Jim Butcher Peace Talks (Dresden Files) NOW WITH SPOILER ALERT!

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Re: Jim Butcher Peace Talks (Dresden Files) NOW WITH SPOILER ALERT!

Post by Ralin » 2020-07-24 05:33pm

Normally yes, but my point is I think he's fucked up enough that if he started feeding he wouldn't be able to stop. He was substantially less damaged in Blood Rites. Lara and his father considered him past the point where he was capable of holding back from killing anyone he fed on and were gobsmacked that he managed to do it. And that was with the love of his life when he was considerably less fucked up. Harry isn't going to just shrug and let Lara arrange that.

And given that she didn't even suggest it I'm not even sure normal feeding would be enough, even if he drained multiple victims. She implied there's a point of no return.

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Re: Jim Butcher Peace Talks (Dresden Files) NOW WITH SPOILER ALERT!

Post by LadyTevar » 2020-07-28 07:26pm

RE: Thomas Spoiler
Lara specifically said that the Demon is eating THOMAS. It's gone beyond the point where outside feeding will stop it, because the Demon's cannibalizing the host in effort to survive, which is like a trapped animal gnawing off a leg to get away, but dying of the blood-loss before it's free.
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