Audiophiles - Ferrograph Logic 7 Reel to reel

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Audiophiles - Ferrograph Logic 7 Reel to reel

Postby El Moose Monstero » 2011-08-16 04:39pm

Hi guys,

Sorry to bother people with what may be a cheeky question, but my parents have dug out an old Ferrograph Logic 7 (500-0702) reel to reel tapedeck with metal reels and an assortment of plastic reels and the manual. They want me to try to find out how much these things are likely to go for these days - I think it's pretty mint condition, but am not at home to look at it. Don't seem to be able to find much guidance on ebay, and am not sure where would be best to look online to find out (i.e. is it an audiophile or a collectors thing?).

Any help would be very much welcomed.

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Re: Audiophiles - Ferrograph Logic 7 Reel to reel

Postby Larry D. » 2011-12-02 06:01pm

I would be very interested in purchasing your Logic-7. It looks Mint on the outside... I have a NOS (that is, brand new unused, never plugged in) Tascam BR-20, and a Mint Tascam 42B. I've always thought the Logic-7 was a beautiful deck. Unfortunately, the Euro to Dollar exchange rate make the logic-7 very pricy in the states. They average $700.00 to $3000.00+ It's all over the place!
Larry D.

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