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Pocast junkies unite!

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 Post subject: Pocast junkies unite!
PostPosted: 2014-09-11 11:05am 


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Hey Everyone! Thought i'd start a thread for my fellow podcast junkies (Assuming anyone here actually listens to podcasts) as well as solicit recommendations for some new podcasts to add to my (already quite long) list. Here's what's on ye olde RSS feed on my phone:

The Geekbox - General nerdery, recorded in a comic book shop, features Ryan Scott, Ryan Higgins, Justin Calvert, and a host of others who expound upon stuff and things.

The Giant Bombcast - The gold-standard of video game podcasts. arguably staffed with some of the most recognizable personalities in the vijya games journalology biz - Jeff Gerstmann, Dan Reichert (world record holding video gamer), Drew Scanlan and hosted by Brad Shoemaker

Good Job, Brain! - Billed as "your weekly quiz show and offbeat trivia podcast" Features Karen Chu and friends making up quizzes and puzzles to share with each other, along with funny anecdotes for pub quiz adherents

Stuff You Should Know - Josh Clark and Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant. This is the "How it's made" of podcasts. Expounding on everything from grass to the NSA to lightbulbs, and the history of Monopoly, I keep this one in my backlog when I run out of current podcasts to listen to. Great stuff!

Laser Time - For nostalgic 30-somethings like myself, you can't be without this podcast. Hosted by former Games Radar Journalologist Chris Antista, this podcast waxes nostalgic about everything from terrible 1990's cereal commercials to Long-forgotten Cartoon Christmas specials. Definitely a must-listen.

Vijyagame Apocalypse - Becoming less relevant but no less entertaining, This is another show on the Laser Time network that features Michael Raparez (SP?), Ubiblog community manager Anne Lewis, Chris Antista, and (sometimes) Michael "If it's not on PC - it sucks" Grimm. it's a video game podcast, In case you missed it.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me - An HILARIOUS "advice" show, chock full of hilarious goofs, the brothers McElroy (Justin, Travis and Griffin, in order of birth) take problems submitted by listeners and the Yahoo! answers service, and turn them "alchemy-like" into wisdom. I can't recommend this one enough.

Sawbones - a Show about medical history and the idiotic ways in which humans have come up with to treat various illnesses through the ages including Leprosy, cancer, and "hysteria". Reminds you that "Cure-alls cure nothing." Features Justin McElroy and his Doctor-wife Sydnee

The Comedy Button - Video games journalology personalities Ryan Scott, Anthony Gallegos, Brian Altano, Scott Bromley get together and crack wise about literally anything from nightmare theme parks to fishing. Get it - now.

Drunks and Dragons - I just started listening to this one. 4 drunken idiots playing D&D. Seems cool.
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It is currently 2014-09-19 03:51am (All times are UTC - 5 hours [ DST ])

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