U.S. Warship Register

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U.S. Warship Register

Postby MKSheppard » 2011-10-01 12:29am

Been working on this for the last month-ish. Finally finished it up.

I was originally inspired by this:

Shown as image, since GS.org is now pop-up infested, and now has a paywall that lets you only view 7 articles a month.

And I produced some lists a while ago for my website, using the GS.org lists as a basis.

But recently, I redid all my lists, using Register of ships of the U.S. Navy, 1775-1990: Major Combatants by Karl Jack Bauer and Stephen S. Roberts as a baseline; adding more detail where necessary and reorienting the pages to be optimized for 1300+ pixel wide screens.

I also changed the date format to US military style abbreviations to make the dates understandable to people of other nationalities, since the US style of writing dates shorthand is a bit ambiguous.

For example, 8/11/47. Does it refer to 11 August 1947 or 8 November 1947?

I also expanded the notes a lot. For a quick comparison, here's the Old vs New style.

A lot of random facts were learned during the completion of this project.

Some quick sampler factoids:

  • DD-248 Barry: Struck by Kamikaze on 25 May 1945. Towed to Kerama Retto on 28 May 1945. Found to be too damaged to warrant repair and was stripped of gear. Decommissioned on 21 June 1945, her hulk was towed out to sea later that day to act as a decoy for Kamikazes. While under tow, she was attacked by Kamikazes and sunk that same day.
  • DD-225 Pope: Sunk by Japanese aircraft in Bali Strait on 1 March 1942. Wreck found in December 2008, but commercial salvors had stripped her previously.
  • DD-457 Emmons: Struck by five Kamikazes near simultaneously off Okinawa on 6 April 1945. 60 killed. Abandoned later that day and the hulk sunk on 7 April 1945. In 2010 it was revealed that the ship's plaque had been illegally removed by divers. The plaque was later recovered in 2011 by NCIS.
  • CL-56 Columbia: Flew the Confederate Naval Ensign to honor her namesake, the capital city of South Carolina, which was the first state to secede from the Union.
  • CL-98 Tucson: A base from one of her gun turrets was surplused and used as a rotating mount for a Van de Graaf particle accelerator at the U of Arizona in Tucson, AZ until 2005 when it was shut down.
  • CVE-121 Rabaul: Placed into reserve after WWII. Used in 1973 movie "Magnum Force".
  • SS-23 F-4 (ex Skate): Foundered off Pearl Harbor, HI due to acid corrosion in hull on 25 March 1915. Raised 29 August 1915. In 1940, her hulk was used as fill in a trench in Pearl Harbor.

So here we go...

U.S. Navy Warship Register Version 1.0 (30 Sep 2011) (560 kb ZIP)
(Zipped .XLS and .XLSX files containing the raw spreadsheet used to generate the HTML pages below)

U.S. Navy Battleship and Battlecruiser Lineages (BB 1 to BB 71; CC 1 to CC 6)

U.S. Navy Cruiser Lineages (CL 1 to CLGN 160 / CB 1 to CB 6 / CLC 1 to CC 2 / CAG 1 to CG 71)

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Lineages (CV 1 to CVN 80 / CVE 1 to CVE 139)

U.S. Navy Destroyer Lineages, Beginnings to WWI (DD 1 to DD 347)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Lineages, World War II, Part One (DD 348 to DD 699)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Lineages, World War II, Part Two (DD 700 to DD 926)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Lineages, Cold War to Modern (DD 927 to DDG 1000 / DDG 1 to DDG 112 / DL 1 to DLGN 41)

U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort Lineages, World War II, Part One (DE 1 to DE 399)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort Lineages, World War II, Part Two (DE 400 to DE 799)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort Lineages, World War II, Part Three (DE 800 to DE 1005)
U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort Lineages, Cold War to Modern (DE 1006 to DE 1107 / AGDE 1 / DEG 1 to DEG 11 / FFG 1 to FFG 61)

U.S. Navy Submarine Lineages, Beginning to World War II (SS 1 to SS 211)
U.S. Navy Submarine Lineages, World War II (SS 212 to SS 562)
U.S. Navy Submarine Lineages, Cold War / Modern (SS 550 to SSN 802)
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Re: U.S. Warship Register

Postby Lonestar » 2011-10-01 09:16am

Man, this is one hell of a one-stop-shop.
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Re: U.S. Warship Register

Postby Thanas » 2011-11-04 03:59pm

Did only now have time to look through this. Nice work, Shep.
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Re: U.S. Warship Register

Postby Uraniun235 » 2011-11-13 11:40pm

Just a tidbit to help fill in the notes: Blueback, SS-581, has been a museum boat in Portland OR since February 1994.
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