Global warming denier; worst debater ever

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Global warming denier; worst debater ever

Postby Bug-Eyed Earl » 2007-12-02 04:37pm ... 972&page=5

Basically, the poster timshinn has been continually posting links in a thread about global warming along the lines of "Ethanol drives up milk prices" "Alps has early winter" and articles having to do with celebrities who advocate man made GW, and I finally said that posting a bunch of articles about flaky politicians and celebrities is irrelevant to a discussion about a scientific theory, and he said:

The articles I'm posting are relevant because Global Warming is being turned into a political issue by these celebrities and politicians. Global Warming has less to do with science and more to do with controlling people's lives and money. These celebrities and politicians want you to drive what they tell you to drive, travel less, turn off your water while you brush your teeth and use one square of toilet paper to wipe your ass and pay higher taxes to cover your false guilt while they continue to waste on a grand scale with their SUVs and private jets. They put on concerts for global warming awareness that create more waste in a day than you will all year and expect you to pat them on the back because they care so much. They buy carbon credits (the equivalent of a "keep on sinning voucher") from themselves. I find it very relevant that people trying the hardest to control your life do little or nothing to change their own.

And he posted three more articles: ... cal-resort ... -foot-bill ... 983816.ece

Here's the first part of my response that I plan to make:

'So the idea of posting an article reporting nothing more that the alps are colder than this time last year has to do with people politicizing this issue? In regards to that one, Global Warming doesn't preclude the occasional blizzard or cold snap. And weather patterns aren't set in stone- even with Global Warming, we can have a slow year.

People politicize everything, from teaching creationism in schools

From the last article you posted:

"If these folks hate hot temperatures so much, why aren't they meeting somewhere in Greenland where the bogeyman known as manmade global warming can supposedly best be observed?"

holy Christ, what a dumbfuck. That's one of the worst strawman fallacies I've ever heard. The fact that you would regularly read this guy's stuff is disturbing. Can you not see what's logically wrong with that guy's statement? A guy saying that people who are against man heating up the planet should not go to a warm locale to have a summit

Stupid people will make stupid statements like the one having to do with how to wipe your ass. But the reasonable people consistently say that cutting emissions on cars, factories, and power plants is the best way to go."

I know I can do more, and have more to add. Look at how I responded to the user SASje a few posts earlier to see what I mean. Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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