The Stories of C & C

C&C: This forum is for all original stories and fanfics that are either completed or have been cleaned up to be made more presentable.

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The Stories of C & C

Post by Mayabird » 2009-11-18 08:22pm

A brief listing of all the stories within, with a quick synopsis of each, in no particular order. It'll be updated as necessary.

Original Fiction:

The Salvation War by Stuart Slade
REMOVED. See announcement for details.

Don't wake me while I'm quiet by Stas Bush
A side story of The Salvation War. Defeating does not mean controlling.

Global Mean Temperature by Surlethe
So what could happen in a worst case global warming scenario? It's not total extinction, but...

Rediscovered by Alferd Packer
Inspired by the above, what happens when humans who escaped from Earth return to their overheated homeworld?

Rebirth by Imperial Overlord
The first of the Free Federation series, a dark sci-fi/fantasy universe.

All the little lost boys and girls by Bladed_Crescent
A sci-fi horror by the resident master of creepy terror

The Girl in the Metal Suit by Steve
Some lighter fare, a comedy about a superheroine.

The Girl in the Metal Suit 2 by Steve
Sequel to the previous. Amy Chan teams up with other superheroes to battle demons.


De Imperatoribus Galacticis by The Duchess of Zeon
SW/ST crossover in the prequel story and background, but mostly just awesome

Aeon Natum Engel and Aeon Entelechy Evangelion by EarthScorpion
Neon Genesis Evangelion/CthulhuTech crossover. The latter is the rewritten version currently in progress.

Thousand Shinji by Academia Nut
Prequel to The Open Door. Neon Genesis Evangelion/Warhammer40K crossover. Yes, really. Don't scoff until you read it.

The Open Door by Academia Nut
From its origins, it becomes a megacrossover. Currently incomplete.

The Rift (Parts One through Five) by Noble Ire
ST/SW/Starcraft/Halo crossover. Ever wonder who'd win in a fight between Darth Vader and Tassadar? Spoiler
Uh uh, you have to read it to find out.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Starcrossed by Stravo
Currently incomplete, SW/ST crossover

Unity by Chuck Sonnenburg
Started as a ST/SW crossover, then became a crossover of nearly everything
Unity IV: Paradise Lost, Redux
Unity V: Blood of Heroes, Reduce
Unity VI: Dawn of Forever, Redux

Manifest Destiny by Mark S
Another ST/SW crossover. The New New Republic conquers the ST Galaxy.

The Twilight War by Stravo
"Please enjoy this tale of the Fall of Anakin Skywalker, The rise of the Empire, A Federation Temporal Civil War and the war to end an era: The Twilight War"

General Fanfics:

You Know My Name: A Tale of Gotham Nights by Publius
You know how, when someone really gets Batman and the whole mythos of the Dark Knight and his Rogue's Gallery, that the stories are just awesome? Publius really gets it.

Stargate: 1939 by CaptainChewbacca
Pretty self explanatory: it's Stargate, only in 1939. Cue Indiana Jones theme.

Star Trek: Voyager--the rewrite by RedImperator
If Star Trek: Voyager had been a good series, it would have read like this story.

Hull no. 721 by Eleventh Century Remnant
A Star Wars fanfic set between Yavin and Hoth, told from an Imperial POV.

Among the Naked Stars by Imperial Overlord
A ST AU with more competent Klingons.

Scars of Mustafar by Darth Fanboy
SW AU, changes the end of RotS and goes from there

The Land of the Falling Wall by Imperial Overlord
Set in Jack Vance's "The Dying Earth" series.

To Betray a Traitor by Murazor

Star Trek: Timelines by Steve
A TNG AU, written as episodes. Two are complete:
"The Widening Gyre"

Terran Empire: Unity and Reap the Whirlwind by HappyTarget
ST Parallel Universe AU. The Terran Empire declares Spock a traitor and keeps conquering.

Operation Noah's Hammer by MKSheppard
Part of the Drakafic series, based on the Draka series by SM Stirling. In this story, what do you do when the slave-empire of the Draka has conquered all of Africa and threatens the rest of the world? Punch them with the Mediterranean Sea!

Proof Through the Night by ChaserGrey
A different Draka fic, about the end of their empire.

Board craziness:

Unnamed Porno Fanfic by MKSheppard, Falkenhorst, and Darth Fanboy
It is completely wrong and utterly hilarious. And very NSFW or easily offended people.

Fast Times at SD.Net High by Durandal and RedImperator
What if SDN was a high school? What kind of wacky hijinks would ensue?

How Stravo Got his Groove Back by Kuja
So Stravo never finished "Starcrossed". His fans try to rectify that. Then Stuff Happens.

The Battle of the Hymn by Knife
SDN denizens find themselves transported to another world. This one is not a happy story.

TGG (The Great Game) stories:
To quote Marina: "Started as a wargame and went out of control. Basically a crossover of Everything, with some attempt at an overarching plot."

Anatomy of a War by Steve
The Alliance of Democratic Nations is introduced to the ST universe, then proceeds to fight it.
Now linked to the 5th anniversary edition, which is the same story but cleaned up a bit.

Frozen Phoenix/Jade Throne by MarshalPurnell
Part of the historical background of the Holy Roman Empire/Hapsburg universe. Because you can never read enough stories about genocidal robots.

The Burning of Kass Zaris by MarshalPurnell
Another story from the HRE. In-multiverse it is the rival to the ADN and the Taloran Empire.

Unfinished Business by by MarshalPurnell
Spies looking into some oddities out on the frontier discover a long-suppressed threat isn't as dead as assumed.

When Two Worlds Collide by The Duchess of Zeon
nBSG is brought into the TGGverse.

The Wrath of Paradise by Steve
ADN and Battletech crossover.

55 Days in Kalunda by The Duchess of Zeon and Steve
Hard to explain briefly, but it involves massive battles and lesbians, and everyone likes that!

A War Like No Other: The Thundering of Guns by Steve
The beginning of the ADN/Dominion War

The Decision by Steve
The followup to the Dominion War

The Sundered Dream - The Federation Civil War by Steve
Prologue of the Federation Civil War

The Devil to Pay - The Federation Civil War by Steve
Part 1 of the Federation Civil War

One Small Step for Man... mostly by Steve
Stargate gets added to TGG.

The Cardinal Files: An Inside Job by The Duchess of Zeon and MarshalPurnell
Sexy Catholic spy. 'Nuff said.

The Last Woman Standing by Steve and The Duchess of Zeon.
Sequel to One Small Step for Man... and the chronologically latest in the series. This is the revised version, not that first draft that we will never speak of again.

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