Discovery crew quarter size

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Re: Discovery crew quarter size

Post by Lord Revan » 2018-11-04 12:51am

Elheru Aran wrote:
2018-11-04 12:25am
See, I can't stand third-person view; most all my interactions are in first-person view for that reason. And I couldn't give a shit about the uniforms, I don't think I've ever changed any of my characters' outfits since I built them.

That said I do understand the camera angle thing... I just don't necessarily agree. Let the camera clip through the walls, make the walls semi-transparent or something, whatever. Leave the big expansive third-person viewing angles for ground combat or Spacedock. To me, two-story-tall hallways and bridges the size of a house are pretty SoD-breaking.

But that's me.
It's actually not a clipping issue but rather Cryptic was told the rooms seemed "too small" when screen accurate, that said the size has been reduced big time since the launch and it's mostly legacy interiors that have the 300+% scaling anymore, with newer interiors having 150% or so we're told (well the exact words were "50% bigger" then screen accurate.
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