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Quote of the Week: "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant, American historian (1885-1981)

Supernatural Taisen (Megacrossover) (Update!)

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PostPosted: 2011-06-20 12:38am 


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Alright you're back. I have to agree with Harry on this: Super Robots rock!
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PostPosted: 2011-06-26 05:59pm 


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What else to say?

You dig giant robots,
I dig giant robots,
We dig giant robots,
Chicks dig giant robots.

Also, I forgot about a small thing. Cross Smasher.

Cosmo Nova or Akashic Buster in the future, please? Pretty please?

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PostPosted: 2011-06-26 08:33pm 


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Very true.
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-08-03 04:23pm 

Sith Acolyte

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Gotta teaser installment almost ready, but I have just one thing I want to say:

No one is miffed I just casually killed off the Charmed Ones in a single line?

I was worried someone was going to be pissed at me for that one...
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PostPosted: 2011-08-03 06:05pm 


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After they killed Ouka and Wodan in OG2, along with Chopper on AC5? My tolerance is way higher.

... uh, wait a sec. Who are the Charmed Ones?
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PostPosted: 2011-08-03 06:25pm 


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The protagonists of the TV show Charmed. Though I have to say in my case it was because it fit in with what you've already done (put Supergirl in a wheelchair and kill off Captain America for example) that I kinda expected that to be the case. That being said though Charmed was something I never really paid attention to. It does somewhat make it more real at least.
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PostPosted: 2011-08-03 07:28pm 


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Well, stuff happens, and it is proven that not even heroes are immune to disease and death....
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PostPosted: 2011-08-03 07:31pm 


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Exactly my point.
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-08-04 12:45pm 

Sith Acolyte

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There were many factions in the city of Roanapur. Each had an interest in keeping the town running to one degree or another as the world’s vilest hive off scum and villainy. When the leaders of these factions met it was always serious business and always ego’s clashed.

But the mountain of a man who called them there drew their attention away from such petty jealousies. Though well dressed, it felt unnatural for him. An eye patch covered his right eye and the hints of a scar on his chests peaked out near his collar. He was much more at home in less restrictive clothing.

Clothing meant for fighting.

“Eh, who the hell is this guy?” One of the gangsters, a Columbian, sneered. There were quite a few groups represented. The Russians, the Triads, the Mafia, the Columbian Cartels and even the Yakuza—each had a stake in this city off vice.

The Columbian must have been new. Otherwise, he would know the man who stood before him.

“Hell,” The Columbian continued, “Why the hell is that minnow Yakuza here at all?”

“I am here because I was told to be,” The Yakuza answered, he was a tall, strongly built, one eyed man who did not bother with a patch. “You’re just upset because you could not defend your territory against my men.”

The Russian representative, a scarred woman, chuckled. “Certainly true.”

“Bah! Who brings damn labors to a turf war,” The Columbian mumbled.

“Boss does,” The Yakuza answered, “It’s why he’s Boss.”

The Italian representative, more boy than man by his looks, smiled. His voice sounded more like an child than a hardened criminal, “Nice to see everyone getting along as always.”

“Sagat,” The Russian narrowed her eyes, “It’s certainly been a while.”

“Wait, Sagat the Champion kickboxer?” The Italian’s eyes widened like a schoolboy’s, “Really?”

“It’s an honor to have you here, Sagat,” The severe Japanese Yakuza representative said. Sagat kept his eye on him, his Ki was quite evident from just a glance.

“What brings you back to Roanapur?” The leader of the Triads lowered his sunglasses, keeping the kickboxer in his unobstructed view.

“Ghosts,” Sagat said, “I’ve been hearing rumblings from old contacts. I’ve come to give you a warning.”

“A warning about what?” The Russian took a drag on her cigarette, “Millennium’s rats running around?”

Sagat nodded, “To a degree.”

“You mean the Nazi guys?” The young Italian said, “Yeah, we know about them. We’ve been tryin’ ta stamp ‘em out for a bit now. They’re like roaches on steroids.”

“If all you have is old news, Sagat, I suggest you head back home,” The Triad leader said, “You’re not exactly the most welcome man in this city—even during tournament season.”

“They’re rebuilding the Psychodrive.”

The room hung silent or a moment until the Columbian spoke, “The hell is that?”

“Dunno,” The Italian said, “Sounds spooky.”

“Mumbo Jumbo,” the Russian let out a puff of smoke, “No one’s been able to make that weapon system work for years. Not since—”

Her words stopped, then her eyes narrowed. “I see.”

Sagat growled as he spoke, “Millennium is planning to resurrect him.”

“Oh,” The Triad head pulled his sunglasses back and gave a smiled nervously, “Is that all.”

“Impossible,” The Yakuza added.

“Um, who?” The Italian scratched his head.

The scar-faced Russian sighed, “You’re naiveté is diverting, but makes me wonder why hasn’t this city killed you already, Firo Prochainezo.”

“Ancient Italian Secret,” The young man smiled at her.

She let out a half-coughed laugh in disdain, “He’s talking about M. Bison.”

“Oh, that guy,” Firo scratched his head, “I thought he sounded familiar.”

“Well, you conquer Roanapur for over a decade before being dethroned,” the Triad smirked, “It’s quite easy to remember those times.”

“Bison often boasted of being eternal. I know he’s been killed at least four times before. I don’t doubt that Millennium could bring him back again.”

“I thought I felt an unusual Ki in this city,” The Yakuza closed his good eye, “This is bad. Very bad.”

“Indeed,” The Russian dropped her cigarette and crushed it, “It’ll be bad for business if he sets up shop again. Worse, we’ll all be on the chopping block if he gets back on his feet. I am not looking forward to that fight.”

“There’s one other thing I came to mention. The UN is already sending a team here to stop them,” Sagat smirked, “I’m sure you can find a use for them.”

“Well,” The Triad leader put his hands behind his head and smiled, “I’m not one for war, so I’ll cede the floor to Ms. Balalaika as to any strategy we can pull off.”

“Oh?” Balalaika said, “Giving up so easily Mr. Chang?”

Mr. Chang turned to the Russian, “Knowing when to fold is the sign of a good gambler.”

“Or a sign of weakness in a commander,” Ms. Balalaika growled.

“Um,” Firo raised his hand, “Pardon my asking, but why are you telling us this? I mean, didn’t you used to work for Bison?”

Mr. Chang shook his head, “He really is a child.”

“I used to be a lot of things,” Sagat said, “Now I atone for them.”

“I know a few fighters from back then,” The Yakuza said, “I’ll see if we can find the man who beat him.”

Sagat grunted, “Good luck with that, Mr. Kazama.”

“Daigo if you please, Sagat,” The Yakuza bowed slightly, “If things were not as they are, I’d have liked to challenge you to a match.”

“I bet you would,” Sagat smirked.

“That’s nice and all, but don’t we have things to do?” The Columbian said.

“Yeah,” Firo punched his own open palm with a mild feral smile, “I haven’t punched a Nazi in ages.”

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PostPosted: 2011-08-04 03:31pm 


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Oh Hell Yeah! Firio from Baccano is in this! (I'm seeing Large HP Regen in his stats) Also, Street Fighter and Black Lagoon!! And some old school punching-Nazi's-in-the-face action in the near future! This fic really does have it all!
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PostPosted: 2011-08-05 06:28pm 

Mecha Fanboy

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I didn't even notice the Charmed thing. Kinda harsh, you think?
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PostPosted: 2011-08-05 10:33pm 

Sith Acolyte

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SAMAS wrote:
I didn't even notice the Charmed thing. Kinda harsh, you think?

Charmed was quite possibly the lamest supernatural-themed television series ever made. Getting ganked off-screen is all they deserve.
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PostPosted: 2011-08-06 05:30am 


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Nice to see Boss doing well for himself. :)
What's the story with his eye, he didn't happen to be at the House of Blue Leaves when a certain american blonde came to town, did he?

Seconding Charmed deserving an embarrasing end offscreen.
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-08-06 02:38pm 

Sith Acolyte

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There's multiple reasons why that happened.

1) Angel Season 4. They had an off screen analogue of the Charmed ones meet that fate.
2) It roughly corresponds to the death of one of the sisters in Charmed (and the later discovery of a 4th sister) and the series subsequent fall into greater silliness than before.
3) One of my sources for crossover information (the WNU) has established a minor crossover with it, otherwise, it would have gotten away scott-free.

It works.

But it also plays off my hatred for the series, so at least their deaths are mourned even though they go out suddenly and rather harshly.
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-09-14 11:59pm 

Sith Acolyte

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“Say Isaac?”

“What is it, Miria?”

“I don’t think we’ve quite left our mark on this city.”

“It’s like we were never here—stealthy as Ninja!”

“That’s exactly my point, we need to be better than Ninja!”

“How so, Isaac?”

“Well, remember all those people in Gotham City?”

“Of course! No one could forget costumes like that!”

“Exactly my point! No one forgets people like Catwoman and Bane!”

“That clown wasn’t very funny, though…”

“But like the Clown, we must be audacious!”

“Auspicious too?”

“We must go back to our roots and steal something the likes of which no one has stolen before!”

“Back to basics!”

“But it’s going to be hard to follow our grand ol' traditions, but therein' lies the challenge!”

“Stealing stuff while still bein' good guys is hard work.”

“But that’s where you’re wrong, Miria!”

Miria gasped, “I’m wrong!?”

“But there’s no need to fret. I have just learned of the best possible targets to steal from!”

“You don’t mean—?!” Miria’s shocked face was replaced with the innocent grin of a 9 year old.

“Indeed I do, Miria!”

The two blondes hugged each other tightly, “The most patriotic way to steal is to steal from the Nazis!” the crowed in unison as they fluidly moved their embrace into a tango and strutted towards mischief.


He was confused by this place, it didn’t make him feel good. He kept a hand on the black lab walking beside him so as not to fall over. They were an odd sight, only more hallucinatory than he currently felt. A spiky haired teenager with colorful clothing and large shoes walking next to a black Labrador retriever in a bulletproof vest with large pockets, being ridden by a white duck with a sailor’s hat tied to its head like a party hat. All walking down one off the grimiest, foulest streets the boy had ever seen.

They got quite a few glances, but the boy couldn’t really focus on the people around him.

Maybe it was the smell—the streets had several repulsive smells wafting through them: the pungent odor of rotten fruit, the heavy odor of the sweat of hundreds of people in constant equatorial heat…

And the acrid smell of gunpowder and iron-laced smell of blood.

This was not a place of light.

But there was something more to it—a darkness that permeated the air and even touched into the people around him—something that he could feel was ready to pounce all around him.

The next thing he knew he hit something and was knocked on his butt. Some of the words that followed were so repulsive and dark to his ears, that his brain almost automatically began filtering them.

The woman who knocked him down smelled like cigarettes, liquor, gun smoke and blood and her voice sounded like a tar pit. Given the heat, he could understand why she wore so little, but her cutoff jeans were nearly nonexistent—the twin gun holsters under her arms covered more skin. “Alright, you little ****, fork it over.”

“Um, what?” the boy tried to get his brain to work.

“I said fork it over,” the woman placed a gloved hand on her face and sighed, “a crappy grabber like you” she leaned over to him, the smell off cigarettes became stronger as she did, “I’m thinkin’ it’ll be about 3 days before some ****damn pedophile picks you up and leaves your **** sucking corpse in the bay for the crabs to crawl through all the new holes he's made. I’m tryin’ ta be nice here and steal a dinner from the ***damn crabs. Just give back whatever it is you stole and I’ll let you go crawling back to mama.”

The duck began to squawk and flap its bill at the woman. The dog did not move, almost eerie in its calm silence.

“The **** is that? You some kinda circus act? Whatya do, the Aristocrats?” the woman sneered.

The body rubbed his spiky hair, trying to wrap around exactly what the woman said. “Uh, I didn’t steal anything from you.”

Her eyes narrowed, “Oh, really?” she growled as she drew a rather large pistol from her holster and rested it against her thigh. The dog and duck tensed, the boy did as well, but only managed to wobble in response.

“I think I’ve seen that kid before,” A man in a white collar shirt and tie standing next to the growling woman whispered and rubbed his chin briefly.

The woman continued, tapping the gun against her thigh, “I’m gonna ask only one more time, give it back.”

The boy did his best to stand firm, but did not do as well as he hoped, “Lady, I dunno what your problem is—”

The man with the tie smiled nervously and placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder, “Um, Revy, I don’t think it would be a good idea to shoot the cosplayer.”

“The ****'s that?” she barked at him.

“Besides, I really don’t think he stole something from you.”

“Then why the hell did he bump inta me?”

“I dunno—because he can barely stand under his own power?”

The woman, Revy, blinked several times and look at the boy again. He was a boyish looking teenager, he knew that much, lightly built (but with pretty big feet), but he didn’t look healthy at all. he got a good look at his hands while holding onto the dog and they did not look good. Pale, despite the sun and the heat, and gaunt, as though something drained the vitality from the boy.

The woman looked at the man with the tie again, her gaze focused into daggers.

“Rock,” She snarled, “You can’t be thinking what I think you’re thinking. Because if you’re ****ing thinking what I think you’re ****ing thinking then I’m going to take ****ing Old Yeller here out back and take care of ****ing business.”

“Revy,” the man, Rock, lightly chastised the woman before turning to the boy, “Sorry about all this—are you lost?”

“What?” the boy said, “Sorry, it’s just—the darkness here—there’s so much of it.”

Rock blinked at that answer. He seemed like a good kid, and had an honest politeness to his voice he hadn’t heard in a while. At least, when the boy talked to him.

“I just—I just need to get my head on straight,” he said, or, at least, that’s what he intended to say. The world becoming blurry around the edges and the sky flying down to overtake the horizon probably didn’t let him finish that sentence. The next thing he knew, he was with his friends on a cough in some strange office, listening to the gravelly voiced woman complain.

Her voice was as dark as before.

“****ing boyscout,” she kicked a wall with her heavy boots.

“He’s our first real lead in all this,” Rock sighed, “It’s something to work from.”

“Yeah,” he could hear her sneering, “I bet Ms. Balalaika or Mr. Chang would pay a pretty penny for the guy.”

There was a pause, “But Mr. Boyscout doesn’t think we should try to make a buck…”

“Well,” he heard a chair lean back with a mild, creaking protest, “considering the last time we tried human trafficking—”

A slam on a table and the rattle of glasses cut the man off.

“Oh, come on! That ****ing bitch is a one in a billion find—there’s no way, no ****ing way a **** like this is gonna have that kinda backing.”

“That all depends on if its cosplay.”

“What the hell is that? Some Japanese madness?”

“It’s dressing up in like a character from a TV show or video game.”


“And, you remember that…that monster from 2 months back.”

“Which one? Darna or—”

“The one who changed identities every other hour.”

There was a silence. The woman swore. Several times.

“I’m thinking it’s somethin’ like that.”

After another pause he added, “Whatever’s going on right now, I’m betting its worse than that time.”

The heat held the silence in the air easily, even the boy felt uncomfortable just lying there, but his body just wasn’t ready to move.

Revy broke the silence, “So the costume’s—”

“Either it’s real or he’s a powered up fanboy.”

“***ing fanboys.”

“Given the way he talks, he probably has some powers.”

“Well,” Revy snorted, “Who the **** else would around with a ****damn dog and a mother ****ing duck like that.”

The sound of a door opening hit the boy’s ears as a new person entered.

“Yo, Benny,” The woman called out.

“Hey guys, what’re you two doin’ back?” the new voice said, the boy assumed it was Benny. Benny’s voice was lighter and had a softer aid about it too. He could hear the man walk in casually, with little care for his placement. He wasn’t a fighter like he heard from the woman’s steps.

“Um,” Benny paused, the boy could feel him lean over him, “Why is there a Sora cosplayer on the couch?”

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PostPosted: 2011-09-15 12:21am 

Padawan Learner

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Oh My.




THANK YOU FOR UPDATING (even though it's just a little snippet)

Please update faster and may God bless you!
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-09-15 02:12am 

Sith Acolyte

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Most of the updates for the next year will probably be shorter snibbits like this if only because I have a writing intensive graduate project to worry about.

Fair warning and all.
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PostPosted: 2011-09-15 11:40am 

Padawan Learner

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:cry: NOOO!

At least promise a semi-regular update schedule...Please?
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PostPosted: 2011-09-15 03:23pm 


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I am rather pleased with Millia and Isaac being in this! (This is going to be hilarious) Don't know what to say about Sora and co. being in Ronapour though (I probably got the spelling wrong). And at least we get fair warning this time as to the lack of larger updates.
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-09-15 04:49pm 

Sith Acolyte

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Quick question: should there be a proper character sheet for all this, or are you guys okay with getting introduced to characters you never heard of at random intervals?
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PostPosted: 2011-09-15 06:07pm 


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character sheet would be useful (have it updated before posting new segments).
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PostPosted: 2011-09-16 09:40pm 

Mecha Fanboy

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That was just the leads from Baccano (I think. I haven't seen it before), Revy and Rock from Black Lagoon, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts.

I can probably whip up a character sheet over tomorrow. I might be able to make some more character units, too.
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PostPosted: 2011-09-23 04:53pm 

Mecha Fanboy

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Here's the Beta Version of the list. I know I'm missing most of the characters from the last battle (need to read it again), and may have missed a few here and there elsewhere as well:

Stargate Command

Jack O'Neil
Specialization: Soldier/RehXephon pilot

Daniel Jackson
Specialization: Soldier/Cultural/Mythological Research

Samantha Carter
Specialization: Soldier/Research & Development/Mechagodzilla crew

Specialization: Jaffa Soldier

Cameron Mitchell
Specialization: Soldier/F-302 Pilot

George Hammond
Specialization: Prometheus Commander

Stargate Command Vehicles
F-302 -- Type: Fighter
BC-301 Prometheus -- Type: Battleship
RahXephon -- Type: Mulian Super Robot

Justice League

Hippolyta Trevor (Wonder Woman II)
Specialization: SHEILD Director

Cassandra (Rogers ?) (Wonder Woman III)
Specialization: Heavy Weapons/Hitter.

Eiko Megami (Supergirl II)
Specialization: Heavy Hitter/Cosplay Freak

(Cassandra Cain?) (Batwoman)
Specialization: Vigilante

Stephanie Brown (Robin)
Specialization: Vigilante

Connor Kent (Superman II)
Specialization: Super Hero

Kara Zor-El (Power Girl I)
Specialization: Mechagodzilla crew

Invisible Jet/Puddle Jumper -- Type: Fighter
Hephestus' Armor -- Type: Power Armor
Bat-Armor OR Bat-Labor -- Type: Power Armor or Real Robot
"Beyond" Bat-Armor -- Type: Power Armor
Super-Armor -- Type: Power Armor

JSDF: Mazinger/Getter

Tetsuya Tsurugi
Specialization: Great Mazinger pilot

Kouji Kabuto
Specialization: Mazinger Z/Double Spazer pilot

Duke Fleed
Specialization: Grendizer pilot

Ryoma Nagare
Specialization: Getter Robo G (Dragon) pilot

Specialization: Getter Robo G (Arrow) pilot

Specialization: Getter Robot G (Poseidon) pilot

JSDF: Ultraman

Mirai Hibino
Specialization: GUYS Operative
Secret Specialization: Ultraman (Mebius)

Ryu Aihara
Specialization: GUYS Operative

Marina Kazama
Specialization: GUYS Operative

George Ikaruga
Specialization: GUYS Operative

Teppei Kuzo
Specialization: GUYS Operative

Konomi Amagai
Specialization: GUYS Operative

Shingo Sakamizu
Specialization: GUYS Commander

Kazama Serizawa
Specialization: Ultraman Hikari

JSDF: Godzilla

Captain Gordon
Specialization: Gotengo Commander

JSDF: Other

Kamen Rider
Specialization: Henshin!

Cutie Honey
Specialization: Gynoid

Mazinger Z -- Type: Super Robot (Currently Out of action)
Great Mazinger -- Type: Super Robot
Getter Robo G -- Type: Super Robot
Gun Crusader -- Type: Fighter (Out of action)
Gun Phoenix -- Type: Combining Fighter
- Gun-Winger
- Gun-Loader
- Gun-Booster
Mechagodzilla (II) -- Type: Robotic Kaiju(Super Robot)
Gotengo -- Type: Battleship

Dimensional(Time-Space) Administration Buerau

Nanoha Takamachi
Specialization: Allied Operative/Air Combat Mage

Chrono Harlaown
Specialization: Enforcer

Fate Testarossa
Specialization: Provisonary Enforcer

Specialization: Familiar

Lindy Harlaown
Specialization: Ashura Commander

Ashura -- Type: Battleship

Manhattan Clan Gargoyles

Specialization: Clan Leader

Specialization: Clan Member

Specialization: Clan Member

White Council: Chicago

Harry Dresden
Specialization: Wizard

White Council: Mahora Academy

Negi Springfield (Currently Out of Action(?))
Specialization: Wizard/English Teacher/Chick Magnet

Asuna Kagurazaka
Specialization: Anti-Magic Swordswoman

Setsuna Sakurazaki
Specialization: Half-Gargoyle Swordswoman

Konoka Konoe
Specialization: Healing Mage

Kaede Nagase
Specialization: Ninja

Ku Fei
Specialization: Martial Artist

Mana Tatsumiya
Specialization: Mercenary

Kotaro Inugami
Specialization: Dog Hannyo (half-demon)

Devil May Cry

Specialization: Demon Hunter

Specialization: Demon Hunter

Specialization: Demon Hunter


Specialization: Key to the End of the World

Abe Sapien
Specialization: Underwater Operations/Research


TJ Wagner
Specialization: Chaos Magic

Joseph Chapman (Union Jack)
Specialization: Field Agent

Yomiko Readman
Specialization: Research/Paper-based combat


Buffy Summers
Specialization: Slayer

Willow Rosenberg
Specialization: Sorceress

Ronapur Natives

Specialization: Badass









Possible Dolems or Mobile Suit (most likely Moonrace (Turn A) designs) cameos


Specialization: SHREEEOOOONK!

Specialization: Defender of Earth and Mankind

Equipment: See above

Other Fighters
Specialization: Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!

Specialization: Soldier/Bodyguard

Specialization: Keyblade

Specialization: Magic

Specialization: Combat/Defense

Probable Future Fighters

Blossom Utonium
Specialization: Commander and Leader

Bubbles Utonium
Specialization: Joy and Laughter

Buttercup Utonium
Specialization: Toughest Fighter

Specialization: Manhattan Clan Second

Specialization: Mahattan Clan Tech expert

Non-Combat Personell

Specialization: Keep Revya on a leash

Yuuno Scrya
Specialization: Research/Barriers/Team Pet

Nodoka Miyazaki
Specialization: Intelligence

The Doctor
Specialization: Troubleshooting/Insufferable Intelligence
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Majin Gojira
PostPosted: 2011-09-24 02:10pm 

Sith Acolyte

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Name: David Xanatos
Series: Gargoyles
Things to Know:Extremely intelligent businessman, known to deal in illegal and paranormal circles in the past. Reformed "bad guy" and always has a backup plan. Member of the Illuminati.
Important Changes: Currently president of the United States. Effectively is also the post-crisis Lex Luthor.
Author Notes: Ran on a Libertarian Ticket.

Mission 01:

Name: Dr. Daniel Jackson
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Archeologist and Xenolinguist. First notived the Goa'uld/Ancient Astronaut stuff in Egypt and helped on the alien encounters front since then. Has died more times than Buffy.
Important Changes: Described in his nightmares. Daniel and SG-1 encountered the Mountains of Madness.
Author Notes: None.

Name: Colonel Jack O'Neill.
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Airforce Pilot, lost son to poor gun saftey. Smartass.
Important Changes: None.
Author Notes: One of the main characters of this story.

Name: Lt. Tetsuya Tsurugi
Series: Great Mazinger
Things to Know: Adopted son off Kenzo Kabuto, pilot of Great Mazinger and spent most of his life preparing to fight the Mycenian Empire.
Important Changes: Older, calmer and unable to let go of a hands on field position still, Tetsuya now works with GUYS.
Author Notes: He's in his late 40s or so by the time of this story.

Name: Hyppolita Trevor
Series: DC Comics*
Things to Know: Was once Wonder Woman. Now Runs UNIT.
Important Changes: The role of Wonder Woman has been passed down over generations. This is the second. She was active in the 1970s through to the early 90s.
Author Notes: An amalgamated character of sorts. Draws more on Ancient technology than Greek Myths.

Name: Nanoha Takamachi
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Things to Know: Little girl with Magictek and a the ability to make friends by blowing them up.
Important Changes: None.
Author Notes: Just there to mess with Jack's head.

Name: Major Samantha Carter
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Science expert of SG-1, very caring person.
Important Changes: None
Author Notes: Distantly related to John Carter of Mars and Randolph Carter.

Name: Teal'c
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Jaffa warrior who defected to earth to help free his people from the rule of the Goa'uld.
Important Changes: The Goa'uld are pretty much merged with the lovecraftian Shan.
Author Notes: None.

Name: General John Hammond
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Commanding Officer of the Stargate Program...until the start of things.
Important Changes: None
Author Notes: None

Name: Major Montana Max
Series: Hellsing
Things to Know: War obsessed Nazi
Important Changes: Merged of Millenium with pretty much every OTHER secret Nazi organization hiding out in South America
Author Notes: None.

Name: Anubis
Series: Stargate SG-1
Things to Know: Half-Ascended Goa'uld with dreams of galactic conquest.
Important Changes: None.
Author Notes: None.

I'll come back and add more in the future.

I toyed with listing the references to obscure stuff too, but thought against it. They're only there for flavor.
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Or, I'll just put up another thousand words of Story.


“Desperate attempts to get a lead on the weirdness in town,” Rock sighed.

Benny looked at the kid again, “Well, a cosplayer here certainly is weird. Especially with a costume that good.”

Benny walked over to Sora as he raised himself up on the couch, “And the duck and dog are a nice, but odd touch. I’m guessing you’re Goofy and you’re Donald.”

The dog barked, sat down and raised a paw. Unable to resist the urge, Benny shook it, “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Sir Goofy.”

Goofy wagged his tail.

“God, this is retarded,” Revy mumbled.

“I’m not a cosplayer,” Sora said, “I don’t even know what that word means.”

“And I didn’t want to know,” Revy stomped over to the boy, “So before any more of that anime crap enters my brain, why don’t you do us a favor now that you’re head’s screwed on tighter.”

She leaned down and locking her cold, dead eyes on him. Reflexively, he moved back a millimeter. “Start talkin’.”

The dog and duck growled and squawked at Revy as Rock went up to her, “C’mon, Revy, I know you don’t like kids, but—”

“But nothin’,” Revy snapped, “Either this kid is some sorta crazy Roger Rabbit ****er, or he’s some punk kid with delusions of grandeur. Either way, it pisses me off.”

“Well, it’s not like there’s any special way to tell if he’s one or the other,” Benny mused, “But what if he has no power? Can you summon your Keyblade?”

It was almost reflexive at this point: a mild tension in his hand and the golden keyblade appeared in his hand in a burst of white sparkles.

The woman who Sora hoped would eventually put on pants sometime soon stepped back at the sudden appearance and let out a short string of more words Sora didn’t know and didn’t feel were very good. She also reached for her guns reflexively, but the man with the tie moved to her side to calm her down.

“Well, the kid has powers,” Benny said, “And that looks like the Keyblade…or, I guess ‘a’ keyblade if those new trailer movies were anything to go by.”

With the scary woman out of his face, Sora took the opportunity to stand up. “You know about the Keyblades?”

“Yeah,” Benny smirked, “I beat the pants off—well, if you are the real Sora, I guess I should say that first of all, here, you’re a video game character relegated to fiction. You cool with that?”

“Uh…” Sora looked down to Goofy, who tilted his head in confusion. Donald just had a frustrated look on his bill. “I guess so.”

Benny rubbed his forehead, “I should probably worry about spoilering you and creating a time paradox or something, right?”

Sora just blinked.

“What’s the last thing you did before you landed here? I mean, you did take a Gummiship, right?”

Sora looked away, unsure how to answer. Perhaps the truth was the best.

“I just said goodbye to my new friend Mr. Shishio before heading off to find where the Anti-Monitor would strike next. Only, we didn’t know one of the Navi-Gummi’s had been damaged by the Four Machine Kings. It broke down and we ended up crashing in a place already stored in the Navi-Gummi.”

Benny blinked twice, “That doesn’t sound like a Disney series.”

“What’s a Disney?”

By then, Revy had holstered her weapons and calmed slightly, “So where do you think you are, kid?”

“I thought this was Port Royal, though, maybe, a few hundred years removed.”

Revy turned to Benny, who just shrugged. Rock looked up and scratched his chin. “Do you know what year you visited them?”

Sora shrugged, “Maybe in the 1600s. There were pirates everywhere.”

Rock smiled and suppressed a chuckle, “Well, Roanapur isn’t Port Royal specifically. But I’m pretty certain it fits the bill in spirit.”

“A den of pirates and a hide out for low-lives,” Benny shared Rock’s bemused smile, “There isn’t a better modern analogue in the world.”

“Wait,” Sora pulled himself back slightly, “are you guys’ pirates?”

Revy stepped towards the boy, looming over him: “What? Don’t think I stack up to the scurvy-***** you met before?”

“I’m sorry, Miss,” Sora said, “But you’re no Jack Sparrow.”

The duck quaked twice.

“You’re right, Donald: Captain Jack Sparrow.”

Revy’s eye twitched, her focus doubling down on the boy. She held the gaze for a moment before she closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth, “So that’s how that ****sucker survived, that slimy son of a—”

The sound of the door opening cut short Revy’s expletives and a large black man with sunglasses and green vest covered in pockets walked in. A cigarette in his mouth, he took one look at the crowded room and Sora could feel him blink at the scene, but otherwise not react.

“That a client?” He said.

“More like a clue,” Benny said, “A very weird and bizarre clue. No offense, Sora.”

Sora shrugged, “It’s alright.”

“There’s been some heavy shit goin’ around town,” Revy turned her eyes to Dutch, “The Cartels, the Mafia, all of ‘em are on edge and armin’ up. But it’s not like the truce of this city is breakin’ down. There’s somethin’ else goin’ down.” Revy leaned on a wall and put her hands behind her head, “Hell, Balalaika even sprung for a bunch of Arm Slaves. Whatever it is, it’s gonna be big.”

“Yeah,” Benny said, “And if this kid is who he says he is, then it’s going to be really big.”

Dutch smiled, “Glad to see my employees on the ball like that. Somethin’ is goin’ down,” he brought up a folded piece of paper up for the group to see, “We got a job to do. And it just so happens to explain what this hubbub’s all about. What you do with the kid and—is that a duck?”

The duck quaked.

Rock head dropped a bit, “Yeah, it is.”

Dutch scratched his chin, “Weird”

“So what’s all this crap about, eh Dutch?” Revy frowned, “Out with it!”

Dutch smiled in a way that unnerved Sora, “Nazis.”

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