Warhammer 40k Canon

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Connor MacLeod
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Post by Connor MacLeod » 2006-04-01 12:10am

I thought tech levels in 40K tended to vary with the world in question (some forms of technology might be available in some worlds but not on others, and in some cases different approaches to technology would be adapted.)

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Post by 18-Till-I-Die » 2006-04-02 03:23am

Sea Skimmer wrote:
18-Till-I-Die wrote:Actually i believe i heard that those are some kind of charges, the actual round is caseless but that is somekind of charge or something that ignites the rocket motor.
That should only require a small electrical impulse or a firing pin hitting a primer
Basically its like, if i understand it, a kind of discarding-sabot round like from a tank.

Hmm you'll have the elaborate your comparison on that one. The sabot goes out the barrel along with the projectile. However there are several weapons such as the German/US 120mm tank cannon which use ammo with a largely combustible cartridge case, only the base is brass. The base serves to seal the firing chamber and makes the ammo sturdier
As far as i understand it, it works like this.

The round is two stage. The round leaves the barrel like a normal round, casing an all, but an instant after it leaves the barrel a small rocket motor 'ignites' and it goes on its way.

I was incorrect the round i was thinking of. What iw as thinking of, after looking back, was a rocket assisted shell.
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Post by Lazarus » 2006-04-02 07:00am

I'd tend to go with Connor's idea; bolters are manufactured all over the galaxy, so considerable differences in design are likely, even if basic principle is the same. This is the same as the differences in, say, Leman Russ tanks, of which huge numbers of designs exist, including a wood-burning version.

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Re: Warhammer 40k Canon

Post by WhiteLion » 2019-09-04 06:12pm

All the novels and books of the Rogue Trader Game are canon, there is no scale, or something is canon or it is not. If a writer receives authorization from the holder of the 40k Franchise what he publishes is obviously canon.
Many things are unrealistic because 40k is like that, there are even many demonic and fantasy elements that are not covered in the other scifi series. In what other series do we see demons being evoked directly on enemy ships? Not very real and very 40k, but perfectly canon.

Even Goku loses against Arale (that mischievous gnome), Goku fans can damn how much they want but the dragon ball creator has clear that this is how he is canon.