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For Those About to Rock We Salute You
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Forum Policy (Newbies Read!)

Post by Dalton » 2002-12-15 09:57pm

This is the OT Forum policy as of November 5, 2009, taking into account several changes in board software and rules.
  1. Please read and follow all the general board policies outlined here.
  2. If a thread is actually on-topic for a forum, it'll be moved to that forum.
  3. No flamewars. Take it to PM.
  4. No forced formatting/table stretching (read: large inline images, unbroken lines, etc.). It wreaks havoc with many people and it is annoying, so anyone who does it shall face the full wrath of the administrative staff.
  5. Spoiler policy: If you want to post a spoiler in a non-spoiler thread, use the "spoiler" tag. For example, this:

    Code: Select all

    [spoiler=Click "Reveal"]THIS IS A SPOILER[/spoiler]
    looks like this: Spoiler
    Any violations will be dealt with swiftly, and you will be warned.
  6. Dress your links! Nothing is more annoying than a link so long that it runs off the edge of the screen. If you want to use a long URL, please do us all a favor and dress it like so:

    Code: Select all

  7. Don't post spam, useless one-liners or any of that sort of crap. Violations will be split off and sent to the Bottom of the Barrel in the Hall of Shame. You do not want to be a regular contributor there.
  8. Newbie introduction threads are now welcome in OT in the New Member Introductions thread.
Any questions? Feel free to PM the forum moderators.
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