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Re: Infrastructure (Original and Illustrated)

Posted: 2020-03-15 06:17pm
by Zor
Coinguards are a catch all term for security firms in the Anvosi Peninsula, most notably Venoa. In the Serene Republic wealthy Patricians, Prominent Guilds and Joint Stock Companies all have the need for muscle beyond what can be provided by the Constabulary or the hired guards they keep on staff. When this happens go to the Coinguard Companies. They perform a variety of jobs from guarding people, items and buildings, patrol city blocks for thieves as well as evicting, repossession and in general send a message. Most of them come from poor backgrounds, had active military service and spun that into a career. In Venoa it is normal for Coinguards to have some decent armor such as this breastplate as well as some substantial weapons, all be it ones optimized for fighting in confined environs (such as this fellows revolver, shield and shortsword, they'll also often times carry wooden truncheons when lethal force is not required). They are cheaper than mercenaries and are less rowdy. The basic system had it's origins in gangs which found that taking contracts for the rich was a more profitable and safer venture than robbery, extortion and similar. Coinguard Companies try to present themselves as being skilled professionals which provide firm and sometimes distasteful but legal and ethically sound services, though many Venoans think of them as being somewhat cleaned up street thugs that have been given a scrap of legitimacy by wealthy patronage.