts. Other then that she knew the Transformers contact with humanity was in 1984 AD.

It did make her feel a bit better that humanity could hold their own against the Transformers now. Back then they'd be simply targets for the Decepticons. And humanity likely would side with the Autobots or try to equally and futilely take on both sides. It would have been a bad time for them to appear.

Though she did wonder how and why the Transformers showed up at such an important time in human history. She just had a feeling the Bloody Valentine War was part of when humanity's fate would be sealed. And she had some inkling as to who some of the major players might be.

Then the Time Lady noticed a a temporal reading using the ad-hoc modified equipment she constructed. It was north of Las Vegas in the Atlantic Federation. A former plane testing site if she recalled right. And source of a great deal of lore humanity had on aliens.

It was Area 51. An unusable site given 'top secret' seemed to mean to the people running it 'safety laws on disposal of waste materials doesn't apply to us' and even now it was considered best to see a doctor after going there.

"Someone has a sense of humor," The Professor muttered.

"What was that?" her Junk Guild assistant, Kisato Yambuki, asked.

"Nothing," the Professor replied. "However I have to go for a while."

'And I think this is an invitation,' the Time Lady thought to herself. 'Though I have no idea who it could be that wants to see me.'


Everyone waited as the Strike II was readied for testing at the underground Morgenroete complex back on Earth after the Lunar dedication ceremony. The mobile suit was a test to see how much they could upgrade the Strike design with new technology.

"What in Primus name?" Huffer exclaimed as the completed Strike II turned bright pink when the improved, higher-frequency phaseshift was turned on. The only parts left their original color were the gold parts with the laser deflector armor and its golden shield. It was an unexpected look for the mobile suit.

"Well that was... different," Kira admitted as he scratched his head at the change.

"I think I'll stick to a Strike Dagger," Tolle admitted. Of course being one of Kira's friends did have advantages on improvements to his MS like getting the blacklight pistol to use. And an improved Aile unit.

Jetstorm was still surprised how much Tolle sounded like their former team mate Scattorshot. It was really weird. A quick glance at Jetfire and he nodded in agreement on that issue.

"So who is going to pilot that mobile suit?" Bumblebee asked.

"Ensign Allster will be the pilot," Garcia stated firmly. That Whirl's optics just narrowed and he had a sour expression was a lot more restrained a response then everyone expected. Even his knife did not extend.

Of course Tri-Strike and Aurum glaring at the Wrecker might have helped with that mature response. Neither wanted have to deal with Whirl but would if they had to.

That was when the Aegis walked past them, almost stumbling at one point. The movements were like that of a human who needed their morning cup of coffee. And as he walked past them, he looked curious as to what they were doing.

Given Athrun was standing with them watching the test (and quite wide-eyed) everyone had a feeling the Aegis was now alive. Athrun hoped the Green ASTRAY was available for him.

Kira frowned as he realized that their theory about Spark Singers had to be wrong. Aegis had not been on the Archangel when Lacus had sung. And should have been too far away to be affected at the Ptolmeaus Lunar Base during the event. Or had they? There had been an odd couple of broken elevators and different sections under repair that had made moving around the base harder than it should have been.

"Brother!" Tri-Strike stated excited and hugged the Aegis with a massive clang.

The newly awakened Gundam seemed a bit confused. "Who... who are you?" Aegis asked.

"I am Tri-Strike and this is Aurum," Tri-Strike answered him. "We are like you. Human machines given life by a Spark Singer. Though give you can already transform at least we know what you turn into."

"I..." Aegis said in a confused state. "Am I... a transformer?"

"Yeah, you're a Transformer," Aurum stated. "Don't worry about it. We can get you updated. Just one word of advice. When Optimus Prime tells you to stand down you do it."

The former Gold ASTRAY couldn't ever forget that. As hard as she tried. He kicked her ass and made it look easy.


The Professor looked at the desolate remains of several buildings. The runway from the base was worn and heavily cracked with dried weeds growing in the parched ground. There was a certain stillness to the air.

"Well, I'm here," the time lord said figuring whoever invited her was listening.

Then a massive white Autobot with red and gold parts appeared before the Professor. His blue face closely resembled the Autobot symbol. In his hand was a massive blue sword that seemed to glow with power.

"Who are you?" the Professor asked.

"I am Vector Prime, guardian of time," the large Autobot stated. "Not an easy task due to the Time War."

"I can imagine how much of a mess that would be," the Professor said softly.

"Tell me are you the Rani or Susan?" Vector Prime inquired. "With your race's ability of regeneration one can never be too sure who you are."

The Professor smiled slight. "No I am neither of them. I know either of them or Susan's infamous grandfather by reputation only."

"And the most I knew of your race involved the Doctor and a freelance peace keeping agent mechanoid called Death's Head," Vector Prime admitted. "The Daleks are known to my race."

"They're a blight on the universe," the Professor snarled. "A plague that needs to be stopped."

"And trapped between the Tirol Empire, the Vesta Imperium, Decepticon Empire, Quintesson Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Nebulan Republic, Eternia, Thundera, Haydon IV, and Autobot Commonwealth," Vector Prime noted. "They are dreaming of conquest. But finding it more difficult then they could imagine."

"Don't underestimate them," the Professor pleaded to Vector Prime. "We did and you know how much we and the universe paid for that arrogance." A fully functional late model Dalek was a battleship by itself.

The temporal guardian understood what she said. He had to deal with the aftermath of what the Daleks had done. "The universe isn't the same as you left it," Vector Prime stated. "A pity Unicron couldn't prove useful and eat Skaro."

"Do I even want to know?" the Professor asked.

"Just that Primus and Unicron are not the White and Black Guardians," Vector Prime stated firmly. "I believe Unicron ate them."

"You're kidding on the last part, I hope," the female Time Lord managed to get out.

Vector Prime's silence was forbidding and didn't help her nerves at all. "The real question is if the Web of Time can be recreated," the Professor mused as a way to change the subject.

That device was what made it so all the Time Travel of the various entities didn't cause temporal paradoxes. However it was destroyed along with so much else in the Time War. That was something Vector Prime agreed with. When his kind used time machines the chance of time and space being ripped apart was astronomically high. It was like by accident or design they couldn't stop themselves from causing temporal disasters. The universe was too temporally fragile even after all his work for that to happen.

"Rassilon was nearly as large a pain in the reactor linkage as the aftermath of the Time War," the ancient Transformer stated. "Plans of his that would have made Primus very angry and his existence as pure thought very painful."

That was putting it lightly. The universe had nearly ended because of that. It was only luck that saved everything. The Time Lords technology needed to be rebuilt aid him in keeping everything on track. Though the Time Lords themselves were another matter.

"I still can't believe they brought him back and made him president," the Professor admitted shaking her head.

"I need you to do something for me," Vector Prime asked. "As powerful as I am, I am only one being. I need help regulating time."

"With some genetic alternations and time machines I can easily create new Time Lords," The Professor stated. "The universe needs us it seems."

"Time Protectors not Time Lords," Vector Prime told her firmly. "The age of the Time Lords has passed."

The Professor was not quite ready to just give that title up. But perhaps a modification of it. Something like Lord Protectors of Time?

"Now I have to go deal with the remaining strong hold of humanity in the future hiding on a planet called Primus that have become so 'civilized' that they need to take heroes from this era to fight their war with mutant pirates."

"Okay...." the Professor said as Vector Prime faded away. And then the Professor saw her TARDIS. It was a cabinet at the moment. "Old friend!" Now she would not be limited to primitive quantum computers and molecular circuitry! Even Cybertronian technology was as crude as stone knives and fur hides to her.

The Professor wondered if there really was an elephants graveyard of TARDISes at the end of time. If only just for equipment for whatever temporal police force she'd create. It might also just be just a story for all she knew. Still it was something worth checking out.


Gai Murakumo found the 105 Dagger to be a very responsive machine. Even with the bulky and improved Blaster Striker with its massive engines. The twin blaster cannons and the missile launcher were to give the unit the sort of firepower to hurt the Decepticons. Even the missiles in the launcher were a new type. They had energon mixed in with the explosives.

He zoomed across the test grounds, shooting the pop-up targets and balloons that exited hardened bunkers. Supposedly high ranking Atlantic Federation officers were watching remotely from the Pentagon.

And the Cyberium used in the armor of the Dagger was equal if not superior to the armor of his still being repaired custom GINN. And the speed was increased by an even more improved OS and upgrades to the quantum computer.

'Speaking of GINNS," Gai mused as he saw his friend's GINN. Elijah's GINN was very outdated now with the Decepticons running around. Still he stubbornly stuck to using that mobile suit for personal reasons.

Even that GINN had been improved as much as it could be. It also had one of the laser proof golden shields. Though Gai still felt it was more or less a deathtrap with everyone rapidly improving their mobile suits and weapons. Even the G-Weapons could be destroyed in this.

The Strike Dagger ended up less stripped down then it would be otherwise due to the Decepticons. Every advantage they could get was needed. And the leader of Serpent's Tail had heard the CCUE II's were the replacement for the GINNS for ZAFT.

Gai then powered up an energon fuel cell powered beam saber. There was a hum of power as the weapon extended to anti-ship length and Gai cut through laminated armor like it was laminated paper. He didn't even need to work it at all to cut through the material. The coordinator just had to wave the weapon to cut the armor.

Gai then threw the beam saber like a boomerang and it cut through armor plating set up a quarter of a mile away in the testing grounds. The beam saber even made it half way back to him before falling to the ground, still active.

"Now this is a melee weapon," Gai said in a large smile.

"I'll agree with that," Elijah spoke up. No Decepticon would want to be hit with that weapon.

Gai then powered down the weapon and checked to see how hot the casing had gotten after being used. It was still with in the tolerances of the unit.

The next thing Gai knew was coming under fire out of nowhere. A blue mobile armor that looked like a brick with guns on it strafed Serpent's Tail on the testing grounds. Then a black and red mobile armor was barely dodged by the GINN.

"Looks like things got a lot less dull," Elijah remarked while steadying his nerves. "Just hope all that stuff you got work as well on Decepticons as they hope."

The white uniformed Combat Coordinator hoped so too as he powered up the beam saber. He opened fire on the mobile armors with the namesakes of his Blaster Striker. The blue mobile armor was struck and was blown out of the sky.

A grey car drove onto the grounds and then hiding behind some cyberium armor transformed and opened fire on the 105 Strike. Gai fired his scattorblaster and fired a spread of missiles at the hiding place. The plate had was knocked onto Axer left him pinned. It burned him for his cover to be used against him like that.

"Slagging scummy water bags!"

Elijah drove his heavy sword into the exposed parts of mercenary. The sword crushed Axer's armor like a sledge hammer would an insect. There was a sickening crunch.

Then a blue VTOL fired on the pair. The heavy lasers cut through a plate of laminated armor with no problem. Elijah was worried soon that would be through the armor of his GINN.

In the command bunker, officers and soldiers ran around. "Admiral Kewonski! We should evacuate!"

The burly wet navy officer just scowled at the non-com. "Son, I think you are just reacting. This is a good opportunity to test our latest weapons."

"But sir-!"

"If you are that lilly-livered, then why don't you see about whistling up some reinforcements." Kewonski then turned back to the displays. Let's see what the weapons from LOGOS could really do against their 'tamed' Decepticons.

"I think we need some reenforcements," Elijah was commenting at that exact same moment as he looked for cover. Gai had to agree. It would be nice right now.

The flying Decepticons transformed and Elijah's blue GINN was blasted in the hip. The GINN fall to the ground with a loud crash. The coordinator's life flashed before his eyes when he had an unexpected savior.

A Duel Dagger sliced the helicopter blades off the VTOL with a new kind of beam saber that was a heavy sword with a beam saber added like a slightly shorter version of an Anti-Ship sword. Edward Harrelson showed them why they called him Ed the Ripper, not that he liked that nickname of course. He then fired off the missile launcher and shoulder cannon on his mobile suit at the two mobile armors.

The shoulder cannon on the Fortessa armor blew Black Shadow out of the sky to smash into one of the many concrete bunkers of the test range.

"Well you wanted back up," Edward remarked. His Duel was supposed to be this afternoon's test unit. "How's the hip doing?"

"Looks like if we survive this I might have to upgrade to something better," Elijah admitted with a heavy heart. It had sentimental value due to using parts of his friend's GINN in it.

The GINN didn't sound good as it managed to get back to it's feet. The blue mobile armor transformed into some sort of rhino-like animal and gored the slowed down mobile suit with it's horn. Great Shot then transformed into gun mode and unloaded on the GINN. The head of the GINN soon had the consistency of melted cheese.

The six changer mercenary shook his head sadly. By this point killing the pilot wouldn't be worth bothering. Not that would stop Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus. It was a trait of his friends he never really was that comfortable with in the best of times.

Suddenly Gai slammed his mobilesuit's elbow into Great Shot's back. That got Great Shot's attention. The mercenary turned and barely avoiding being gutting by the 105 Strike's beam saber.

"A little help would be nice," Great Shot snarled as Edward and Gai both opened fire on the six changer in a vicious crossfire.

A few moments later, the 105 Dagger and Duel Dagger where shot at by Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus as both mercenaries had got into position and trapped the two mobile suits in a pincer attack. To the shock of all three mercs the extra armor of the Duel Dagger was taking the pounding and still looked to be in good shape. Gai's mobilesuit was dependent on his Coordinator reflexes.

"They die cast that thing?" Black Shadow gasped.

The mobile suit was 33 % bigger then the Decepticons and had more armor. It was more then equal to the standard Decepticon soldier and in the hands of an ace pilot could take on anything short of an elite Decepticon. With Edward Harrelson definitely being an ace pilot.

The mercenaries had this sinking feeling that they were used to field test the Earth Alliance's newest equipment in a controlled environment. It was the kind of cold thing Shockwave would do. The fact they weren't being paid for this suicidal duty made things even worse.

"We never should have come to this slagging tricursed system," Blue Bacchus growled. Unseen by anyone several objects flew from orbit towards the testing grounds. Flames covered their forms as they came over the horizon, but the others were too caught up in their fight for survival to stop and look.

"I think we have some incoming people," Elijah stated. What few sensors on his GINN that still worked had picked up something.

It wasn't until Cyclonus spoke that they knew who showed up.

"How dare you pretend to be Decepticons," Cyclonus snarled. This perverse farce was going to be ended one way or another. Most likely with several people dead.

"Hey guys, why are you pretending anyway?" Gaihawk asked completely confused. "If you wanted in I'd have put in a word for you."

"Because humans are sick creatures and they put bombs in our heads!" Black Shadow yelled.

"I'm not sure if I should be impressed they were willing to do that or disgusted they were weak enough to be captured and implanted with the bombs," Scourge admitted as he started blasting at everyone that was not a Decepticon.

Then they saw a trio of Gundams coming over the forested hills. Two were riding on GuuL platforms while the third flew under it's own power.

"I swear you look away and the humans got new toys," Scourge muttered darkly. "For Cybertron's sake do these things grow on some trees that we aren't aware of?"

It would have frightened the Decepticons to learn the numbers of mobile suits the major powers soon would have. Orb was a minor power but soon would have hundreds of mobile suits. Something that would add to their belief that the whole alliance between humanity and the Autobots had been put together by Grimlock.

Great Shot quickly picked up the headless blue GINN. "I have a hostage!" At least that would leave only the Decepticons to attack them.

In green and orange Calamity Gundam, Orga Sabnak recalled that the pilot of said suit was a coordinator. He grinned. That would mean it'd be bonus points when he blasted the mercenary. Even better, he was the one they didn't have to try to avoid not blowing up. The pair with the 'Pretender Shells' they wanted to have their shells left intact to study.

The twin cannons on his shoulders started to hum ominously as they built up energon into the firing chambers. With a blast of crimson energy, he fired. The GINN made an effective shield to keep Great Shot from being killed, although it was still heavily damaged. It took the full force of the blast as Gai saw his friend die.

Gai's fist closed tightly and if the Decepticons weren't there he'd have killed the pilot of the Calamity. Ed the Ripper looked utterly disgusted by that act. He was sure that to those pilots he or Gai had no value. Nor did he want to show his back to the trio given he was sure they'd stab him in it with a beam saber.

"A pity we're going to have to kill them," Cyclonus remarked with grudging admiration. "He'd make a fine Decepticon."

Laying on the ground Great Shot grumbled. "Oh don't worry about me. I'm fine and thanks for the concern. Slaggers."

Then a massive shadow put everything into darkness.

"We got company," Flail yelled as he looked up at the Archangel. Mobile suits, Autobots and missiles poured out of it with the Rouge Strike leading the charge on a Guul.

Flay blasted Cyclonus with her blaster rifle. The Decepticon second in command pulled a pair of swords out of subspace as he dodged the blasts. Flay wondered why he was bringing swords to a gun fight when she found out when one of the swords was driven into one of the joints of the Strike. There was a groan of metal as the phase shift enhanced joint started to give way.

Ensign Allster instantly saw her power levels were dropping. Flay knew of the energy draining technology they were working on in Orb and that she had to get one of those swords for study. Thinking on the same wavelength as her, the white and gold Aurum fired her Stress fracture rifle to try and blow one Cyclonus's arms off.

Her shot was off and hit him in the chest. However it did cause him to drop his sword and clutch his side that was leaking purple fuel. Jetstorm took advantage of that distraction to strafe him, launching a bracket of missiles. He had really come to like the force-multipliers that the Earth Federation was willing to supply.

Athrun felt odd piloting his Green ASTRAY. Though the dual beam saber/rifle was working effectively as he sliced a Sweep with the beam sabers. Still it wasn't as effective to him as the Aegis had been. It worked and at the moment that was what mattered.

Kira, of course, was like greased lightning with the Purple ASTRAY. The Decepticons wondered if this was how the Autobots felt when they fought Starscream. The Purple ASTRAY nearly cut Gaihawk's head off with his sword.

The Seeker next to Gaihawk wasn't so lucky and blade cut deep into his chest and looked extremely painful to the purple eyed coordinator. The black, white and with a bright yellow head Seeker fired on the Purple Astray.

Kira sent the blasts back at him with his golden shield and then cut Bitstream's head off with a second attack with his sword.

"Now that looks like fun," Shani Andras remarked in the Forbidden Gundam and started hacking up Sweeps with his scythe.

"That thing worries me," Jetstorm mused as he blasted Ramjet out of the sky.

The Raider then got into the fight and fired the mouth Zorn 100mm energy cannon. It gave new meaning to shooting your mouth off. The chainguns on the shield were also used against the Decepticons to keep them contained before he could charge and smash with his super-dense flail.

"That's an odd placement of a laser," Yzak admitted as he fired the Duel's bazooka at the Sweeps. Yzak smirked as the enhanced HEAT rounds sent the Sweeps flying.

"No kidding," Nicol stated as he opened fire with the shield mounted gun of the Blitz.

The pair then had to dodge the fire of the Calamity Gundam as he didn't care they were in the way of his attack hitting Hellbat.

"Now I know how Whirl feels," Yzak growled. "And I don't like it one bit."

Aurum strapped her Stress Fracture Rifle to her back and fired up her beam sabers.

'Too bad Red and Blue are back in Orb,' Aurum mused as he attacked the Sky Raiders. 'Be nice to have some more siblings.'

"This is scrap!" Hellbat screamed as he avoided being gutted.

In the Archangel's port docking bay, Perceptor scanned through the OMNI files to find out what those three mobile suits were called and who their pilots were. To his surprise there was no record on who the pilots were. Just a reference to 'Biological CPUs' which was interesting and made him think they were using techno organics to pilot them that had implanted memories from various pilots.

"Yet there is a pilot given one of them spoke to Grimlock," Perceptor stated in his cold way. "Something is not computing here."

The information on the biological CPUs appeared to be on a different server unconnected to the main OMNI one. It looked like a job for a Minicon.

In his neon-orange GuAIZ, Heine did his best to keep the combiner team members from getting a chance to merge into Liokaiser. It wasn't easy as a yellow Sky Grasper with a Launcher Striker pack attached opened fire on him. Heine barely got out of the way of the massive burst of energy from hyper impulse cannon.

"Who thought it was a good idea to give Buzzsaw a weapon like that for Cybertron's sake?" Leozack asked out loud.

It spooked Tolle to see that weapon being used by a Decepticon. He then got to see with to his amazement Kira kicking the heavily armed Decepticon with the claw shoes that the Purple ASTRAY had. Then he cut into the Decepticon with a shower of sparks.

As Tolle helped his friend by firing at the Con with the blacklight pistol he wondered if he could get the Purple ASTRAY after Kira got the ZAFT Gundam they wanted him to pilot for the duration of the war with the Decepticons. Tolle was kind of amused how effectively the Decepticons got everyone to put their war aside and work together. However, too many already had died for it to really be that funny.

The Green ASTRAY then attacked Astrotrain. The former mercenary dodged the laser fire from what he thought was an odd looking blaster by transforming into space shuttle mode. And then barely avoided being gutted by Aurum with a beam saber.

"I hate this planet!" Astrotrain snarled.

Jetfire then blasted the triple changer in the back. It sent Astrotrain in a tailspin and crashing into the ground with a loud crash.

Blue Bacchus fired on the back of the Purple ASTRAY and was shocked when it literally flew sideways and his attack missed it entirely. The space gangster/mercenary got hit with corrosive blacklight beam for his troubles.

In the middle of that carnage Great Shot tried to stand up. To him the groaning of his battered servos was as bad as when he crashed on this planet. He saw Whirl point his blaster at him and then it was all blackness. At Heaven's Base the tracker for Great Shot went dead.

Flay picked up Scourge by the head with the Rouge Strike and slammed him into the ground. A maniacal smile was on her face as she stomped on the Decepticon. The sounds of his body being crushed brought Flay great pleasure.

Whirl shook his head. She might have fooled everyone else, but he knew better that she was one short step from going nuts on them all.

The Rouge Strike then picked up Scourge and Flay threw him at a group of Sweeps. Flay ignited her beam saber and charged at them. The Sweeps opened fire and found their laser fire deflected back at them when they hit the gold parts on the Gundam.

Scourge got up with many creaks and groans from his servos. Then he quickly ordered, "Aim for the optics!"

'Still at least this time she's not doing that to me,' Whirl mused. Suddenly a blast from the GuAIZ's Lupus beam rifle hit Leozack who was sneaking up on the Wrecker. Whirl's knife deployed and he cut a gash into Leozack from head to crotch with it.

The wounded gestalt leader stumbled and then was hit with the 105 Strike's Blaster striker pack. The force of the weapons sent Leozack flying into a hill with enough force to crater it.

Flay then pulled off the hip mounted miniblaster rifles on the hips of Strike II and opened fire John Woo style on the Decepticons. The blasters were not quite as powerful as the full sized rifles, but they packed enough of a punch to knock any Decepticon hit by them off their feet.

The pistols were then put back on the hips and Flay unsheathed the shoulder mounted Antiship sword and tried to cut Cyclonus in half with it. The injured Decepticon lost one of his wings as he leaped to the right. It angered him to take another injury like to his wings due to a human machine.

"We're slagged," Black Shadow said in a resigned tone to Blue Bacchus. He then turned and saw the Duel Dagger cut his friend's head off. It was then that Black Shadow made a break for it away from the fight. And suddenly clutched his head as his the bomb went off in his head. He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

That was enough for the Decepticons. "Decepticons, retreat!" Scourge yelled as he took off.

The trio of Gundams took that as their cue to leave as well, as their drugs were starting to wear off.

There was a cry of joy and triumph from the Archangel crew at their victory over the Decepticons. It seemed they were able to fight the Decepticons on even ground now. While Gai and Edward were more subdued. Gai clenched his fist.

"They will pay," Gai snarled thinking about the three Gundams. Now the question was where he could find a mobile suit powerful enough to hold his own against them.

It was something that he was going to make happen. No matter the cost.


Lowe was happy to finally be walking on his own two legs again. And finally had the chance to modify a mobile suit. For a moment the Junk Guild member was imaging what it'd be like if he'd discovered the Red ASTRAY and the crazy adventures he'd have had.

He made a note to write those down given it might make for a cool cartoon or comic series.

Lowe then found himself in front of the ASTRAY they gave him to modify. He waved at Yoon Sefan who was helping him make the mobile suit into something fitting the Junk Guild's credos. And also helping him build Gundam sized tools for the unit.

The "RAYSTA" as Yoon called their variant was to not have weapons. Well, official weapons anyways. The Gundam sized tools it was to have, plus the magnetic devices being built into the arms could be used for self defense if necessary.

And even Lowe thought Yoon's idea of the Junk Guild producing unarmed mobile suits to be loaned out to people was kind of nuts. Given even without any built in weapons it won't be hard for someone to arm them with stuff like bazookas or blaster rifles or various melee weapons like the anti ship swords.

It was kind of like loaning out tanks or attack helicopters to people to be honest. It just won't work. No matter how much he'd love for that idea to turn out like Yoon wanted.

"The magnetic lifters coming along ok?" Lowe called out.

"As well as can be expected," Yoon yelled back at him. "I need to speak to one of the Autobot scientists about it."

"Yeah it is probably something Perceptor or Wheeljack can help us with," Lowe mused aloud. "At least as someone to bounce ideas off of."

Lowe grinned as the Autobots were pretty cool. Well, other then the Dinobots, though Swoop was alright.

It was odd to him how someone that was a decent person could hang out with someone like Slag that was rumored to enjoy playing kick the can with the severed heads of his enemies.

That was something that Lowe really,really hoped was just a nasty rumor. Like that one about Galvatron having made this throne out of the corpses of Decepticon backstabbers.

'That kind of was creepy,' Lowe thought to himself.

He then looked at the upgraded flight unit for the 'RAYSTA'. It was based off the more space capable one the M-1A Astays would have. Something that this mobile suit definitely would need.

It was part of a project to made mobile suit construction units for ORB. And possibly be used to help build a new Orb space colony.

The really interesting part was that Perceptor intended to use a process to break down the various bits of debris around the Earth at the atomic level and remake it into raw materials. It was a technology some Decepticon called Mixmaster had even weaponized. It was just very energy intensive.

"Nice mobile suit," Bumper stated with slight smile. "Looks like it's armed like an Autobot at the start of the Great War."

"So basically your movement started as construction workers and such drafted for war?" Yoon asked.

"Well those that weren't part of the Cybertronian Defense Force, and most of those became the core of the Elite Guard," Bumper said as recalled that era.

"They didn't do well against Galvatron," Lowe remarked.

"Kid he's the leader of the Decepticons for a reason," Bumper remarked a touch harshly. "Only Optimus or Grimlock or Omega Supreme can go toe to toe with him and live to talk it about. Thunderclash never suffered from Primus apotheosis."

"What is that?"

"Emulating Optimus to the point of changing your appearance to mimic his and try to copy him," Bumper said in a serious tone.

There was a silence as the pair of humans thought about that for a moment. It cut through even Yoon's cheery disposition like an antiship sword.

"Anyway," Bumper said trying to change the subject. "You hear that the Professor has a hologram of one guy as the captain of her ship?"

"That one guy?" Lowe asked.

"Glenn...what was his last name? Or was that his first name? Oh yeah," Bumper stated. "George Glenn."

"Wheeljack ask him if he could make the Rehome transformable yet?" Lowe joked.

"He turned down that offer," Bumper replied. "Of course the ship would need a transforming cog the size of that mobile suit to work given it won't have a spark."

"Right," Yoon managed to get out.

"Still it would have been a nice use for the Auto Dock," Bumper shrugged. " We're turning Mengel colony into it. Given even if the virus was still in the air it'd do nothing to us."

Lowe hoped he won't be called in to help fix up that place. He'd rather find out from a safe distance if the colony was still unusable by humans.


The trio of Gundam pilots made their way to Staten Island in New York. When they reached Fort Wadsworth they went down a shaft in the heavy-vehicle motor pool to where their base was and with it the drugs they needed. What they saw in the base shocked them.

The base had been completely and utterly demolished. Only a quarter of the lights were still working and cast everything into sinister shadows. And somehow no one above it had noticed what had happened.

"What the?" Shani Andras gasped. "How is this possible."

Then an obsidian-black version of Optimus Prime stepped out of the shadows. Something about him remained the three biological CPUs of primal fear or the monster under their bed or in their closet. His optics glowed pure crimson for a moment.

"Gentlemen, I believe I have use for sentient beings of your talents," Nemesis Prime stated and unleashed three null sparks at them from a perverse simulacrum of the Matrix in his chest. "And I'm not taking no for an answer."

The nihilist once known as Rau Le Creuscent just started laughing as the Biologic CPUs screamed as they were reformated as part of their Gundams.

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby LadyTevar » 2011-08-06 09:41pm

trapped between the Tirol Empire, the Vesta Imperium, Decepticon Empire, Quintesson Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Nebulan Republic, Eternia, Thundera, Haydon IV, and Autobot Commonwealth

0-o Eternia? THUNDERA? I dont even recognize the others.
*shakes head* Yeah, the Daleks are rather trapped.

Now, did The Professor find the graveyard before or after The Doctor, hmm? And WTF is the Primus

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Re: SEEDS of Transformation -Transformers/ Gundam SEED fic

Postby Fanboyimus Prime » 2011-08-06 10:18pm

LadyTevar wrote:
trapped between the Tirol Empire, the Vesta Imperium, Decepticon Empire, Quintesson Pan Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, Nebulan Republic, Eternia, Thundera, Haydon IV, and Autobot Commonwealth

0-o Eternia? THUNDERA? I dont even recognize the others.
*shakes head* Yeah, the Daleks are rather trapped.

Now, did The Professor find the graveyard before or after The Doctor, hmm? And WTF is the Primus

Tirol Empire is from Robotech, as is Haydon IV...which is home of the Haydonites.

Vesta Imperium is from the Transformers Classics material from Fun Publications.

And Primus is a planet from the New Adventures of He-Man. It is the last world of humans in the distance future and protected by a failing forcefield. So they go into the past to get one the greatest heroes alive to save their pacifist butts....He-Man.

Why a human world is called Primus, well that comes up later in the story.

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