Xwing versus Tie Fighter

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Xwing versus Tie Fighter

Postby Collossus » 2012-03-08 10:16am

Other than freespace (which isn’t much newer) the space combat simulation games of the past seem to be just a distant memory and I was wondering why we don’t see any current versions of these games today? Surely piloting an Xwing against a full scale star wars ship or ships has some appeal to the masses? Most of these types of games could be ported but would definitely be better on the PC so I don’t think availability to the masses is an issue...

So what (if any) is the problem with making a game like Xwing versus Tie fighter today?
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Re: Xwing versus Tie Fighter

Postby Brother-Captain Gaius » 2012-03-08 11:13am

The formula is a little dated; while more arcadey and accessible than, say, IL-2 Sturmovik or Lock On Modern Air Combat, ultimately space shooters tend to be a little too much on the 'simulation' side of the spectrum to be palatable to most. Arcade shoot-em-ups more in the vein of Rogue Squadron (or HAWX or Ace Combat, to cite more modern examples) are more accessible and work better on consoles, which is where most developers are concerned with sales.
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