Explaination of Borg Shield adaptation.

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Re: Explaination of Borg Shield adaptation.

Postby Crateria » 2011-10-22 01:39am

Meh, I'm dropping out.
Damn you know it. You so smart you brought up like history and shit. Laying down facts like you was a blues clues episode or something. How you get so smart? Like the puns and shit you use are wicked smart, Red Letter Moron! HAHAHAHAH!1 Fucks that is funny, you like should be on TV with Jeff Dunham and shit.-emersonlakeandbalmer
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Re: Explaination of Borg Shield adaptation.

Postby Metahive » 2011-10-22 02:12pm

Stofsk wrote:What would have aided that better though is if he actually tried contacting them prior to setting up the mine field. Maybe they just ignored him or if he did talk to them they might say something like 'what is this conflict to us? why should we care?' That way when Sisko tries his gambit at the end of SoA by putting his life on the line it's something the Prophets can't ignore.

They exist non-linearly in time, chances are they'd already know what kind of argument he was going to make and rejected it as they did nothing to stop the initital surges of the Dominion through the wormhole.
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