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Quote of the Week: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant, American historian (1885-1981)

SDN World 3 Story Thread I

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PostPosted: 2009-11-16 02:45pm 

Sith Devotee

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Raj Ahten wrote:
Prime Minister Morales of Chilitina Welcomes World's Nations to the Freedom Conference.

The Prime Minister welcomed the delegates to Beunos Aires with a rather long winded speech, as was customary for him. Extra thanks went out to Mexico, the United States and Germany though every nation that had sent delegates received a hearty welcome in turn. The speech was full of anti communist rhetoric. Morales said it was called the Freedom conference because,
"We as nations believe in free markets, freedom to worship God and freedom from totalitarian communism."

Morales laid out three major goals he had for the conference.
1.) The capitalist nations of the world should agree to fight the perfidious spread of communism. To this end he proposed the delegates sign an agreement in principle stating their nations would "appose the further spread of communism in the world."
2.)He hoped to work out defensive pacts with other capitalist nations to agree to come to one another's aid if attacked by "any member of the international communist conspiracy."
3.)To combat communist conspiracies an international law enforcement and intelligence sharing body should be established to halt red agitaters in their tracks. (Basically something like Interpol targeting communist/socialist "operatives.") Giving information would be purely voluntary and the proposed body would mainly be a clearinghouse for information.

One of the Mongolian delegates, one "Baron" Roman Ungern-Sternberg, son of a prominent Baltic German capitalist and a Mongol captain of the army, rose up and spoke loudly to Morales.

"What should we Mongolians do? The government is lousy with Commies already! They legally allow those bloody revolutionaries in the government! How do we deal with them? I'd take my units and round them up and shoot them, but they've infiltrated the army too! Why, one of the heads of the commies, that Sukhbataar bastard son of a bitch, is higher ranking then me in the army! What do you propose we do about that?"

He started to go on further, but his fellow Mongol delegates gently sat him back down and reminded him of decorum. The Mongolian delegation only had him here because Roman's father insisted on taking him with them. Most of his fellow Mongols thought him better suited to the Mongolian Nationalist Front, but he did voice some of their concerns.

A fellow Mongol delegate stood up and asked a bit more diplomatically, "Yes, Prime Minister, how do propose countries that already have a legal Communist presence deal with them? It might crystallize support for them if we outlaw their parties or try to round them up and kill them. While we members of the AMPM would love to sign onto a pact and prevent the spread of Communism, we know our government would do no such thing, with a third of the legislator being composed of Marxists. We need further proposals to aid countries in our position, as we do not want our industrial and military might turned over to Bolshevism."

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PostPosted: 2009-11-16 04:29pm 

Rabid Monkey

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INS Shimshon
en Route to Suez Canal
by Way of Alexandria


The Israeli Navy Ship Shimshon-- Samson --represented 25% of the tiny Israeli Navy's fleet. The Navy had no submarines, and for aerial reconnaissance they had to beg the nascent Air Force for the use of it's own small fleet of Fokker E.IIIs, themselves increasingly obsolescent. While other Navies were experimenting with the novel notion of putting floatplanes on their battleships, and converting entire ships to carry massed aircraft, the Israeli Navy had not a single flying device to call it's own. It was a lack that the Israeli captain, Moshe Davidovich, complained about in no uncertain terms while he had the ear of his passenger, Yonatan Shaham.

"I tell you, Billy Mitchell's experiment back in '21 gets no appreciation," Captain Davidovich said. "The Navy is vulnerable from the air, always has been, and no one in Tel-Aviv heeds the lesson. In order to be relevant, we need our own aircraft."

"Captain, I appreciate the dilemma," Yonatan said, "But all I can do is bring the situation up with my father. He is in charge of the Tel-Aviv defensive garrisons, but that is all."
"But he has the ear of the Defense Minsiter, David Ben-Gurion," Captain Davidivich said.

"I don't know what good it will do," Yonatan lamented. "These naval aircraft, they are expensive. And the aircraft carriers, all the more so. Even the mightiest of powers build but a handful."
"I know we cannot afford full carriers," Captain Davidovich said, "But floatplanes, perhaps, from the larger ships will at least let us see what is over the horizon, and allow us to pick our battles."

Yonatan frowned, knowing that the well-meaning Captain was right, but concerned that the man assumed Yonatan had more influence in the Kirya than he really did. Yonatan was a Army Captain, himself, in charge of one of the small elite haa'Gana commando units that the Yishuv had equipped lavishly with new sub-machine guns from Germany. He had a certain amount of prestige, true, but no real power to influence government.

His mission now had nothing at all to do with his military status. In fact, he was in civilian clothes, a Seersucker tropical suit with a Panama hat, and on his way to Alexandria to be dropped off. He had his travel documents and bona fides to present to the Sultanate as an official courier of the Yishuv, where he was to ask His Sublime Majesty's permission to set up Tel Aviv as a naval base for German use in the Mediterranean. He also carried a small satchel full of diploamtic overtures seeking support for the new Coastal Railway proposal-- a railway that would have made his travel now much easier; albeit at the expense of the overtures for Naval Aviation.

"Well, here we are-- Alexandria," Captain Davidovich said as the ship pulled in. "You'll want to get going before we start coaling, but before you go, let me tell you, sir-- there's a Spanish chap by the name of Juan de la Cierva. He's a smart fellow who has figured a way of making an aircraft without wings. It may be worth looking into. He got one of these contraptions off the ground in Madrid a couple yeras ago."

"An aircraft without wings?" Yonatan asked, smiling, "You mean a Zeppelin?"
"No,"the Captain said, "It has a propeller on top a mast, and another propeller to the fore. An 'autogiro', they call it. Maybe mention this to your father, eh, and we can look into some of these for the Navy?"

"I will ask about it," Yonatan said, "But promise nothing." He shook the Captain's hand and got on the small launch that would take him to the passenger dock as the Shimshon took coal for the trip through the Suez Canal to Eilat. The Shimshon could make the leisurely cruise with the coal it had, but there were, currently, no provisions in Eilat for extended operations. What they carried with them, in bags on deck, would have to last them for awhile, until a collier vessel could be dispatched to the south. Another asset we are in short supply of, Yonatan remarked.

The military of the Yishuv, in general, was just a step up from militia. They had a few standing formations, but for any logistics works they relied on civilian merchantmen being called up for "reserve duty" to deliver goods. In a week or two, a trawler captain would get his "reserve" call-up orders to take coal to Eilat, for example. Civilian truck owners were called up to deliver munitions and supplies to the Negev, where only a few roads linked far-away remote villages. The city bus system was occasionally pressed into service to serve as troop transports for exercises. It was a situation that had to improve, somehow, and Yonatan agreed with Captain Davidovich that something had to be tried, even novel new ideas. Yonatan himself was fond of the idea of a Zeppelin run to Eilat, but knew that there wasn't enough money in the Yishuv to support such a thing.

Perhaps my misison here today will change that, he thought. He made his way to the train station where the whistle and chuff-chuff of a train told him he still had time to board to reach the Sultanate's palace in Cairo. His satchel of letters asked for permission for the German Navy base, and for approval for the coastal rail line, but it also made the offer to make machine parts in Ashkelon, a city that would be served by the coastal railroad. The cheap labor in Ashkelon would doubtlessly appeal to the Sultan-- Ashkelon was populated by former Soviet Jews seeking to build a Socialst industrial collective with the help of the Arab Palestinian brothers. It would be an ideal place to base a factory.

Yonatan bough this ticket and took a seat in the passenger coach, where he unfolded his copy of today's International Herald Tribune. Yonatan's French was rusty, but he could piece enough together to read the IHT. His real reason for being along was his ability to speak and comprehend Arabic with the Sultan's ministers and their apparatchiks. The Shaham family had moved from Poland to America and now to the Yishuv, and somewhere along the way his father Arik had picked up a wife from the Jewish community of Tripoli, who spoke to Yonatan all the time in that dialect. Yonataan's complexion was dark, as a result of his mixed heritage, and it was hoped his appearance and language skills would smooth the path, diplomatically speaking, with the Sultanate.

Yonatan read the paper, and hoped all would go well.

Yishuv makes diplomatic appeals to the Sultanate for the following:
Support for coastal RR.
Support for German base in Tel-Aviv.
Offer to help build parts for new ships in Ashkelon.

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PostPosted: 2009-11-16 05:58pm 

Sith Marauder

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Qasr al-Ablaq
Muqattam Hill, Cairo

Two Citadel Guards in white uniforms escorted Yonathan Shaham into the domed Qasr al-Ablaq. He had passed through three checkpoints on his way into the administrative heart of the Sultanate, and his credentials had been checked each time by curt but insistent soldiers. And he still was only within the south enclosure of the Citadel of Saladin. The seat of true power was located in the north enclosure, in the Palace of Nasir ad-Din beyond the Bab al-Qullah gates. That was the house of the Sultan himself.

In the meantime Yonathan was lead through a courtyard past the Mosque of Kathkuda and the looming central headquarters of the Mukhabarat. He briefly had time to look at that ominous structure as he had to wait for a three-car convoy to careen past, then went up the steps to the Qasr where at the door his papers were checked a fourth time. Finally he was asked to wait for a brief while in an opulently furnished waiting room, before an aide came to escort him deeper into the palace.

More aides opened an intricately carved sandalwood door and the Yishuvi diplomat was ushered into another sumptuously decorated room. Thin pillars held up a vaulted roof, and beyond thin curtains a set of windows offered a fantastic view of the city of Cairo beyond the curtain walls of the Citadel. Sitting cross-legged on a cushion in front of a low table was a woman. She wore a black-and-white keffiyeh in the style of a Muslim woman’s hijab, wrapped loosely around the head and shoulders so that strands of black hair streamed out from under it.

“Hello” the woman greeted, eying him speculatively. She gestured at a silver tea set and two small glasses on the table. “Tea?”

“Hello.” Shaham frowned, unsure what to do. “I'm sorry ma'am, I am to meet with Sheik Abdul-Ati?”

The woman smiled. “I am she. Sheik Maryam Abdul-Ati, at your service Mister Shaham.”

The Yishuv diplomat colored a deeper shade of red as he realized his faux-pas. “I'm terribly sorry ma'am. I didn't know- I mean I didn't mean to-”

Abdul-Ati's smile widened. “That's quite alright Mister Shaham. No offense is taken. And in your defense I will say that there are not a great many women among the members of the Greater Diwan.” Her face took on a self-satisfied expression. “Then again there are not that many men either.” She gestured toward some of the cushions. “Please, sit. Now, my aides told me there were a few matters you wanted to discuss?”

Result: The Yishuv diplomat is received by one of the 31 Sheiks of the Greater Diwan, who happens to also be a woman.
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PostPosted: 2009-11-16 09:02pm 

Keeper of the Schwartz

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Mayyun Island Fortress William, the Crusader's Gate.

It was a clear day, and the Africa coast seemed so close that you could reach out and touch it. Brigadier Usler gave a cruel smile. In fact, the batteries facing outward could reach out and touch it, at any moment of their choosing. Watching the transit of so many targets had been frustrating, to say the least.

The smudge of rock and sand at the divider of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea had been effectively turned into a citadel, the likes there were few of in the world. A staggering amount of concrete, steel, and good old fashion gravel had gone into remaking the coastal fortress over the past 30 years, causing the island to become virtually unrecognizable. Usler smiled and patted the barrel of Battery Dog. The "Battleship Holiday" ten years ago had become a boon for the coastal defense artillery corps, with a dozen 16in guns originally intended for new battleships and battle cruisers suddenly navy surplus. Virtually all had found there way here, save the 2-gun battery on railway carriages on the main land, which spent their time in concrete bunkers when not in use, then rolling out for their quarterly shoots.

In between the mainland and Fortress William were remote-controlled minefields, to limit the chances of an opposing foe from isolating the island. Farther East were a line of "concrete battleships" each wielding a pair of 13.5in dual turrets, except for Fortress Godfrey at the entrance of the Port of Aden, which had two 15in dual turrets. Up and down the coast were smaller batteries, some of 6in rapid firing guns, others of the 9.2in and 12in types taken off of decommissioned pre-dreadnoughts. Torpedo batteries dotted the area, which was also home to a squadron of MTBs and 3 large torpedo boats.

"General?" Colonel Stern, his executive officer walked up. "Message from Supreme Command." Usler grunted and took the paper, read it, and grunted again.

"The navy says that Q1B cannot be held up any longer, and the liners are being released from the minelaying detail. Scheduled soldiers to return will board the liners and join the tankers for the return trip. Seems that Battle Squadron #1 will rendezvous with the convoy, providing an additional heavy screening force. Q1B is to veer sharply South into the Gulf of Aden to minimize contact with opposition capital ships." Usler crumpled the paper, and almost threw it on the ground...before remembering security and cramming it into this pockets. "Doesn't matter, we all knew that the navy would bug out as soon as they could. We can close up the Red Sea...with or without their help."
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Mr Bean
PostPosted: 2009-11-16 10:08pm 

Lord of Irony

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Buckingham Palace
Westminster, England

King George V was in a attendance at the palace. The hangers on and courtiers that had plagued the court had been swept aside within a year of King George V assumption of power four years ago. At age thirty he was one of the younger Monarch's to have taken the crown for House Hanover. But few could call him less well prepared at least in military matters. It had been his predecessor the similarly named George the III had become what British historians called the "Great Decline" when between 1807 and 1849 when George the III and the worse George the IV had involved Britain in one disastrous war after another. Britain which had enjoyed unchallenged supremacy on the global stage. Who had a friendly port on every island that could claim a deep water port. Had been defeated time and time again. India was gone, Australia, nearly all of South Africa and China. The British Virgin islands which still retained their original name on British charts despite being part of the North American's possessions. If it could have gone wrong or been mismanaged it was done so.

Had it not been for Queen Victoria assumption of the thrown in 1850 few wanted to speculate on where Britain would be now. However she had taken the throne, and her third daughter Helena(Born 1868), George the V's own mother had succeeded her in 1903. And while the daughter had been made of less sterner stuff than her mother she had still proven able to continue her mother's work for nearly two decades before failing heath had lead to her untimely death and George the V's own rise to power.

Considering her status as the third daughter and not expecting to inherit anything of importance it had been a gesture that Helena had named her son George and started him young on the path to the Navy. The Royal family has a long traditional of Naval service and perhaps another George could undue the harm his predecessors had done. But fate enjoys a good joke as much as the rest of us. So Helena had become next in line after sickness took her older two brothers away and she ruled in her mother's place as she finished her mothers work and stopping the decline of colonies slipping away.

Victoria had learned many lessens from her grandfather. Among them not to disparage the peoples of your own colonies as the other. To quote her own sayings. A citizen of the Empire is a citizen here or in Bahrain. Those that become citizens of our Empire must be on the same footing be there here in the Home Islands or anywhere else in the world. As a consequence of the disasters of George the III, George the IV had managed to restore more power to the Monarchy it had not seen in years. Arguging that each new privilege or power was needed to face down this threat or that. The fact he had gone on to commit further disaster's endeared him to no one. But on first inspection of newly raised Queen Victoria several prominent politicians saw opportunity in their new Monarch who's powers were not quite so symbolic anymore. In fact the Torry's had gone so far as to restore the right of the King to unseat a Prime Minster at will thinking to use Victoria to remove the anti-war Liberal minster from power. It backfired when Victoria backed the Liberal's and the Torry's were crushed in the follow-up election. But the Liberal's found no easy ally in the queen themselves and Parliament learned to it's mounting horror that they had neither a flop who could be lead around on a string. Nor a madman who would remember what you told him as his own idea most of the time.

So the powers stayed, while Britain was still very much a Constitutional Monarchy, he could no more declare war then he could had his Prime Minster drawn and quartered. He did have dozens of new levers to move people. New rights of approval, new carrot's and sticks. And furthermore he was popular. After all who does not love a dashing hero? Sent to the Royal Naval College Osborne in 1907 as his mother was busy with official functions. Gradated third in a group of forty children of various well to do parents. Went onto the Britannia Royal Naval College in 1909 until 1912 when he was passed on as a midshipmen on the HMS Bristol a Town class cruiser based out of Newfoundland Island. Two years later he was a junior officer and new Lieutenant on the HMS Beagle first of her class working out of Sydney when her first officer and six enlisted were left at port after being quarantined for a possible diseases. Appointed acting first officer for the remainder of the journey. In 1916 gunnery officer on the HMS Lion where he preformed with distinction the dispatches recorded and made 1918 named Lieutenant-Commander and made 1st Officer aboard the newely launched HMS Hawkins. 1920 named Captain of HMS Calypso a "C" Class cruiser where he served with distinction in the South Pacific including the famous incident in the Spring of 1921 when Chinese Pirates had attacked and taken hostage the crew of the French flagged Merchant Steamer aboard their own ship. The HMS Calypso chased her down and Commander George brought her alongside after disabling the Steamer's rudder on their first salvo after warning shots were fired, boarded her and captured eleven pirates and recovered the crew unharmed at the cost of one wounded seaman who broke his foot jumping to the deck of the French ship. Left the Navy eight months later later when his mother's heath took a turn for the worse at the end of 1921.

A fierce devote of the Navy he had pushed for more expansion of the fleet in ever letter home. And now as King he had improved on that with what leverage he had. The last budget request for the Navy requesting an expansion of the ten ship order of the Hercules to twelve ships had been granted without even a semblance of a fight in Parliament. And his political style of 11 hour wrangling had netted him a goodly store of political Capital. Having spend just under half his life at sea no Torry or Liberal MP felt up to trying to fight the King over any Naval matter. On most issues his Highness would simply call for consensus and make few statements one way or another. His representatives would lay out his position such as it was on right of way for new railroads. Perhaps a new economic development project for some suburb of London. So that when he did turn and begin making forceful arguments over some issue the press would give him no end of free coverage. More thanks to his grandmother he had the trump card of political opinion where he could once a year appear before Parliament at his own invitation and they were forced to listen to him without complaint or fuss while he delivered his speech on whatever one issue he had called them here to hear his opinion on. And each time the polling among the papers had shown a strengthening of public opinion for whatever action he had purposed. In 1923 less then a year after taking office he was credited with single handily defeating an attempt to return to the gold standard. In 1923 he had pushed for greater negotiation with the German's to which had eased previous tensions greatly. Even the Navy had reacted by facing the Germans not as the Great enemy ready to strike at any time. But the younger brother yearning to beat his older. Needless to say this had rubbed some the wrong way but by summer of 1924 German ships were no longer aggressively posturing whenever British ships were near nor were British ships at kept at battle stations when a German vessel was over the horizon. Tensions still existed but the more verbose of the King's partisans were already hailing him as the great peace-maker. Few believed it but it was notable the last year both the Liberal Bugle & the Conservative London Post had preciously few negative things to say about England's current Monarch for the past year and a half.

But all that was past. The King was in attendance and his Minster's were meeting to discuss the recent German offer(Something impossible less than five years ago).

Across from him sat Arthur Balfour on his second term as Lords of the Admiralty for the Conservatives. The current Conservative Prime Minster Stanley Baldwin sat flanked by Chancellor of the Exchequer Edward Carson. With William Bridgeman the Foreign Secretary sitting some-what off to the side King George thought they looked very much like three young seamen and their Chief come before the old man to get bawled out for being drunk on duty. He still thought like a Captain at times and one thing he had learned from watching other men command before doing it himself was that silence is useful. People try and fill silences if you let them go on long enough. Even if he was on somewhat good terms with the Prime Minster, he disliked the men he surrounded himself with. The ones who had made his bold standard before Parliament necessary in the first place to fight off the gold standard plan. It had taken a ten minute explanation and a visit to the reserves themselves for H. H. Asquith former Liberal Prime Minster to convince King George V of the madness of the Torry plan and to throw his support behind it's eventual defeat. But the fact it had been necessary to begin with was a Conservative issue even if he personally might learn their way.

The King focused back in on the discussion.. as Arthur sputtered down. "unprecedented! That's what it is To keep the sea lanes clear yes but to climb into bed with them?"
Prime Minster Baldwin offered a weak smile. "I don't think it's that bad Arthur." He indicated the copy of the document that had been delivered by German ship to a port in Suffolk. "If you'll note it says nothing here about mutual defense" All of the minsters who were part of the weekly briefings were on a first name basis while the briefing was going on by informal decree of the King. He of course remained your Highness. There was no one here who dare address him by his first name. Or his informal below decks nickname of Jerry that the Beagle's crew had hung on him on his first time at sea. There were perhaps forty men and a few women including his younger sister Marie who could use that nickname. And less than three hundred who could call him Skipper. He had in fact tracked down several former shipmates of his and helped them out quietly including poor Charles Boyd the luckless sailor who had broken his foot on the return leap to the Calypso. It had turned out the Navy discharged him shortly after it had King George except the reasons for his discharge had not been state but the fact the foot never healed correctly. However a quiet word had landed the down on his luck Charles a job as one of the King's Messengers. A brotherhood of less than thirty men most of the current ones who's names were not printed publicly anywhere were his mother's and one or two aging veterans of Queen Victoria. Each man trusted to deliver highly sensitive diplomatic and personal correspondence without fail, even should it cost him his life. An easy enough job minus the travel but it required that rarest of quality. Trust, which does not come to King's easily.

The King brought himself back from his mussing to see Arthur nodding as William explained. "It's very clear, we don't join any group for the purpose of harming their interests, they don't join any group to harm ours. The mutual exchange of ship locations? Only if we enter their waters or near enough. In fact it's very responsible they are simply asking us to call ahead before throwing any parties." Heads around the table nodded as William continued. "In fact if we read this very carefully it in fact still leaves our hands free as well as theirs. What they are purposing is that no one else is allowed to go to war with them but us. And that no one can go to war with us but them.

The King spoke into the slight pause. "And how far can we trust the Hun? Can we trust them not to simply let things lie for four or five years to get an idea of our movements and then use this information for a surprise attack? he asked.

Head's turned around the table except for Arthur who paused then brightened. "Yes your Highness that is true that such information would be valuable on building a long term book on British ship rotations but we could do the exact same thing to them. We could reciprocate as it's their's no question if nothing else those blastard paper will print how many ships are in Sydney harbor today every day. A few rotational assignments and a few definition changes and we could avoid that danger."

The Prime Minster turned to the King, do we have your agreement your highness to proceed on this treaty then? he asked.

The King barely paused nodding slowly. "Stanley go ahead and take it before Parliment, as extra we will inculde the name of every Flotilla commander and his flagship something else their spies can find out easy enough by walking down to the harbor but sharing such information is a powerful gesture.

The text of the treaty law before him
Paper wrote:
To ease anglo-german tensions, the Reich will offer the following treaty

- all german warships will give notice if they are to approach British territory or the area surrounding it (being defined in this case as everything that can be reached at a one day's cruise at 10 knots and has the british flag on it)
- At the start of each month, Germany will telegraph a listing of all deployments to the Admiralty
- Germany will formally stipulate that it has no design to infringe on any way on British possessions
- Germany promises to stay neutral in any war between Britain and another country, except if that country is either at war with Germany, or an ally of Germany, or at war with an ally of Germany.
- Germany promises not to enter into any pacts that have the stated objective of destroying British Naval power or destroying British influence
- All German ports will sell fuel to British ships at the market price and provide a safe harbour for them in times of emergencies. Germany may refuse if Britain is at war with an ally of hers.

In exchange the British must
Paper wrote:
- Britain will formally stipulate that it has no design to infringe on any way on German possessions
- all British warships will give notice if they are to approach German territory or the area surrounding it (being defined in this case as everything that can be reached at a one day's cruise at 10 knots and has the German flag on it)
- Britain will not enter into any pact that has the stated objective of destroying German Naval power or destroying German influence
- All British ports will sell fuel to German ships at the market price and provide a safe harbour for them in times of emergencies. Britain may refuse if Germany is at war with an ally of hers.

The last was added in as a way to generate positive feeling for it in German but would be highly contentious in Britain
- At the start of each month, Britian will telegraph a listing of all deployments to the German fleet as well as the names of the Flotilla commanders across the globe

Summery:Backstory of the new George the 5th
More Backstory
And the German's have purposed what's not exactly a non aggression pact. More a "You can't cheat on us with any other country and go to war with them first" and we will tell you were our ships our. The Brits will do the same but except for Scrapa Flow and the New Zeland base pretty much every other British port is lousy for information control on what ships are were being so many British military bases are set up on the Hong-Kong model.
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Real Inquirer

Crown, Ministry Council holding their peace on events in the Arabian Sea

Since the initial statements made by Queen Marian concerning the S.S. Mecklenburg Incident and continued aggressive actions taken by the Naval forces of the Grand Dominion and Shepistani Federation, the Crown and other government agencies have remained unusually quiet as tensions mount in that part of the world. With the reaffirmation of strong German-Spanish ties in the realm of Naval cooperation and development only weeks past - announcing the Armada’s “Even Acquisition Plan” - the lack of commentary stands as peculiar. “It is unlike Her Majesty to remain so quiet while Germany further involves itself in the Arabian Sea,” Adolfo Mentez, a policy commentator for the well known Señal de aire news magazine, was quoted as saying. It remains unknown what form Spanish aid, promised last month following the incidents, will take, though rumors have begun to circulate on the issue.

Accounts, provided by individuals who wish to remain anonymous, indicated an increase in activity at the naval stations in Cadiz and Ferrol. Additionally, it appears that Submarines from the Costa Rican Colonial Fleet and several warships from the South Atlantic Colonial Fleet have been recalled to the homeland suggesting a Spanish response may come in the form of naval deployments, though, this is likely speculation and further information is required to determine the true nature of Spanish policy concerning the various military buildups in the middle eastern region. To this end, further inquiries have been directed at the Royal Press Corps and Naval Sub-Ministry regarding these rumors and overall policy, but little has been released beyond a brief statement stating that Her Majesty and the Ministry Council are currently “Weighing the options”. Beyond this vague statement, little can be determined at this time.

Page 3

Spanish aircraft company Hispano Aviación considers exportation of latest designs

The well known aircraft company Hispano Aviación, a subsidiary of Hispano-Suiza, Fábrica de Automóviles, S.A., announced today that it is in talks with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding authorization to offer its latest aircraft engines for export to an as-of-yet unrevealed list of nations. Company representatives are hopeful that the plans will be authorized and orders taken, though, given the international climate, such a plan might be restricted or out right disallowed.

Short News:
- Eduardo Gonzalez, Spain’s Foreign Affairs Representative to the Freedom Conference in Buenos Aires has arrived safely via airplane from Montevideo.

- In an embarrassing mix up by the Foreign Affairs Ministry last month, a congratulatory note meant for Cascadia’s new President failed to reach its recipient when a courier allegedly picked up the wrong diplomatic packet. The whereabouts of the note and several pages worth of agricultural production figures, bound for importers of Spanish foodstuffs, remain unknown at this time.

- The Naval Sub-Ministry has announced plans for the production of what has been referred to as a “Seaplane Carrier”, not to be confused with the Seaplane Tenders currently in service the Armada. A Naval Sub-Ministry spokesman has stated more information on the vessel will be released in the coming weeks. It has been confirmed that the “Seaplane Carrier” is not a part of the previously announced “Even Acquisition Plan”.
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Naval House, Shepistan

Admiral First Class John Calhoun "Jesus Christ" Fisher sighed as he watched the politicans wend in.

Sure, Maximillan was a decent sorts; but the rest of them he wouldnt douse with water if they were on fire.

At least the politicans in the Shepistani Federation weren't as stupid as those in the Grand Dominion.

Fisher chuckled at the brief of what Lord Winton had said during a similar meeting at the Gold Palace.

It seemed too outrageously stupid to believe -- something that stupid had to be a feint, to mislead Shepistani intelligence -- which was what most of the Shepistani intelligence services believed.

But not Fisher. He'd had long contact with politicans and knew them to be that stupid.

Once everyone was seated, and refreshments in the form of pitchers of water were on the table; the meeting began.

"Now, gentlemen; what you are about to hear is classified 'burn before reading'. Or in other words, beyond top secret." began Fisher, to several chuckles.

"Burn Before Reading" had started out as apparently a joke in the Navy over the excessive levels of secrecy that the Shepistani Army had adopted for it's war plans following their crushing defeat at the Battle of Indiantown Gap, which had decided the course of the 1913 war with the Goddamns.

An aide carried a blown up map of the Crusader's Gate onto a podium and unveiled it.

Map of Crusader's Gate

Pulling a pointer out, Fisher launched into his well-practiced speech.

"Gentlemen. What the a-rab barbarians called the Bab el Mandeb, we call the Crusader's Gate. Before the Suez canal was built, it was a worthless pile of land inhabited by beoudins and desert raiders. Still is in the areas the Goddamns have not civilized yet."

"What the A-rabs called the Island of Perim, and others Mayyun Island, the Goddamns call it now Fort William."

"A pile of concrete and steel capable of shrugging off the most powerful battlefleets in the world!"

"The Goddamns have built several types of defenses in the area. ONI has classified them by letters in the alphabet."

"Defense Emplacement A is the most common."


"As you can see it consists generally of a paired set of heavy artillery; usually warship surplus placed in reinforced casemates with overhead protection against plunging shellfire."

"Defense Emplacement B is rarer, but more than one example we have been able to identify exists -- the Goddamns don't take kindly to strangers roaming the area, or strange aero-planes flying overhead. We've lost a lot of good men to bring you this information."


"As you can see, it is literally a naval gun mount from a battleship. Many of the turrets from the ships that the Goddamns cancelled during their ill-advised naval holiday ended up as Type B Coastal Defense Emplacements."

Fisher coughed, and signaled for an aide to bring a pair of display boards up, covered in vellum.

"Next is the piece-de-resistance of the Goddamn Coastal Defense Corps; at least that we know of. The Concrete Battleships!"


"As you can see, the Type C Emplacements are well deserving of their names. We've identified two distinct subclasses; C-1 and C-2. C-1 has two 13.5" dual turrets; while C-2 has two 15" dual turrets."

"I should warn you, that the interior arrangements are guesswork - we were able to glean some information from informants during the construction of these; but it is not known which subclass this belongs to; or if this was deliberately allowed to be leaked as disinformation."

Another aide placed a new set of boards up.

"But as you well know; we, like the Goddamns, do not just rely solely on coastal defense guns for defensive purposes."


"This is a rough notational sketch of a generic remotely controlled minefield. They are controlled from several outposts on the shoreline; and because they are not of the conventional magnetic or contact detonated type, no effective countermeasure can be devised, except that of capturing the shore station itself."

"They are highly useful in that they allow friendly or neutral shipping to pass through a mined strait with no danger, but can be turned on at a moment's notice, denying the same strait to enemy shipping."

"Suffice to say, with the maximum width of Crusader's Gate at Fort William is only about eleven and a half miles; Coastal torpedo launchers are effective. Rumors have it that the Goddamns have begun fielding a new 21" torpedo that can carry 500 pounds of explosives to eight and a half miles at 27 knots." (OTL USN Mk 11 torpedo).

At this point, Fisher paused and drank from a mug of whiskey nearby. He never delivered a speech this important sober; liqueour was always good for loosening up the tongue so words flowed more easily.

"As I've just so eloquently demonstrated; the hue and cry over the evil Goddamns and Shepistanis threatening to mine the strait in the world press is just that -- poppycock. The Goddams right now can close the strait at any time of their chosing simply by sending a telegram."

"It leads me to just one conclusion. That the heretics around the world are using this as merely a casus belli to destroy the last true Crusader states in the world! We must not let this happen!"

At this point, Maximillan interrupted. "My dear Admiral; try to keep yourself controlled. We wouldn't want a repeat of the 1916 incident would we now?"

Fisher glared at Maximillan, remembering his ignomous relief of command as head of the Shepistani Navy after he had fired Admiral Richard Sims, the victor of the Battle of the Shepistani Sea; for not aggressively pursuing the broken remnants of the Goddamn fleet. It had taken the disaster of 1920; where a Shepistani Battlecruiser had exploded at anchor due to faulty ammunition handling procedures, to bring him back into the Navy.

"Confine yourself to Naval matters, my good sir. What would the effect of a Goddamn closure of the Crusader's Gate be on the geostrategic situation?"

"Catastrophic sir. For them, not us, I mean. The Germans for example, would be trapped in the Shepistani Sea about two thousand nautical miles from any friendly port -- though I grant you that they could bribe some local warlord and use international law to repair and revictual their ships in a neutral port as long as they wanted -- the 72 hour limit can be easily bent if you have sufficient money on hand."

"Our ships and those of the Goddamns would be about about two and a half day's steaming at twelve knots from friendly ports; allowing them to make port, even if they were severely damaged, like Sheppur XIV was at the Battle of the Shepistani Sea."

"My recommendation sir, is that we sign a conditional ceasefire with the Goddamns to destroy these interlopers in the Shepistani Sea; and teach these people not to mess with our Brothers in Christ, even as misguided as they may be."
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Rounding the Horn of Africa enroute to the Red Sea at 16.5 knots
Commodore Ras Sehul reviewed his orders.
    Take Flagship Shakir one Muhsin class Battleship one Afzal class cruiser and an escort of 4 Ziyad Destroyers around the Horn
    Use Air element to plot Ship movement in the gulf.
    Report to Bosaso and Assab
    No antagonizing actions vs any ships not in Territorial waters
He was also aware of the deployment of 12 of the fleet's Submarines in the gulf near the Horn. It was a cross sweep to the German ships patrol, with the subs forming a barricade in case of actual hostilities.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Telegram to Germany, Cascadia and Britain
    Mogadishu's Fleet facilities are open to your Fleets' use, for the moment.
    Sultanate Flagship operating within Gulf of Aden
    Will be supplying you with information regarding Dominion or Shepistani Ship movements we observe
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The German government will be satisfied with a note of apology for the extraction of the tolls restitution in the same amount as has been extracted and the guarantee that outside the territorial waters of the most mighty Shepistani Federation, no such searches will be carried out.

Regarding Point 1 (apology); the Shepistani Federation makes no apology, for the actions of it's ship's crews were correct and within international law.

Regarding Point 2 (restitution); the Shepistani Federation has already offered as payment the amount of tolls collected by both the Shepistani ship and supposedly, by the Grand Dominion ship. No further payment should be required.

Regarding Point 3 (Gurantee); we make no such gurantee; for we must be ever vigilant for any attempt by the Schismatics to slip much needed war material past our blockade in so called neutral hulls.

Regarding the sinking of the Princess of the Orient:

The German Empire is most displeased by the fact that the Shepistani government has not replied to any of the issues raised herein, nor has it offered any compensation. While it was a Chinese ship, it was commanded by a german captain and carried several people in which germany had a vested interest and was bound for a German port. We request that the Shepistani Federation addresses these concerns in a timely manner

From our understanding, the Schismatics boarded the ship, and when they sighted the masts of our battle squadron on the horizon, they mined the ship and left the crew and passengers to die in the ocean. It was only by the arrival of our Battlecruiser squadron that they were saved from a horrible oceanic death.

[OOC: Sub is still limping its way home with radio out, etc]

We are most pleased to be of Help, sincerely;
Your Brothers in Christ,
The Shepistani Federation
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Official communique to the Kingdom of Manchuria.
Letter wrote:
The NKID of the USSR has learned with much distaste that your nation has indulged in wanton slaughter of the working class, starting with summary execution of communists without trial.

These facts have forced the USSR to issue a note of strong condemnation of the actions of your government. Be aware that the world socialist movement is not going to tolerate massacres of the workers by monarchist, regressive regimes like yours.

We await an official apology and demand that all communists be not detained or summarily executed by your government. All of them also have the right for shelter in the Soviet Union. In case you do not comply, the Soviet Union reserves the right to discuss further punitive actions directed at your government, and discuss it with the other socialist nations of the world.

People's Commisar for International Affairs,
G.V. Chicherin

Vast plains of Mother Russia. Big Badass Bolshevik Board.

The special session was opened without haste.

- What say you, our Marshalls? - Bukharin asked carefully. - I believe the behavior we face in the East is no longer tolerable. We are the laughing stock of the bourgeois! They kill fellow communists left and right, massacre the working class, and all the USSR does is "issue strong notes of condemnation"? Wait, we haven't done even that, have we?

- With all due respect, comrade... How are we supposed to deal with such constraints? Our nation faced very dire circumstances recently, and was not far from collapse. All the fault of the Tsars, true, but it doesn't mean the dangers don't apply to us, - noted Tukhachevsky, - I well know that crushing the Basmachi was a welcome experience for our Army; but we have failed to do the same to the Polish pans, the bloody opressors of the workers they are!

- This is what I ask of you, - Bukharin overlooked the room. - You are the best military masterminds of the Soviet Union.

- We are working on that! We have also made certain agreements, if not yet fully ratified, but that's Chicherin's job and he'll do it without wasting much time. I am speaking of yet further reinforcing our already mighty Army. As you know, one critical superiority today is the vast supply of modern arms, inlcuding machine guns... sadly, the industries of Tsarist Russia that we inherited are not suited to very large-scale production. We are still utilizing the guns left from the old war, and can not, en masse, produce new ones, - said Uborevich. - This key obstacle will soon be overcome, thanks to the Mongolia, the MMP, and our good comrade Chicherin.

- That is good, - Bukharin nodded. - Your suggestions, Marshal Tukhachevskiy, as to what units you need to assemble with you?

- I need no less than five top cavalry regiments to be transferred with me from the Western military districts, - the Marshal paused thoughtfully, - and the land armada. Preferrably all flotillas. Time to show that our forces are not only worth for a parade. We should also start mobilizing all the reserve units in the Far Eastern military district without any further delays.

- This equipment to be carried from Moscow and forces of cavalrists from the West would take quite over a month to bring, and that with the maximum strain on the Trans-Siberian, - interjected Uborevich, - so we would also need some operative support from the airforce. Preferrably several heavy bomber squadrons.

Vast plains of Mother Russia. Special Far East Army territories.

Goodies for the good guys.

A large train stopped at the station. It carried several huge parcels. That train diverted without explanations from the Trans-Mongolian railroad and entered the Soviet territories, successfully passing all checkpoints.

- Hey, look, Vasya... - one of the soldiers opened a crate. - We've got presents from dem' slit-eyes.
- And good presents they are, - laughed another soldier. - Thanks a lot, the children of Genghis-Khan! How many?

- Around a thousand. That's just the first shipment, - shouted officer Petrenko from behind them. - Now, let's inventorize that prize!
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The Madagascar Tribune

Prime Minister departs for Freedom Conference

Today, the battlecruiser Valifaty departed Maroantsetra naval base for Buenos Aires carrying Prime Minister Randriana and his family, to attend the Chiletinan Freedom conference hosted by that country's Prime Minister. The aim of the conference is to discuss the threat posed by the spectre of Communism, and devise solutions to safeguard member nations from Communist revolution. "As a nation that nearly fell to Communism recently, this conference is of great importance to us. While Madagascar has traditionally attempted to keep to itself as much as possible, Communism is an international movement, so much be confronted internationally. Nations that attempt to face communism alone my find themselves picked off one at a time. Nonetheless, we intend to propose a pragmatic approach to combating this threat. We recognize that Communism and Socialism are not a monolithic bloc, and the last thing we want to do is drive moderate Socialist nations further into the Communist sphere."

Reporters also asked about the recent developments in the Indian Ocean including the arrival of a German squadron. "As I've stated repeatedly, this situation is of grave concern to us, given how much of our trade passes through that area, and the sinking of the Princess of the Orient should be proof that no nation's ships are safe. As a result, We've been able to pass legislation officially supporting the Germans' demands against Shepistan and the Grand Dominion. We're also requiring Madagascar-flagged freighters to travel in convoys between here and the entrance to the Red Sea, and have released some of our smaller warships for the task of escorting these convoys. The rest of Navy has also been brought up to heightened alert...I have also dispatched a telegram to Berlin, inviting the German squadron in the Indian Ocean to visit our base here at Maroantsetra, and I have offered to provide temporary basing to them and any other nation concerned about the piracy situation, as well as a way station for international shipping in case the Suez Canal is blocked from traffic. Hopefully this will not come to war, but if it does, we will be ready."

The opposition Liberals criticized the use of the 43,000 ton battlecruiser, one of the largest ships currently in service with the Merina Navy, for transport to the conference, calling it "extravagant showboating" and a "waste of taxpayers' ariaries", and citing the recent tensions in the Indian Ocean claimed the battlecruiser's presence might be required in home waters very soon. Randriana replied that the symbolism of the battlecruiser's presence in Beunos Aires was important, as it demonstrated to the world Madagascar's commitment to facing not only Communism, but the piracy in the Indian Ocean as well. He also said the warship could be home within two weeks, with or without him, should it be required.

Eighteen days later near Beunos Aires, aboard the HMMS Valifaty

With the early morning sun behind her, the majestic battlecruiser entered the River Plate estuary at a sedate 15 knots, her slender hull gently parting the waves, and her four attendant destroyers flanking her protectively, two on either side. Along with her sole sister-ship, she was the largest warship in service with the Merina Navy and the pride of the fleet, having entered service only four years prior. As a Merina Navy battlecruiser, she was not only well armed and protected, but fast as well: She could exceed 30 knots on a good day. From her quaterdeck flew Madagascar's naval ensign, and on her mainmast flew the flag of Chilentina, as was standard maritime courtesy. She and her escorts were nearing the end of their 6,800 nautical mile journey from Madagascar, which had gone mostly uneventfully, partially thanks to the fact that during the last leg of their journey, they'd traveled from Cape Horn northward, hugging the Chilentinan coast so as to avoid any encounters with the Brazilian Navy.

Below decks, Prime Minister Randriana exited the spacious Admiral's cabin where he'd berthed during the journey, dressed in the suit he intended to wear to the conference. His wife was still inside, but his 12-year-old son had left far earlier: After much pleading, he'd been allowed become an honorary crewman during the journey. Every day he'd try his hand at various duties around the ship, and the crew had graciously allowed this and promised to keep him safe: Today, his boy was going to be a gunner's mate if memory served him. He made his way up to the chart room to check their position, and was informed they'd be in Beunos Aires in five and a half hours. Most of the officers were wearing dress uniforms, but Captain Manamboninahitra was not among them, either here or on the bridge. The navigator told him he could be found up on the compass platform. Wasting no time, the Prime Minister awkwardly made his way up the steep steps to the top of the platform, where sure enough the captain was standing near the fore end of the platform at the binnacle, a pair of binoculars around his neck. He shouted the occasional order down to the bridge through his voicepipe. Like the officers on the bridge, he was in dress uniform, ready for their welcoming in Beunos Aires.

The Prime Minister walked next to him, though the captain didn't immediately notice his presence. Randriana took this moment to soak in the view; the water sparkled with a golden hue in the morning sun; to the left he could see the southern coast of the River Plate, and to the right, only a horizon of water, even though he knew the river's other shore was not far beyond it. His eyes then settled on the battlecruiser's long, graceful forecastle stretching out below him, then moved back to the two massive forward turrets, one superimposed over the other. Each held two 40-centimeter guns that were capable of hurling a one thousand kilogram shell at 760 meters per second. They'd never been fired in anger, but with the way things were going in the world he wondered how long that'd remain the case. He then thought of his son again, whom he was sure would want to join the navy as soon as he was old enough. His train of thought was interrupted as the Captian noticed him and spoke:
"Always a pleasure, Prime Minister"

"Likewise Captain. Anything I should know about?"

"Nothing you don't already know" replied the captain "we've confirmed our mooring arrangements with the port authority, and the crew has nearly finished preparing the ship for our guests": the 'guests' being a delegation from the Chilentinan Navy who would be touring the ship while he was ashore. Randriana was sure the captain was looking forward to showing off his command.

"You think the Brazilians will try anything when we leave?" Randriana asked.

"I'd be surprised; After all, the Chilantinian Navy will probably make an extra effort to keep them away while we're in their waters, we'll be taking the same route back anyway. Besides I doubt the Reds are stupid enough to try anything overt even if they could catch us"

"Probably true" he replied, but the Captain had already turned his attention back to his binnacle and then shouted a course correction into the voicepipe. The Prime Minister knew that any rewards of killing just one head of government attending the Freedom Conference by sinking his ship would not be worth the effort or consequences, which meant they'd unlikely try. Still he found it hard not to think about it, especially with his family on board. If he really did have anything to fear though, it'd probably be an assassin ashore, though the Chilentinians were deploying very heavy security to protect the conference.

After a few minutes on the platform, he decided to leave and take a walk around the main deck.

Seven hours later, the battlecruiser was anchored under the afternoon sun off the gleaming metropolis of Beunos Aires. The time of the conference had nearly come, and the Prime Minister, his secretary and bodyguards boarded the motor launch that would take them ashore. The deck crew, wearing pristine white uniforms, lined up in attention along the railing, and the ship's rigging was now festooned with pennants. The launch was lowered into the water, and almost immediately began speeding toward shore. The pier they'd been instructed to arrive at was cordoned off by Chilentinian police. Waiting there was a limousine from the Madagascar embassy, and standing next to it to greet them was Madagasgar's ambassador to Chilentina himself. After exchanging pleasantries, the prime minister and his party got into the back of the car with the ambassador, and the driver set out toward the conference hall. Several black sedans from the Chilentinian security forces escorted them along the way.

The arrival at the conference hall had been a standard "meet and greet" with the Chilentinian Prime Minister Morales and the other world leaders in attendance. After about an hour, the delegates filed inside the hall and the conference began. Morales opened the conference with one of the fiery, rhetoric-laced speeches for which he'd become famous. He then outlined his goals for the conference, including a mutual defense pact and an international intelligence-sharing agency. These goals seemed reasonable on the surface and were roughly in line with what Randriana had in mind, though in light of the speech that preceded it, he still worried that this conference would end up producing a response to communism to would be too extreme, thereby doing more harm than good. After the speech ended and the delegates started bringing up their own proposals and debating them, he hoped the pragmatic approach that he and several others there favored would not fall on deaf ears.


-Madagascar-flagged vessels will travel in convoys between Madagascar and the Red Sea.
-German squadron invited to visit Madagascar.
-Madagascar offers basing to Germany and other nations concerned about the Indian Ocean piracy situation.
-Madagascar's Prime Minister attends Freedom Conference.
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Portuguese Government Wireless Room

The wireless operator sends out the following message as dictated by his superior, Vincenzo de Miguel, head diplomat for the council. The message is as follows:

[Reveal] Spoiler: Message sent to Germany, Italy, and Egypt
Our top naval adviser has warned us that leaving convoys unprotected in the Gulf of Aden would be most unwise and have recommended a convoy system of destroyers, minesweepers, and submarines for traffic moving through the gulf. We would like this to be a joint force and we have destroyers and submarines that can be committed to the task. We would also like to say that we would be most happy to further discuss the formation of a joint fleet for rapid reaction to any situations in the gulf and hear that Egypt would be willing to play host to such a fleet. Please send a reply swiftly.

Forever faithful to Portugal and her people,
-Vincenzo de Miguel, Head of Portuguese Diplomacy
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Regional Army Command
Holy City of Mecca

The copper ceiling fan droned softly as it stirred the air in the thick-walled office. Even in the winter the temperature in the Hejaz rarely dropped below 25 degrees Celsius and today was well above that. Through the narrow windows the air simmered above the domes and minarets of Islam's holiest city, where even now pilgrims from all over the world were performing the rites of the Hajj, the ritual pilgrimage to Mecca every able-bodied Muslim was supposed to carry out at least once in their life.

Right now however Field Marshal Hussam Abdul el-Shazly, commander of Army Group South of the Sultanate Army, was not interested in religious matters. He was studying a decoded telegram that had received in the early morning from the army headquarters in Cairo. It contained deployment orders, a whole list of them. Troops from Army Groups West and South were ordered to a greater state of alert; elements of the Army of the Levant and the Expeditionary Army of Sudan were being redeployed to Arabia.

His own orders were to order reconnaissance aircraft from the Sultanate Air Corps over the Asir and Najran regions so as to gauge what the message termed 'possible opposition'. He was also to move several divisions into the field in the Asir region and bring additional artillery up to al-Qunfudhah. The field marshal leaned back in his vaulted leather chair as he considered the telegram. The deployments, he gathered, were a message from the Sultan to the infidels in the south: close the Bab el-Mandeb and we will make things very difficult for you...
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The strong arming began before the details even hit the floor. By the time the news had leaked that a treaty was going up for discussion, Prime Minster Baldwin had won roughly half the Conservatives over to his side. There was a solid third of his party he did not even bother with being made up of the England first section who would never tolerate any peace with the Hun. In fact nothing would cheer them more than a declaration of war on that country. However he had enough members who owned him either favor's or their position he could match that third with ease. The rest he reasoned with, cajoled or out and out badgered until he felt he had their vote secured. He could not approach the Liberals first, best to simply drop it on them and surprise them when the voting came on how many conservative votes would be with them.

And erupt it did, the treaty had barely been read aloud before that third was on their feet and shouting. To his amusement the two Chamberlains were shouting at each other. Austin having won a new term as the last Liberal Unionist left in Parliament. His brother Neville was also on his feet waving his hands and shouting for the issue. Something he did not think that brother could hear as he seemed to be trying to shame into doing what he already was. He never let the smile touch his lips as he turned to the business of hammering together enough votes from the rest to support this.

Four hours later he was more than happy to bring and end to discussion and call for a vote. All attempts at delay had failed the anti-German Conservatives. And the hard looks he had received today despite his best efforts at peace-maker made him glad he had three more years before he had to call elections. But he had won. The motion passed. Not by any great margin. But not by one vote either. With a start he noticed that almost none of the newspaper men were left in the rear of the gallery. Soon this news would hit the rest of the world and several other countries which had felt threatened by one side or the other like a thunderbolt.

Wire service
Surprise new Treaty before Parliament Stop... Fierce debate in Parliament about purposed English/German Treaty Stop.... Two Conservative members detained after one challenged the other to duel on Parliament floor Stop... English/German Treaty passed by thirty six votes in Parliament Stop... Major Treaty between Germany/England to be signed in one months time. Stop. Details of treaty to follow Stop. Treaty begins....
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Imperial Chronicles

Letter to President Garrett, Cascadia

Dear Sir,

The Emperor of Byzantium, Alexios IV Komnenos congratulates you on your recent election. The Emperor has asked if he might visit Cascadia for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual importance. He hopes to have a favourable reply, and indicates that many possible items are on the table for discussion.

Exarch Ignatius Korolev
Letter to the King George V

Your Majesty,

The Emperor of Byzantium, Alexios IV Komnenos congratulates you on your recent ascension to the throne of Great Britain. The Emperor has asked if you might wish to visit Constantinople to discuss matters of importance and of mutual interest.

Exarch Ignatius Korolev


"So tell me Admiral Gregoroi, what can you tell me of these new vessels," asked the Emperor.

"Sire, we have been studying global trends, and I think you will agree with me that we might have need for heavier cruisers with larger armament. Also, considering the latest German boasting about 18" guns on vessels around 50,000tonnes, perhaps we should make a reply of our own."

"These cruisers are huge! Practically battleship scale."

"Yes sire, but these days, potential adversaries seem to have a habit of attacking our cargo ships. Some response must be given."

"And these new battleships you are suggesting... you could squeeze that thick a deck armor? That's the thickest I have seen!"

"Apparently, there are a number of interesting advantages afforded by this arrangement, and it allows us to fit the thickest possible armor possible for many things."

"Well, the naval shipwrights and engineers have my thanks. These ships will be interesting indeed. They will laid next year."

"Yes sire. We may be slower, but we make our ships count."

Results: New Battleship class and New Cruiser class to be laid in 1926

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Fingolfin_Noldor wrote:
Imperial Chronicles

Letter to President Garrett, Cascadia

Dear Sir,

The Emperor of Byzantium, Alexios IV Komnenos congratulates you on your recent election. The Emperor has asked if he might visit Cascadia for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual importance. He hopes to have a favourable reply, and indicates that many possible items are on the table for discussion.

Exarch Ignatius Korolev

The reply would come from the nation's new Secretary of State, Rachel MacKenzie.

Dear Sir,

The President and his Cabinet, having read and discussed your request, would be most delighted in hosting a state visit by the Eastern Emperor to our nation.

Rachel MacKenzie, Secretary of State
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Qasr al-Ablaq
Muqattam Hill, Cairo

Yonatan Shaham was surprised, but as the initial wave of surprise rolled past him, he realized that he should not be so surprised-- his mother had taught him that women in early Islamic culture had been quite liberated, and in fact their prophet, Mohammed, had initially met his first wife by working for her in her own business. He also noted the black-and-white keffiyeh; whether that mean she actually was from Palestine or merely representing their interests he knew not. But he smiled, and sat before the Sheikh and gratefully accepted the tea.

Yonatan also knew how to conduct business in proper Middle East style, again, a gift from his mother and part of the reason why he was sent on this trip.

"I am honored to be granted an audience," he said, and drank the tea. A servant offered dates, which he picked a few of, as did she. "I noticed a distinctly brownish tinge to the sea on my way over," he said. "The Nile appears to have blessed the ancient lands quite well this year."
"It has been a good season," Sheik Maryam Abdul-Ati said. "It makes up for the hot winds that blow from the east."

"I'd not say that a storm is coming quite yet," Yonatan said, "But the possibility exists. Wise travelers should be wary."
"I wonder if a storm would come only by sea?" the Sheikh asked. "The monsoons of the Indian Ocean have a way of funneling up the Red Sea and making a mess of things sometimes." A servant poured more tea, and left the plate of dates, which they both ignored.

"Either way, the Sultan's realm has withstood the rough seas, no matter from where they blow," Yonatan said. "This tea is excellent."
"Koshary, from Kenya," the Sheikh said with a smile. "Cane sugar, of course, but I never developed a taste for milk in it."
"Myself as well," Yonatan said. "And just the right amount of mint."
"Mint from the Yishuv's plantations near Mount Tavor, in fact," the Sheikh said.
"An excellent partnership," Yonatan said.

"Rewarding for all involved," the Sheikh said. "So, what brings you to our city besides the tea?"
"A few minor matters," Yonatan said. "The Yishuv Council has been considering a business venture."

"What sort of business venture?" the Sheikh asked.
"The Hedjaz Railway runs through Damascus, and takes pilgrims to Mecca from there," Yonatan said. "We have considered that a rail line from Damascus through Beirut, Haifa, Tel-Aviv/Yafo, Ashkelon and Ghazzah to Alexandria would be a great boon to business across the Levant and to the Sultanate," Yonatan said. "It would also facilitate trade and contact with the Syrian province of Byzantium, and allow for easier transit of pilgrims to Mecca from the Sultanate."

"By way of Damascus," the Sheikh said.
"A future rail line straight through the Yishuv, through Beer-Sheva, could eventually be contemplated," Yonatan said.
"Perhaps," the Sheikh said, "What of the costs of these rail lines? How would such a thing be borne?"

"We have been dealing with a company in Germany, Henschel & Sons, who have a representative going up and down the coast talking with people-- businessmen, managers, and so on, seeking interest and support. This leads me to another potential arena for partnership. The industrial city of Ashkelon would be on this route."

"Ashkelon," the Sheikh said. "I am not familiar with it."
"A less fortunate seaside city," Yonatan identified, "A large population of factory workers. The land can support a few olive groves but that's about it. They would prosper if the Sultan were to allow our workers to help build parts for the new ships being built based off plans from Germany."

"Ah, I see-- a factory that would be linked by rail, of course," the Sheikh said.
"It would square well with the emerging defense and strategic needs of the Sultanate," Yonatan said.
"Many things look good on paper; less so when the details begin to emerge. So far you have mentioned a rail line with much support from business along the way, and potential builders in Germany; and the possibility of helping the Sultanate meet shipbuilding needs. The Yishuv is ambitious-- and getting involve din the greater affairs of the world, I see."

"The buildup of Shepistani and Dominion forces concerns us as well," Yonatan said, "The Dominion builds a base that can cut off the Red Sea; they have not done this, but they can, and even if they never threaten to do so, it will still bring unfavorable attention from the Shepistanis. There are Dominion interests in Aden, as well, and again, a choke point at the Persian Gulf that can threaten the Sultan's trade through that route from the Kuwaiti Emirate."

"You have outlined, in stark detail, the immediate, pressing concerns of His Most Sublime Majesty," the Sheikh said, pouring some more tea. "It seems that the wars of the Dominionites and the Shepistanis are pulling our attention in nearly every direction."
"We have many contacts with the Germans, who are equally concerned," Yonatan said. "We of the Yishuv wish to offer the Germans a base in the Mediterranean so that they may help keep the Suez Canal free of piracy from belligerent captains that over-interpret their orders," Yonatan said. "We hope this will meet with the Sultan's blessing, for the business opportunity it would bring the Yishuv would go a long way towards funding the Coastal Railroad, and building up our base in Eilat-- the southern tip of concerns of us, considering the Red Sea situation."

"This is an elaborate arrangement of mutually-supporting interests," the Sheikh said. "Tell me, mister Shaham, do you read Arabic poetry?"
"I must admit I do not," he said, "I cannot read or write Arabic, but I speak it because of my mother."
"And she gave you a charming accent as well," the Sheikh said. "Tarabulus, I believe?"
"Yes," Yonatan said, "She was of clan Balulu there. Most of them moved to the Yishuv, eventually, where she met my father."

"And your father?"
"Colonel Arik Shaham, commander of the Tel-Aviv garrison of forces, at His Majesty's favor," Yonatan said.
"He is not also of Tarabulus?" she asked.

"No, ma'am, he came from Poland, and moved the America is a young man, then moved again to the Yishuv. They married in 1899, common era calendar, and I was born a year later."
"A history as complex as the proposals you bring to my feet," the Sheikh said. "I admit, there are some in the Sultanate that feel it is not right to have so many foreigners living with such autonomy within our borders; especially so close to the holy sites. What would you have me say to such critics when I bring this before the council?"

"I would say, ma'am, that we are not foreigners, but cousins in Abraham; ibn-umm. We are loyal citizens of the realm, grateful for our homeland, payers of the jizya, and fellow guardians of the interests of all of us from those who would try to revive the Crusader spirit from outside."

Sheik Maryam Abdul-Ati set down her tea cup and regarded Yonatan for a moment. "And you say you read none of our poetry, Mister Shaham. I think perhaps you've read more than you realize. I will bring this before our Council; I cannot guarantee the results. Tell me, are you going to be stationed here in Cairo as a diplomat, permanently?"

"I'm afraid not, ma'am; I was selected to bear these communiques due to my position in the Yishuv. I am Captain of a small company of troops under my father's command, and well regarded in matters of security. I will return to Tel-Aviv after I am graced with His Majesty's reply to our query."

"Unfortunate, in a way," the Sheikh said, "You have the European penchant for organization, but none of the pretentions. A gift from your mother, I suppose, and welcome as a bearer of messages in the future."
"I will pass that on to my father, and the ministers of the Yishuv Council," Yonatan promised.

Yonatan Shaham meets Sheik Maryam Abdul-Ati to discuss the matters at hand:
German Base in Tel-Aviv
Coastal Railway
Ashkelon Factory contract for shipbuilding.


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Gazzeta di Firenze

A ministry of defence spokesman announced the relocation of the Southern Ocean Squadron. The ships are to redevouz with the German Scouting group for routine exercises off the Horn of Africa.

The squadron is to become a part of the multinational fleet ensuring safe passage of merchantmen through the Red Sea.

Encrypted Signal of Supermarina to CinC Southern Ocean Squadron, Commander East Africa at Kilwa Masoko and Captain RN Styx

+++ Proceed immediately to Dar-Es-Salaam to refuel. Until further orders, you are to take under your command battlecruiser RN Lorenzo de Medici, carrier RN Sparviero, heavy cruiser RN Tevere. cruiser RN Styx is to proceed from her station off New Guinea to join your flottila. Captain Styx to report ETA. Further ships will be assigned from East Africa Station. Currently, no plans to detach units from Home Fleet. Resupply in Dar es Salaam will send oiler and spares.

Commander East Africa is reassign destroyer squadron 16 Leone, Tigre, Pantera, Lince, Leopardo, Felino submarines Toricelli, Volta, Galilei to CinC Southern Ocean Squadron. Vessels are to rendevous at 4°S 50°E. Location and Time of Meeting with Multinational Fleet to be determined.

You are to
-) escort any friendly merchantmen through contested waters
-) enforce the trade blockade currently under discussion

Responses are to be in kind. No repeat No use of special weapons until further orders.

Signed Ammiraglio Angelo Montecuccoli
Verification code FSARSD654782FGTDSAR.

end message+++

Tuscan Kingdom detaches ships to the Horn of Africa
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Reichskanzlei, Berlin

Sänger was about to sigh and call for a reply note when the doors to his office were flung wide open and the Kaiser himself stormed into the office. "DIESER SCHWEINEHUND. Eine abscheuliche Beleidigung unserer Ehre." The Reichskanzler rose and quickly straightened his clothes before giving - as according to hanseatic tradition - the slightest of bows. "Your Majesty. I take it you received copies of the note?" Note to self - restrict access of the Kaiser to diplomatic notes before breakfast.

"Ja. Was glaubt er was er ist? Diese heruntergerkommene Abscheulichkeit." "Quite, your majesty. I was just about to reply-" "Leave that to me." With broad strokes, Wilhelm II. scribbled a few letters on the paper, then turned to the chancellor. "What's this I here about you making overtures to the British?" Sänger resisted the urge to sigh. Ever since the Vienna Bombing, the Kaiser's memory had gotten worse and worse. "Your majesty, I was acting on your instruction. You told me you wanted to see German and British ships sailing side by side - I tried to make that happen. And I am proud to report that HMS Lion and HMS Tiger have joined our forces in the Arabian Sea."

The kaiser seemed to ponder this for a moment, before straightening himself. "Yes. Well done. I told you I have a surprise for you, didn't I?" Sänger nodded. "Your Majesty is most kind." Wilhelm nodded. "Indeed." Then a mischievous twinkle entered his eyes. "But I think I will keep it until the recent crisis is resolved. Now, what about my new battleships..."

After a lengthy discussion on the merits of ships - which as usual, the Kaiser proclaimed himself to be the winner of - Wilhelm II. left, leaving the Reichskanzler to read the note written.

How dumb do you think we are? You have no honor and Christ will strike you down.

Sighing, he began to rewrite it. If only the Kaiser could take another cruise...preferrably a long one.

From the German Empire to the Shepistani Federation

The German Empire has received your note and would like to reply with the following:
Regarding Point 1 (apology); the Shepistani Federation makes no apology, for the actions of it's ship's crews were correct and within international law.

Regarding Point 2 (restitution); the Shepistani Federation has already offered as payment the amount of tolls collected by both the Shepistani ship and supposedly, by the Grand Dominion ship. No further payment should be required.

Regarding Point 3 (Gurantee); we make no such gurantee; for we must be ever vigilant for any attempt by the Schismatics to slip much needed war material past our blockade in so called neutral hulls.

With regards to one and three, Germany contends that the actions were illegal and outside the bounds of international law, but is willing to accept arbitration and would like to suggest either the British Empire or Cascadia for the task.

With regards to two, the German Empire believes the offered amount to be acceptable and will ask for no more regarding the Mecklenburg incident.

From our understanding, the Schismatics boarded the ship, and when they sighted the masts of our battle squadron on the horizon, they mined the ship and left the crew and passengers to die in the ocean. It was only by the arrival of our Battlecruiser squadron that they were saved from a horrible oceanic death.

With respect to the considerable knowledge of the Shepistani Federation in naval affairs, we are in possession of radio signals that prove that Dominion personnel were still on board when a torpedo was fired at the ship. We therefore reject your explanation as insignificant and will require further efforts on your behalf.

The German Empire thanks you for the rescue of survivors and would like to see them transferred to the German embassy as soon as possible. If your version of events is proven to be true, we will express the customary rewards and thanks to the captains of your battlecruisers for rescuing seamen in peril.


(ooc: W.R. = Wilhelminus Rex, the common signature of Wilhelm II.)

Note sent to the Grand Dominion

the German Empire has received a version of events by the Federation of Shepistan that claims that your men mined the ship and left its survivors to die in the water, where they were then rescued by Shepistani battlecruisers.

If you are willing, the German naval attacheé will inspect the logbook of your ship and conduct an informal interview with the Captain in order to verify the Shepistani claim. This interview will not have any bearing on legal matters and will be regarded as a meeting of two naval colleagues to ascertain a question of fact, not law.

The German Empire would regard a cooperation in this matter as a positive and significant step towards a peaceful solution.

Reichskanzler Sänger

Freedom conference

Gustav Stresemann stood and read a short note.
"The German Empire thanks for this invitation and would like to note that it is a friend of the civilized world. Though we do not feel that a threat of communist invasion is imminent, the german Empire will lend its support to any free country that is the victim of unprovoked communist aggression. However, we would also ask for mutual restraint - far too many nations have been destroyed by blundering into wars they were not prepared for.

That said, Germany is willing to hear all proposals brought forward. I have also been invested with the authority to sign any treaties that might be brought forward."

Outside Wilhelmshaven
SMS Barbarossa

Generaladmiral von Hipper walked on the bridge of his flagship. The Barbarossa class (ooc: modified L20alpha) was Germany's newest battleships and the largest - except for the Ziethen class battlecruisers and the currently fitting out Bismarck class. Next to it, the sister ships Hohenstauffen, Brandenburg and Weißenburg formed the center of the line. Hipper knew that this was to be his last cruise. Already nearing his 66th year, he knew he had only stayed on due to favors within the Admiralty. At the end of the year, both he and Scheer would retire.However, at the moment, he was still in command and would show so.

"Admiral, the Scandinavian ships and the Polish ship have arrived." Hipper nodded. The Poles had pledged the PLCS Tajfun to this endeavour, a modified version of the Ersatz Yorck class originally built in Germany and then sold to Poland. The Scandinavians sent a more sizable force, but then they had more ships to spare.

Scandinavia's detachement wrote:
1 Frederik VII-class Superdreadnought (Dobeln) (IRL N3)
2 Colorado-class Dreadnoughts (Upland, Halland)
2 Revenge-class Dreadnoughts (Gotland, Jylland)
4 Hawkins-class Heavy Cruisers
6 Birmingham-class Light Cruisers
18 W&V-class Destroyers

With 9x18inch guns, the Frederik VII would be the ship with the biggest guns in the fleet, which earned her a place in the center of the battleline. Coordinating all the different ships had been very difficult, but fortunately everyone spoke English, the unofficial language of the sea. Furthermore, all three navies were quite acquainted with each other, being neighbours and having friendly relations with each other.

"Very well. Ask the Tajfun to do us the honor of leading the fast elements, Friedrich der Grosse will take the lead of the battleline, rest of the fleet will follow."

Time to pick up the others.


The former flagship of the High Seas fleet, SMS Friedrich der Grosse obeyed quickly, and the giant formation encompassing over 110 ships of all sizes and classes steamed towards the english channel, the fleet oilers trailing behind. The Hochseeflotte was on its way to meet up with other fleets that had pledged naval support.

- the German Empire reacts to a lot of diplomatic stuff and sends notes to the Shepistanis and the Dominion
- Freedom conference delegate gives a short speech
- The Hochseeflotte steams from Wilhelmshaven and is joined by Polish and Scandinavian elements.
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Portland, Federal District
14 February 1925

"What's this I heard about 'amphibious attack exercises' anyway?"
Admiral Charles O'Connor, a Cascadian officer of Irish extraction, gave a forlorn look at his new Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of Naval Operations was happy to have a fellow navy man sitting in the Green House but bringing him up to speed on the very cutting edge level of Cascadian naval developments meant dealing with a lot of pointed questions, and from a man who knew enough about what they were talking about to not be lost by obtuse technical arguments.
"Rothbard Longboats has been seeking a contract to develop a specialized motorboat that could ferry troops from a seagoing vessel to a coastline while being able to take small arms fire," O'Connor explained carefully. "Unfortunately our last tests did not end so well. As it turns out, Rothbard failed to account for the load weight of a fully-equipped soldier when doing their calculations and their boats, with that extra weight, lack the power to maneuver effectively in heavy tides and currents."
"And how much did this cost?", President Garrett asked pointedly.
"Due to the thin steel armor to protect against small arms fire and the shape of the boat - as well as the motors - Rothbard was given $1,000 per boat."
The President rubbed at his temples. "Do I want to know how many boats?"
"20 for testing purposes, the contract stipulates enough to fit out the entire 1st Brigade if they were to be proven in testing, but since the testing has failed Rothbard will not see another penny from the Navy."

"Alternatively, Mister President, we could offer Rothbard the chance to fix the design." The new voice was from Robert J. Dale, the new Secretary of War in Cascadia and a former naval officer as well. But while Stephen had actually risen through sea duty before his retirement, Dale had generally remained shoreside with few sea postings, working in the naval staff at Fleet Command in San Francisco and Naval Headquarters here in Portland, eventually converting to the Mahanian school of thought through the writings of the American Captain Alfred Mahan and propogating that mentality in all his friends and, for a time, students at Astoria.
"Really, Robert? I know I said we'd spend more for defense but this sounds ridiculous to me. Marines can land under the cover of battleship guns after all, why waste money for overarmored, oversized launch boats that are so heavy and underpowered that they have to assault at low tide?"
"Technology changes, Mister President. Newer bunker systems combined with trenches could let an enemy withstand the bombardment of our battleships and still open fire on our launches. Our own war games with the defenses in Molokai confirm the need for dedicated sea-to-shore assault craft in any future Pacific war."
"So you say. It sounds like a boondoggle to me, a waste of money and resources." Frowning, Stephen waved a hand dismissively. "See if Rothbard's designers have any ideas. Depending on what they can fix I'll consider pursuing this project further. Now, as for the Indian Ocean..."
"The Fast Battle Squadron made a final equipment check when leaving Bengkulu, they should be good for a time though they may need to make port in Dar-es-Salaam before returning to Perth, if just to clean the ships out. Of course, there is the matter of crew morale given the temperatures..."
"Yes, well, that is why I am signing the authorization to do final workups on installing air-conditioning systems for our new ships. God knows I don't miss South Pacific patrols," the President remarked.
"We believe the German High Seas Fleet will depart Wilhelmshaven shortly. Per your orders we have not given sortie orders to 1st Battle Group, but 2nd Battle Group is temporarily shifting from Melbourne to Perth as a precautionary measure."

"That's good. No need to go too far, I think we're on the verge of some kind of accord with the Dominion."
"I shouldn't need to remind you that the public sentiment is getting pretty rancorous about all this," Dale noted. "'Billions for defense, not one cent for tribute' has become all the rage."
"Millions, not billions," Stephen guffawed, the historian in him irritated at the misquoted, if "modernized", version of Thomas Jefferson's exhortation over North African piracy in the 1790s. As he exchanged amused glances with Reginald, who was sitting off to the side taking notes for him, Stephen absorbed the report in his mind; it meant that the eight battleships posted to Australia - the 1912 and 1914 ships of the Constitution and Colossus-classes - would be relatively close by and could, if needed, depart for the horn via Madagascar and Dar-es-Salaam more quickly than if they had to sail from the southeastern coast of Australia. "And the Pacific Fleet's battle line?"
"Cascadia and Pacifica are still at their base in Pearl Harbor. The crews are being readied to redeploy to Australia or Sumatra as needed."
A flicker of pride briefly crossed the President's face at the mention of his old ship. The Cascadia and her sister ship Pacifica had been partially rebuilt in their 1917 to 1919 refit, which replaced the remaining coal-fired boilers with oil-fired, added new engines so the ships could keep up with newer battle line vessels, and switched the old 14"/45 triple turrets for newer, better-functioning turrets that mounted 14"/52 Albemarle-Obukhov naval guns. As such they were, despite their age, still functional warships and would probably serve in the Navy until 1940.
"Good. They are to maintain that posture until further notice. Now, as for the Fast Cruiser Squadron..."
"Lightning and Tempest will leave Dar-es-Salaam today. They'll be sailing to rendezvous with the Fast Battle Squadron to deliver the communication protocols and codes that the Germans provided us. Whirlwind and Tornado left Truk three days ago for Pangkal Pinang, from where they can sortie for patrols in the eastern Indian Ocean. The German base there has provided them with the proper codes as well should it be necessary."
"All well and good. Make sure to give them our best wishes. I don't envy those poor sailors for what they're going to be going through down there in that weather."

"Very well. And, sir, about Tarrega..."
Stephen leveled a look at O'Connor. "What about him?"
"The Naval General Staff is concerned that you'd rescind the man's death warrant when he gave away one of our most prized secrets. The engine turbine designs that..."
"Admiral, I will allow the Supreme Court to decide Tarrega's fate, that's what they are there for. I rescinded the warrant because Halling signed it to put me in the political hot seat, and I will be damned if I let a man die so I can avoid displeasing a few Tories who seem to be looking under their beds and in their closets for Communist spies." The tone was stern and it betrayed what Stephen knew of O'Connor's own political affiliation: the Conservatives, by funding Navy projects, had kept the loyalty of the Admiralty, as much as the Admiralty would be loyal to a particular political party. Of course the main problem wasn't that he wasn't a Tory but that the Navy wanted Tarrega dangling from a noose no matter the actual weight of evidence against him. The spy scandal had been a terrible embarrassment to them. "Now, if there is nothing else, I have other meetings upon my schedule."
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Akhlut wrote:
"We need further proposals to aid countries in our position, as we do not want our industrial and military might turned over to Bolshevism."

From the back of the room, the Shepistani Federation delegate, who to this point had gone unnoticed coughed and raised his hand.

"The Shepistani Federation would be more than pleased to supply anti-communist aid to countries in danger of being overthrown by bolshevik revolutions. Of course, this is all contigent on the threats of blockade and suchlike being raised by several nations being uh; settled."
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MKSheppard wrote:
"The Shepistani Federation would be more than pleased to supply anti-communist aid to countries in danger of being overthrown by bolshevik revolutions. Of course, this is all contigent on the threats of blockade and suchlike being raised by several nations being uh; settled."

The Mongolian waited while one of his translators and then replied in German, "While that would be optimal, there is a larger problem as the Communists are treated as a legitimate part of the government in Mongolia! They even have nearly a third of the seats of the legislature. And we would be more then happy to lift all restrictions on Shepistan, were it not for the Communists, who insist on continuing it. We were happy with what offerings you extended to Germany, but the Communists still refuse and the nationalists are still wavering on it."

While the delegate was speaking, Roman sneered and excused himself, as if to use the restroom.

Instead, he went back to his room, collected a few parcels, stepped outside and spoke to a few paperboys. He paid them a few coins apiece to start handing out to passers-by two pamphlets in German, Spanish, and English. One entitled "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and another "The Jewish Bolshevism." Roman stepped back inside and watched the pamphlets spread to the people of the city.
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The Gold Palace

To the Lord Protector of the Grand Dominion of the Indies

The German Empire recognizes and respects your laws and will be satisfied with the rulings of your own naval court regarding the Mecklenburg incident with regards to criminal charges against your captain and/or his officers. We will be satisfied with whatever your court finds to be acceptable.

This does however not extend to the issue of tolls extracted and to your claim of a distant blockade. A distant blockade is, as a general instrument of war, of more than questionable legitimacy. A distant blockade that extends all the way to the Suez canal exits or the Horn of Africa is unacceptable to the German Empire, as is the issue of tolls extracted. However, we would accept the offer of international arbitration and would suggest either the British Empire or Cascadia as arbitrators.

We are however not satisfied with the continuing refusal by your nation regarding the sinking of the Princess of the Orient. We therefore will require guarantees that you will provide compensation and properly punish the people involved, should they be found guilty. We will accept the findings of a Dominion court with regards to possible criminal charges, if the Dominion court will accept the judgement of a German Naval court with extent to the worth of the ship and the proper compensation for the families of the people killed.

Reichskanzler Sänger.



Reichskanzler Sänger

I wish your emperor good health.

The Grand Dominion Gulf war zone is defined as East of Latitude 15 and North of longitude 74. This is well clear fo the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. The Grand Dominion does reserve the right to stop and search vessels within it's territorial waters. This is especially true along the Araby coast, where the Mahdists in Sudan and the Caliph in Cairo exhort their follows to rise up against us.

We maintain the doctrine of Distant Blockade, many of the nations that are currently in the coalition that you are gathering against us accepted the legal precedents set forth for it in the past, the United States was seizing vessels well past Bermuda during their civil war, for example. This blockade is limited in scope in that we confine it to the Grand Dominion Gulf war zone.

Neither Cascadia or Britain are acceptable as arbitrators, the Melckenburg was a Cascadian-flagged ship and there are those who would argue that Britain could be unduly influenced by having enclaves along the Indian Subcontinent. May we recommend the Manchu Kingdom or the Mexican Empire?

As for the Princess of the Orient, you have received an incorrect version of events. The Commerce Defense Cruiser Enrico Dandalo stopped the Princess of the Orient for a routine search for countraband. The starboard lookout on the Dandalo's bridge noticed a periscope, and so the vessel was ordered to gather steam and come about to ram the suspected submersible. The submersible fired and sank the merchant ship, which still had our boarding party of 6 men and 1 officer onboard. The Dandalo successfully rammed the submersible, and debris and an oil slick was noticed rising. Shepistani Federal Naval vessels of a dreadnought type arrived on scene and fired upon the Dandalo before it could commence rescue of any survivors.

Unfortunately, at this time, neither the logbook or the commanding officer is on hand, as the Dandalo is still at sea keeping an eye out for your lot. Which brings me to the next item.

Reichskanzler, I cannot help but note that you have encouraged a fleet of warships to gather against the Grand Dominion, despite a stated goal of a "mere" trade embargo. Reichskanzler, I would like to point out that you, not us, are the ones intervening in someones backyard, and everyday more vessels arrive with what can only be an express purpose to knock the Grand Dominion and the Shepistani Federation flat. I am under immense political pressure to take a hardline, as a large part of my population looks at your gathering forces and comes to the conclusion that your stated mission of a "trade war" is in actuality a prelude to real war. Why, just this morning, I received an intelligence report that Egypt is shifting significant amounts of troops into Arabia.

Reichskanzler, I have striven to keep the alert level of the Grand Dominion forces as at normal as possible. I have not shifted any additional troops to where they can inflict the most damage(the overseas possession of Araby), and at no point have I had more than two battleship squadrons at sea...and both of them are escorting the routine Q1B convoy from Araby. Gathering several dozen capital vessels in the Indian Ocean goes far beyond mere "commercial escort", and has created a perception that war is imminent.


M.B. Bucher
Lord Fairfax
Lord Protector of the Grand Dominion of the Indies

[OOC: Shep screwed up, the "toll" certainly wasn't in the Red least not the Dominion warship]

The Blue Guards


Fisher Old Boy,

Have received your letter. While we stand ready to push back the protestants and atheists if the situation calls for it, the prevailing attitude is to pay them the ten grand to send them on their way. Dr. Blitzschlag of the SIG(no doubt you have a profile as high as your demerits list at the academy on him) has commented that even paying the full cost of the petty cash and cargo of the Mecklenburg, the idiots have spent such stupid amounts of money on this deployment that we've already received quite a return on investment, however unintended. The Kaiser's Lot are likely to hang around even after the "emergency" has passed, so it should be interesting to see what their mobocracy at home thinks of the costs. The cost of coal and oil in the IO has positively skyrocketed, and as more vessels arrive they'll be facing severe problems getting a hold of stores once all the local supplies have been bought up. God only knows how they'll get parts down here in a timely manner.

I see that the Middenheim Marauders won the all-India Rugby Tourney, looks like first round is on you next Founding Day!


Grand Admiral Oskar Saldana.

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Akhlut wrote:
The Mongolian waited while one of his translators and then replied in German, "While that would be optimal, there is a larger problem as the Communists are treated as a legitimate part of the government in Mongolia! They even have nearly a third of the seats of the legislature. And we would be more then happy to lift all restrictions on Shepistan, were it not for the Communists, who insist on continuing it. We were happy with what offerings you extended to Germany, but the Communists still refuse and the nationalists are still wavering on it."

The Shepistani Delgate simply stood there, his mouth open.

"What? You what?"

After a moments pause, during which he composed himself, the delegate resumed speaking.

"You allow god-damned bolsheviks in your government? They're more trouble than they're worth! Just ask us or the Goddamns, though in our cases; the Hindoos cloaked their bolshevik rhetoric in other things, like "Freedom".

"Freedom to resume their barbaric practices of burning a man's wife at his funeral, and equality for all! Pfah!"
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PostPosted: 2009-11-17 06:59pm 

Sith Devotee

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"We didn't let them in! Back in the '50s, they allowed all political parties and those bastards gained traction! We can't outlaw them now for fear of gaining more aid from the Russians!"
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