Ezri Dax

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Re: Ezri Dax

Postby Havok » 2012-02-08 05:29am

That's something that I think people forget. Ezri wasn't an immature girl. She was a Starfleet ensign. She had to be at least 24 or 25. It was the sudden influx of memories and emotions of 8 lives that made her into the nervous chatterbox she was for most of the last season.

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Re: Ezri Dax

Postby Connor MacLeod » 2012-02-08 05:31pm

Ezri had what... a single season to develop as a character? That's not alot of time compared to Jadzia, and the relatively short time for 'development' ought to impact her as a character. I do think Ezri had some promise. Having the symbiote with its knowledge and memories would be quite a useful asset for a counselor, I'd think. And playing of Jadzia's death was a way to create ways to develop the character (exploring Sisko's relationship with Ezri, Worf's relationship, even Bashir - who had tried hitting on Jadzia early on IIRC - he could see it as another chance with Ezri.

One thing that makes me curious - how would people view the overall development of the Dax Symbiont, and specifically how it was handled with Jadzia?

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