The Shrike is sent to the following universes

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Re: The Shrike is sent to the following universes

Postby fgalkin » 2012-06-28 04:52pm

Ford Prefect wrote:
fgalkin wrote:Seriously, how the fuck did you pass third grade?

Oh how truly cutting. However will I recover from this.

Wait, I don't have to, because I'm right. If the Shrike was better in hand-to-hand combat than the Nemes siblings it have been perfectly capable of stopping two of them chewing on its face and rolling it off a balcony like a chump, you know because of its four incredibly long superhumanly strong arms made of knives, but it didn't because it's not. It's fascinating that you keep referring to Nemes' (incorrect) impression that it's obsolete: it's just playing fair, just like it did with Kassad until Moneta started helping him out.

I'd call you a retard, but that'd cause all sorts of Nerd Rage back at Testingstan.

You do realize there are several different powers involved here, right? There is the displacement field, the ability to go into fast time, and the ability to freecast through time and space. We know that Nemes is superior to the Shrike in the first one, and inferior in the other two.

You also must realize that having long arms and blades and armor and shit is irrelevant when the enemy has a displacement field.
Kassad turned to his right and found himself face to face with an armored Ouster. The commando ponderously lifted a weapon. Kassad swung his arm, felt the chrome forcefield hum, and saw the flat of his hand cut through body armor, helmet, and neck. The Ouster's head rolled in the dust.

By your reasoning, then, that Ouster was made of wet tissue paper, or Kassad is a Space Marine. :roll:

Have a very nice day.

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